Gluten And Dairy Free Protein Bars


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What Is A Perfect Bar

Superfood Protein Breakfast Bars gluten free, dairy free

Perfect Bars are a store-bought brand of protein bars that come in many different flavors. Theyre advertised as a whole-foods based protein bar, that are extremely fresh. You can find them in the refridgerator section of most grocery stores. I personally love them because they are filling, pretty high in protein, and very satisfying served chilled!

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How Good Are Vegan Protein Bars For You

You may be wondering, are protein bars actually healthy?

Well, that largely depends on two things: the protein bar you choose and how frequently you eat them. Each brands nutritional value varies but, regardless of how good they seem, its still important to remember to eat protein bars in moderation.

Obviously, you dont want to completely replace all the food you are used to eating with them, so be sensible about your consumption. Eating one or two protein bars a day is fine, but remember they can never replace the nutritional value of a well-balanced meal over the long term.

While these bars are very high in protein, which can be helpful to the diet of bodybuilders, many do not include a lot of the other vitamins and nutrients found in whole foods.

Therefore, even the best vegan protein bars should only be used as a way to supplement your nutrient intake, and not as a main source of macro or micronutrients.

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What Does It Mean To Be Gluten

What does it mean to be gluten-free? Many people switch to this gluten-free diet for a variety of reasons, including weight control, to feel healthier, because of misinformation about conditions that gluten causes, and because they are allergic to gluten. While most of these can be great reasons to switch over to a gluten-free diet, the only true reason to cut gluten out of your diet is to treat gluten intolerance. If you suffer from an allergic reaction to gluten, then you absolutely need to take advantage of a gluten-free diet. However, if youre not allergic to gluten at all, you dont need to cut it out of your life altogether.1

For those of us who arent allergic to gluten, what does it mean to be gluten-free? In general, when you first decide to go on a gluten-free diet you are going to have to take in a lot less than you normally would. This comes down to reading labels, knowing what your body needs versus what you can get, and knowing when its okay to take vitamins and supplements.2 For those of us who are allergic to gluten, we will usually need to take vitamins and supplements in small quantities to make up for the lack of nutrition on our gluten-free food list.

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Betty Lous Nut Butter Balls

Ok, these arent technically bars, but they fit into the same category of ready-to-eat, convenient nutritional snacks. Betty Lous is a great company I remember meeting Betty Lous son years ago at Expo West and encouraging them to seek gluten-free certification. Not only are they now certified by GFCO, but they are making other gluten-free products in their facility on behalf of companies like Phil Keoghans NOW bars and Elizabeth Hasselbecks NoGii line.

They offer a wide variety of Nut Butter Balls, ranging from Spirulina-Ginseng to High Protein Almond Butter. They come in handy single-serve balls that are about the size of a fat cookie, and every flavor we sampled was quite tasty . Soy-free and vegan.

Note: Betty Lous also offers a Just Great Stuff line of bars which are gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. They were not sampling these at their booth at Expo, so they are not reviewed here.

When Should I Eat These

Two big pieces of Gluten Free Protein Bars on white paper.

Need a healthy mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack? These are absolutely perfect for that! Whether you pack these in your kids lunches, bring them to work with you, take them in your purse when youre on the go, or even to a pot luck they come in so handy! I even like having them for a treat after dinner. They are filling so I often have a bite sized piece.

I always say, eat when youre hungry and stop when youre full. If you are in the need of a snack, I encourage you to eat! Butgo for something nutritious. These bars are truly the perfect snack.

  • Make sure to store these in the fridge or freezer
  • If you pack them in your kids lunch, pack an ice pack as well.
  • Use a food processor for this not a blender
  • Feel free to omit the chocolate if you dont want it

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Best Dairy Free Protein Bars Lactose Free

We have made your work easier, I love the variety of flavors they #2, Oats & Honey, Larabars are hands-down my favorite gluten-free dairy-free snack bars, gluten free, Lactose Free, the protein added will generally come from milk or whey, Yuve Protein Powder is dairy free, brown rice, One of the flavors is called Everlasting Joy.Nuff said, lactose free, and while these dairy-derived products are low in lactose, and 2 grams of sugar, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, gluten free, Dairy Free, The protein bar is free from dairy products and soy and is, Many KIND bar varieties contain milk meaning they arent dairy-free, Gluten Free, KIND bars, hemp free, The GFB, soy free

Rx Bar Chocolate Sea Salt

210 cal, 9g total fat, 9g total carb, 5g fiber, 12g protein

If you want to feel like youre eating a decadent brownie, the RX bar is the way to go. Made with ingredients you can pronounce, RX bar is a popular energy bar for several reasons: its gluten-free, high in protein, and has no artificial ingredients!

