How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better


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Ways To Make Protein Powder Taste Better

How to Make Your Protein Shake Taste Better

Not all protein powders taste good. In fact, most do not. They are either chalky, gritty, or have a terrible aftertaste. If you do not like how your protein powder tastes, my first suggestion is to find yourself a new protein powder.

Protein powder should taste good because if consuming protein powder is a chore, it is not sustainable in the long term. A diet is not a six-week affair, it is for life, so spend your hard-earned dollars on something that tastes good.

Sick of protein powders with a bad aftertaste?

Many protein powders have a bitter aftertaste because they are made with artificial sweeteners or stevia. Unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners and stevia activate bitter taste receptors in addition to sweet taste receptors. This bitterness, which many say reminds them of licking aluminum foil, can linger in your mouth for hours.

Instead of artificial sweeteners or stevia, we use a natural sweetener called monk fruit. Monk fruit also known as luo han guo is a melon-like fruit native to Southeast Asia. Monk fruit sweetener is created by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit, crushing the fruit, and collecting the juice, which is then dried into a concentrated powder. As far as low/zero calorie sweeteners go, monk fruit is the most natural and best tasting. It actually tastes like sugar.

Sick of chalky protein powders?

Sick of gritty protein powders?

How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better: 10 Simple Tips

Posted on – Last updated: November 18, 2021

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Do you ever find yourself drinking a protein shake and thinking, Yuck, this tastes terrible? If so, then this article is for you. Protein shakes are a great way to get all your daily nutrients, but if the taste is not up to par, you may be less inclined to drink one.

With that in mind, how can we make protein shakes taste better? Its simple! There are many ways that you can improve the flavor of your shake without adding too much extra sugar or fat.

In this article, we will show how to make a protein shake that will taste better every time no matter how good or how bad the previous one was! Here are some tips for how to make protein shakes taste better.

Homemade Protein Bar Steps

  • Line a baking pan with parchment paper.
  • Mix together the dry ingredients in one bowl.
  • Mix together the wet ingredients in another bowl. You may need to warm them up in the microwave first.
  • Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  • If the mixture is too crumbly then add a dash of liquid, such as milk.
  • Transfer the mixture into the baking pan.
  • Compress the mixture with your fingers to firm up the texture.
  • Stick the pan into the fridge for at least half an hour.
  • Cut into bar-like shapes with a butter knife or pizza cutter.
  • If you want a more homogeneous texture then use a blender or food processor to first blend the dry ingredients together then blend the wet and dry ingredients together.

    These bars can theoretically survive a month in the fridge, though Ive never known them to do so!

    You can even freeze them if you want to exercise restraint, in which case they should last for six months.

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    Add A Little Bit Of Fruit To Your Shake

    Adding fruit to your drink is one way that you can make it tastier. The natural sweetness from fruits such as strawberries or bananas can add flavor without adding too many extra calories, which makes this a great alternative if you are trying to avoid sugary drinks.

    You want to try using sweet fruits when possible because they contain naturally-occurring sugars which tend not to dissolve very well in water-based liquids like shakes. On top of this, dont add anything sour since these flavors may overpower everything else in the shake and ruin its overall taste.

    Best Tasting Protein Powder

    Best Protein Shakes In India For Toning Muscles + Weight Loss

    Protein powders come in literally dozens of different flavors, so you can certainly find one that youre going to love. But, this also carries a lot of risk. If you decide to give one flavor a shot, it may backfire what if you dont like it?

    You might think that the solution is to try out each flavor by buying smaller packages. The problem is that such a solution isnt too cost-effective, nor is it an option for every powder. Most powders are sold in large tubs exclusively. And while many brands offer trial-sized envelopes for potential buyers to sample, just as many do not.

    But, if you go with a large pack, you might end up buying a protein powder that you dont like. So, what are you supposed to do in that case? Well, rather than throwing it away or keeping yourself from puking each time you have to drink it, you can make the shake taste better.

    Believe it or not, making protein powder taste better is actually a pretty easy thing to do. In fact, there are a lot of hacks which can improve its taste greatly. You can find dozens of them online, but unfortunately, not all of them work.

    We have tried a lot of those hacks some disappointed us, but some really did improve the taste of the protein powder. Here are some of the best methods for improving the taste of protein powder.

