How Much Protein In Mushrooms


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Plant Source Of Vitamin D

High-Protein Lentil Spread with Mushrooms (No Oil) – WFPB Recipe

Mushrooms are one of the few non-animal sources of vitamin D. When they are grown, exposed to ultraviolet radiation, either from sunlight or a UV lamp, mushrooms increase their concentration of vitamin D. In fact, you can even do this at home by leaving mushrooms out on the counter in direct sunlight for 15-120 minutes studies suggest this simple act may result in levels of vitamin D2 as high as 10mcg per 100g fresh weight.

White Button Mushroom Vs Chicken Breast

  • A 100-gram serving of chicken breast provides approximately 110 calories and 23.1 grams of protein.
  • A serving of white button mushrooms provides 22 calories and 3.2 grams of protein.
  • A comparison based on calories, though, demonstrates the benefit of mushrooms. Per calorie, the chicken breast is higher in protein but not by much. A 110-calorie serving of white button mushrooms provides 15.5 grams of protein.
  • The same 100-gram serving of chicken breast contains 9.3 grams of fat, 64mg of cholesterol, and 0 grams of fiber. A 100-gram serving of white button mushrooms contains 0.3 grams fat, 0 mg cholesterol, and 1 gram of fiber.

For folks who need to monitor their fat and cholesterol intake, mushrooms are an excellent alternative. Also, the majority of Americans do not get enough fiber in their diets, making mushrooms a beneficial addition.

While it wouldnt make sense only to consume mushrooms as a source of protein, they do add value when added to a meal. Cooked together with white beans, tofu, lentils, or chickpeas, it isnt difficult at all to meet daily protein recommendations.

Meat Versus Mushroom Protein Content

Many types of meat are commonly consumed. Chicken, duck, pork and beef are particularly popular. One hundred grams of these meats have:

  • 55 percent of the DV for protein for pork loin
  • 57 percent of the DV for protein for skirt steak
  • 41 percent of the DV for protein for chicken
  • 37 percent of the DV for protein for duck

This means that even duck, the lowest meat-based protein source, has five times more protein that the mushrooms with the most protein. This also means that by weight, the protein in mushrooms is not at all comparable to the protein in meat.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, most people need to consume about 50 grams of protein each day. You could obtain all of your DV for protein in less than 200 grams of pork or steak, around 240 grams of chicken and about 270 grams of duck. In contrast, you’d have to eat at least 1,428 grams , or as much as 2.5 kilograms , of mushrooms to meet the DV for protein.

These amounts are based on the assumption that mushrooms would be your only source of protein. This is fortunately unlikely, as this quantity of mushrooms would be way too many mushrooms. Mushrooms are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, which is a positive ââ¬â but this also means that eating an enormous quantity of mushrooms could cause you to consume excessive amounts of these nutrients.

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What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a low-carb, practically no-fat food with some protein. One serving is about a cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked.

Though theyre small and light in caloriesone serving only has about 15theyre mighty in other ways. Mushrooms have about 15 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6, folate magnesium, zinc and potassium, says Angela Lemond, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Theyre also rich in antioxidants, such as ergothioneine and selenium, which are both anti-inflammatory compounds. Mushrooms are a great food to consume when you have minor inflammation, such as any injury, or if you have any autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, says Lemond.

And theyre one of the few foods that have vitamin D, which is important for building strong bones, reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

The phytochemicalsor naturally occurring plant chemicalsin mushrooms seem to be especially potent, displaying some anti-cancer and anti-aging properties, says Brian St. Pierre, a registered dietitian and director of performance nutrition at Precision Nutrition.

Nutrients Vitamins And Minerals In Mushrooms

Do Portobello Mushrooms Have Protein In Them

Mushrooms are considered to be very healthy. They are not only low in calories, they also contain lots of fibre and they are an important source of key vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms are often chosen as a vegetarian substitute for meat because they are an important source of protein. They contain more than twice the amount of protein than other vegetables. They are often used in diets because they help you feeling full. But there is more. When it comes to health and healthy eating, the mushroom is no less than a small miracle.

