What Are The Healthiest Protein Bars


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Who Should Buy Protein Bars

How to Choose a Healthy Protein Bar

Protein bars are stereotypically connected with weightlifters and bodybuilders, and indeed they are very useful for adding on muscle mass if you are an athlete, but thats not the only kind of person who can benefit from a protein bar. Anyone in the following categories can make good use of a protein bar:

People on a diet who want a healthy meal or snack on the go. Protein has incredible benefits for weight loss, and if you want something more substantial than a meal replacement shake for a mid-day meal, a protein bar is a great way to go.

People who need a healthy mid-day energy boost. Even if you arent looking to lose weight, a protein bar can be an easy way to get a boost in energy while on the go, without dealing with the unhealthy sugars and refined carbohydrates that youd find other processed foods.

People with a busy, travel-filled lifestyle who dont want to rely on unhealthy snacks. If you know you have a busy, unpredictable lifestyle, it never hurts to have a supply of protein bars in your office, your car, or your backpack.

Watching out for your own wellbeing in this way in particularly important if you are trying to gain muscle or lose body fat, because both of these endeavours are reliant on your ability to consistently take in healthy food and avoid overindulging in processed carbohydrates, low-fiber foods, and sugary snacks.

What Makes A Healthy Protein Bar

There are many different areas I looked at while looking into protein bars. After evaluating over 40 different brands, I found there were a few things that made a bar worthy of my approval. Here are some of the factors I considered:

Protein Content. Protein tends to be the hardest macronutrient for us to get in our diet because it requires preparation. For that reason I included bars that had a minimum of 12g of protein or more.

Ingredient Quality. This meant that the bar wasnt just a load of fillers but also had some nutrient dense foods like nuts, seeds, whey protein, etc. I tried to avoid bars with any artificial sugar or ingredients.

Added Sugar. This one is a bit tricky as sugar can be a really easy way for athletes to fuel their workout and isnt always a bad thing. For this, I tried to be mindful of overall health and not just the athlete in mind so we are looking at bars with 15g or less. I also did not intentionally exclude any bars that contained sugar alcohols but just know some people cannot tolerate these well as they may lead to digestive distress.

Taste & Available Flavors. Just because something is healthy doesnt mean it tastes good and vice versa. I narrowed down the bars that had decent nutrition content but then ALSO tasted good. Remember taste is relative so you may need to dig into a few options to figure out which ones taste best to you.

The Best Protein Bars For 2022 Are:

  • Best overall Grenade carb killa chocolate chip salted caramel, box of 12: £34.20, Grenade.com
  • Best dark chocolate Tribe nut butter triple decker Doisy & Dam, box of 12: £22, Wearetribe.co
  • Best for cycling Clif Bar white chocolate macadamia nut: £1.75, Ocado.com
  • Best vegan protein bar Misfits mint chocolate chip bar, box of 12: £20, Misfits.health
  • Best for ultramarathons Tribe raspberry protein flapjack, box of 12: £22, Wearetribe.co
  • Best plant-based protein bar Trek Power millionaire shortbread: £1.75, Ocado.com
  • Best recovery protein bar Veloforte forza protein bar, box of 12: £29, Sigmasports.com
  • Best tasting protein bar My Protein flapjack, box of 12: £18.99, Myprotein.com
  • Best crunchy protein bar Beachbar chocolate almond crunch, box of 15: £39.79, Teambeachbody.com
  • Best white chocolate Barebells white salty peanut, box of 12: £22.99, Barebells.co.uk
  • Best nutty protein bar Kind dark chocolate orange almond bar, box of 12: £15, Kindsnacks.co.uk
  • Best flavours Bulk macro munch protein bar, box of 12: £16.24, Bulk.com

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Our Favorite Protein Bars For Muscle Gainclif Builders Protein Vanilla Almond Bar

Clif Builders Protein Vanilla Almond bars taste great and have an ideal protein-to-calorie ratio for building muscle. These bars have a satisfying, crunchy texture and sweet flavor, and they contain no chocolate or peanuts. The ingredients include soy protein, almond butter, organic oat fiber and organic vanilla extract. In addition to protein, these bars are packed with calcium, magnesium oxide, potassium and B vitamins. Its best to eat Clif Builders protein bars within two hours of exercising so the protein helps your muscles repair and grow.


Best Protein Bar For A Citrus Kick: Luna Whole Nutrition Bars In Lemonzest


Caspero has been eating these zesty LUNA bars since her freshman year of college, so you know they have be good. “I’m obsessed with the taste love that it’s made from oats and contains 8 grams of protein per serving,” she explains. The protein bars also provide 3 grams of fiber per serving, so they’re sure to keep your stomach from growling long after you finish noshing.

