Eating Protein To Lose Weight


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Protein Changes The Levels Of Several Weight Regulating Hormones

How to eat more protein to lose weight I High protein diet weight loss

Your weight is actively regulated by your brain, particularly an area called the hypothalamus .

In order for your brain to determine when and how much to eat, it processes multiple different types of information.

Some of the most important signals to the brain are hormones that change in response to feeding .

A higher protein intake actually increases levels of the satiety hormones GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin, while reducing your levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin .

This leads to a major reduction in hunger and is the main reason protein helps you lose weight. It can make you eat fewer calories automatically.

Bottom Line:

Protein reduces levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, while it boosts the appetite-reducing hormones GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin. This leads to an automatic reduction in calorie intake.

Which Type Of Protein Is Best

Different types of protein may affect your body in distinct ways.

For instance, whey is typically absorbed more quickly than casein. This makes it optimal for promoting muscle protein synthesis after exercise. It may also help you feel less hungry in the short term .

While some small studies have shown whey protein to be more effective for weight loss than soy and other plant-based proteins, other small studies show no real difference.

As such, individual lifestyle factors may be more important than the type of protein when it comes to weight loss or other desired outcomes .

One key factor to consider is the quality of protein you purchase.

Whey, casein, and soy are considered complete proteins. This means they contain sufficient amounts of all the essential amino acids your body needs

All the same, these three may induce an allergic reaction in some people. Rice and pea protein are often considered less allergenic, though rice protein is low in the essential amino acid lysine while pea protein is low in the essential amino acids cysteine and methionine .

Hemp protein is also considered less allergenic. Furthermore, it contains sufficient levels of all essential amino acids. As such, it can be considered a complete source of protein .


Protein shakes may contain different types of protein, each with their own nutrient profiles and potential benefits. Its best to pick one based on your individual needs and dietary preferences.

High Protein Cat Food For Weight Gain

There are a variety of high protein cat foods available that can help your cat gain weight. These foods typically contain more calories and fat than regular cat food, so they can help your cat bulk up. However, its important to choose a high quality food that contains all the nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy. Ask your vet for recommendations on the best food for your cat.

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Use More Calories To Digest Foods

When you eat, your body burns calories as it breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and turns food into energy for your body. This is called the thermic effect of food .

Your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbohydrates, so protein has a higher TEF. Just by eating protein, youre already burning more calories. Thats good news if youre trying to burn an extra 500 calories each day in order to lose weight.

Protein Preserves Lean Body Mass As You Lose Weight

How Much Protein Should You Eat To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle

As mentioned earlier, protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass. If you cut calories and drop weight, you could lose muscle mass instead of fat. This is one reason calorie-restricted diets aren’t always the best idea.

Protein helps preserve lean body mass as you lose weight, even when calories are restricted. Several studies found that individuals who increased their protein intake lost more fat mass and less muscle mass than those who didn’t increase protein.

Lean muscle is also metabolically active compared to fat tissue, so you can positively impact your metabolism by preserving muscle.

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What Does A Sample Day Of Eating A High

Here’s an example of what a typical day on a high-protein diet could look like:

  • Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with spinach and ¼ avocado
  • Mid-morning snack: Part-skim cheese stick
  • Lunch: Salad with a sprinkle of hemp hearts and 6 oz. of grilled chicken
  • Afternoon snack: Plain Greek yogurt with ½ cup of berries
  • Dinner: 6 oz. grilled salmon with roasted or sautéed veggies
14 Best Vegan Protein Powders, According To Nutritionists

What To Eat On A Protein Diet

Animal proteins are first-class proteins as they provide all the essential amino acids the body can fully utilise. Fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products like curd, milk, paneer and tofu will help you meet your daily protein requirements. There are enough options for vegetarians too.

Here is a comprehensive list of foods you can include in your daily meals.


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Rice Protein May Improve Body Composition

Rice protein is a plant-based protein. It is considered an incomplete protein due to its low levels of the essential amino acid lysine.

It is often mixed with pea protein to create a more complete and favorable amino acid profile.

There are currently very few studies on rice protein.

However, one study among young males found that 8 weeks of supplementing with whey or rice protein resulted in reduced fat mass and an increase in lean muscle mass, with no differences between the protein sources (

Nevertheless, more research is needed to determine the role of rice protein in weight loss.


Limited evidence suggests that rice protein may improve body composition like whey protein. However, more research is needed.

How Much Protein Should You Eat Daily

Protein Powder & Weight Loss | Lose More Weight By Eating More Protein

Recommendations over how much protein is optimal vary, and are typically rather modest. The DRI for protein is .36 grams per pound of body weight, averaging 56 grams per day for men and 46 grams per day for women.

While this is probably enough to ward off a protein deficiency, the ideal amount for you depends on a range of factors, including activity level, age, muscle mass and more. To lose weight, higher intake is likely required.