Therefore, mushrooms are considered the 15th superfood!

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Mushroom Lentil Swedish Meat Balls

Coin Meatless Tuesdays and Wednesdays with this delish vegan meal. Unlike the usual beefy meatballs, this pick is packed with a wholesome balance of healthy fats, fiber, and protein, all thanks to the cremini mushrooms, lentils, and chia seeds. Plus, it’s just as versatile as your regular ol’ meatball, so feel free to lay it on a bed of zoodles or whole-grain spaghetti. Yum!

Get the recipe from The Organic Dietician.

Mushroom Nutrition And The Presence Of Umami Flavor

Here is an excerpt from the study MushroomsBiologically Distinct and Nutritionally Unique, which discusses both the umami flavor and some of the nutritional constituents associated:

Mushrooms have many flavor and nutrient characteristics that make them an ideal addition to many dishes. Their texture and umami or savory flavor properties make them a suitable substitute for meat. Mushrooms contribute moisture that improves the mouth feel and overall sensory appeal of many dishes, whereas their low energy density can reduce the energy density of the final dish when taking the place of other higher-energy-dense ingredients.

The use of other umami-rich ingredients, such as tomatoes, that have a synergistic effect with the umami compounds in mushrooms further adds to the flavor and consumer appeal. The interactions of the umami compounds on taste buds create longer-lasting taste sensations compared with the effects of the compound on their own. Traditional global cuisines have combined multiple umami-rich ingredients for millennia to create iconic dishes. For example, in Chinese cuisine, fresh mushrooms that contain naturally occurring glutamate often are combined with dried, rehydrated mushrooms that contain naturally occurring guanylate. Mushrooms and other vegetables rich in umami also have the benefit of being low in sodium and rich in potassium

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Protein Content In Mushrooms Vs Meat

If you’re vegan, vegetarian or just prefer a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you’ll know that there are many plant-based sources of protein. Mushrooms have a very meaty flavor, but this isn’t indicative of their protein content. Unfortunately, mushrooms’ protein is far less than that of meat products.

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How To Use Mushrooms

Why You Can’t Overcook Mushrooms

Its clear that mushrooms are beneficial. They mightnt be the best source of protein out there but theyre still a great diet addition.

So, how do you use them?

The simple answer is to cook them. There are many different recipes that you can try and weve included some below. The best starting place is simply sautéing, as the video shows.

Sautéed mushrooms are incredibly versatile. They taste good enough that you could use them as a side dish without adding anything else. They can also be included in many recipes.

Some other options include the following.

There are, of course, countless other recipes out there. But, you get the general idea. Many of them also contain other sources of protein.

What About Raw Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are typically eaten cooked, not raw. But, there is a growing raw food movement and some people do use mushrooms raw as well.

This happens because cooking alters the chemical composition of ingredients. This can reduce the levels of some compounds, potentially decreasing health benefits.

Even so, raw mushrooms are controversial.

But, as always, pay close attention to your body. If you experience side effects , cook your mushrooms instead.

Also, you should probably cook mushrooms if youre foraging them. This may reduce any health risks from misidentifying mushrooms.

Most people cook mushrooms and use them in many different recipes. But, they can be eaten raw too

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Highest Protein Content Per 100g

Using the list below for the 21 different mushrooms nutrition entries in our database, the highest amount of protein is found in Mushrooms, shiitake, dried which contains 9.58 g of protein per 100g. The associated percentage of RDA is 17 %. For this 100g serving the Calories content is 296 kcal, the Fat content is 0.99 g, the Carbohydrate content is 75.37 g.

The lowest amount of protein is in Mushrooms, Chanterelle, raw which in 100g contains 1.49 g of protein. This gives as percentage of the recommended daily allowance 3 % of the RDA. For this 100g serving the amount of Calories is 38 kcal, the amount of Fat is 0.53 g, the amount of Carbohydrate is 6.86 g.

