Protein Shakes To Build Muscle


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Body Fortress Energy Protein

How to Make A Simple Delicious Muscle Building Protein Shake | @laynejacksonfitness


This Body Fortress Super Advanced Energy protein powder goes a step beyond the regular Body Fortress whey protein powder.

This mocha cappuccino flavored energy protein targets lean muscle mass, as well as energy boosts and mental focus.

Features of Body Fortress Energy Protein

This muscle-building and energy-boosting protein powder supplement features 100% whey protein and real coffee as the main ingredients. Its a powder that easily mixes or blends into your favorite beverage.

Benefits of Body Fortress Energy Protein

One benefit of this protein powder is that its advantageous beyond the scope of your workouts. The energy-boosting properties may even help you eliminate the need for a morning cup of coffee.

Furthermore, you get 24-hour protein coverage to supplement your diet. Another perk is that its high in BCAAs that are essential to rapid protein absorption to quickly build lean muscles.


  • Replaces your daily caffeine content in a healthier format


  • One serving doesnt contain as much protein compared to other protein powders
  • Slightly higher in calories compared to other protein powders

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

If youre looking to put on size, you need to eat. Unlike some of our other picks on here, Transparent Labs mass gainer has macros geared towards overall mass. With 760 calories per serving, this can be used as a meal replacement shake or a regular protein shake if youre really looking to up your gains. This formula has 53 grams of protein, 109 grams of carbs, and 12 grams of fat per serving, making it a hefty post-workout beverage.

If youre serious about your muscle gains, this formula may help synthesize muscle protein synthesis due to its high macronutrient profile. This mass gainer comes in two flavors Chocolate Glaze Donut and Sweet Vanilla, and costs $5.13 per serving. The price tag seems high, but its important to remember that this is often used as a meal replacement shake and that the macro content is extremely high compared to regular protein powders.

Garden Of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder

Image courtesy Garden of Life

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder is a plant-based protein powder that is designed for athletes. It is made with high-quality ingredients and is backed by science.

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder contains 25 grams of protein per serving, as well as glutamine and BCAAs. It is also low in carbs and fat. Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder is a great choice for athletes who are looking to build muscle, lose fat, or improve their overall health.

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Best Protein Shakes For Women

Not only are there many benefits of protein shakes and smoothies but protein powder can also be used in baking, as well as delicious treats to snack on throughout the day.

Along with using protein powder for muscle gain, there are many other ingredients that you can add to your smoothies to help boost energy and increase muscle development.

Some of these include:-

  • Leafy greens Not only do dark leafy greens provide a tonne of nutritional and health benefits, but they also boost muscle function and strength. Popeye was onto something!
  • Cacao powder Adding some organic cacao powder into your smoothies can help with muscle repair and recovery post-workout. It also contains magnesium which is essential for maintaining healthy muscle and for optimal function of the nervous system.
  • Complex carbohydrates Including healthy carbs in your smoothies will provide the body with energy, allowing the body to train for longer periods and at a more intense level. Complex carbs include fruits, veg, nuts, seeds and oatsso get creative with your smoothies!

See some of our favourite smoothie recipes below featuring Happy Ways protein for women, to help develop and maintain healthy muscleenjoy!

Vital Performance Protein Powder

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Vital Performance Protein Powder is a great, budget-friendly choice for those looking to bulk up on lactose-free milk protein isolate.

Its an ideal protein powder for both post-workout muscle recovery and anytime nutrition to boost muscle gains. You can purchase this protein powder in one of four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee.

Features of Vital Performance Protein Powder:

This protein powder contains bovine collagen peptides derived from pasture-raised, grass-fed bovine hide. It has the same casein: whey ratio that milk has .

Furthermore, Vital Performance Protein Powder is rich in amino acids, which help support protein digestion and synthesis in muscles.

Benefits of Vital Performance Protein Powder:

One huge benefit of this protein powder is the amino acid content, which facilitates better muscle gains. The bovine collagen content goes beyond the powers of regular protein powders by providing healthy bone, joint, and tendon support.

Additionally, you can boost your leucine content by taking extra daily protein powder.


  • More protein per serving compared to other protein powders


  • Not allergen-free
  • Higher sugar content compared to other protein powders

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So Does It Matter If You Get Your Protein From Powder Or From Food

Whether or not you need protein powder really depends on what your diet consists of already, Gonzalez says. Most people can indeed get enough protein, powder-free. For the average healthy person whos pretty athletic and eating a balanced, diverse diet, theyre probably getting enough protein from their food already, Beth Kitchin, Ph.D., R.D.N., assistant professor in the UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences, tells SELF.

