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Reasons To Make Your Own Protein Bars

Barebells Protein Bar Plant Based Salty Peanut and Hazelnut & Nougat and Chocolate Dough Review

The best reason to make your own? YOU get full control of what protein bar ingredients to include.

Even if you use real sugar , each bar has under 3 grams of sugar, with 12 grams of protein!

The flavor possibilities are endless, and you can choose to make them soy free, dairy free, keto, paleo, low carb, nut free, or sugar free to fit your own personal dietary requirements.

Its both much cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to make your own protein bar recipe at home. Think of all the wrappers youll save.

Many so-called healthy protein bars on the market, even ones you can find at a health food store, are filled with processed ingredients such as corn syrup solids, maltodextrin, sucralose, sugar alcohols, GMO soy isolate, and so much added sugar and oil that its hard to believe they could possibly pass for a health food.

With this recipe, you get an entire pan of homemade protein bars for not much more than you wouldve paid for just one bar at Whole Foods.

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What Kind Of Protein Powder

At the grocery store, you can find bars made from all sorts of different protein powders, such as brown rice protein, pea protein, whey protein, pumpkin seed, egg whites, hemp protein, collagen, casein, and soy protein.

Popular brands include Perfect Bars, Clif Bars, Luna Bars, RXBAR, Quest Bars, Kind, Think, Pure, One, Gatorade protein bars the list goes on and on.

In this recipe, Ive found that unsweetened protein powder is best, because the bars are sweet enough on their own without adding extra sugar or artificial sweeteners from the powder.

However, if you have a specific brand of flavored protein powder that you love, feel free to experiment , and let me know how it goes if you do!

Depending on the type of protein powder you choose, each of the bars in this healthy protein bar recipe will have around 10-12 grams of protein, or over 20 grams of protein if you make them into larger bars.

Leftover peanut butter? Make Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Bar

Staying energized all day long just got easier with Orgain’s delicious plant-based 10g Organic Protein Bars. While there are a lot of protein bars out there, not many carry the USDA organic seal while serving up nothing but great flavor. Exceptional taste is what we do best! Orgain Protein Bars are the real thing. With 10 grams of organic, vegan protein, 3-5g sugar, and 150 calories or less per bar, these bars are designed to give you good, clean nutrition whenever and wherever you need it. A nutritious snack you can get behind, these bars are perfect for a mid-morning snack, a pre-workout boost, or even your kids’ lunch boxes. Pop a few in your bag and enjoy some delicious nutrition whenever and wherever you need it! Available in five mouth-watering flavors – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunks, S’mores, or Chocolate Coconut – your body and your taste buds will thank you!*

  • 10g plant-based organic protein
  • 150 calories or less per bar
  • Certified USDA organic

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Social Media Star Joins Team Barebells

Social media wiz and former D1 soccer athlete, Noah Beck, has officially joined the Barebells ambassador team.

ABOUT BAREBELLS Barebells protein bars are rich in protein with 20 grams of protein, no added sugar & without palm oil. They suit everyone who wants to give their taste buds a real treat. Barebells launched in 2016 and offers a tasty range of snacks and alternatives to breakfast and desserts â without compromising on flavor. Both the flavor and the design are influenced by the American fifties. Barebells comes in a wide range of irresistible flavors, Crunchy fudge, Chocolate dough, Cookies & Cream, Salty Peanut, White Chocolate Almond and Caramel Cashew to mention a few, all equally Barebellicious. Wait, lets not forget about our plant based bars aswell Salty Peanut and Hazelnut nougat. We believe in eating happy and living healthy. What you already love, but with fewer carbs. Go ahead and feed your cravings!

BAREBELLS NEWSRead about our latest news, ambassador updates and events at BAREBELLS NEWS.

GET SOCIALFollow our journey at on Instagram! We love seeing your Barebellicious photos, make sure to tag us so we can see all of them.

FIND USBarebells can be found in gyms and independent stores nationwide, including Trader Joe´s & GNC, as well as online at Today, Barebells is available in more than 30 countries. See store locator here!


  • Barebells Functional Foods

Barebells No Added Sugar Vegan Protein Bar

574929 Barebells Shop GNC for Barebells Plant Based Protein Bar

Straight from Sweden and into the Mix…Barebells great looking, great tasting Salty Peanut Protein Bars have flown since they day they arrived, but what if you’re following a plant-based lifestyle huh?! VEGAINZZ are important too right?! No worries folk’s…VEGAN Salty Peanut Protein Bars have arrived in the Mix! Delivering the same impressive super-soft, dairy-free chocolate-coated, no added sugar peanut stuffed experience that really makes you ask the question, ‘is there protein in this?!’

Complete with real salted peanut chunks…all enrobed in delicious rich yet sweet choccy chocolate…and all for around200 calories, a whole 15g of protein and only 1g of sugar! Taking Plant-Based protein bars up a notch Barebell’s style!!

