When To Drink Protein Shakes For Muscle Gain


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Is It Better To Drink A Protein Shake Before A Workout Or Post

How to Make A Simple Delicious Muscle Building Protein Shake | @laynejacksonfitness

As long as you consume protein at some time around your workout, it doesnt matter if you drink your shake before or after. In fact, for a 2017 study, researchers split 21 men into two groups, giving both groups a protein shake containing 25 grams of protein. For 10 weeks, both groups completed a whole-body workout three times per week, but one group received their protein shake immediately before their workout, while the other group received it post-workout. At the end of the study, researchers found no significant differences in muscle strength or size between the groups, suggesting that it doesnt matter whether you drink a protein shake before or after training just as long as you have it within a few hours of your workout.

If you find you need a boost before exercising and not just afterward, consider taking a pre-workout supplement to ensure youre getting the most out of your workout from start to finish. Youll also want to make sure your diet includes the nine essential amino acids histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine for proper protein synthesis, tissue repair and nutrient absorption. Amino acids are the building blocks proteins, so your body needs them to build and repair itself. Branched-chain amino acids , which are leucine, isoleucine and valine, are noted for being particularly beneficial for increasing muscle growth. These can all be found in whey protein and casein protein.

How Many Protein Shakes Should I Have A Day

The number of protein shakes you should consume a day depends on how much protein is in each shake and how much protein youre consuming a day from other foods. The National Academy of Medicine recommends that adults get a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight per day, or just over 7 grams for every 20 pounds of body weight. But its important to remember that protein shakes are to serve as supplements, so one protein shake a day should be more than enough if youre eating healthfully and getting a majority of your protein naturally.

A warning for those with weight loss goals: Too many calories from any source including protein will lead to weight gain. So there is an upper limit of how much protein intake is actually beneficial. When you have your post-workout protein shake, youll still want to include a mix of carbs and fats for a complete snack after your workout to optimize recovery and restore your energy levels. Aim for a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein for your post-exercise snack or meal . So if you consume 20 grams of protein in your protein shake, make sure youre also having 80 grams of carbs with it. A winning combination of protein and carbs will ensure your body can maximize protein and glycogen synthesis.

Primary Types Of Protein

There are 2 primary types of protein: concentrate, isolate.

Concentrate: A concentrate will generally contain less protein by weight and have more carbohydrates and fat.

Isolate: An isolate indicates the protein powder went through further processing to increase protein content and eliminate any carbohydrate or fat sources. Ideally, an isolate will digest and absorb faster than a concentrate, but both are equal in terms of protein quality.

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Should You Drink A Protein Shake Before Or After A Workout

While theres a lot of debates on the best time to drink your protein shake, Patton recommends that you drink it after your workout.

Youre going to get the most bang for your buck, she says. Your body is going to utilize more of that protein. Its fast and easy to consume so it gets into your body to really help you recover and refuel.

Ideally, you want to consume your protein shake within an hour after exercise.

Do Protein Shakes Make You Fat

What Are Good Protein Shakes To Gain Weight

If you’re drinking a protein shake in addition to your regular diet, then yes, you may see an increase in weight. However, if you’re using a protein shake as a meal replacement or snack, it can actually help you lose weight. This is because protein shakes tend to be very low in calories and fat, while still providing plenty of nutrients and satiety.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight, drink a protein shake in place of a high-calorie meal or snack. You may also want to consider adding some healthy fats, such as avocado or olive oil, to your shake to help promote weight loss.

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Protein Shake Recipes For Muscle Gain

Protein shakes are the ultimate pre-game workout, but just stirring in some drink mix into a glass of water isnt the way to go. Youre supposed to actually enjoy them and enjoy the process, but too often, its just seen as fuel.

Its good to know that youre using it to fuel your body, but that doesnt mean you have to make it bland. These protein shakes promote excellent muscle gain, taste fantastic, and theres a little bit of everything for every type of flavor palette.

Note: Weve listed major known allergens at the bottom of every recipe, although this does not account for every allergy in existence be sure to read the ingredients list before trying these recipes.

When To Eat Protein Snacks

As well as drinking a protein shake as part of your exercise routine, you may also want to consider eating some protein-rich snacks throughout the day.

These can help you stave off hunger pangs for longer if youre trying to lose weight and also boost your protein levels if youre hoping to improve the strength and size of your muscles.16,17

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Protein Shake Mistake #: Beware Of Intolerance

A lot of protein powders will contain dairy, soy, corn starch, and additives your body may be unfamiliar with or allergic to. Whey is by far the most popular powdered protein and, if you have an issue with dairy, whey will have all the same problems being as it is, a milk derivative.