Research on the connection between protein and weight loss focuses on a percentage of calories from protein. Consuming 30% of daily calories in protein seems to be the most effective target.

Its not enough to just eat protein you have to pay attention to the timing and quality of the proteins as well. Its best to spread protein consumption throughout the day, including some protein with every meal and snack.

Animal protein typically gives you the right amount of essential amino acids you need. People who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet may need to be more conscious of their protein choices to be sure they get all the required nutrients.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of A High

Making sure that every meal and snack have a good source of protein in them will help keep you more focused and feeling satiated and satisfied throughout the day, Zeitlin says. Protein also helps build and maintain strong muscles so you may notice your body looking a lot leaner, even without working out.

Additionally, if youre cutting back on a lot of white flour items to make room for more protein then youll also reduce the amount of inflammation in your body, which may be contributing to weight gain. You may also notice that your skin looks clearer and brighter with less white starch and more protein, says Zeitlin.

Weight Loss And Body Composition

Not surprisingly, proteins ability to suppress appetite, promote fullness and increase metabolism can help you lose weight.

Several high-quality studies have found that increasing protein intake promotes weight and fat loss .

In a six-month diet study including 65 overweight and obese women, the high-protein group lost an average of 43% more fat than the high-carb group. Whats more, 35% of women in the high-protein group lost at least 22 pounds .

Typically, when you reduce your calorie intake, your metabolism slows down. This is partly due to muscle loss.

However, research suggests that a higher protein intake can help protect against muscle loss and keep your metabolic rate up .

In one large review of 24 studies that included over 1,000 people, high-protein diets were found to be more effective than standard-protein diets for losing weight, preserving muscle mass and preventing metabolic slowdown during weight loss .

Importantly, standard or high-protein diets can be effective for everyone.

But interestingly, one European study concluded that based on different gene types, high-protein diets would be especially effective for weight loss and maintenance in 67% of the population .


The ability of high-protein diets to decrease hunger, increase feelings of fullness, boost metabolic rate and protect muscle makes them effective for losing weight and improving body composition.

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The Protein Leverage Hypothesis

What is the protein leverage hypothesis? Basically, its a theory which shows just how important protein is to our bodies. The power of protein is so strong, that even a small amount can decrease your need for unhealthy fat and carbs5. This goes to show that a small amount can have a large effect on your body, and that even a low-to-moderate change in your protein intake can have positive effects on your body.

In Conclusion: The success of the so-called low carb diet that is usually high in protein can be attributed to the relatively high-protein content per se, and not to the relatively lower carbohydrate content6.

Protein Increases The Thermic Effect Of Food

Eating Protein to Lose Weight â 7 Helpful Hints

The thermic effect of food is the cost of digesting your food.

Essentially, it takes some energy to break food down, digest it, and turn it into energy. Protein has the highest cost of all the three macronutrients.

While the total effect that the thermic effect of food has on daily energy expenditure and weight loss is small, it is not meaningless and is important to note.

In one study, a high protein diet increased the thermic effect of food by roughly 6-8 kcals per hour when compared to a low protein diet, which may translate to ~50-75 calories per day .

However, not all studies show this large of an effect, and the thermic effect of protein is not likely responsible for most of its benefit, but it may be the cherry on top of adequate dietary protein during weight loss.

You can track things like the thermic effect of food, total daily energy expenditure, and macros with the NASM Weight Loss Calculator.

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Protein For Weight Loss

Over the years, you may have heard about high protein diets such as Atkins, Dukan, or the Zone. They all reduce carbohydrate intake and increase protein to promote weight loss. But do they work? Sometimes, and for some people.

High protein diets are popular because they improve satiety , reduce calorie intake, and preserve lean body mass. Some studies show that diets with higher protein intake can help prevent weight regain, but there is no definitive evidence to support this claim.

Studies show that weight loss can be achieved by following many different diets, including high protein, low carb, or low-fat diets. Most diets result in modest weight loss over six months, regardless of macronutrient levels however, the effects on weight reduction largely disappear by 12 months.

These studies show that the most important factor for weight loss may not be how much protein, fat, or carb is in a specific diet plan. What’s more important is whether you can stick to the plan in the long term to lose weight and keep it off. Your best option is a plan that is accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for you.

A note of caution: high protein diets aren’t right for everyone. Some studies have indicated that very high intakes of protein and fat can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and may harm the kidneys.

How Protein Works In Weight Loss

Basal metabolic rate, diet-induced thermogenesis, and the energy cost from physical activity comprise everyday energy expenditure. Protein helps regulate body weight by promoting satiety, linked to diet-induced thermogenesis. Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, reduces when you are on a high-protein diet, while GLP-1, peptide YY, and cholecystokinin, the appetite-suppressing hormones, increase. This helps in eating less and cutting down the calories easily.

