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Reef Octopus Classic 100

AquaMaxx HOB 1.5: How to Assemble, Prime the Pump, and Clean Your Protein Skimmer

One of the most popular hang on back protein skimmers is the Classic 100 from Reef Central.

The design is very minimal, and it is very space-effective. It mounts from the inside of the aquarium, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

The Reef Octopus Classic 100 can filter aquariums up to the size of 105 gallons, making it perfect for the majority of home aquariums.

If you are in the market for a top quality HOB skimmer but dont want to waste money on a skimmer thats too powerful for your smaller aquarium, then the Classic-100 would be a great choice.

Product Features:

Where To Buy The Aquamaxx Hob 15 Protein Skimmer

AquaMaxx is no newbie when it comes to the world of aquariums and tank accessories. This brand has a wide variety of quality tools and devices varying in price range for hobbyists of all levels.

Thanks to this companys success, it wont be too hard to find AquaMaxx products in stores around the globe. As such, the AquaMaxx HOB 1.5 Protein Skimmer is available both in-store and online.

While its usually best to check pet, home department and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

Performance Of The Aquamaxx Hob

This is the only skimmer Id recommend if you want to see instant results. Its a workhorse that gets to work right away. Its good at skimming and thats all itll do. Plug it in at night and it should be produce its first skimmate the next morning. Weve had only 2 overflows, but 0 failures from the AquaMaxx in our lab. I found this to be the most quiet HOB skimmer Ive worked with. And the surprising thing is that its so quiet, yet so efficient. The build is decent and it produces a ton of microbubbles. This is probably the fastest HOB skimmer Ive seen.

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Aquamaxx Hob 15 Hang On

El NUEVO AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 es una versión mejorada y más potente del HOB-1 más vendido de AquaMaxx. Con un difusor de burbujas agrandado y una cámara de reacción, el nuevo HOB-1.5 puede aprovechar completamente la potencia de la bomba Shark 1.0 para maximizar la producción de espuma y la extracción de proteínas. Los difusores de burbujas cónicos personalizados ayudan a minimizar la turbulencia dentro de la cámara de reacción y ayudan a dirigir el agua linealmente hacia la copa de recolección. Se extraen más desechos que nunca de su acuario y se depositan en el recipiente de recolección fácil de quitar.

Los skimmers AquaMaxx están diseñados con precisión por computadora y utilizan la última tecnología de filtración para brindar el rendimiento y el valor que busca en un skimmer de proteínas.

FACILIDAD DE USO Los skimmers de proteínas AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 son fáciles de instalar y mantener. Simplemente mueva la taza de recolección hacia arriba o hacia abajo para ajustar el nivel de espuma a mojado o seco.

El mantenimiento es sencillo. Un recipiente colector extraíble facilita la limpieza. Además, cada skimmer de proteínas AquaMaxx incluye un accesorio de drenaje para los aficionados que desean instalar un depósito separado para el skimmate.

La calidad y la consistencia del agua son cruciales para el éxito de un acuario marino. Un skimmer de proteínas AquaMaxx HOB Serie I ayudará a garantizar ese éxito.

Reef Octopus Bh90 Hang On Protein Skimmer


Another popular hang on back protein skimmer on the market is the BH90 from Reef Octopus. Just like the BH-1000 which we mentioned before, the BH90 also utilizes a unique design which is different from a lot of other skimmers.

First of all, the body is cylindrical in shape, which looks great, but its not optimal for those with little space between the tank and the wall.

The other unique feature on the BH90 is way it uses a syphon to feed the watter into the protein skimmer, ultimately reducing the amount of load on the pump, and increasing the amount of air generated.

The Reef Octopus BH90 is perfect for getting rid of the oily buildup that can accumulate on the top of reef tanks, as well as any other scum and mater that may accumulate. Again, this one is moderately priced, but its definitely worth it. It performs well, it looks good, and its built to last. Job well done, Reef Octopus!

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Aquamaxx Hob 15 Modifications

  • Issue #1: the seal/stopper for the collection cup is poor AND/OR the skimate was too wet AND/OR the water level rose too high in the skimmer
  • Issue #2: the seal between the box and pvc inlet coupling is poor.
  • Do not allow the air silencer to become flooded.
  • That can make the skimmate too wet.
  • It can also raise the water level in the skimmer to the point of overflowing/leaking between the skimmer and collection cup leaks all over the floor.
  • The “rubber band” is a holder not a true seal.
  • Fix by adding a seal to the air silencer.
  • Use a garden hose seal from any hardware store.
  • Loosen silencer screw.
  • Place the seal between the bottom plate of the silencer and the cylinder.
  • Then retighten the screw.
    • Water level can raise above pvc inlet joint and leak out all over the floor
    • Skip the red seal Aquamaxx provides.
    • Cut a 1″ in diameter hose down the middle.
    • Splay it open like a gutter using the inlet tube to hold it open
    • Super glue it to the skimmer
    • Now when it overflows, it overflows into the aquarium and not the floor