Soy protein isolate can be cheaply obtained and can cause inflammation, nausea and skin conditions. Corn starch has a habit of sending your blood sugar into peaks and troughs. Reading the long and complex ingredients list can be tough going but may just save your workout.

Perfect Post Workout Shake

Homemade Protein Shake for Muscle Gain | Truth or Myth | Yatinder Singh

Theres no such thing as a perfect post workout shake, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your shake is as effective as possible. First, make sure youre using a high quality protein powder whey protein is a great option. Second, add some healthy fats to your shake things like coconut oil or avocado are perfect. Finally, add some complex carbs to help replenish your glycogen stores things like sweet potato or quinoa are great options. By following these simple tips, you can make sure your post workout shake is helping you reach your fitness goals.

The following are some of the best protein shakes that can be made at home. They provide the ideal fuel source for muscle growth, as well as an unexpected antidote to bland food plans. You can try some of our recipe ideas by following our step-by-step instructions. Defending himself with Arnold Schwarzeneggers GOAT Protein Shake and LeBron James Chocolate Plant Protein, to name a few. Innermost Amazon.co.uks shakes contain a variety of protein, heart-healthy fats, and energy. Green tea, avocado, oat milk, and green tea powder are just a few of the ingredients in Kevin Currys Sweet Green Smoothie With Honey. Innermost Health contains more bilberries and aa* berries, which increase the hearts and brains ability to benefit from them.

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When Should I Take Protein Powder

After a workout is the most obvious time to consume a protein powder because thats when your muscles need it most. Drinking a shake of whey protein mixed with cold water or milk within 30 minutes of finishing your training session will initiate recovery by flooding your bloodstream with amino acids, which are quickly shuttled into your muscle cells to become new muscle tissue.

Protein powder can also be taken at other times. Blend a scoop of your favourite flavour with an egg and a banana then cook in a pan to make some high-protein breakfast or dessert pancakes. And its especially useful to have to hand to make a shake when youre out and about all day and dont have time to eat a proper meal.

When Is The Best Time To Take Protein

Protein supplements are some of the most popular supplements on the planet.

People use them for a variety of reasons, including to build muscle, lose weight or simply improve their overall health and wellness.

However, many people wonder about the best time to take them.

This article explains when the best time to take protein is, depending on your health goals.

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The Fabled Post Workout Anabolic Window

If you clicked on this article, youre probably wondering about the idea that you need a protein shake right after you work out in order to get your muscles repairing themselves as quickly as possible.

Its often called the post workout anabolic window: the notion that after exercise, your body will build more muscle or be more receptive to protein because the muscles have just been beaten up and broken down. That theyre screaming for nutrients and will respond to them more positively than usual.

One of the most influential studies on this post workout window was done by the famously muscular PhD Brad Schoenfeld.

Should You Have Protein Before Or After Your Workout

Best snacks to gain muscles

Many people worry unduly about whether its better to have a protein shake before or after their workout.

The truth is, provided you eat regular high-protein meals more or less evenly spread throughout the day, it doesnt matter whether you eat before or after your workout.

You see, it takes your body several hours to digest and absorb protein .

For example, if you ate just 26 grams of steak , itll take at least 6 hours to be fully digested and absorbed by your body. If you add vegetables, fat, and starch to the meal, the release of amino acids will probably continue for closer to 10 hours.

Thus, if you eat around three-to-six high-protein meals each day, its highly likely that youll be digesting protein continuously throughout the day.

Dr. Eric Helms, a researcher, natural bodybuilding coach, and member of Legions Scientific Advisory Board, describes this better than anyone: There is a veritable conga line of food, even just a meal or two into the day, backed up far enough that changes in amino acid release in the the bloodstream, and the subsequent delivery to muscles, becomes much more steady than you might think. This reality makes many of the micro-manipulations of protein timing pointless.

Having said that . . .

And if you find yourself in either of these situations, drinking a protein shake is probably the easiest way to get the protein you need.

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Healthy Chocolate And Banana Protein Shake

This protein shake is dreamy and creamy!

Heres a healthy and super clean way to enjoy your own version of ice-cream!

Get the recipe from bebraveandbloom

Protein shakes are very important for post-workout recovery.

If you live an active lifestyle, take advantage of the many protein shake recipes on the list and youll reach your daily protein intake with ease.

Which of the protein shakes on the list will you make today? Leave a comment below!

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Should You Drink Protein Shakes On Rest Days

There is a lot of talk about pre and post-workout meals. And the most discussed drink among fitness freaks is protein shakes.

