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What Is The Amino Acid Profile

Vega Vanilla Protein and Greens Review

The amino acids in Vega® Protein & Greens arent added but rather are naturally occurring from the ingredients in the blend. We do not test for individual amino acids, only the overall protein content. We’re happy to let you know that we use a multisource plant-based protein blend that offers 20 grams of protein per serving. We understand reviewing specific amino acids is important to you so were happy to offer you the typical amino acid profile. This is the typical Amino acid profile calculated from supplier information for Vanilla Protein & Greens.Typical amino acid profile per serving : Arginine 1.6

Name: Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Protein Powder

First Impressions: No can do! Ive been drinking this vegan protein powder brand for years and years. Its my go to protein powder. Update August 2020: This brand of vegan protein powder is still my favorite, but now I favor the vanilla flavor so much more. Its one that I turn to almost daily and almost never get sick of.

How does it taste? 9. Most chocolatey. A bit of sweetness thats nice. Good, mellow flavor, with almost a bread-like taste. More agreeable, palatable flavor than the other protein powders.

How well does it dissolve in almond milk? 9. Smooth in the blender bottle, but a bit thicker than the other vegan protein powders.

How many grams of plant based protein per serving? 21g, 4g net carbs.

Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ? Gluten free, kosher, organic, low net carbs, non-GMO.

Price: $

Name: Olly Plant Powered Protein

First Impressions: Difficult to open. Interesting packaging, with scoop holder and scoop on the cap. Additional plastic seal inside the topvery hard to open.

How does it taste?3. Tastes like chocolate, then a strong aftertaste of soap and plastic. All things considered, not that offensive, oddly. But not great.

How well does it dissolve in almond milk? 8. Somewhat smooth, but crystals wont dissolve.

How many grams of plant based protein per serving? 18g

Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ? 160mg Omega 3s, Non-GMO, gluten free.

Price: $$

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How To Use Vegan Protein Powder

  • Simple, in a blender bottle with water : this is the simplest, quickest way of preparing your protein powder. Just add a scoop or two into a blender bottle with your favorite milk or even just water, shake away and sip.
  • In a smoothie: my favorite way of incorporating vegan protein powder into my diet. In fact, theres a super simple recipe below.
  • In cookies, no bake or baked into something
  • ______: your suggestion here!
  • No vanilla flavor available yet.

Vega Protein And Greens Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder 20g Plant Based Protein Low Carb Keto Dairy Free Gluten Free Non Gmo Pea Protein For Women And Men 17 Pounds

Vega Protein and Greens, Vanilla
$37.79$37.79The List Price is the suggested retail price of a new product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier, or seller. Except for books, Amazon will display a List Price if the product was purchased by customers on Amazon or offered by other retailers at or above the List Price in at least the past 90 days. List prices may not necessarily reflect the product’s prevailing market price.
$28.49 $25.49
1 Pounds

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Name: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Plant Plant Based Protein Powder

How does it taste?10. Best flavor overall. Not a strong chocolate flavor, but really tasty. Reminds me of marshmallows. Smooth vanilla flavor and sweetness. Very light on chocolatebut I cant ding it for that because it tastes so good.

How well does it dissolve in almond milk?10. Dissolves really well. Smooth, blended right into the non-dairy milk.

How many grams of plant based protein per serving? 24g

Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ? Complete amino acid profile to support muscle recovery, gluten free, non-GMO.

Price: $$

Truly, truly amazing. At the beginning of trying all of these vegan protein powder brands, I thought for sure Orgain would be my favorite. Ive been drinking it for 3+ years. Its my go-to, and still will be. However, when I tried Optimum Nutrition Gold Standards vegan protein powder, I loved it. Then, I tried it again. And again. And again. Every single time, it was amazing. Ive started working it into my regular routineso I can switch things up between my breaks from Orgain. Thus far, Optimum Nutrition is the best non-GMO protein Ive had!

Name: Birdman Falcon Vegan Protein

First Impressions: Very smelly once mixed. Sour, off-putting smell. Like sour grains?

How does it taste?3. The smell is overpowering. At first the taste is okaychocolate flavor is there, light sweetness but then the smell kinda hits you.

How well does it dissolve in almond milk? 6. Smooth-ish, but thick.

