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Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein

Tone it Up Protein Powder Reformulation: What you NEED to know!

Protein per serving: 22 gramsSugar per serving: 0 gramsServing per container: 20

What you’ll love: The name says it allraw, organic and plant-based! This protein powder checks all the boxes, and provides 22 grams of sugar-free pea and sprout protein with each serving. It also has essential vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as probiotics in every scoop. Choose to buy a tub or individual packets.

Keep in mind:One shopper says this powder is gritty compared to whey options, but still blendable.

Rave review: “I have purchased this over and over again, over the course of maybe 2 to 3 years now. Having a short background in nutrition makes me analytical and skeptical of so many productsbut this one holds up in theory and in my stomach. This is the only protein powder that does not upset my stomach, and that, from a scientific and nutritional point of view, actually delivers nutrients and amino acids to the body without harmful byproducts, such as those that can be found in casein or whey blends, like casomorphins.”

The Full Cost Of Tone It Up

When something cost this much I really do my homework and research before spending my money. I am really hesitant when I buy stuff online because I have been burnt before so please dont think Im paranoid or overreacting when it comes to shopping online.

I searched high and low and found a lot of other Tone It Up reviews but the thing is not many of them went into detail of the costs involved. So, after doing my research here is the TOTAL cost of what you will have to fork out to follow the Tone It Up Nutrition plan + the Tone It Up Workouts and everything else Karena and Katrina recommend.

Best For Gut Health: Supergut The Gut Balancing Shake


Prebiotic resistant starch fibers help make Supergut’s line of microbiome-friendly protein shakes an ideal choice for those looking to improve gut health. The keto-friendly formula contains allulose, a low-calorie sweeter that tastes just like sugar as well as milk, pea, brown rice, and pumpkin seed protein. Unripened bananas are also in the mix, which not only add more helpful prebiotic fiber, but make you feel fuller longer and help to maintain blood sugar.

Key Ingredients: Milk protein concentrate, pea protein, brown rice protein | Certified: Not listed | Dosage: 1 scoop daily | Size: 34.6 oz.

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Final Verdict: Tone It Up Plant

TIU Plant-Based Protein contains a good source of protein per serving with low calories and minimal added sugars. With simple ingredients, such as their pea, chia, and oat milk blend, this product is versatile, convenient, and compatible with many different types of diets. Although this product can be pricy for those who plan to use it most days, it is comparable to other products of its kind. With a wide variety of flavors, it can be enjoyed in a smoothie, shake, or baked good. For those looking for a plant-based protein powder geared towards women, TIU Plant-Based Protein is a great option.

Anthony’s Premium Pea Protein

Tone It Up Organic Vegan Coconut Protein Powder For Women 100 Pea ...

Protein per serving: 8 gramsSugar per serving: 0 gramsServings per container: 91

What you’ll love: Organic pea protein is the sole ingredient in this protein powder. In addition to packing in muscle-building protein, this nutrient has been found to lower the risk of heart disease and increase satiety. What’s more, this powder is unflavored, unsweetened, and blends easily into smoothies and shakes.

Keep in mind: Users note that this powder has a slight after taste.

Rave review: “This protein is awesome. It must have some amino acids that I’m normally short on, because I’m downright giddy an hour or so after drinking. Yes, it does taste a bit like hay/grass, but it’s really mild. If you enjoy somewhat grassy goat milk, you won’t even notice the grassiness of this pea protein. I’ve taken it with just itself and soy milk, but currently mix it with soy milk, a vanilla protein powder that also has 7 grams fiber , and a couple pieces of frozen berry/mangosuper delicious, 60 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fiber for breakfast. Sweet way to start the day.”

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Best With Greens: Sakara Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder

Courtesy of Sakara

  • Has a complete amino acid profile

  • Contains sesame, a potential allergen

For equal parts protein and daily greens, check out this powder supplement from Sakara. Each serving contains 12 grams of whole-food, bioavailable protein sourced from organic pea, hemp, pumpkin seed, and sesame, which together provide you with the nine amino acids your body needs but is unable to produce naturally. It also contains a powerful blend of greens, including wheatgrass and barley grasswhich are high in phytonutrients, enzymes, and magnesiumas well as spirulina and chlorella, both of which are sources of DHA and EPA, two fatty acids critical for cognitive health and hormonal balance.

This blend has a naturally sweet yet mildly earthy flavor that easily mixes into smoothies or other recipes, and we love that you can purchase it either as individually wrapped single-serving packets or as a full pouch with a scoop.