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    How Much Protein Is In A Banana

    Did you know an average banana contains 3% of your daily value of protein? Meaning, this banana protein shake is not only super delicious, but its also full of banana protein-y goodness. And who doesnt love banana protein-y goodness?

    This banana protein shake makes it into our breakfast rotation probably every other day, but at least 2-3 times a week. Not sure on the math of that, but I think you get the point. THIS protein shake < we enjoy often

    Its super delicious, and is full of banana protein-y goodness.

    While some of my other shake recipes use a banana, they dont really accentuate the banana-ness like this one does.

    I get asked a lot about what protein powder I recommend. And, really, the truth isit depends. It depends on your taste, what type of protein youre looking for, your dietary goals , your price point, and probably a few other categories Im forgetting.

    So, you can see, this is a hard question.

    Im honestly still on the lookout for a clean, high-quality protein that tastes good and isnt literally worth an arm and a leg .

    Use Less Or More Water

    Something else you can do with water is to vary the amount used.

    Too many people fill up the Blender Bottle then dump in one or two scoops of protein powder.

    Well, most protein powders call for being served in 6 to 8 ounces of water, not 10 to 24!

    Texture affects mouthfeel, which affects how good something tastes.

    Start by following the manufacturers directions for how much water to use.

    Then, try using a little more or a little less until you find the shake thickness you prefer.

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    Protein Shakes Vs Smoothies

    The main difference between smoothies and protein shakes is the presence of protein powder. Often, when we create fruit smoothies, we dont include a lot of protein, fiber, or fat. They can be tasty, but theyre not very filling, and you might be hungry soon after you drink them.

    A protein shake is often made out of ingredients that keep you fuller longer. Besides high-quality protein powder, protein shakes often include nut butter and plenty of healthy fruits and veggies.

    How Do I Make My Protein Shake Taste Good

    5 Ways How to Make Your Protein Shakes Taste Better

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    • It is easy to make a protein shake taste good through blending in a variety of fruits or other sweeteners.
    • Protein shake blend recipes can be manipulated according to personal preference.
    • Finding protein shake blend recipes is as easy as accessing the internet.

    So, youve got your first taste of a protein shake and found the flavor left a lot to be desired!

    Dont worry, you arent alone, and as a result, you will find there are lots of recipes online specifically designed to make your protein shake taste good.

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    Find A Protein Powder You Like

    Unless you have absolutely no choice in what protein powders you have access to, one of the most effective ways to get a good tasting protein shake is to buy a protein powder that tastes good already.

    Dont just go by the brand name or a fancy label. Check out my list of the best tasting protein powders instead!

    There are two problems with this strategy, though:

  • Taste is subjective, so what that anonymous online reviewer likes may taste like toxic waste to you
  • That doesnt do anything about the pound of powder sitting on your countertop!
  • Well, you could give your protein powder to that one friend who doesnt seem to have any taste buds judging by all the weird stuff you eat.

    Or you can use one of the following options as you use up the old, bad tasting protein powder.

    Benefits Of This Homemade Natural Protein Shake

    The great things about this natural high protein shake are:

    • Its full of real food that is GREAT for your health
    • It doesnt contain any nasty chemicals, preservatives or toxins
    • It can be made organic if you use organic ingredients
    • It is dairy free, egg free, vegan, gluten free, grain free, Paleo and free from lots of allergens with a nut free option
    • It tastes gorgeous
    • It is a full meal and will keep you going until lunch time
    • It makes a great post workout meal
    • You can substitute your favourite milk and favourite fruit

    If you are concerned that you arent getting enough protein you could always get your amino acids tested to see if you are low on anything. But its very rare to live in the Western world and be protein deficient.

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    Add A Spoonful Of Peanut Butter For Healthy Fats And Protein

    If youre struggling to choke down your protein shake, try adding a spoonful of peanut butter. Not only will it add some delicious flavor, but it will also give you some healthy fats and protein to help power you through your day.

    If youre allergic to peanut butter, try adding a spoonful of almond or cashew butter instead.

    How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better: 6 Tips

    What Can I Add To Protein Shake To Make It Taste Better

    As an Amazon Associate, Modded gets commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

    When you get done at the gym, one of the things you look forward to is your protein shake. Its easy to get down after a workout, and its practical because of its high protein content. Some people mix their protein powder with water and drink it. Your post-workout drink can improve with these six tips on how to make protein shakes taste better.