Your body requires protein for muscle building. The question here arises when to drink a protein shake.

Nutrition plays an essential role in both training and your rest days. To increase the intake of protein, protein shakes are a convenient option.

But should you drink protein shakes on your rest days? Increased protein improves muscle growth and recovery.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and proper ways of taking protein shakes on rest days.

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What Else Is In Protein Powder

Many protein powders contain additional ingredients from the sports nutrition world designed to support or enhance performance and recovery. Here are the key compounds.

  • Creatine: This organic compound powers cells and has been shown to improve effort during high-intensity training like lifting weights.
  • L-Carnitine: Often added to diet whey products, this amino acid mobilises fatty acids from fat cells so it can be used to provide energy.
  • Enzymes: Enzymes or probiotics help your stomach break down specific compounds for better digestion and nutrient absorption.

When Should I Consume Protein Powder


If you are choosing to add protein powders to your daily routine, the best time to consume protein is after exercise! While anabolic effects of protein doses on muscle growth are dependent on the last dose of protein consumption of your protein powder within 2 hours after your workout will be the most effective.

Read also:Nutrient TimingLooking for a quick snack? Protein powders are great snack substitutes if you are seeking something quick and convenient. Lastly, studies have shown that doses of protein 40g or more right before sleep has positive effects on muscle protein balance. Overall, protein powders are a very quick and convenient way to increase your overall protein intake throughout the day. To ensure you have a safe product you should make sure your protein powder contains one of the banned substance seals, lists all individual ingredients, and uses branded ingredients and raw materials.

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The 12 Greatest Protein Shake Recipes For Muscle Acquire

Whether or not youre in search of one thing thats low-calorie, high-calorie, vegan, or simply mouth-wateringly scrumptious, youll discover a recipe that you just wish to attempt on this listing of the 12 finest protein shakes for muscle achieve.

The directions on tips on how to make all of those shakes are the identical: chuck all of the elements in a blender and mix them till easy. Straightforward!

Protein And Muscle Mass

So, as for when is the best time to take protein, the short answer is it depends. Taking in protein immediately or shortly after a workout is a popular strategy known as protein timing, which is said to help with building and repairing muscle.

You do burn calories and work up an appetite during a workout, so you’ll need to replenish afterward. A protein shake is a quick and effective way to accomplish this.

“For people who want to gain muscle mass, the recommended window for a protein shake is between 30 and 60 minutes after a workout,” says registered dietitian . “This is based on the idea of the anabolic window, or period after exercise when your body is said to use protein immediately to build muscle.”

But there’s little evidence to back this up. Studies have shown that the effects of taking in protein immediately after a workout are inconsistent, per a January 2013 review in the ââ¬â¹Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutritionââ¬â¹.

“Nutrient timing is a myth,” says Maddie Pasquariello, RD. “When you drink your shake doesn’t make a huge difference when it comes to weight loss or muscle gain.”

Surely, taking protein around exercise showed to have no significant effect on increasing muscle strength, according to another December 2013 meta-analysis in the ââ¬â¹Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutritionââ¬â¹. Rather, the researchers found that the amount of protein people ate was a more important factor.

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How To Use Protein Shakes

There are a lot of ways where you can use protein shakes instead of whole foods. You can easily pair it with healthy snacks that will equally serve you as a full-on meal. With this method, you are trying to feed your body with all the nutrients that are required to keep you going throughout the day.

In reality, you need to consume around 25 grams of protein, 13 grams of unsaturated fat, 5 grams of fibre, and 400 calories. This way, it will keep you full without getting hungry again.

Are Protein Shakes Beneficial

Great recipes for protein shakes, the perfect snack to gain muscles! in ...

While we recommend using food to meet your protein needs when possible, there are certain situations in which protein shakes may be useful.

We do not, however, recommend relying on protein shakes over whole food meals often, because shakes tend to be low in other necessary nutrients such as fiber, carbohydrates, and certain vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind that your carbohydrate needs will also be greater with exercise. Be sure your shake has adequate carbohydrates or pair it with a carbohydrate source such as grains, fruit, dairy, or starchy vegetables.

The following groups may benefit from protein shakes:

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When To Take Whey Protein For Weight Gain

To gain mass, you need to have more calories coming into your body than youre burning during your workouts. Some people use whey protein simply to get extra healthy calories throughout the day in this case, the timing doesnt matter as much for the results.1,3

If you want to use whey protein in this way , it can be best to space out your whey shakes between meals so they dont ruin your appetite for other foods. If you want a high-calorie shake, add some milk or a nut butter for a boost of healthy fats and a more satiating shake.

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