1800 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein


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Helpful Tips For Creating Your Meal Plan:

Easy Pure Veg 1800 Calorie Diet with 200gms of Protein for fat loss !!
  • I consider veggies free foods as long as you are eating them raw or close to raw . We wash and cut up celery, carrots, and broccoli for the week.
  • Move around these meals as you see fit.
  • Dont be scared to eat protein, carbs, and fats. Your body needs all nutrients.
  • Youll notice that the calories are a little less than 1,800. Your exact calories will vary based on the brand of ingredients you use. I have calculated the macros based on the brands that we typically use.
  • Need a snack before bed? Eat eggs or another protein shake.
  • Look for a cleaner protein powder. Read the label: it should have few ingredients, low calories, low carbs, and low sugar.
  • Adding a plain protein shake may add 120-150 calories to your day this is not a deal breaker!

We will definitely be sharing more meal plans soon! Make sure you are so you dont miss when they are released!

Vegan Meal Plan And Grocery List

Youll find most of the ingredients here at your local grocery store. However, some stores may not have ingredients such as Tempeh, so you may need to head to a healthy food store too.


  • 4 tsp Coconut Sugar or palm sugar
  • 2 tsp agave/apple bee-free honey
  • 1 tsp stevia if your protein powder is quite sweetened you wont need this


  • 13 oz kidney beans, drained and rinsed


  • 1.5 tbsp Italian seasoning blend
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder

Can I Use This For Bodybuilding

This report on bodybuilding and protein shows that bodybuilders should be aiming for a diet of about 0.63-0.77g protein per lb.

One of the three plans would likely be suitable to use as a vegetarian bodybuilding diet plan pdf, depending on bodyweight.

You should also tweak it to your exact requirements, and think about adding an extra protein shake to hit that 0.77g per pound if needed.

Depending on your weight that may take you even higher up to the 1g per pound level.

Conversely, a heavier person may need a second shake to reach that level. Whey protein powder or a vegan protein powder would be just fine.

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How Much Protein Do I Need On A 1700 Calorie Diet

In a 1700-calorie meal high protein diet you need to consume more protein. It can be helpful because a high protein diet is thought to support weight loss by taming hunger pangs and increasing satiety .

But that does not mean you can pick just any protein source. Remember that quality counts, so you want to make good protein choices. Also, check in with your doctor about increasing your protein proportions if you have a kidney or liver disease .

Also, consult your nutritionist on healthy and good protein choices to add to your diet. Some of the best protein sources in a weight loss diet, due to their low calorie and saturated fat contents include :

You will need 10-35% protein when following a 1700-calorie meal plan that is high in protein . When you do the math you will require 170-595 calories from proteins and . That comes out to between 43 and 149 grams of protein per day. If youre going for a high protein diet, youll probably want to aim towards the higher end of that range.

What Is An 1800 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

1800 calories meal plan..... i need one more snack in their because of ...

You have to follow a high protein diet while keeping down your daily calorie intake to around 1800 calories. Even though the primary focus is on most of the high protein food options, you must not write off other macro-nutrients like healthy carbs, fibers, and healthy fats.

So, it is always recommended to go by a diet high on protein yet bring up all the other required nutrients on your plate at the same time.

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Meal Prep And Printable For 1500 Calorie Day

Im officially 8 weeks out from my next fitness competition, so Ive decided to be less flexible, and more on point with my calories and macros.

Since my bikini competition last summer, Ive been able to keep my weight within 3-5 lbs while being pretty flexible with my diet. I stick mostly to my calories and macros, but I definitely have been allowing myself untracked food more often than not.

I also have been eating some highly palatable foods, which makes it more difficult to stick with my program. I regret nothing! But the next 8 weeks, things need to change so I can follow the plan more easily.

My current calories and macros are 1500 calories, 150 grams protein, 150 grams carbs, and 40 grams fat.

So, for the next 8 weeks, Im committing to be exact. Measuring everything, and putting my macros into a meal plan. I want to be super consistent. I plan to eat close to the same foods every day, and change the meals up only after a week.

What Does An 1800

First, it’s important to note not every meal plan works for every person. For some people, the total amount of carbohydrates in this meal plan may seem too much. Some people with diabetes benefit from eating a lower carbohydrate diet.

This particular meal plan was made for people looking to eat an 1,800-calorie diet. In it, you’ll find three carbohydrate-controlled meals, one snack, and one dessert, totaling about 1,800 calories.

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Weekly Planner For 1600 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

Day 1.