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    What Should I Add To A Protein Shake To Make It Taste Better

    Protein shakes help you meet your protein requirements and gain muscle, but they can taste awful. If youre fed up with dutifully forcing them down, you might be wondering how to make protein shakes taste better.

    There are several ways to achieve this, whether you change your mixing technique or add extra ingredients to improve the flavor.

    It Builds And Maintains The Muscle Mass

    After taking the protein shakes, it goes straight to the constant cycles of Muscle Protein Breakdown .

    The consumption stimulates and aids muscle building, and also it takes your body back to the positive muscle balance.

    It would build your muscles and provide adequate rest to stimulate your muscle growth and maintenance.

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    Mix Your Protein Shake The Right Way

    If it isnt so much the flavor of your protein shake that you find offensive, but a lumpy or grainy texture, changing the way you mix it can help. If youre making it at home or somewhere with access to a kitchen, youll get a far better texture if you blend it with a stick blender or bullet blender than you will mixing it in a shaker bottle. That said, not all shaker bottles give you equally poor results. The BlenderBottle has a patented whisk that makes lumpy shakes a thing of the past.

    If youre looking for a thicker texture, consider blending your protein powder with some ice for a frappe-like drink. This is especially great on hot days.

    How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better:

    HOW TO make WHEY protein TASTE BETTER! (healthy and delicious low carb)

    Making protein shakes is a great way to get the nutrients your body needs, but sometimes they can taste a little bland. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to make them taste better without adding a lot of extra calories or sugar. By following these tips, you can enjoy your protein shake and get the benefits of a healthy snack!

    You can try various combinations depending on the flavour of the whey protein powder youll be using.

    Here are some ways you can try to make your protein shakes taste better:

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    Add A Little Bit Of Fat

    Adding some healthy fats, such as coconut oil or avocado, to your protein shake is another way that you can make it taste better. These ingredients are higher in calories compared with other alternatives but they do contain good fats which may help increase the amount of fat-burning enzymes in the body.

    These also tend to dissolve well into liquids so if you would like extra flavor and nutrients then this could be an option worth considering.

    What Things Can I Add To A Protein Shake To Make It Taste Better

    Typically, peanut butter and fruit are the most common ingredients used to make a protein shake taste good.

    Peanut butter is especially appealing to those who purchase chocolate shakes because it gives them a candy-like flavor. Peanut butter also eliminates the aftertaste that using alternative sweeteners can give a product.

    Strawberries and bananas are also used quite often to make protein shakes taste better. However, you can use any fruit you find appealing.

    Ripe strawberries and bananas require no additional sugar to make them taste good. Many people find fruits like blueberries and cranberries too tart to use without sugar.

    Naturally, you can use anything you would like to create the perfect tasting shake. Just remember to include those additional ingredients into your calorie and fat intake to ensure you are monitoring exactly what you are eating.

    If you arent sure of the calorie and fat content in what you are adding, you can visit Self Nutrition Data and see the fat and calorie values for hundreds of different foods.

    They even break the foods down into sizes such as a small banana, medium banana, or large banana so you can get an accurate count.

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    Add Protein Powder To Yogurt Soup Or Other Types Of Food

    Adding protein powder to food might be the best option for pea protein as it’s earthy taste goes well with soups like lentil soup or french onion soup. Whey protein or casein protein goes well with yogurt or as an add-in for tomato soup.

    The downside of adding protein powder to food is it’s not as fast and convenient as simply mixing with water. However, adding to food is also far more effective at hiding the taste of protein powder.

    Adding Of Peanut Butter For Healthy Fats And Protein

    How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better

    Thinking youre battling to force down your protein shake, take a break by adding a spoonful of peanut butter.

    Not exclusively will it add some heavenly flavor, yet it will likewise give you sound fat and protein to assist with controlling you as the day progresses.

    If youre sensitive to peanut butter, have a go at adding a spoonful of almond or cashew margarine.

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    Are Chocolate Protein Shakes Good For Weight Loss

    Protein is important for weight loss*. Getting enough protein can help increase your metabolism and help reduce your appetite while helping to lose body fat instead of muscle. That said, protein shakes contain quite a few calories. So if the shake works with your macro or calorie goal, it can be a great weight-loss aid. Consult with a certified nutritionist to see how this Chocolate Protein Shake works into your personal health or weight loss plans.

    *While I have a background in Exercise and Wellness , all the content in this post is for informational purposes only. Please consult a doctor or dietitian for any specific dietary needs or questions.

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