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The Best Tasting Protein Powder With Water Is

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder | Testing Amazon’s Best Selling Protein Powder

Drinking protein powder with water instead of milk keeps you from consuming extra unnecessary calories. Drinking protein powder with water also makes it more important that your protein powder tastes good.

That’s why ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate by Transparent Labs is our top recommended product. Their yummy protein powder comes in four different flavors that can fit your taste.

Not only that, 28 grams of protein per scoop makes this protein powder more loaded with proteins than the other products on this list. That means you won’t have to worry about not getting your protein macros in for the day, as Transparent Labs is one product that can help you achieve that.

How do you drink your protein powder? Do you mix it with just water, milk, or some other liquid? Lets discuss in the comments, or share your experience with protein powders on any of our social media channels.

Our #1 Best Tasting Protein Powder With Water

Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein

  • Comes in four flavors: chocolate, strawberry, french vanilla, and salted caramel
  • 28 grams of protein per scoop
  • 100% Grass fed whey
  • No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or colors
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of


  • May be pricey for some people

Why Mix Protein With Water

Mix protein with water because as much as wed love to indulge in the best and most delicious chocolate milkshakes all day, being physically fit means cutting the fluff and pumping your body full of as many clean, healthy nutrients as possible.

Mixing protein powder in water accomplishes two goals:

  • Your body absorbs proteins faster
  • It cuts unneeded calories, fats, and carbs out of your diet
  • If you want to lose weight and gain lean muscle, you have very little nutritional wiggle room.

    When you mix whey powder with water, you are getting all of the good with none of the bad, unless you’re trying to bulk up. And in that case, you might want to add some milk in there for the extra calories.

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    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Isolate Ingredients

    This actually isnt a pure whey isolate the first ingredient is partially hydrolyzed whey isolate, then whey isolate, followed by natural and artificial flavors, soy lecithin, and sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener also called Splenda®.

    The ingredients are pretty much the same across all flavors, though Chocolate Bliss contains some cocoa and Strawberry Cream has some malic acid for flavoring and beet for a natural pink color.

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    Editors Choice Transparent Labs Protein Powder

    Transparent Labs is one of the hottest companies out right now and their products definitely live up to the hype. They have a grass-fed whey and isolate, and a vegan option too, although the isolate has slightly fewer calories than the other two at 120 calories per serving.

    A serving also gives you a very high dose of protein at 28g at an 88% protein-to-weight ratio , and its a simple ingredient formula containing only grass-fed whey isolate, natural flavor, sodium chloride, and Stevia.

    • A little pricier but the quality is reflective of this


    • Natural flavor, sodium chloride, stevia

    Who makes it

    Transparent Labs gets the name because they arent afraid to disclose everything included on the label. They also make very clean products free from the stuff that you dont necessarily want or need.

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Isolate Price

    Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolates by Optimum Nutrition 5 Lbs ...

    Between $25 and $35 for a 1.65 pound tub, depending where you get it. That comes to about $1.25 per serving or 5 cents per gram of protein.

    Note that this depends on where you buy it on Amazon, the price sometimes rises to $45 for 1.65 pounds, which is 7.4 cents per gram.

    The cost decreases the more you buy: if you wanted 3 pounds, its usually about $50 or 4.5 cents per gram.

    Now, compared to the Gold Standard Whey, 5 cents is about one extra cent per gram of protein, but this is still very reasonably priced for a whey isolate, particularly one that contains partially hydrolyzed whey. This is a big benefit of Optimum Nutrition being such a large company.

    Inexpensive, tasty, and super low in carbs and fat, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Isolate deserves the accolades.

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    Best Tasting Protein Powder With Water

    If youve found this article, then you know the catch-22 of protein powder shakes: milk is too high in fat and carbs for cutting, while most powders with water taste like chalk.

    Because of that, our fitness experts set out to research the best tasting protein powders with water so that we won’t have to force ourselves to down our morning shakes.

    These protein powders are said to be good quality products, and in a way, the flavors are surprisingly good and sweet enough as well.

    If youre trying to cut fat and carbs, or if youve got a sensitive stomach, heres a list of our top recommended protein powders that taste good with just water .

    What’s The Best Flavor For Gold Standard Whey

    Most supplements come in three basic flavors: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Gold Standard is above the rest in their options.

    The winner of a Gold Standard Whey best flavor contest depends on the consumer. Gold Standard comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from uber-rich chocolate flavors to plain old vanilla.

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    Why Gold Standard Whey

    Any google search will lead you to dozens upon dozens of whey protein options. A Gold Standard Whey review stands out for a few reasons.

    For one, it is digestible. Not ever whey protein goes down smoothly.

    Therein lies a conundrum. You know that you need this nutrition to build muscles and shed fat. But you also know that consuming it will lead to gut distress.

    Thus Gold Standard Whey is one of the best protein sources on the market today.

    There are essentially three different types of whey protein powder on the market: whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. Gold Standard has whey isolates in it.

    Bodybuilders, athletes, and just anyone who needs additional protein in their diet uses whey protein and will find Gold Standard Whey to be an excellent choice.