How many grams of plant based protein per serving? 22g

Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ? 7 raw plant-based sources, including organic sacha inchi powder, Kosher, non-GMO, BCAAs: complete amino acid profile, digestive mix of enzymes and probiotics, gluten-free.

Price: $

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Name: Sb Organics Plant Based Vegan Protein

How does it taste?5. Good at first, then an odd, plastic-y aftertaste. Erik, very terrible aftertaste. I thought it was okay. Not as bad as the others, but still worth noting.

How well does it dissolve in almond milk?6. Mostly dissolves well, however, there are grains left everywhere from the ingredients. Maybe they need to grind it more for finer bits.

How many grams of plant based protein per serving? 21g

Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ? Essential vitamins and minerals, complete mix of probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, non-GMO.

Price: $$

Name: Garden Of Life Raw Organic Meal Organic Shake And Meal Replacement

Vega Protein & Greens Drink Mix Vanilla Flavored Protein 20g

First Impressions: Erik: container is kind of painful to open. The top is ridged and kind of sharpa bit painful to twist.

How does it taste?5. Not bad. Not offensive, but not great. Low chocolate flavor. Tastes kind of like grass and flaxseed. Erik, tastes and smells just like when you open a bag of ground flaxseed. I can see folks who enjoy earthier flavors liking this. Grassy, but mellow.

How well does it dissolve in almond milk?7. Fairly smooth, but with a residual thickness.

How many grams of plant based protein per serving? 20g

Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ? 21 vitamins and minerals, 44 superfoods, packed with: protein, fiber, fruits & vegetables, probiotics & enzymes. Raw, organic, non-GMO.

Price: $$

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Vegan Protein Powder Review: The Criteria

Here are our testing parameters/basic testing guidelines to determine the best vegan chocolate protein powder of all time.

Firstly, we excluded any vegan protein powder brands that had terrible reviews online, and ones that had recently dramatically changed their recipe . We reviewed ones that had a rating of 4 stars or more on Amazon, and that had the best overall experience. Then, we went over the following questions when trying each vegan protein powder:

  • How do they taste?
  • How well do they dissolve in unsweetened vanilla almond milk?
  • How many grams of plant based protein per serving?
  • Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ?
  • Price: Based on list price on Amazon , not including any additional savings from Subscribe & Save or other discounts/promotions
  • $ = less than $1.50 per serving $$ = $1.50-$2 per serving $$$ = more than $2 per serving
  • Overall score: ___
  • Find Out Which Plant Based Protein Powders Taste Better In The Best Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder Review

    Searching for the best vegan chocolate protein powder out there? Today, Im reviewing & ranking the best plant based protein powder products out there. Plus, Ive included a super easy 6 ingredient vegan protein shake & my tools and tips for making your vegan protein powder tastier.

    Ahh, vegan protein powder. Sigh. Long sigh. Longer sigh. Where do I even begin? Protein powder alone is no easy thing to eat/taste/have to chug on a daily basis . Its one of the most helpful things to boosting your plant-based diet, and yet, one of the most agonizing. Lol.

    As you may have gleaned, Ive been on a looooong journey tasting, testing, gagging, swishing my mouth vigorously, then tasting, testing, gagging and repeat with plant based vegan protein powder products for nearly a decade.

    Point is: vegan protein powder can be nasty!

    And then some. But today, let me assure you that this is, in fact, light at the end of the vegan protein powder tunneland that light is edible and perhaps even a bit tasty. Erik and I have purchased 15 18 of the most well-reviewed, top-selling plant based vegan protein powder products available online, and done everything from shaken them up in basic almond milk smoothies in a blender bottle to blended them up into frosty vegan protein shakes.

    Yall have been loving this vegan protein powder review, so Im adding more new vegan protein powders every couple of months . Feel free to email me about any vegan protein powders youd like me to try!

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    Vega Protein & Greens Vanilla Flavor Drink Mix

    Drink Mix, Plant-Based, Vanilla

    Protein and greens. Naturally flavored with other natural flavors. No artificial flavors or preservatives. 20 g protein . Vegan. Gluten free. No added sugar . Non-GMO Project verified. About 18 servings. See side panel for fill line. All plant. All welcome. At Vega, weâre passionate about making delicious plant-based nutrition thatâs good for the planet and those who live on it. Filled with good stuff, so you can do more fun stuff. The one that helps you get your greens. Protein blend including north American-sourced pea protein. 20 g of plant-based protein. No added sugar . Greens a nutritious blend of spinach, kale, alfalfa grass and broccoli. Contents may settle during shipping. Instagram. vega_team. Chat with us! For tasty recipes you can whip up in a flash, visit Certified B Corporation. People plants planet. Check out our sustainability commitments at:

    Nutrition Facts

    Servings Per Container : About 18

    Gluten Free,Vegan

    Contains: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, soy, peanut, eggs, tree nuts, and sesame.,Do not use if seal is broken.