The difference between the highest and lowest values gives a protein range of 8.09 g per 100g. The range for the other nutrients are as follows 258 kcal for Calories, 0.46 g for Fat, 68.51 g for Carbohydrate.

Vitamins Minerals And Anti

Mushrooms pack a punch when it comes to vitamins and minerals including zinc, magnesium, copper, potassium, selenium, phosphorous, and a number of B vitamins and antioxidants. They are also a fairly good source of fiber.

While white button mushrooms are by far the most commonly consumed, its a good idea to eat different types of mushrooms since nutritional value fluctuates depending on the variety.

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Highest Amount Of Protein Per Serving

Please remember that the above gives an accurate value in 100g for high protein foods in your diet. For example 100g of Mushrooms, enoki, raw contains 2.66 g of protein. However, there are other factors to consider when you are assessing your nutritional requirements. You should also take into account portion sizes when you are considering the protein nutritional content.

The food with the highest protein content per typical serving is Mushrooms, straw, canned, drained solids which contains 6.97 g in 1 cup . The precentage of the recommended daily value for this serving is 12 %. For this serving the Calories content is 58.24 kcal, the Fat content is 1.24 g and the Carbohydrate content is 8.44 g.

A Portobellissimo Meat Substitute

Shiitake Mushroom Nutrition Facts: Calories, Carbs, and Health Benefits

Even if you overlook all that science info, its easy to see why portobellos are a great choice for those looking to sub out some or all of the animal products in their diets.

All mushrooms are versatile ingredients, but portobellos take the crown in that regard. Sure, you can slice em and dice em as you would any shroom, but the secret weapons in portobellos arsenal are their size and flavor.

They have a dense, almost meaty texture and are bursting with a smoky earthiness that goes perfectly with other veggies. So if youre looking to go meat-free or just cut down on your meat intake, portobello mushrooms make a fantastic meat substitute. Theyre becoming increasingly valued for their use as a functional food .

You can grill them like steaks to enjoy that roasted flavor while keeping that meat-like texture between your teeth . Theyre also big enough to stuff with cheese or noodles and transform into your main meal.

Fungi are pretty tenacious by nature, and youll find that the same goes for your portobello mushrooms: Treat them well, store them in the right way, and prepare to be rewarded with a fresh-tasting shroom every time!

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The Highest Protein Mushrooms

We have listed the mushrooms with the highest protein content, from the highest to the lowest.

There is a good range of flavors and textures of mushrooms on the list, so you can really experiment with your cooking and how you enjoy the mushrooms!

Some of the mushrooms on the list are fairly easy to come across at the grocery stores, but some others are more difficult to find, and you might have to visit specialty stores or order them online.

These are the mushrooms with the highest protein content, and some tips on how to enjoy them!

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms With Andouille

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a stuffed mushroom appetizer to pregame the bird with. Spice up your starter by adding savory sausage and white cheddar to the mix and then baking the caps for 10-12 minutes until they’re browned and tender. After that, you’re ready to gobble ’em up!

Get the recipe from Lemons For Lulu.

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Are There Any Risks

As with any food, there is the possibility of allergy to morel mushrooms. However, the most significant health risk that the mushrooms present is for foragers trying to identify and pick them.

While true morel mushrooms are perfectly edible, some lookalike species of mushrooms are poisonous. For instance, Verpa and Gyranitra are both poisonous and can cause liver toxicity and abdominal symptoms .

Since morel mushrooms are relatively hard to find in their fresh form, they are a popular mushroom for foragers, which makes this an important point.

The first rule of picking mushrooms is always to leave something if you cannot confidently identify it. Foraging should only be done under the guidance of someone with adequate knowledge.

Key Point:

Eat Your Way To Better Health

Why Mushrooms Are Making You Fat And How To Cook Them The Right Way.