It is absolutely possible to consume adequate protein from real food, adds Linsenmeyer. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, beans, lentils, soy products, nuts, seeds, whole grains all provide dietary protein.

Real food also has a couple advantages over powder. It can certainly cost less, given some protein powders can cost you a pretty penny.

Now, lets say youre finding it hard to get enough protein from food. Thats where protein powder can really come in handy. If youre not getting enough protein already, a protein supplement can be beneficial, Gonzalez says. Protein powders can be a great way to add more protein into the diet if you cant meet those needs through just food, Ansari agrees.

Rule #: Refueling Your Body

The simplest way to look at your body is as if it is a car. When you drive from point A to point B, your car is going to consume gas, much like your body consumes energy.

When your car is on empty, youre going to need to refill it with gas or “food”. During the day, its important that you are constantly refueling so that your body always has an excess amount of calories.

Expended in the form of energy, if your body is consuming too many calories, its going to be much more difficult to pack on muscle. Youll also find that constantly eating every three hours, at least, will prevent cravings or the sluggishness after eating big meals.

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The Scoop On Protein Powder

Eating enough protein is not just for athletes or would-be Schwarzenegger types. It is necessary for a healthy immune system and required for organs like your heart, brain, and skin to function properly. The nutrient is also touted for its ability to help control appetite and enhance muscle growth.

How much protein you need typically depends on your exercise routine, age, and health. And whether to supplement protein intake with a protein powder has become a common query.

Can You Gain Muscle Just By Eating Protein

5 MUST-TRY PROTEIN SHAKES for Weight Loss, Muscle Building, and Boosting Metabolism (with macros)

Just eating protein alone will not do much to increase your muscle mass. If you add more protein but not sufficient calories to your diet, you will not gain more muscle.

Increasing your caloric intake and eating more protein will build an identical amount of additional muscle mass and fat if you maintain a consistent exercise level.

Not eating enough protein will cause you not to build muscle because muscle is built directly from digested protein.

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Looking To Up Your Protein Intake

Bell said a high-quality protein, such as whey, is best, ideally taken a couple of times per day.

Protein is important for supporting muscle mass, which we lose as we age, Bell explained. In fact, muscle becomes less responsive to dietary protein the older we get, meaning that we need to consume a higher dose per serving in order to actually stimulate muscle growth. This is why we recommend 30 grams to 40 grams per serving, rather than the 10 gram servings seen in other drinks.

The creatine in the researchers shake is also vital to support strength, while vitamin D and calcium are important for bone health.

Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish oil, can reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular health. There is also some evidence omega-3 improves muscle quality.

Erin Macdonald, RDN, a nutrition fitness and wellness coach from California, said other protein sources include soy, egg, pea, brown rice, and vegan seed blends, although whey and soy are most common.

However, those with a dairy allergy cannot tolerate whey and may want to try other options.

Its also important to avoid shakes with a high sugar content as sugar is an independent risk factor for diabetes.

Both are good choices, but whey protein appears to be better at building and maintaining muscle mass as it is higher in the amino acid leucine, Macdonald told Healthline.

Senna, which may be in some weight loss protein shakes, may have a laxative effect.

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The Bottom Line: Most People Dont Need Protein Powder But If It Works For You Have At It

For the vast majority of people, getting protein from their diet isnt a huge lift, so theres no need to spend a lot of time and money looking for a protein powder that doesnt taste like chalk.

But if youre struggling to get enough protein in your diet for some reason, or if you need more protein than the average person because of your strenuous workouts, then a shake might help with that. It really comes down to your lifestyle, your needs, and your preferences. For instance, some people feel a ravenous hunger after intense exercise that can be satisfied only by solid food. But maybe youre one of those people who have zero appetite after a tough workout, and love being able to get in your protein without having to chew it. Some people crave a big ol hamburger after pumping their biceps, but maybe a creamy chocolate protein shake is more up your alley. Or hell, maybe a protein shake makes you feel healthy and awesome, and you like that feeling! For some people it just makes them feel good about what theyre doing, Kitchin says. Nothin wrong with that.

One thing to keep in mind: Protein powder is considered a supplement, and the FDAdoes not approve supplements before they come to marketmeaning that its up to manufacturers to make sure their products are safe and accurately marketed. Just as with other supplements, studies have found that some protein powders have stuff theyre not supposed to in them.