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Cabbage hash browns

Breakfast- 2 servings of cabbage hash browns

Snack- 1 serving of garlic egg omelet with 1 orange

Lunch- 1 serving of egg white spinach omelet with 2 cups of strawberries

Snack- 1 serving of poached eggs with 2 servings of whole-wheat toast

Dinner- 1 serving of eggs with hats on top and 1 apple

Total calories for the day-1600

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Banana egg pancakes

Breakfast- 2 servings of zucchini hash browns

Snack- 1 serving of cottage cheese and salsa

Lunch- 2 servings of banana egg pancakes with 1 serving of whole-wheat toast

Snack- 2 cups of non-fat greek yogurt

Dinner- 1 serving of egg and asparagus scramble with 1 slice of buttered toast with cinnamon

Total calories for the day-1598

Day 3.

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Soft boiled eggs with toast

Breakfast- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with bell pepper and feta and 1 apple

Snack- 1 serving of peppered cottage cheese

Lunch- 1 serving of egg and cottage cheese omelet with 1 orange

Snack- 1 serving of soft boiled eggs with toast

Dinner- 1 serving of high protein energy balls with granola

Total calories for the day-1601

Day 4.

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Apple

Breakfast- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese

Snack- 1 serving of garlic egg omelet with 1 orange

Lunch- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with bell pepper and feta and 1 apple

Snack- 2 cups of non-fat greek yogurt

Total calories for the day-1593

Day 5.

Day 6.

Calorie High Protein Meal Plan

Full Day of Eating 1800 Calories | High Protein Low Calorie Muscle Building Diet…

With Strongr Fastr, after just a few questions you can create your own 1700 calorie high protein weekly meal plan. With option 1 you can generate your own plan and start customizing and picking from hundreds of healthy meals- that together, meet your specific nutrition goals. Further down the page, you can see a 7 day sample meal plan that has 1700 calories and is high in protein and also has a lot of fruits and vegetables as well. Either option will equip you with a detailed meal plan that is tailored to your needs and includes an organized grocery list and recipes to follow along to. With 7 days of healthy and high protein meals to follow along to, you will be well on your way to losing weight and/or improving your overall health and wellbeing.

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Full Day Of Eating At 1500 Calories

With those prepped foods, the calories and macros for my meals were 1463 calories, 151 grams protein, 151 grams carbs, 33 grams fat. I actually ate the same meals all week, so it was not only easy and consistent, but I was able to use the prepped food the whole week.

Ive got two different protein powders for the 1500 calorie day because I have TEN containers in my cupboard. I just finished a post taste testing all the powders to find my favorite. So, now Im left with lots of protein!

Wonder Pets Save The Puppy Dailymotion

Luscious lime high-protein smoothie 9 g Lunch Cod loin with horseradish and browned butter 7 g Dinner Strawberry basil pork chops 5 g Wednesday Breakfast Classic bacon and eggs 2 g Lunch Strawberry basil pork chops 5 g Dinner Meatballs in ginger-soy broth 11 g Thursday Breakfast High-protein chocolate and almond smoothie 5 g Lunch.

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Why Nutrition Is Important For An 1800

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans says a healthy eating pattern is one that focuses on nutrient-rich foods that provides the right amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of disease. Though calorie needs depend on many factors, if youre an adult who leads a relatively sedentary lifestyle or an older adult whos moderately active, a 1,800-calorie meal plan may be right for you. This meal plan may also help more active individuals reach and maintain a healthy weight.

When creating your daily menu, try to include a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fat at each meal and snack. To stay within your daily calorie goals, keep each meal between 300 and 500 calories and each snack between 100 and 250 calories, give or take.

Weekly Planner For 1800 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

[1800 calories] 7

Day 1.

1800 calorie meal plan high protein Spinach eggs

Breakfast- 1 serving of spinach eggs with salsa with 1 orange

Snack- 2 servings of egg white omelet with 1 cup of strawberries

Lunch- 1 serving of hummus eggs

Snack- 2 servings of scrambled eggs and broccoli with 1 serving of fruits salad

Dinner- 2 servings of strawberry, lemon, and ginger shot with 4 easy to peel hard-boiled eggs

Total calories for the day-1802

Day 2.

1800 calorie meal plan high protein Banana smoothie

Breakfast- 1 serving of spinach scrambled eggs with 2 oranges

Snack- 1 serving of cottage cheese and salsa

Lunch- 1 serving of spinach and banana smoothie with pecans

Snack- 2 cups of non-fat greek yogurt

Dinner- 1 serving of ham, eggs and spinach roll-ups with 1 serving of fruits salad

Total calories for the day-1798

Day 3.

1800 calorie meal plan high protein Pesto scrambled eggs

Breakfast- 1 serving of eggs with Brussels sprouts hash and bacon

Snack- 1 serving of peppered cottage cheese with 2 cups of strawberries

Lunch- 1 serving of pesto scrambled eggs with 2 oranges

Snack- 1 serving of tomatillo and avocado scramble

Dinner- 1 serving of high protein energy balls with granola

Total calories for the day-1781

Day 4.