A study conducted in healthy women concluded that when you trade high-fat snacks for high protein snacks like yoghurt, it helps in satiety and appetite control. Another study in adolescents also had similar results, where high protein soy foods as afternoon snacks helped improve satiety and diet quality.

Expert Says:

Protein consumption for healthy weight loss

For healthy weight loss, you must look at losing fat mass and gaining muscle mass. Consume 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day and combine it with strength training to enhance muscle growth.

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Increases The Thermic Effect Of Food

The thermic effect of food refers to the increase in the metabolic rate after digesting your food. Protein has the highest thermic effect of all three macronutrients. As a result, protein digestion and metabolism burn more calories. The little metabolic boost from protein is called diet-induced thermogenesis, something minor yet crucial for burning calories.

Digesting And Metabolizing Protein Burns Calories

How much protein do I eat to help lose weight…

After you eat, some calories are used for the purpose of digesting and metabolizing the food.

This is often termed the thermic effect of food .

Although not all sources agree on the exact figures, it is clear that protein has a much higher thermic effect compared to carbs and fat .

If we go with a thermic effect of 30% for protein, this means that 100 calories of protein only end up as 70 usable calories.

Bottom Line:

About 20-30% of protein calories are burned while the body is digesting and metabolizing the protein.

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What Is Instant Knockout Meal Replacement Shake

Just like PhenQ, Instant Knockout is a popular brand of fat burner used by professional athletes to get into shape. Unlike recreational lifters, athletes actually have to stay within a certain weight class.

This means that they can’t just bulk up by eating whatever they want. They need to carefully monitor their calorie intake and macronutrient ratios to make sure they are getting enough protein to build muscle but not so many calories that they start putting on fat.

This is where Instant Knockout’s meal replacement shake comes in. This vegan meal replacement formula has been designed specifically for athletes who want to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

The shake contains a high amount of protein, moderate carbs, and just enough calories to make it a meal replacement.

It also contains 13 grams of fiber, which is almost 50% of the RDI. This is important for keeping you feeling full and preventing cravings.

The shake comes in just one flavor, vanilla. It is delicious and mixes well with water or milk.

How The Dukan Diet Got Started

The Dukan Diet was originally developed by former French physician, Pierre Dukan, who found that a high-protein diet was effective for weight loss because it helped reduce hunger and promote feelings of fullness.

After fine-tuning the details of the diet plan, Dukan published his bestselling book The Dukan Diet in 2000. Since then, the book has been translated into 14 languages, according to the program.

However, though it has gained widespread popularity among dieters looking to lose weight, it has also been criticized by many nutrition experts as a more restrictive and unsustainable alternative to other low-carb diets, such as the Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet.

Ready To Build Healthier Habits?

Noom combines the power of technology with the empathy of human coaches to deliver successful behavior change and sustainable weight loss results. Take the quiz to get your customized plan.

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It Can Help You Build Muscle

If you’re not only hoping to lose weight but to turn it into toned, lean muscle, Poon says protein is the ticket. As she explains, when you blend exercise with thoughtful protein consumption, and you can shift your body composition.

“Combined with strength training, a protein-rich diet can help you build more muscle,” says Poon. “Though many women avoid weight training for fear of bulk, it can support health in many ways, including weight loss.”

Phenq Meal Replacement Shake

Eat High Protein Foods to Help You Lose Weight

If you are serious about losing weight, then PhenQ meal replacement shake is a great option for you.

It has a versatile nutritional profile that can help you lose weight, build muscle, or just simply snack between meals. Each shake is just 180 calories, so it is perfect for those on a calorie-restricted diet.

There are 16 grams of protein, 22 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, and all 13 vitamins and minerals to boot. PhenQ also has an excellent 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Why not give PhenQ meal replacement shake a try today and see the results for yourself? You might be surprised at how quickly you get into your target weight with this.

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Does Protein Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is an extremely common fitness goal, especially as the weather starts to get colder entering into the final stretch of the year. More time indoors and shorter days generally mean people get less active, not to mention the increased availability of holiday snacks and desserts! Between 2013 and 2016, the CDC reported that nearly half of all American adults attempted to lose weight at some point in the last 12 months.

Yet despite how prevalent the desire to lose weight is, there are many misconceptions about what it takes to shed pounds. Some people engage in endless amounts of cardio while neglecting strength training. Others increase their activity level but fail to properly manage their diet.

In reality, losing weight requires a holistic approach. You need to reduce your total calories consumed, increase your activity level, and make sure youre eating the kinds of foods that will keep you energized throughout the day. If you want to lose weight efficiently, protein should play a significant role in your diet. Not only will it help you control your appetite and keep hunger in check, increasing your protein intake can also help you improve muscle mass, which can be important for achieving and sustaining weight loss.

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