Dog Treats With Low Protein


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Important Things To Remember

The Best Dog Treats for Kidney Disease Low Protein
  • The snacks weve listed above should only be given as treats and shouldnt be used to completely replace your dogs usual balanced diet
  • Even though these snacks are healthy always remember to give them in moderation
  • If possible try to give organic fruits and vegetables
  • If your dog is overweight, or requires special food, always speak to your vet about which snacks to give and any lifestyle changes that you may be considering

Best Low Protein Dog Foods

We know that dogs love their animal fats and protein , but unfortunately it not always possible to give them as much as they want.

Occasionally, a trip to the vet might reveal some disturbing news about kidney or liver disease, and this can change what you need to feed your dog in an instant.

Heres a video of Dr. Becker explaining kidney importance in detail:

Both of these organs work to break down protein in diets , so when they start to falter, your dog needs to cut back on his or her intake to give them some needed healing room.

Low Protein Treats Matties Healthy Treats For Dogs

Youve got their meals all planned out, but what about their snacks? Appropriate treats can act as a great supplement to their diet, and if your dog requires a low-protein one then theres no better than Mattie to serve up a healthy snack.

These pumpkin-flavored treats are a big hit with dogs and are the perfect size for them to nosh on. The lack of meat in the ingredients might turn off some pets, but most dont seem to mind.


  • Each treat is a good size
  • Some proceeds help fund research into canine kidney disease


  • Lack of meat in the ingredients

Customer feedback

Owners love giving their dogs treats, but many of them are made with the healthy pet in mind. Customers are thankful that these treats are one of the few made specifically for those with weaker kidneys while still being reasonably priced to boot and rated it at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Even older dogs with many different health complications can enjoy this snack since theres nothing in here to make any existing conditions worse.

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Best Treats For Dogs On Low Protein Diets

You might also want to find out more about our joint support dog chews and soft dog treats.

Is your dog on a special diet that requires either no protein dog treats or low protein dog treats? We have the best selection of non protein dog treats and low protein dog food for your pup to enjoy!

Protein free dog treats are great for pups with special dietary needs or certain health conditions. Our non protein dog treats are great for dogs with kidney or liver disease and it can help ease discomfort from bladder stones.

Non protein dog treats are the most popular solutions for dogs with kidney disease. When your dog’s body has less protein to metabolize, their body will produce fewer toxins, which will put less pressure on their kidneys. Low protein dog treats can also help with the inflammation associated with kidney disease. Also, if your pup has kidney issues, low protein dog food can also help prevent your dog from losing protein that they’re already ingesting. Feeding your dog protein free dog treats or low protein dog treats is the best treatment for their diet.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

10 Low Protein Dog Treats For Liver Disease

Consumers have a love-hate relationship with Purina, as it is a mass-market brand that has products lining the store shelves all over the world some swearing by it and others choosing their words when it comes to the brand.

Case in point, this canned formula specially designed to improve the kidney functions of your dogs. It does what it sets out to do by delivering safe protein levels, but unfortunately also comes with some unneeded filler that might upset some sensitive stomachs.


  • Contains some unpopular ingredients to improve the taste and texture for your pets
  • Mostly contains by-products

Customer feedback

Customers appreciate that there is an affordable food to help their dogs cope with kidney distress, but dont necessarily love every aspect of the food, and gave this product a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

On one hand, the formula is tasty and does contain a balanced set of nutrients to promote an improved digestive system. However, on the other a lot of the ingredients are low-quality, and some of the unnecessary ingredients can be quite rough on the stomach of sensitive dogs, resulting in things like vomiting and diarrhea.

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Low Protein Dog Treat

Raw Paws sweet potato treats are perfect free-grain, crunchy puppy treats. Their natural dogs are made of fresh sweet potatoes produced in the USA, raised, cut, and then slowly dried to perfection!

This soft cooking method seals the taste of this dried sweet potato dog and its intrinsic nutritious benefits. Sweet potatoes, one of the most beautiful foods in nature, are abundant in dietary fiber and have very little fat, and render this dog a vegetarian reward and low calories in your dogs everyday diet.

Interestingly, you can teach your furry one to sit or stand with these vitamins and mineral snacks. You will enjoy sweet potato health advantages for humans, and your pup will enjoy the naturally sweet flavor of our sweet potato treats for pets!

According to John D, this product is an excellent natural food for your puppy. These treats are tiny and crunchy.

His puppy has kidney failure, and its a nice treat because its low in protein. Its a little pricey, but the bag goes fast. It is a nice reward for your dog with natural diet food.