1800 calorie meal plan high protein Strawberries

Breakfast- 1 serving of spinach eggs with salsa and 1 orange

Snack- 1 serving of pesto scrambled eggs with 2 cups of strawberries

Lunch- 2 servings of egg white spinach omelet with 2 hard-boiled eggs

Total calories for the day-1793

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How Many People Is The Plan Designed For

The meal plan is designed for one person and the nutrition and grocery list is based on this. You can easily adapt it though if youre cooking for more than one though. Each meal in the plan links to the recipe on our website. The recipes include a handy tool that lets you enter how many servings you want to make and it will automatically update the ingredients needed nifty huh? Just make sure to also update the grocery list in the plan where necessary.

We Focus On Delicious High Protein Vegetarian Meals

A great breakfast followed by an easily packable lunch and a solid dinner is the easiest way to a well-balanced protein intake and the building blocks of a healthy life.

The recipes were developed by us specifically for this high protein meal plan, and each recipe is a tried and tested favourite, guaranteed to work every time.

Weve created these meal plans in a way that most of the general population can use them. But of course, you should be following your own needs.

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What Is A 1600 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

You need to bring all the high protein food options to your diet while keeping the daily calorie intake within 1600 calories. Moreover, you got to cut all the unnecessary junk food and processed food from your diet.

Speaking of the food items that are rich in proteins, you can list down several options like fish, eggs, meat, chicken, soybeans, lentils, and legumes.

Health and fitness experts worldwide recommend a minimum of 50 grams of protein/day for women. On the other side, the same number stands at 60 grams per day for men.

You can also opt for a printable 1600 meal plan high protein but do ensure to check the guidelines and related aspects beforehand.

High Protein Weight Loss Meal Plans

Full Day of Eating 1800 Calories | High Protein Diet for Fat Loss…

The following meal plans are designed for people who would like to lose weight and prefer a high protein, low carbohydrate approach. Although this is a low carbohydrate, high protein plan, some small servings of wholegraincarbohydrate foods have been included, as carbohydrates are needed by the body for optimum health and energy production. The plans are designed to provide you with balanced nutrition, including some carbohydrates, high levels of lean protein, and healthy fats. They also include plenty of fruits and vegetables, plus essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and fiber.

Each day provides around 1500 calories, which is the amount required by an average woman looking to lose 1-2 lbs per week, which is a healthy rate of weight loss. A steady rate of weight loss such as this is more likely to be maintained long-term than the faster weight loss promised by crash diets.

For men who would like to follow the plan, the total daily calorie intake should be increased by approximately 500 calories. This can be achieved by adding extra snacks and/or doubling some of the portion sizes, as shown in the example below:

Day 1

  • 1 extra slice of buttered rye toast – 102


  • Double the size of Snack 2 = 157

TOTAL = 472 calories

You can also add snacks from other days of the plan if that works better for you.

Below are 7 days of low carb high protein diet plans.

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What Foods To Avoid On An 1800 Calorie Bodybuilding Diet

When we are on an 1800 calorie bodybuilding diet, its important to avoid highly processed food since it will leave you feeling hungry and less satisfied compared to whole foods.

When we are eating on a lower calorie diet, we need to be cognizant of what we are using those calories for. Foods that are highly processed, like fast-food, can easily add up to 800 1200 calories for one meal. On an 1800 calories diet, that would constitute 50% or more of our daily calories for just one meal.

Eating the majority of our calories from a processed source like this is likely to leave us feeling hungry and dissatisfied which is when we are most likely to go over our calories.

Instead, if we can focus on consuming mostly whole foods in our diet, those 1800 calories will provide significantly more volume of food which will leave you more full and satisfied throughout your day and make sticking to your diet both easier and more enjoyable.

Calorie Clean Eating Meal Plan

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link.

This 1,800 calorie clean eating meal plan is a game-changer! Delicious food that can be prepped in advance will set you up for success.

Woah. You guys! We released our 1,500 calorie meal plan last month and you absolutely loved it. It was so great to hear from all of you about how you incorporated it into your lives. Now its time to introduce you to our newest meal plan, the 1,800 calorie meal plan.

As we mentioned before, many people have this idea of a magical number of calories being 1,200 but that is far too few calories, especially for those who are active. Individual calorie needs will vary but lets all start fueling our bodies with enough calories! Try this meal plan to meet your goals and have great tasting food at the same time.

You may also find the following posts helps as you prepare your meals for the week:

> > > > Not sure how to get started? Join our FREE 13 to Clean Challenge. Its a 13-day plan that will set you up for a lifetime of success!

> > > > Looking for a printable version of this meal plan? *You will be asked for your email address and then directed to the printable meal plan.

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Muscle Mass Vs Weight Loss

Building muscle mass or losing weight and getting that really toned look are two separate goals. Each requires a different amount of calories. However, both require higher amounts of protein.

Ive taken into account the difference in calorie requirements and made three versions of our high protein meal plans.

When you download the PDF youll see the three different plans.

Naturally, they are suitable for both females and males, or indeed, any gender.

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