Protein Shake Recipes For Muscle Gain

Best Protein Shake For Building Muscle And Burning Fat

Protein shakes are the ultimate pre-game workout, but just stirring in some drink mix into a glass of water isnt the way to go. Youre supposed to actually enjoy them and enjoy the process, but too often, its just seen as fuel.

Its good to know that youre using it to fuel your body, but that doesnt mean you have to make it bland. These protein shakes promote excellent muscle gain, taste fantastic, and theres a little bit of everything for every type of flavor palette.

Note: Weve listed major known allergens at the bottom of every recipe, although this does not account for every allergy in existence be sure to read the ingredients list before trying these recipes.

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When You Consume Your Protein Actually Matters

If youre someone who drinks protein shakes in order to get enough protein to maximize your gym gains, you probably chug one right after your workouts. And while thats not a bad idea, theres an even more important rule when it comes to timing your protein intake: Its crucial to space out your protein intake throughout the day.

Protein is vital after a workout, Ansari says. But it is important for people to know that more is not necessarily better.

The amount of protein your muscles can absorb after working out varies, depending on factors like how much you exercised and your body composition, Ansari says. The Academy/DC/ACSM all recommend consuming 15 to 25 grams of protein within two hours after your workout to maximize MPS, while the ISSN recommends getting 20 to 40 grams .

If youre looking for an easy-to-remember rule, aim for something in the neighborhood of 20 to 30 grams of protein after a workout. So in terms of food, that could be a 7-ounce container of 2% fat plain Greek yogurt of protein a 4-ounce chicken breast or a scoop of protein powder.

Do Protein Shakes Really Help You Build Muscle

After the age of 20, muscle growth naturally declines. Consuming protein shakes will not alter the size or strength of your muscles.

Protein shakes can enlarge your muscle in combination with other factors.

To build muscle you need exercise and strength training to encourage muscle synthesis and muscle development.

Activities such as running and weightlifting have positive impacts on muscle development and other routines that incorporate well-crafted cardio and weight-training.

You want to increase the demands you put on your body with every workout to gain muscle.

Otherwise, you wont be challenging your body. Catabolism and anabolism, the processes of tearing down and restoring tissue, are what builds muscle.

Its not always convenient to eat a protein-rich meal following a workout.

Therefore, protein shakes provide a post-training boost. However, protein shakes should compliment a diet with foods that provide protein.

Even though it isnt necessary to have a protein shake to increase your muscle mass because you can increase your intake in other ways, the shake offers convenience.

Your diet you should focus on the consumption of whole foods but protein shakes can act as a decent supplement if you are trying to build muscle.

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Can Protein Shakes Help You Gain Weight: Which Type To Use

There are a variety of protein powders on the market that you can use to gain weight, some of which are healthier than others. The most common protein powder for weight gain is whey protein or plant-based alternatives, such as soy.

Many brands create protein powder blends or mass gainers specifically targeted at weight gain. These blends contain a higher calorie content by combining protein with carbohydrate sources, such as oat, cereals and potato, or sources of healthy fats, such as flaxseeds and avocado, says Williams.

Powders which contain high levels of amino acids are beneficial for weight gain because these are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and promote muscle growth and recovery, adds Wiener. You should also try to avoid pre-made shakes as these often contain extra levels of sugar, and other additives that will not be beneficial to you or your training.

Protein Shake #2 Everything Green Superfood Smoothie

Is Your Protein Powder Good For Building Muscle & Losing Fat?

My Everything Green Superfood Protein Smoothie is not only packed with protein, but is also packed with loads of nutrients and natural fibers. This protein shake can be used as a meal replacement if youre trying to lose weight.

Its also super energizing thanks to the matcha powder, so I would suggest drinking this in the morning or early afternoon.

Tip: To make this smoothie extra creamy, you can pre-freeze the zucchini slices and avocado.

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Do Protein Shakes Help

Up to a point. Ideally you should boost your protein intake through natural food sources . Certainly dont make supplements your main source of protein, let alone a meal-replacement. However eating a protein-heavy meal after a workout can be inconvenient. Protein shakes do offer an immediate post-training boost, and this intake of protein will help build muscle after exercise. Only use protein shakes as a compliment to your diet. And remember in order to see any benefit from protein shakes, you must be exercising regularly as well. Protein on its own does not magically build up muscle. It is through repairing muscle torn by exercise that protein helps muscle grow.

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