Key Ingredients: Organic pea, hemp, pumpkin seed, and sesame proteins | Certified: Organic, plant-based | Dosage: 1 packet daily | Size: 21.16 oz.

Risks Of Protein Powders

Eating protein-rich foods as part of a balanced meal would provide more of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients a person needs than a protein powder shake alone.

In general, some supplements may interact with medications. Therefore, people taking other medications or supplements may want to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before taking protein powder.

Consuming extra protein may also lead to dehydration if a person does not drink enough fluids. As a result, people with kidney disease must take extra care with the amount of protein they consume.

People should also be aware of

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Best With Immune Support: Four Sigmatic Plant

Courtesy of iHerb

If youre looking for added immune support in addition to upping your protein intake, try this blend from Four Sigmatic. Formulated with five organic plant proteins , it also contains with a slew of functional mushrooms like chaga, reishi, and lions mane and adaptogens like ashwagandha to support overall wellness, including giving your immune system a boost. It contains only 2g of sugarno stevia hereand has a sweet vanilla flavor that’s sourced from real organic vanilla, to boot. Mix this into your shakes, smoothies, or even into your pancakes to add a nutrient-rich kick.

Key Ingredients: Hemp, pumpkin seeds, chia, coconut, and pea protein | Certified: Organic, plant-based, gluten-free | Dosage: 1 scoop daily | Size: 21.16 oz.

Best With Whey: Care/of Whey Protein

TONE IT UP UNBOXING || TIU Slide & Sculpt Sliders, Perfect Fit Protein & Multivitamin

Courtesy of Care/of

A dairy-based protein, this grass-fed whey is an isolate, which means it has the highest concentration of protein and little carbs, fats, and sugars. While itll promote muscle growth and recovery post-workout, it can also be used as a snack substitute if youre looking to manage your weight. Its also delightfully creamy in texture, making your protein shakes and smoothing all the more delicious. Add two scoops to 8-10 ounces of your favorite cold liquidwe love unsweetened almond milkand shake thoroughly.

Key Ingredients: Whey protein | Certified: Non-GMO, gluten-free | Dosage: 2 scoops or 1 packet daily | Size: 9.5 oz.

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Best For Toning: Tone It Up Plant

Courtesy of Tone It Up

  • Has low calories per serving

  • Contains sodium

Developed by the founders of Tone It Up , this powder is ideal for those who live an active lifestyle and want to firm up their bodies. With zero sugar added and 15 grams of protein, this powder is only 90 calories per servingso if you’re watching your caloric intake, consider this one your perfect match.

Key Ingredients: Pea and pumpkin seed protein | Certified: Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free | Dosage: 1 scoop daily | Size: 11.36 oz.

Tone It Up Plant Based Protein Powder

Protein per serving: 15 gramsSugar per serving: 0 gramsServings per container: 28

What you’ll love: This plant-based protein option comes from the female duo Karena and Katrina of the Tone It Up brand, which you’re probably already familiar with. Each serving provides 15 grams of protein, and has no artificial flavoring or coloring. It’s also gluten-, dairy-, and GMO-free, and it comes in yummy flavors like café latte, chocolate, and peanut butter.

Keep in mind: This powder adds noticeable sweetness to any liquid it’s added to, according to customers.

Rave review:I am obsessed with Tone It Up Protein powder, and the day I heard that it was going to be sold through Amazon, I did a happy dance! It is plant-based, non-GMO, gluten- and dairy-free, and organic. Did I mention how amazing it tastes?! I keep my pantry fully stocked with all three flavors and use them in everything from baking overnight oats, pancakes, breads, muffins, and doughnuts, to blending it up in my favorite smoothie bowls.”

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Protein Type And Ingredients

It is best to check the products label before committing to a purchase. The label should include a list of all the ingredients and suggestions of how a person should use the product.

For example, some protein powders are free of gluten, soy, and dairy, making them suitable for people with allergies or intolerances. Also, a person who follows a keto diet may look for a product that is low in carbohydrates.

Furthermore, buyers may also wish to check whether the item is animal-based or plant-based. Animal-based protein powders often contain casein, whey, collagen, and eggs. Plant-based products often contain pea, rice, and hemp proteins.