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Best Protein Bar For Breakfast: Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar

If youre facing a busy morning and dont have time to make breakfast, a protein bar can serve as a meal replacement. Perfect Bars are our favorite pick for breakfast because theyre made with more than 20 super foods, have a higher calorie and macronutrient count to keep you full, and come in 11 flavors. Depending on the flavor, Perfect Bars are made with dried whole food powders that can include kale, flax seed, carrots and more, so each bar nets you essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables. As such, theyre an excellent source of energy in the morning, especially if you have a long day ahead of you. At 330 calories per bar, they should keep cravings at bay for several hours. There are 11 flavors, including Almond Butter, Blueberry Cashew and our personal favorite, Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter.

Why Are Protein Bars Considered Healthy

Protein bars are considered healthy for a number of reasons. They can help curb your appetite and reduce cravings, which can be helpful for busy people who dont have time to sit down and eat a whole meal. Protein bars also have antioxidant effects, which can help prevent or slow damage to cells. They can lower levels of homocysteine in your body, which is helpful because having too-high homocysteine levels can increase your risk for heart disease increased homocysteine levels can also be a sign of a vitamin deficiency that may require dietary changes or a multivitamin supplement.

Protein bars also allow you to increase your protein intake, which can help reduce your chances of developing diabetes. Thats because higher protein intake helps you lower your blood sugar. However, this is only true of high-protein bars that have high levels of fiber as well. On the contrary, high-fat snack bars that are low in protein do the opposite, and can actually cause your blood sugar to spike. If youre still unsure how protein bars could affect your unique nutritional needs, its always a smart idea to consult with a registered dietitian or nutritionist to discuss your health goals.

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The 5 Best Healthy Protein Bars To Buy

With so many options out on the market, it’s overwhelming trying to find a healthy protein bar that actually tastes good and isn’t basically a candy bar. We sampled more than 100 bars to find our favorites to share with you and came up with some helpful tips on how to find the healthiest protein bar at the store. Plus, if you don’t need the protein boost, we share some snack bars we love.

When Should You Eat Protein Bars

Best PROTEIN BARS for WEIGHT LOSS (Healthiest Protein Bar for Women)

Theres no right or wrong answer as to when you should eat a protein bar. Eating a high-quality protein bar can be a quick and easy source of fuel before or after a workout. You can also eat protein bars as a meal replacement or snack if youre on the go and dont have time for a whole meal. Eating protein before bed can assist with muscle growth and building strength, so if muscle gain is your goal, you may want to eat a protein bar after a dinner low in protein. Just be sure your pre-sleep protein bar is low in sugar, since eating sugar before bed can affect sleep quality.

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How To Choose A Protein Bar

Choosing a suitable protein bar will depend on your personal requirements and goals. For example, if you’re looking to gain weight or build muscle, you might want to consider a ‘mass-gainer’ product that is higher in calories and carbohydrates. Look for a product to fit your dietary requirements and double check allergen labelling on the packet.

When choosing a protein bar, make sure that you buy from a reputable company, ideally based in Europe, as those that are based outside of Europe may not pass the same safety standards as those within. If youre in any doubt about the safety of a product, speak to your pharmacist or GP.

What We Looked For In Protein Bars

Taste and texture: is the flavour pleasant? Is the texture palatable?Type of protein: whey or plant-based? Concentrate, isolate or hydrolysate?Nutrient profile: how much protein per serving? What about calories, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates and sugars?Type of sweetener: does it contain sugars, artificial sweeteners or neither?Dietary requirements: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free?Value for money: how does it compare to others on a cost-per-bar basis?

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The 5 Best Protein Bars And 3 To Avoid

While protein bars can be a wholesome snack, there are some that more closely resemble a candy bar. Figuring out what’s what can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There’s a lot to take into consideration depending on which camp you’re in or what you’re goals are.

Video of the Day

Are you looking for a bar that’s keto-approved? One with whole-food ingredients? One that’s high in fiber? Lower in calories?

The good news is there’s something for everyone and knowing what to look for will serve you well the next time you’re at the supermarket staring at endless shelves of protein bars.

One Protein Bars Maple Glazed Doughnut Gluten

15 Best Healthy Protein Bars of 2022
$29.99$29.99The List Price is the suggested retail price of a new product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier, or seller. Except for books, Amazon will display a List Price if the product was purchased by customers on Amazon or offered by other retailers at or above the List Price in at least the past 90 days. List prices may not necessarily reflect the product’s prevailing market price.
$26.59 $23.79

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Best Low Carb Protein Bar: Epic Bar

Epic Provisions

Our favorite low carb protein bars dont follow the traditional model of dessert-based flavors, but instead take on a more savory approach. EPIC Protein Bars are made with real meatlike bison, chicken, venison and beefin order to offer animal-based sources of protein. Great for those on low carb, keto or grass-fed diets, EPIC bars come with rich, flavorful tastes that those who dont like sweets might enjoy. There are even spicy flavor options, like Chicken Sriracha. Made with just a handful of ingredients, these protein bars are low in calories and even lower in carbohydrates. Theyre also Whole30 approved.