    Should You Buy An Aquamaxx Hob

    Id recommend this as a first choice for anyone who needs the convenience of an HOB protein skimmer. The setup is super easy and any beginner should be able to set it up. It also has a very quick skimmate production, so youll know if you set it up properly by the next day rather than waiting a week to see no results. This is sort of like an instant-gratification protein skimmer. Its well-designed and easy to set up. It has excellent bubble production and is super efficient. Quality build with a silent design. And it produces skimmate within hours. Theres absolutely nothing majorly negative I have to say about these. We have 6 in the lab powering different reef tanks, and theyre all built like workhorses.

    if you want more information. Id highly recommend it for any reefer. Quality skimmer.

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    Know What You Are Buying Withbrs Open Box Guaranteed Grading

    Essentially new, the box has been opened, shows very little to no sign of use

    Very clean, may have slight blemishes or wear marks that dont affect the overall function

    May be missing packaging but includes all required parts or may have obvious cosmetic blemishes

    Functions as intended, may have signs of use, blemishes, and/or missing accessories/packaging

    Changed Your Mind And Need To Send It Back

    AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 Protein Skimmer: What YOU Need to Know

    We are happy to accept returns on Open Box products that are in the same condition as they were sold within 30 days! Open Box Returns

    • Modified and upgraded Italian Sicce needle-wheel pump produces optimum bubble size for high-efficiency protein skimming
    • Efficient, durable and reliable
    • Simple to set up and operate
    • Cell-cast acrylic construction
    • Dimensions: L 7.5 x W 3.5 x H 17 Inch
    • Pump: AquaMaxx SHARK 1.0
    • Pump power consumption: 11 Watts
    • Outlet size: 3/4 Inch
    • Filtration Rating: up to 75 Gallons or 40 Gallons
    • Requires approximately 4″ of clearance to remove collection cup.
    • Fits aquarium rims up to 3/4″ thick.

    All of our products are backed by a 60-day return policy although the skimmers will also carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty from AquaMaxx. Each skimmer will include detailed instructions and diagrams to help hobbyists get up and running immediately.


    No sump, no space? No problem! These hang on back skimmers are the perfect solution for any aquarium. Proven and reliable, these hang on back skimmers continue to impress with their high quality Italian made pumps. They are by far MD`s top sellers and for good reason, they skim well and are easy to clean.

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    Aqua Euro Hang On Protein Skimmer

    For tanks on the larger side , the HOB skimmer from Aqua Euro will be another good choice.

    It comes in at around the same price as the Classic 100, but it is definitely a larger piece of equipment, and with its ability to filter up to 200 gallons of water, it would be overkill for small, home aquariums.

    Although this protein skimmer is larger in size than the Classic 100, its not any harder to install and set up. There can be a slight bit of noise for the first few days, but it will quieten down eventually and will give off nothing more than a slight buzz.

    Overall, its a fantastic protein skimmer for larger tanks, and you certainly get a lot for your money. If you want something powerful enough to skim your large reef aquarium, then this one is for you.

    Product Features:

    • It requires only 3 and a half inch between the tank, and the wall.
    • Easy to install, and set up. Simply hang on the back of your tank, and plug it in.
    • Measures 3 x 8 x 18 inch
    • Built using thick, high quality acrylic and with superior craftsmanship

    Dissolved Organics In The Reef Aquarium

    A natural reef is continuously flushed clean with millions of gallons of seawater.

    Reef tanks are closed aquatic systems. This means some substances will accumulate in the water.

    All aquarium life releases dissolved organic compounds into the water. Algae contain oils that leak out of living cells and also when the algae die. Soft and hard corals periodically shed their mucus coating. Marine fish continually produce a new mucoprotein slime coat to replace what gets rubbed off. Invertebrates release dissolved and solid waste. Even bacteria contribute to the organic load in the aquarium.

    In the oceans, these natural wastes get flushed away and recycled. Not so much in our aquariums.

    The dissolved organics tend to build up in the aquarium water. Dissolved organics cause a yellow tint that absorbs blue light energy.

    Blue light is important for photosynthesis in most reef corals.

    Dissolved and solid particulate organic waste is food for heterotrophic bacteria. While heterotrophic bacteria are beneficial and essential to your reef aquariums ecosystem, having too many is not helpful.

    Supplying the bacteria with a lot of food causes the population to grow to unnaturally high levels. This disrupts the natural microbe balance in the reef tank.