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Rxbar Mint Chocolate Chip

210 cal, 9g total fat, 23g total carb, 5g fiber, 12g protein

Another RX bar? You betcha! The Mint Chocolate Protein Bar is arguably my favorite flavor. Infused with pure peppermint oil, real, unsweetened chocolate and finished with a dash of sea salt makes it a surprisingly yummy nutritious bar. Its soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and is naturally sweetened with dates.

I keep buying 2-3 of this Mint Chocolate RX bar each time I head to the store, but next time, I think Ill just grab a whole box given that I eat the entire thing so quickly.

Papa Steves No Junk Raw Protein Bars


When it comes to finding a decent soy-free vegan protein bar with 16 grams of raw vegan protein, Papa Steves No Junk Raw Protein Bars are hard to beat.

As their name suggests, Papa Steves bars are made with only the finest ingredients that are, wherever possible, locally sourced, which is a good thing for a number of reasons.

First off, they taste a lot better than your average high protein bar.

Second, the ingredients used are pretty much all beneficial to your overall health, so youre getting a little more than just a mere protein boost.

Third, youre helping smaller, more artisan businesses thrive by keeping things local. All of which adds up to a pretty good deal.

Naturally, you cant expect all this for nothing, so you will probably find that youll pay a little more for Papa Steves No Junk than you would other dairy-free protein bars, but you do get what you pay for.

Other than price, my only concern is the fact that these are a little on the high side when it comes to calories and fat , but they do counter that with a wonderful 16g of fiber and a tiny amount of sodium . All in all, I really like Papa Steves!


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One Birthday Cake Protein Bars

220 cal, 8g total fat, 23g total carb, 3g fiber, 20g protein

I once got a box of this bar for my brothers birthday because I totally forgot to order cake. And turns out, he loved it! Its got all the fun flavors of a Birthday Cake, but with a lot more protein and less sugar! Plus, its vegan, non-GMO and gluten free!

And if youre not a fan of birthday cake, they have a bunch of other yummy flavors too!

Enjoy Life Chewy Bars

Enjoy Life chewy bars are another delicious snack bar to keep on hand. They come in flavors like cocoa loco, sunseed crunch, and caramel apple in this variety pack, and theyre free of other allergens as well including eggs and nuts.

If you dont mind a little bit of added sugar in your snack bar, these ones are a tasty treat that taste like dessert!

The cocoa loco flavor has 2 grams of protein and 9 grams of sugar, which doesnt make it the healthiest option on my list here but still a decent choice considering its free from so many allergens.

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Can I Make Homemade Protein Bars Without Peanut Butter

Yes! If you make the medjool date variety homemade protein bar in the recipe below, you wont need any peanut butter at all. If you want to make the nut butter version, use another nut butter like cashew or almond butter, and avoid peanut butter completely.

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The 10 Best Paleo Bars

Banana Protein Bars [Vegan, Gluten

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

Heres how to make sure youre choosing a smart snack rather than a smartly marketed candy bar: These are the 10 best paleo bars out there. Bars have minimal ingredients, no refined sugars, healthy real foods within and some with a healthy dose of protein. If youre looking for healthy grain free bars, look no further.

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What Are The Benefits Of Protein Bars That Are Dairy Free & Gluten Free

Many of our customers choose to go dairy free to improve their health. Dairy is linked to increased mucus production and those who are dairy-free report a better sense of smell as one of the surprising benefits! Dairy intolerance, specifically lactose, can cause severe discomfort, and choosing to go dairy-free is often the only way to combat this.

As a weight loss choice, going dairy-free will reduce your saturated fat, sugar and salt intake meaning that it is an easy way to cut out the excess fat and will bring greater results to your strategy.

These Gluten Free Protein Bars Were Better Than Packaged Protein Bars

My kids couldnt get enough of these bars. They had even gotten good enough that my husband mentioned them out of the blue one day.

You know, those protein bars were really good. Thats high praise for him.

My kids had started asking, Are those bars hard to make? Thats code for please make them again.

They have the soft texture of a brownie, and theyre not too sweet. For something more cookie-like, give my classic protein cookies or my peanut butter protein cookies a try. 🙂

I also get are these bars good for you? Thats also code for can I eat them all day every day and be healthy? I also get the same sort of questions when I make my protein pancakes!

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Clif Builders Protein Bar *

270 calories | 20g protein | 29g carbs

I didnt order the other 2 top bars in any particular order. Clif Builders bars are easy to find in store, has palm oil, and is soy protein based.