    Where To Buy Gold Standard Whey

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Isolate Review – The Best Isolate?

    Many online stores carry the Optimum Nutrition brand and offer their Gold Standard protein at varying prices. You can buy both the original Gold Standard 100% whey and the 100% whey isolate version at a low price from Best Price Nutrition. They have it available in a 2lb tub, a 5lb tub, and a 10lb bag.

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    What Does Whey Protein Do

    Protein is the building block of muscle, which is why so many people use protein supplements to help them increase muscle mass and burn body fat. Whey protein is an easy way to supplement your daily protein intake. This form of protein is available in powdered form that can be added to water or milk to create a flavorful, drinkable shake. When you consume whey protein, you are getting healthy amino acids that may help to regulate your hormones, and keep your body tissue, eyes, and skin healthy. This form of protein is loaded with a range of essential amino acids, making it a healthier choice than some other forms of protein. Whey protein contains high amounts of leucine which may stimulate muscle growth to help keep you strong.

    The Best Time To Take Gold Standard Whey

    Even though you can take Gold Standard Whey as a meal replacement or a snack, there is an optimal time to take it if you want to see your muscles recover faster and your weight drop. Take Gold Standard Whey right away in the morning or approximately 30 minutes before or after you lift.

    This way you’re feeding your muscles right when your muscles need nutrition. Taking a shake then is like injecting what you need right into your tissue.

    Plus, Gold Standard is vegetarian-friendly, so just about anyone can take it.

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    Dymatize Iso100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder

    ISO100 belongs a spot on our list not just because its a low-calorie protein powder but because its a hydrolyzed whey isolate that improves absorption, allowing for a speedier muscle tissue repair process. Will it make a significant difference? Well, thats debatable. But when it comes to muscle-building supplements, any advantage is a good advantage. ISO 100 is also perfect for anyone whos sensitive to lactose, not to mention, itll mix perfectly without clumping.

    Theres a nice 25g of protein, 0 fat, carbs, and very low-sugar as well, similar to the Isopure.

    Many users all really like the flavor but youll have to decide which you like best if you opt for this low-calorie protein powder.

    Product highlights

    • Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, whey protein isolate
    • Natural and artificial flavors, salt, soy lecithin, sucralose, steviol glycosides

    Who makes it

    Dymatize produces some of the highest quality products, led by Dr. Rob Wildman, who has over 50 years of experience developing revolutionary products based on Real Science.

    They test their product with elite athletes to ensure theyre top-notch.

    Should You Buy Gold Standard Whey Protein

    One Science Nutrition 100% ISO Gold Whey Protein Isolate :

    While I was happy with ON Gold Standard, I wouldnt say its the best protein powder out there.

    For a whey protein powder, its great.

    But it doesnt contain Casein.

    Whey protein hydrolysates, like those found in Gold Standard, are great at allowing you to process protein in record time. But good sports nutrition is all about balance.

    Casein, another form of protein, is digested much slower by your body. By combining both fast and slow absorbing protein, you get a more consistent result.

    For this reason, I recommend Tri-Protein by Crazy Nutrition.

    It delivers everything Gold Standard promises plus much, much more.

    This includes an incredible 6 different types of protein which are released over three separate phases. Helping fuel your body consistently over a 24-hour period.

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    Six Star Whey Plus Isolate Benefits

    Six Star Whey Plus Isolate has the following benefits, per its official website:

    • One hundred percent instantized, micro-filtered WPI content
    • Sixty grams of protein for every two servings
    • Low sugar and low cholesterol content

    We agree with most of these claims . For all of its imperfections, Six Star Whey Plus Isolate can still be an asset to ones training program. However, there are far better WPI products out on the market.

    Original 100% Whey Vs 100% Isolate Formula

    ON Gold Standard whey powder comes in two versions: the original 100% whey and the 100% isolate.

    The original formula consists of a blend of the isolate, concentrate and peptides. The isolate formula only contains whey isolate. Some claim that the isolate is of higher quality as it contains a higher percentage of protein, and while this varies from one product to another, in this case, theres hardly any difference in the nutritional profile between the the two formulations.

    One serving of the original 100% whey formula contains 24 grams of protein, which is 80% protein content by weight.

    One serving of the 100% isolate formula contains 25 grams of protein, which is 83% protein content by weight.

    Both provide 5.5 grams of BCAAs per serving.

    As for carbs, the isolate contains 1 gram per serving, while the original formula contains 3 to 5 grams of carbs per serving .

    As you can see, the nutritional profile of the two formulations is almost identical, however, the price varies dramatically. A 5 lbs. tub of the original formula costs about $60, while a 2.91 lbs. tub of the isolate costs about $52.

    With only 1 extra gram of protein per serving, it doesnt make sense to waste the extra dollars on the isolate. Save your money and buy the original 100% whey formula instead!