    Tips For The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder Experience

    Vega Protein and Greens, Vanilla

    Now, before we get started, I wanted to share my tips for the best tasting vegan protein powder experienceyep, thats right, experience. Here we go:

    • For shaker bottle vegan protein shakes
    • I definitely recommend taking the time to blend a protein shake in a blender instead of a shaker bottle. In a blender, you can add frozen bananas, spinach, etc. for better taste and a nutrient boost. But shaker bottles are super convenient, so follow the tips below for the best experience.
    • Add lots of vanilla extract! Or any extract of your choosing. My faves are orange and organic peppermint.
    • Add sweetener. I love using a few drops of stevia or low-carb + keto sweetener.
    • Add spices. Ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg. Play with spices to switch the vegan protein powder shake up. When you have to drink these everyday, they can get pretty tedious without some fun flavor change-ups.
    • Use vanilla almond milk. Ive made vegan protein shakes with all kinds of non-dairy milkcashew milk, coconut milk, almond coconut milk, chocolate non-dairy milk. My favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Try: Blue Diamonds.
    • MIXING BETTER: always put the liquid in first, then the protein powder, or the vegan protein powder will get stuck on bottom of the cup. OR, if powder is already at the bottom , add liquid, then flip the cup upside down and tap it a bit to loosen it from the bottom first, then shake up and down vigorously.

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    Why Are We Reviewing Vegan Protein Powders Today

    In this day and age, its hard to keep up with everything that you have going on in your life while managing to get your protein on. Sometimes you just gotta reach for that vegan protein powder to supplement your daily intake. That could be for gains , basic nutrition or whatever nutritional goals you may have.

    Today, were focusing on vegan plant-based protein powder, but there are others on the market with whey, collagen and so forth.

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    Vega Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie


    This vegan shake is full of fresh blueberry and lemon flavor and packed with 22 grams of protein to start your morning off right.

    Recipe Tags

    Add Vanilla Vega Protein & Greens powder 1 scoop Vanilla Vega Protein & Greens powder
    Add Hy-Vee unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1 ½ c. Hy-Vee unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    Add fresh spinach, optional ½ c. fresh spinach, optional
    Add Hy-Vee frozen blueberries 1 c. Hy-Vee frozen blueberries
    Add ripe banana
    Add splash fresh lemon juice 1 splash fresh lemon juice


  • Step1

    Add vanilla Vega, almond milk, spinach if using, frozen blueberries, banana, ice, and lemon juice in a blender. Blend until smooth.

  • Whats Your Personal Favorite Vegan Protein Powder

    Well, what did ya think? Are you familiar with any of these vegan protein powder products? Are there new ones youre seeing on the list that youre hankering to try? I cant wait to hear what you think of them! Meanwhile Ill leave you with an easy, super simple chocolate vegan protein powder shake recipe to try these protein powders in. Thanks for stopping by and exploring the wonders of the vast vegan internet with me! Til the next kitchen adventure

    Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter

    Did you make this plant based protein shake recipe or try the best vegan protein powder? Take a pic and share it on with the hashtag #beamingbaker& tag @beamingbaker. Id love to see it!

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    Name: Natures Best Plant Based Protein

    Vega Protein and Greens Vanilla

    First Impressions: Very concentrated. Only needs half the amount as compared to other vegan protein powders.

    How does it taste? 6 Almost tasteless. Not sweet with a very, very light chocolate flavor. Good in that its kind of bland. Better for everyday consumption? Sometimes bland can be good. Also has a slightly odd flavor to it.

    How well does it dissolve in almond milk? Yes. But very, very foamy. 8

    How many grams of plant based protein per serving? 20g

    Bonus benefits of this vegan protein powder ? Non-GMO, keto-friendly, low-carb, gluten free, non-GMO.

    Price: $

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