Barebells Vegan Protein Bar – Salty PeanutIngredients & Nutritional Information

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This One Is Out Of Stock See These Alternatives

Barebells Protein Bar Vegan Salty Peanut 55g

  • Delicious tasting vegan protein bar in a range of great flavours
  • 15g of protein in every bar
  • No added sugar

Never compromising on flavour, with 15g of protein and no added sugar Barebells protein bars are the perfect snack.

We believe in happy eating and healthy living. Thats why we offer a whole range of protein-enriched products all equally Barebellicious

Barebells, Box 12301, 102 28 Stockholm, Sweden

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Full ingredients

protein blend , humectant , fibre , sweetener , cocoa butter, cocoa mass, peanuts, soy nuggets , sunflower oil, peanut paste , rice flour, cocoa powder, flavour, salt, emulsifier .

Always read the label before use

Nutritional Information

Pick And Mix 30 = 220

With the Protein Package discount system, you can get up to 15% off your order when you pick and mix any ten or more products across the website! The discount code will automatically be applied on the cart page, find out more or see the full pick and mixrange.

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  • Weight: G

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Who Is The Layered Protein Bar For

The Layered Protein Bar is perfect for anyone looking to increase their protein intake in a super-convenient and tasty way ideal for providing an on-the-go boost that satisfies sweet-tooth cravings.

Theyre not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, but weve got that covered with our incredible Vegan Carb Crusher the perfect alternative for anyone following a plant-based lifestyle.

1. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

2. Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function after highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle. This beneficial effect is obtained with the consumption of carbohydrates, from all sources, at a total intake of 4g per kg body weight, at doses, within the first 4 hours, and no later than 6 hours, following highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle.


What Are Perfect Bars

Barebells Hazel & Nougat Plant Based Protein Bar

Perfect Bars are popular healthy protein bars, but unfortunately, they are not vegan.

While the brand uses a combination of healthy ingredients, it includes egg protein powder and honey, both animal products that are not vegan-friendly.

So here we are sharing a copycat perfect bar recipe 100% vegan!

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Celebrate Veganuary With Barebells Plant Based Bars

In honor of Veganuary, Barebells plant based bars Salty Peanut and Hazelnut Nougat, will be available at all Trader Joes locations nationwide.

Barebells two plant-based bars are 100% vegan and dairy free, with 15 grams of protein, no added sugar, and no palm oil. Barebells has earned significant national distribution gains since launching in 2019 and has become the go-to protein rich snack for athletes and consumers who want a decadent treat to please their cravings.

To celebrate Veganuary, Barebells plant-based bars will not only be available in all Trader Joes locations but they will also be hosting a giveaway, as well as a beach clean-up in Venice CA to give back to the community. The giveaway will start on January 5th and the winner will receive a Super 73, 5 Boxes of the plant based Salty Peanut bars and 5 boxes of the Hazelnut Nougat bar.

This January celebrate Veganuary with Barebells and dont miss out on getting your plant-based protein bar fix at Trader Joes. Also, be sure to participate in the upcoming giveaway for a chance to win some great tasting protein bars.

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Barebells No Added Sugar Protein Bar

Straight from Sweden and into the Mix…Barebells great looking, great tasting Hazelnut Nougat Protein Bars have flown since they day they arrived, but what if you’re following a plant-based lifestyle huh?! VEGAINZZ are important too right?! No worries folk’s…VEGAN Hazelnut Nougat Protein Bars have arrived in the Mix! Super-soft nougat, caramel-infused centre, all coated in dreamy, smooth dairy-free chocolate and crunchy, indulgent roasted hazelnut nibs.

In the Hazelnut Nougat Vegan Barebells flavour, you can expect a sweet but riiiich chocolate outer layer, the usual impressively smooth centre, little crunchy Rocher-style Hazelnut pieces and a sweet caramel layer…and all for just 224 calories, a whole 15g of protein, not bad for a vegan bar that’s THIS tasty!

Barebells Vegan Protein Bar – Hazelnut & NougatIngredients & Nutritional Information

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Can I Flavor The Perfect Protein Bars

While you only need 3 ingredients to make these peanut butter protein bars, I highly recommend adding one or a few more ingredients to create a range of protein bar flavors that mimic the Perfect Bar original recipes!

Below are some ingredients I recommend adding to your dough to create the same flavors like the popular perfect bar product range.

  • Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter add 1/4 cup of vegan chocolate chips.
  • Coconut Peanut Butter add 1/4 cup unsweetened desiccated coconut.
  • Chocolate Mint add 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips and 3-4 drops of mint stevia drops.
  • Salted Caramel add 3-4 drops of salted caramel stevia drops.
  • Dark Chocolate Almond add 1/4 cup of vegan dark chocolate chips and replace peanut butter with almond butter.
  • Blueberry Cashews replace peanut butter with cashew butter in the recipe and add 1/4 cup freeze-dried blueberry.

Barebells Vegan Protein Bar Review: Great Plant

Barebells puts plant

The Barebells Vegan Protein Bar is a plant-based spin-off of the Swedish brand Barebells original and best-tasting Protein Bar. It hit the market last month and promises no compromise on texture or taste. It features a similar build to the brands regular bar with a thick center, nutty top, and a milk chocolate coat, but of course, it uses only plant-based ingredients.