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    Whey Protein Side Effects

    Whey protein is extremely safe, and side effects are rare or minimal. However, if you already get enough protein in your diet each day, drinking a whey protein shake or consuming products that contain whey protein is unnecessary. Some people have reported digestive side effects like bloating, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. If you experience these side effects, you should consume less whey protein or stop using it altogether if they don’t improve. In most cases, your body will adjust to whey protein after a week or so, but if you do feel any unpleasant side effects, then it may be best to switch to a different protein source. If you are lactose intolerant, then whey protein is not recommended as it may make your condition worse. Some people may be allergic to whey protein, so pay close attention to any unusual side effects after you ingest it just to be sure.

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    About Six Star Whey Plus Isolate

    Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100 Whey Protein vs ON Gold Standard

    Six Star Whey Plus Isolate features a protein source with one of the highest biological values that is easy to digest, mix, and absorb, per its official website. Formula notes:

    • Thirty grams of protein per serving. Equal to 60 percent of the daily value for more muscle mass.
    • So-so taste. Has gotten mixed reviews from customers.
    • High cholesterol content. Eighteen percent of the daily value.

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    Gold Star Whey Protein Army

    About 1 in a thousand may additionally have a wheat allergy, almost 1 in a 100 have celiac sickness, and it appears to be at the rise, though theres still much less than a 1 within 10,000 threat Americans gets recognized with celiac in a given year.

    Although gluten sensitivity maintains to gain clinical credibility, we nonetheless dont know how it works, or how an awful lot gluten may be tolerated, if its reversible or not and what the lengthy-time period headaches might be of now not sticking to the weight-reduction plan.

    Gold Standard 100% Isolate Taste Flavour & Mixability

    Much like their famous Gold Standard Whey, the Isolate is easy to mix, dissolves pretty quickly and the taste & consistency resembles just like a milk shake. This clean protein is available in a range of flavours consisting of classic flavours like Chocolate Bliss, Rich Vanilla, and Strawberry Cream. As it does have a milkshake consistency, this shake is great for those watching their weight or just wanting a protein dessert treat. In addition, for those just wanting a simple protein shake without too much flavour, Rich Vanilla is the flavour to go for. Alternatively, if you are after a protein with sweeter flavour you have Chocolate Bliss as another tasty option.

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    Gold Star Whey Protein Army Nutrition

    Until only a few years in the past, nearly the whole of the medical international maintained that the wheat protein gluten would initiate poor consequences simplest in human beings with rare situations which includes celiac ailment or wheat allergies, but via the early part of 2013, it turned into in large part turning into well-known that some nonceliac sufferers may want to suffer from gluten or wheat sensitivityAnd indeed a consensus panel of experts now formally recognizes three gluten-associated situations:

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate Vanilla


    SKUaccount icon

    Item No. 0379827

    To create GOLD STANDARD 100% ISOLATE, we start by selecting only the highest quality whey protein which undergoes a series of sophisticated filtration processes to ‘isolate’ out excess fat, cholesterol, and sugar. A portion of this Whey Protein Isolate is the hydrolyzed – broken down into smaller chains of amino acids – for easier digestion. The final product is a fast digesting complete protein containing no more than 80% of pure protein per serving. We put in the hard work to assure superior quality, so you can focus on achieving ambitious performance goals.

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    Fitmiss Delight Womens Protein Shake

    FitMiss Delight was designed specifically with the womans goals in mind, hence the low, 90 calories per serving. It features whey protein concentrate and an ingredient called SolaThin potato protein extract, which is a 90% protein isolate that delivers a 40% concentration of protease inhibitorsincluding PI-2, a protease inhibitor that signals both the brain and the GI tract that the stomach is full.

    As a result, this could really help to lose those extra pounds, and 16g of protein is very respectable for helping to maintain and build muscle mass in combination with an effective exercise regime.

    This protein powder also contains a greens and superfoods blend that supports good health, and the digestive enzymes protease and lactase that helps to break down and digest protein and lactose respectively.

    You also get a nice dose of B12 at 50mcg , which is essential for cell health, neurological function, DNA synthesis, and more.

    FitMiss protein powder seems to be a great option for weight management supplementation.

    Product highlights

    Optimum Nutrition Ups The Ante With A Delicious Whey Isolate That’s Easy On The Wallet

    We receive free products and receive commissions through our links. See disclosures page.

    The most popular whey on Earth gets an upgrade.

    Optimum Nutritions Gold Standard Whey is the most popular whey protein powder on the market so when Optimum Nutrition releases a new whey, we pay attention. Their Gold Standard line is, well, what they consider to be the best of the best. Weve tried out the Gold Standard Whey, Gold Standard Casein, Gold Standard Plant Protein, Gold Standard Pre Workout, and their Gold Standard BCAAs, but it took them a long time to come up with an isolate they were happy to put that label on.

    ON sent us their Gold Standard Isolate in Chocolate Bliss, Rich Vanilla, and Strawberry Cream flavors. Compared to their phenomenally successful Gold Standard Whey its lower in calories, carbs, and fat and its got a couple of other potential benefits you might be interested in.

    Potassium: 4% RDISodium: 3% RDI

    Note that this is extraordinarily low not just in carbs and fat but also sodium and cholesterol, which is actually somewhat unusual for a whey isolate as they often wind up a little high in sodium relative to less processed wheys.

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