They Can Prevent Your Dog From Losing Protein

While a reduced intake of protein is common for dogs with liver disease, a more balanced diet can help prevent your dog from losing too much. A high-fat, low-protein diet is recommended for older dogs, and Omega-3 fatty acids, found in flaxseed oil and fish oil, may be particularly beneficial. In general, your dog should get between 20 to 30 percent of its daily caloric intake from protein.

As with people, dogs need protein to stay healthy and perform at their best. The liver, kidneys, and small intestine process protein in various ways. However, if any of these organs are damaged or have poor functioning, a low-protein diet is necessary to prevent your dog from losing protein and improve its health. Low-protein diets also reduce a dogs workload and help it heal more quickly. Another common reason to switch to a low-protein diet is to treat your dog for proteinuria.

If your dog isnt interested in eating, try changing its mealtime routine. A low-protein diet can help your pet feel more contented, and adjusting the amount of meals can help your pet eat more. Instead of one large meal, your dog may need four or five small meals a day to support the digestive system and avoid becoming overwhelmed. Low-protein diets are not recommended for dogs with mild or mid-stage liver disease, but they may be appropriate for your pets specific condition.

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Taffy’s Paw Rating 5/5

Christmas is my favourite time of year and when Mum’s baking these biscuits my whiskers really get twitching. They are YUM!! I love the gingerbread man shapes the best cos I bites the head off first, then the legs…then I woof down the rest. Then I licks my lips, and licks…and licks. Best biscuit ever! Hands off Rudolf!!

Talk To Your Vet Before Introducing Low Protein Dog Food Into Your Dogs Diet

How To Make Low Protein Dog Treats

Weve featured some great low protein options on this list. But again, low protein dog foods are typically meant for dogs that are struggling with chronic health conditions. So while you always want to talk to your vet before you introduce a new food into your dogs diet, its especially important with low protein dog food. Your dog may need a prescription diet to manage his condition, so make sure to talk to your vet to figure out which low protein dog food is best for your pet.

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Are There Any Dogs That Should Avoid A Low Protein Diet

Clearly, a low protein diet is a good fit for dogs with certain medical conditions. But there are dogs with other conditions who should avoid a low protein diet at all costs.

Growing puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs should not be fed a low protein diet, says Brooks. This is because their nutrient requirements, especially for proteins, is in high demand during growth and reproductionand limiting their protein intake could cause growth impairments and malnutrition.

In fact, if your dog doesnt have one of the medical conditions that requires a low protein diet, its best to stay away. Generally speaking, low protein foods should be reserved for those dogs with medical requirements for low protein, says Brooks. There really isnt a reason a healthy adult dog should be fed a low protein food, and it could affect their nutrient balance.

Low Protein Dog Treats For Liver Disease

Caring for a dog with liver disease can be tricky. Not only is your dogs health at risk, but you need to make sure that they are eating the right foods to help them manage their symptoms. A low protein diet is important for dogs with liver disease, so here are some tips to help you find the right low protein treats to feed your dog.

But first, why does your dog need a low protein diet?

Dogs who suffer from liver disease have trouble processing proteins, which can put extra strain on their liver, and cause further damage. Also, when dogs eat foods high in protein, their bodies release ammonia from waste products in the blood, which can also be damaging to their livers.

To help keep your dogs system running smoothly, its important that you choose low-protein treats that contain less than 18% crude protein. Make sure you read the nutritional information label carefully before making a final decision about what to feed your pup!

If youre looking for low-protein dog treats for liver disease, youve come to the right place. These treats can help your dog deal with the symptoms of the disease while also keeping him from losing protein. Liver disease in dogs is one of the most common reasons for a dog to stop eating. If youve seen your dog eat less than usual, the problem may be due to low protein levels in his food. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve your dogs diet and help him recover from liver disease.

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Treats For The Dog With Kidney Disease

The wrong foods can exacerbate the illness.

Its very possible that a renal diet is in your dogs future. Kidney disease is one of the most common illnesses of aging canines, with more than one in 10 pets developing it at some point, usually when theyre older.

The good news is that while high-tech treatments like kidney transplants and dialysis are generally unavailable to dogs , your ability to keep your pet feeling well for as long as possible is greater than for many other diseases of aging. Specifically, your role as in-house nutritionist is critical because by making the right food choices, you can extend your dogs life, and quality of life, significantly.

The veterinarian will almost invariably prescribe a therapeutic diet as soon as kidney disease is diagnosed. It will be relatively low in phosphorus, protein, and sodium. Such a diet can actually help slow the progression of the illness, in part by putting less stress on the kidneys to filter various byproducts of the digestion process.

The thing is, even sick dogs need treats. Theyre part of the quality of life, and theyre currency for the bond between the two of you. So what treats can you give a dog with chronic kidney disease?