Mushrooms are a healthy addition to your diet, especially as a rich source of nutrients. Aside from soy, protein in mushrooms contains all nine of the essential amino acids required for optimal body function. The only other complete source of these critical nutritional compounds is animal protein.

Although red meat is considered a high-quality source of protein, increased consumption increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and early death. Mushrooms, on the other hand, dont pose the same risk regardless of how frequently you consume them.

So, go on. Have a generous serving of mushrooms with your meal today and reap all the nutritional benefits that come with them.

Are mushrooms vegetables?Check out our blog article to find out where they fall on the taxonomy table.

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These 9 Mushrooms Have The Most Protein

Mushrooms are an excellent replacement for a lot of meat products. They are essential items to include in your diet if you are looking to become vegetarian or have a plant-based diet.

While protein is something that is highlighted in mushrooms, the nutrients and minerals they provide are essential to your health as well. Mushrooms are also commonly used to prevent or aid in fixing health issues, both physical and mental.

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Check out a video summarizing this article that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel.

How Are White Mushrooms Used

You can find white mushrooms in various presentations, such as fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and powdered.

Fresh mushrooms have a short shelf life of 34 days. Thus, freezing, canning, and drying are some of the methods used to extend their shelf life without compromising their nutritional quality .

You can enjoy your fresh and dried mushrooms cooked or raw. If you want to, you can also rehydrate dried mushrooms by soaking them in water.

However, you might want to cook the frozen and canned varieties, as their texture may have changed a bit during processing.

Lastly, powdered white mushrooms are mainly used to enhance the nutritional value of foods, specifically to increase the protein content of baked products .


You can enjoy white mushrooms in a variety of ways, including fresh, dried, canned, frozen, or powdered.

Due to their mild flavor and soft texture, white mushrooms make a great addition to a variety of dishes.

Both the caps and stems are edible, and you can eat them cooked or raw.

Here are a couple of suggestions regarding how to add them to your diet:

You can also buy the powdered form and add it to your next baked treat.


Both the caps and stems of white mushrooms are edible, and you can enjoy them with many dishes, including breakfast, snacks, and desserts.

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May Support Gut Health

Compounds in mushrooms, including beta glucan, appear to act as prebiotics, fuelling the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and promoting a favourable gut environment. This is important because a healthy gut plays an important role in maintaining our immune defences, digesting our food as well as communicating with the brain through nerves and hormones.

What You Need To Know About Mushrooms

Mushrooms: Nutritional value and health benefits

When the subject of mushrooms comes up, many people immediately think of those used in cooking. Thats because these culinary mushrooms are often enjoyed in family favorite dishes and gourmet recipes from the finest restaurants. However, particularly in eastern cultures, functional mushrooms are among the most revered. Functional mushrooms are usually dried and powdered because their texture is tough or woody and not conducive to consumption.

Mushrooms are considered a functional food, meaning they can provide added health benefits beyond simple nutrition. Their multitude of secondary metabolites and bioactive compounds provide various benefits. Here are five of them:

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Are Mushrooms Safe For Everyone

Shop bought mushrooms are generally safe for most people, as long as you do not have an allergy to mushrooms or a mould allergy.

However, with the popularity of wild food foraging comes more risk. With so many varieties of mushroom not safe for human consumption, its important that you heed caution before dashing out to your nearest woodland. Its best to forage with an expert and take photographs with you of the common edible varieties make sure that the mushrooms are cooked before you try them as only a few are safe to eat raw.

Certain mushrooms which contain a compound called psilocybin, commonly referred to as magic mushrooms, can cause hallucinations, sound and sight disturbance as well as muscle weakness, drowsiness and nausea. Categorised as a class A drug its illegal to possess these mushrooms for yourself, to give away or to sell in the UK.

Get inspiration from our favourite mushroom recipes .

This article was last reviewed on 19 July 2021 by Kerry Torrens.

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