Premier Protein Peaches And Cream


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This Peaches And Cream Protein Chia Pudding Is A Healthy Treat Filled With Chia Seeds Protein Greek Yogurt And Fruit Super Easy To Make And Delicious

Premier Protein Shakes | Peaches & Cream Strawberries & Cream Taste Review | Crystal Evans

You will not believe how easy it is to make chia pudding, and this Peaches & Cream Protein Chia Pudding is so dang delicious! Ive been trying hard to eat better because, well, swimsuit season is coming up. Most of the time I eat pretty healthy but sometimes my sweet tooth kicks in after lunch or dinner and I find myself scrounging the cabinets for something sweet.

If Im being honest, I usually will overdo it and eat a bunch of treats. Instead of ruining a whole day of good choices by eating an entire candy bar, make this Peaches & Cream Protein Chia Pudding and have it in your fridge, ready to go!!

For real, this is as easy as it gets and with only 4 ingredients! One of the main ingredients is one of Premier Proteins new shake flavors, Peaches & Cream! This new flavor is one of my very favorites now. Its creamy but not too sweet. Its hard to believe youre even drinking protein because it tastes more like a dessert. No chalky protein taste. Each shake is packed with 30g protein and contains 160 calories and only 1g of sugar!

This Peaches & Cream Protein Chia Pudding satisfies your sweet tooth, fills you up without needing to eat very much of it and tastes incredible! I hope youll give it a try! Be sure to check out all the flavors of Premier Proteins shakes including the two newest ones, Peaches & Cream and Cookies & Cream.

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