Treat options for failing kidneys

Some companies that make therapeutic diets also manufacture treats specifically formulated for dogs with kidney disease. You can ask your vet about them, but like the prescribed diets, they will tend to be on the expensive side.

Always Talk To Your Vet Before Making Changes To Your Dogs Diet : Natural Sweet Potato Dog Treats â No Fillers ...

Its important to consult your veterinarian before introducing your dog to new foods and treats, or when removing familiar or favorite foods from their diet. Your vet can give you deeper insights into whats best for your specific pet so you can choose treats that will be the best for their health, weight, and overall well-being.

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Blue Natural Veterinary Diet

Despite chicken being the first ingredient, Blue Natural has managed to create a product that only contains 3% protein, making this a fantastic option for pets who quickly need to get their bloodwork back to normal levels.

The lack of salt and low levels of phosphorus also make this great for other organs as well, making these cans a prime choice for a variety of conditions.


  • Cans are easy to dent, which caused some concerns during shipping

Customer feedback

Owners overwhelmingly appreciate the quality and care put into Blue Naturals line of food and rated it at 4.2 out of 5 stars. They report that their need for supplemental medication has almost completely ceased after switching to this formula since repeated blood work has shown that kidney and liver functions rapidly drop to normal levels.

While thats not a guarantee of success for everyone, it does show that the low phosphorus, salt, and protein recipe is a health-conscious one that works quite well for most dogs.

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How Low Should You Go

A low-protein diet doesnt mean a total absense protein, and there isnt one single number that indicates when a food is low in protein. For the purposes of this ranking, we found it helpful to consider two big points:

  • The Association of American Feed Control Officials , an industry group that establishes pet food labeling standards, considers 18% to be the minimum recommended protein content for dogs. Only one of the foods on our list has protein content lower than that Hills Prescription k/d, and you can only get it through a veterinarians prescription.
  • Dog food advertising tends to take a the more the merrier approach to discussing protein content in food. Our analysis found that among popular foods that claim to be high protein, they range from about 30% to 40% protein content. For the purposes of this analysis, we limited our reviews to foods with no more than 28% protein content.

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Why Is A Low

Renal disease damages the bodys ability to control phosphorus levels within the bloodstream.

However, you cant just take this mineral out of your dogs diet as it is required by the bodily system daily.

Phosphorus has some duties to be done within the body, which is why balance is essential when it involves adjusting your dogs dietary intake.

Points To Ponder

Surplus phosphorus can lead to a wide diversity of symptoms and complications.

Cardiovascular is another symptom that is an outcome of excess phosphorus in the blood, which is why a lot of kidney support diets are also planned to guard the heart.

A low-phosphorus diet reduces the capability on the kidneys and diminishes the chances especially in the early stages of the disease, that your dog will suffer from these problems, In stage 1 of chronic kidney disease, you may choose a non-kidney explicit diet with phosphorus below 1.5g/1000 kcal and reasonable protein.

When your dog arrives at stage 3 of the disease or becomes uremic, a diet designed specifically for kidney disease with compact protein is necessary.

If your vet endorses that to treat a current problem of your pup that is to feed a specific prescription dog food, then this should be followed.

Symptoms Of Liver Disease Are Very Similar To The Symptoms Of Digestive Issues

Homemade Natural Dog Cookies – Low Protein
  • Check with your vet if you believe your dog may have liver disease. Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms of liver disease, but they could also just be caused by a bacterial or parasitic infection. The symptoms of liver disease are very similar to the symptoms of digestive issues, so it can be hard to tell which one exactly is affecting your dog.
  • Other common symptoms include weight loss, lethargy , and jaundice . Most types of liver disease occur when theres a deficiency in copper or vitamin B12 in your dogs system. Some dogs are more at risk than others for acquiring this deficiency because they live in an environment where those deficiencies are more common. This includes the Alaskan bush, where dogs dont have access to healthier foods that would normally contain enough vitamins and minerals for them.

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Zukes Superfood Blend Dog Treats

Start the journey with Zukeâs Natural Dog Treats With Colorful Vegetables SuperFood Mix. A healthy dog is an active dog â and active dogs require superfoods.

The snack includes foods high in antioxidants such as potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes â and NO maize, wheat, or soy. These tender, ultra-healthy treats offer the dogs the nutritional boost they maintain.

One pack consists of 6,0 oz SuperFood Mix With Colorful Vegetables. Like all Zukeâs recipes, these pumpkin dog delicacies are checked to reach their strict quality expectations.

Each pouch reseals to keep your dog fresh and power journeys, from the tallest peaks to the valleys. The formula is low in protein and safe for liver disease dogs.

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