Being big fans of the original Barebells Protein Bar, we got our hands on the snack to see how it compares to the competition as well as how it measures up to the regular version. We got both of its two flavors, Hazelnut & Nougat and Salty Peanut, which provide 15g of protein instead of the usual 20g, with around 10g of fat, 19g of carbohydrates, and 215 to 224 calories.

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What Does The Cereal Bar Taste Like

Our Core Bars are not only created to provide excellent nutritionals they taste delicious to. With three indulgent flavours to choose from Double Chocolate, Chocolate & Peanut and Salted Caramel theyre the perfect on-the-go snack, curbing cravings and keeping your diet on track.

1.Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

SUGGESTED USE: Consume as a snack, as and when required.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product is intended to be used alongside an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Suitable for vegetarians.

Double Chocolate Flavour: Oat Blend , Rolled Oats, Oat Flour), Protein Blend , Salt), Whey Protein Concentrate , Soya Protein Isolate, Milk Proteins), Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Humectant , Milk Chocolate Flavour Coating , Whey Powder , Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Wheat Flour , Emulsifiers , Flavouring), Crisp Rice , Bulking Agent , Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup, Stabiliser , Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Flavouring, Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Antioxidant .

ALLERGENS: For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May also contain peanuts, nuts and egg.

The Best Protein Bar Recipe

People eat protein bars for a variety of different reasons including muscle gain, weight loss, as a post workout portable snack or meal replacement, to curb hunger or help them feel full longer, as an easy way to add protein to their diet, or simply because they like the taste.

When I became a vegetarian in high school, I initially relied on energy bars as a convenient way to replace protein from meat.

Recently, Ive started to make my own because I prefer bars made with sugar over erythritol or monk fruit and have been seeing fewer of those options available .

The best part about making your own protein bars is that you get to choose every single ingredient Try one of the flavors above, or throw a handful of shredded coconut, chia seeds, or chopped dark chocolate into the dough to make your own custom flavor!

Above watch the video how to make protein bars!

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What To Enjoy The Layered Protein Bar With

These bars are great to have with you for a super-tasty boost of protein, carbs, and fibre when you need it most. We recommend that you pair up with a shake of THE Whey for a powerful pre- or post-workout hit of premium protein.

For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.

Barebells Vegan Protein Bar

Barebells Protein Bar REVIEW | Plant Based Hazelnut Nougat & Salty Peanut | Creamy Crisp
  • In Stock

Straight from Sweden and into the Mix…Barebells great looking, great tasting Salty Peanut Protein Bars have flown since they day they arrived, but what if you’re following a plant-based lifestyle huh?! VEGAINZZ are important too right?! No worries folk’s…VEGAN Salty Peanut Protein Bars have arrived in the Mix! Delivering the same impressive super-soft, dairy-free chocolate-coated, no added sugar peanut stuffed experience that really makes you ask the question, ‘is there protein in this?!’

  • 15g of protein per bar
  • Low sugar

Uh-oh! This product is Out of Stock at the moment!

! Order in the next hrs minssoonby to catch our next despatch!!

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What Are The Benefits Of The Layered Protein Bar

Each Layered Protein Bar is loaded with over 20g of protein, helping you to hit your daily protein needs in a delicious way supporting both the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass.1

Plus, every bar is packed with over 9g of fibre supporting your everyday wellbeing.

This protein bar also boasts over 18g of carbohydrates, providing a source of energy for your training as well as aid muscle recovery post-workout.2

Best Tips To Make Perfect Vegan Perfect Bars Every Time

If it is your first time using protein powder in a recipe, let me share some tips with you.

  • Weigh Your Powder For Precision protein powder is very liquid absorbent. A tiny extra amount can dry up these vegan, gluten-free protein bars. So weigh the powder rather than using measuring cups.
  • Adjust The Dough if your dough is too dry and it becomes difficult to bring the ingredients together, add a splash of almond milk, 2 or 3 tablespoons adding gradually. Usually, one tablespoon is enough to help the dough come together.
  • I really think they are the best vegan protein bars! But, be aware that depending on the plant-based protein powder blend and sweetener you choose, the texture can vary a lot. They are mainly dense, crumbly, not sticky or chewy.

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    Barebells Vegan Protein Bar **bbe 07/22** 55g / Salty Peanut

    BBE: 07/22

    Salted Peanut Barebells It doesnt get much better than this! Now available in a 100% vegan-friendly and plant protein-based variant. Everybody can now enjoy Barebells bestselling Salty Peanut flavour. With 15 grams of plant protein and only 0.9 grams of sugar, the soft chocolate coating with a salted peanut centre is impossible to resist.

    Ingredients: Protein , humectant , fibre , sweetener , cocoa butter, cocoa pulp, peanuts, soy crisp , rice flour, cocoa powder, aroma, salt, emulsifier .


    We are Devons leading sports supplements and fitness accessories retailer, servicing not only Devon & Cornwall but UK wide. Are you looking for protein powders, energy drinks, aminos, snacks or a wide range of vegan products? Protein Your Whey is your one-stop-shop for all these and more!

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