Best Whey: Naked Nutrition Peanut Butter

Do you hate reading through ingredient lists on the back of protein bars wondering when you’re going to run into a sketchy ingredient or something you know you should avoid? Us too. Which is why we’re giving extra points to Naked Nutrition’s Naked Bar. This protein bar is made of just five fully transparent ingredients . Fuel your active lifestyle with this grass-fed whey protein powered bar.

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Quick Tips To Help You Choose A Healthy Protein Bar

Look for a balance of proteins, healthy fats, and fiber 7. This will ensure you are satisfied after eating, and unlikely to keep snacking between meals. Try to keep your calorie intake between 200 calories for a snack and 400 calories for a meal replacement bar.

High-sugar bars taste great, and can give an added energy boost on days when you feel sluggish, but to get the best form of energy from your bars try to look for one that gets most of its carbohydrates from starches and fiber. 8

Check the ingredients list. Look for simple ingredients you can understand. With protein as one of the first items listed.

And finally, know your own goals. The best bar for you to choose will depend on your own health goals. If you frequently train with weights or run long distances, you will want a protein bar with a higher carb to protein ratio. If you are looking to lose weight, you will probably be more interested in a high protein and high fiber bar to help keep you full. If you are choosing to replace meals with a protein bar you will need a higher calorie bar with added vitamins and minerals.

1 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture. 20152020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 8th Edition. December 2015. Available at http://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/guidelines/.

8McGill AT. The sugar debate and nutrition: obesity and empty calories. N Z Med J. 2014 127:611. Published 2014 Apr 11.

Warrior Crunch Protein Bar

Homemade Protein Bars – Healthy Snacks for Kids – Weelicious


Our favourite bar: Raspberry Dark Chocolate

No doubt aware that many people dislike the chewy consistency of many protein bars, Warrior has made its bar as crunchy as possible, and stuck crunch in the name to hammer the point home. The multi-layer bars satisfy in terms of both taste and texture, with the raspberry dark chocolate and key lime pie flavours being stand-outs.

The fine details: Theres a hefty serving of both protein and carbs in each bar, but the sugar content is low at 2.3g, with malitol used as a sweetener. Each bar is fairly fatty, containing 11g with 6.1g of that saturated fat.

Our favourite bar: Vegan Honeycomb

There are three layers in these vegan bars, and all three hit the mark. The topping is chocolate hard to go wrong there the middle is nut butter, and the base is crunchy granola. The texture is spot on, and the flavours are excellent too. This is a proper snack.

The fine details: All the tasty goodness above might have tipped you off that the nutritional stats are not going to be perfect. The bars are small at 40g, but even so only getting 8g of protein makes them an outlier on this list, especially as you get more carb and fat per bar. The fibre content is pretty good at 3.2g, though, and while 5.8g of sugar isnt a tiny amount, its less than you usually find in natural bars like this.

Our favourite bar: Wild Chocolate Peanut

Our favourite bar: Chocolate Peanut Crunch

Our favourite bar: Chocolate chip

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Best Protein Bars Of 2022 According To Experts

If youre looking to maintain lean body mass, improve muscle recovery or simply satiate hunger, a great snack choice could be a protein bar, with many providing more than 15 grams of protein per serving. However, not all protein bars are good for your health, and a lot of them can come with added ingredients.

The Forbes Health consulted a panel of experts to help you on your hunt for the perfect protein-packed snack. These experts provided their top protein bar picks, along with reasons why they stand out. The Forbes Health editorial team solely determined star ratings based on cost, user satisfaction and protein per serving. Are you hungry? Read ahead to discover the best protein bars of 2022.

Note: All product prices are accurate as of publication and are subject to change.

5 to 6 ½ ounces
Women 31+ years old 5 to 6 ounces

For reference, one ounce of protein is equivalent to one slice of deli meat, one egg, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, one falafel patty or a quarter-cup cup of cooked beans.

Different protein bars contain different types of protein, as reflected in our ranking of the best protein bars of 2022. Many protein bars feature whey protein or a protein blend of whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate.

Meanwhile, plant-based protein is exactly what it sounds like, featuring protein derived from plants. It can include protein from peas, brown rice, hemp seeds, chia seeds, soy and various nuts.

Fudge Browniebulletproof Collagen Protein Bars

The Ingredients: The main protein source, collagen, provides support to bone, joints, skin, hair and nails. These bars are gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. Healthy fats from cashew butter and MCT oil provide sustained energy making this a great go-to option when youre in a pinch and need something to stave hunger and keep you moving.

The Flavor: Real vanilla combines with cashew butter to provide a rich chocolate taste and shortbread-like texture making this bar a great go-to to curb a sweet craving. Not into vanilla? Check out BulletProofs other collagen protein bar flavors: Chocolate Brownie, Lemon Cookie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

The Nutrition Facts: This bar contains 11g of protein , only 2g of sugar, no added sugar and 140mg of potassium.

$22.60 for a box of 12, bulletproof.com$22.99 for a box of 12,

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