Most Clif bars are vegan, including these protein bars. Just be careful that you dont buy Clifs whey protein bars

Heres a breakdown of its scores:

  • Protein content Of the 270 calories, just under 30% come from protein, which is about average for the bars I reviewed.
  • Taste score This protein bar was easy to rate, it tastes like a candy bar.
  • Cost Not only are the bars on the cheap end individually, but they also contain a lot of protein, so they are actually the cheapest overall bar per 10g of protein.

Of the top 3, its the best tasting bar, but has the lowest protein content. This is due to the high sugar content (contains beet syrup, organic brown rice syrup, and organic cane syrup, which makes it okay as a post-workout bar, but I dont know if Id want to eat it otherwise.

Ingredient No Bake Protein Fudge Bars

Healthy, vegan protein bar recipe | Vegan, Gluten Free, NO added sugar

Smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth no bake protein fudge bars which need just 4 Ingredients! Quick, easy and the perfect snack, dessert or post workout treat, these healthy fudge bars are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and flourless!

Its been a week since CLEAN SWEETS has hit the shelves and online retailers, and Im still pinching myself that it has actually happened!

While the Clean Sweets Cookbook focuses on healthy, high-protein desserts for one, there are a handful of small batch recipes included too. One of those is these delicious 4 Ingredient Buckeye Balls . I wanted to do something a little different, and share a recipe from my cookbook with a twist- Share them in a different form, and one which had more than one serving!

These healthy 4 Ingredient no bake protein fudge bars are one of my favorites- It combines some of my favorite recipes in one from the blog- No bake protein bars meets maple almond fudge meets deliciousness! They also use 4 easy ingredients and require zero baking, so its the ultimate arman lazy persons recipe. Bonus? They can be enjoyed completely guilt-free, and would totally pass as a pre or post workout snack!


Want to keep this 100% sugar free? I have you covered! While I personally am not a fan of it, this DOES work with sugar-free maple syrup. The difference is that the protein fudge bars get softer when left at room temperature sooner than their refined sugar free counterparts!

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Look For Individually Wrapped Bars And Variety Packs

Having your gluten-free protein bars individually wrapped makes it so easy to throw them in your bag when youre on the go so that you always have a healthy, filling snack with you.

Its also a good idea if youre trying a new brand for the first time to see if they have variety packs.

These packs will allow you to try lots of flavors so that you can figure out which ones are your favorite moving forward. As a bonus, you might discover a flavor combination you never would have tried otherwise.

Garden Of Life Organic Sport Protein Bar In Chocolate Mint

If youre an athlete, then getting enough protein is likely one of your biggest priorities. Not only are these Garden of Life Organic Sport Protein Bars in Chocolate Mint a good source of protein with 20 grams of plant-based protein per bar, they are also gluten-free, soy-free, Non-GMO Project verified, Certified USDA Organic, and NSF Certified for Sport. The company claims that these bars are great for refueling and repairing muscles after a hard workout and made to eat anytime throughout the day to help achieve your daily protein intake while keeping you full.

According to Amazon reviewer Paula G. Cannon, When I tried these Garden of Life bars I was expecting the chalky pea taste and the usual hard sticky taffy texture that sticks in your teeth like most bars. Well, to my surprise these bars were nothing like that! They are very very good, the texture is kind of like a dense brownie.

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Are Gomacro Products Gluten

All of our products use 100% Certified Gluten-Free ingredients, making them a great option for those with gluten intolerance. Our high sourcing standards, along with ongoing testing, quality assessment, and control measures used throughout production, meaning you can rest assured our protein bars are safe for gluten-free eaters.

Bodyme Organic Vegan Protein Bar

Almond &  Dark Chocolate Protein Bars (Sugar

Made in Great Britain, with certified Organic by Soil Association. BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar is one of the best rated and most sold vegan protein bars. Made from completely organic ingredients.

When I say best rated the awards of this BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar could assure you in that.

Here are some awards that this bar has won so far: Awarded Highly Commended at the Good Choice Quality Food Awards 2016, Silver at the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2016 and Finalist for Best New Organic Food Product at the Natural and Organic Product Awards 2016. Vegan Society and Soil Association certified. BodyMes 10% of profits is donated to charity keeping profit and everything in ethical all the way.

Main ingredients are Organic cashews, organic coconut nectar, organic dates, organic chia seeds, organic coconut oil, and much more organic ingredients. It includes 3 best plant-based proteins. Only clean and healthy ingredients combined together provide 16 grams of protein in this bar.

The flavors of this vegan protein bar are Cacao Orange, Cacao Mint, Chia Vanilla, Maca Cinnamon and Beetroot Berry. My favorite is Cacao Orange. When you eat BodyMe organic Vegan Protein Bars you can feel and enjoy in every bite you take.

It helps you to fuel your ethical warrior and fuel you and keep your fueled energy last longer than in other protein bars because of plant proteins.

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