    Aquatic research revealed that excess organics promote harmful pathogenic bacteria in aquariums. Some organic substances can decompose and be converted into ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and algae-promoting phosphate.

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    Achieve A Stable Laminar Flow And Maximize Efficiency

    In conjunction with the innovative bubble chamber, a powerful needle wheel pump generates optimally-sized air bubbles that force protein, waste and other materials through the hybrid cone body and into a collection cup for easy removal.

    Computer-precision engineered and outfit with the latest filtration technology, AquaMaxx protein skimmers are engineered to deliver the performance and value you are looking for in a skimmer.

    AquaMaxx Skimmers are built using a brilliantly polished cell-cast acrylic. They incorporate the high-end features hardcore hobbyists demand at a price everyone can afford. The ConeS Series is equipped with advanced bubble chambers, hybrid-cone bodies, air silencers and needle wheel impellers for maximum performance, efficiency and whisper quiet operation.

    How Do Protein Skimmers Work

    AquaMaxx HOB

    Aquarium protein skimmers are designed around a special separation process called foam fractionation.

    The technique was invented to remove surface active substances from a liquid, by physically removing it as a foam. By agitating the liquid the surface active substances form a foamy mass that can be separated from the liquid.

    Aquarium protein skimmers use the same process but on a smaller scale.

    Dissolved organic carbon in aquarium water will foam up if the water is continuously agitated. But its not that simple.

    Protein skimmers work by creating a rising column of air bubbles inside the skimmer body. As the air bubbles rise, the dissolved organics attach to the bubble surface and are carried to the top of the protein skimmer.

    When the bubble bursts the DOC is released as foam. But since the skimming process is continuous the foam continues to build up inside the skimmer.

    Eventually, the foam rises and is captured in the collection cup. The dissolved organics are now removed from the aquarium water.

    Not every pollutant is surface active, however. A protein skimmer can only remove substances that foam up.

    Ammonia and nitrite, for example, are inorganic substances. They dont foam and cant be removed by a protein skimmer.

    The goal of skimming is to remove these organics before they can be decomposed and end up as nitrate and other pollutants.

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    Aquamaxx Hob Skimmer Setup

    Setting up the AquaMaxx is easy. It takes about an hour for a full installation. You should see it produce your skimmate within the first 24 hours. Yes, its that fast. Unlike the X, which can take over a week to produce any skimmate, the AquaMaxx HOB-1 is nearly instant. You plug it in and it gets to work. Cleaning is also very convenient due to the breakaway design. The pump is also removable as well as the collection cup. It includes a bubble plate as well. The instructions arent exactly clear, but AquaMaxx does provide online videos to help you set it up quickly. You can do it by the instructions if you read them closely and pay attention to the pictures, but for those who have less experience in protein skimmers, I suggest for you to just watch the videos as you can get it done and ready much quicker than trying to piece together parts of a puzzle. Other than the instructions, everything else is easy to setup and you shouldnt have any difficulty. There is 1 o-ring that you may have trouble with. It goes on the inlet tube of skimmer against the front size of it. Just an FYI.

    What Are The Dimensions

    The AquaMaxx HOB-1 measures 7.5 in length, 3.5 in width, and 17 in height. We have aquarium heaters mounted in a few of them, but we couldnt fit anything too big. We do have 1 HOB on a 10 gallon tank and it fits just fine. The inlet is about 10 and the outlet is about 3.5. It hangs about 5-8 above the tank and depends on where you adjust the collection cup. If you place it lower, it pulls a lighter skimmate. If you place it higher, it pulls a darker skimmate. Either way, it works very well for the size. Its also extremely quiet for a hang-on-back protein skimmer. The other HOB protein skimmers weve worked with were either noisy or inefficient.

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    Do I Really Need A Protein Skimmer

    If you dont have a protein skimmer on your saltwater or reef tank you may wonder if its really necessary. Consider these benefits to running a protein skimmer on your tank:

    • Sparkling clear water with no yellow tint,
    • Better light penetration throughout the aquarium,
    • Full spectrum light energy available to the corals,
    • Better coral growth and reproduction,
    • Corals recover faster when fragging,
    • Less chance of disease problems when propagating frags,
    • More colorful corals due to improved photosynthesis,
    • Less bioload from heterotrophic bacteria,
    • Less algae on your live rock due to nutrient reduction in the water,
    • Aquarium glass will stay cleaner longer less algae scrapping,
    • Less red slime problems,
    • Fish stay healthier through improved water quality,
    • Less nitrate in the water.

    As this list demonstrates, there are many benefits to adding a protein skimmer to your reef or fish-only aquarium.

    Weve evaluated the top Hang On Back protein skimmers so you can make an informed decision when selecting a skimmer for your tank.

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