Whats In Tone It Up Vegan Protein

Tone It Up Plant Based Protein Vanilla Reviews 2021

Tone It Up Vegan protein is an interesting combination of plant-based ingredients and more traditional flavoring ingredients that contribute to its composition. I like some things about the formula, while other aspects I dont like quite as much. Ill list out the ingredients now and well discuss them:

Pea Protein Isolate

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Best For Allergies: Aloha Organic Protein Powder

This plant-based protein powder is ideal for women with allergies because it is free of gluten, lactose, and soy. It may also suit people who prefer more sweet powders.

It uses natural coconut sugar as a sweetener and contains 4 g of added sugar per serving. This powder contains no genetically modified organisms and is low in carbohydrates. The main ingredients used in this powder are pea, brown rice, hemp seed, and pumpkin seed proteins.

Add two scoops to water or plant-based milk to make a healthy shake.

The chocolate-flavored version of this product contains the following nutrients per serving:

  • 0 milligrams of cholesterol
  • 320 mg of sodium
  • 18 g of protein

ALOHA Organic also offers a vanilla-flavored protein powder.

This product costs $32.99, but a person can also enroll in a monthly subscription for $29.69.

Best Overall : Ritual Essential Protein Daily Shake 18+


  • Provides 20 grams of protein per scoop

  • Contains complete aminos

  • Not for all ages

You probably know Ritual by their range of beloved vitamins, but the brand also launched a line of protein powders, and they’re poised to be just as much of a hit as their capsule cousins. The plant-based protein is soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. It’s also formulated without GMOs, major allergens, stevia, sugar or sugar alcohols, and artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Basically: You won’t find a long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce everything includedfrom choline for brain support, to monk fruit for sweetnesshas a purpose and is Made Traceable with a visible supply chain.

There are options for specific life stages too. There’s Essential Protein 50+ and Essential Protein Pregnancy & Postpartum.

Key Ingredients: Organic pea protein, vanilla, sugarcane | Certified: Non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-friendly | Dosage: 1 scoop daily | Size: 15.8 oz.

What Our Editors Say

“This protein powder tastes great and does not upset my stomach at all. I love that it comes with a shaker to help eliminate clumping, but honestly, you don’t even need to use it because the powder is super smooth.” – Jessica Mahgerefteh, Commerce Editorial Director

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Aloha Organic Protein Powder

Protein per serving: 18 gramsSugar per serving: 5 gramsServing per container: 15

What you’ll love: USDA Organic seal approved, this plant-based protein comes in three different flavorschocolate, vanilla, and banana. It’s gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free, and has no GMOs. When mixed with just water, the protein does leave a bit of a chalky taste in your mouth, but when blended into a smoothie or a pancake or waffle recipe, you can’t notice it. The brand also partners with two non-profits that help protect Hawaiian lands and resources.

Keep in mind: Users say the coconut sugar sweetener used in this powder provides a mild sweetness.

Rave review: After a week of use, I am sincerely happy with my purchase and will be a repeat customer. Not only does the vanilla flavor taste and mix well , but it also hits the spot as a meal supplement. If I’m facing a hectic work day, I’ll prep a smoothie in the morning for lunch and store it in the fridge! I left one overnight and was very impressed to discover how well the purity, consistency, and taste held the next day.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Xtone Whey Protein Honest Review – Vanilla flavour cheap protein

Protein per serving: 21 gramsSugar per serving: 0 gramsServings per container: 20What you’ll: Every protein from this company is vegan so take your pic of natural flavor, real coffee, smooth vanilla, rich chocolate, or wild strawberry. The products are made using pea protein and also don’t contain any gluten, dairy, soy, or GMOs. If you like the clean flavors, the company also makes functional flavors that include other ingredients such as MCT oil, matcha and turmeric for other functional benefits.

Keep in mind: While reviewers love how smoothly this powder mixes into liquid, many note that it’s not as flavorful as other brands.

Rave review: “I absolutely love this protein powder, it’s exactly what I wanted. I purchased the unflavored one because I was looking for something simple and clean with no added sweeteners… It blends smoothly and does not have any crazy strong aftertaste when mixed with the banana and almond butter.”

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This Is The Tone It Up Alternative I Follow And It Works

If you, like me think that Tone It Up is way over priced then I suggest looking at alternatives because there are far better and cheaper programs on the market. In my opinion you are paying for the Tone It Up girls celebrity status which is I guess kind of paying for a very expensive well known brand named handbag or something.

My point is, you definitely do not have to spend a fortune on a workout program, nutrition guide or gym equipment to get into shape. The alternative program I found is almost identical and it actually has a very similar name, its called Toned In Ten by Erin Nielsen. Ive been following Toned In Ten for the past 3 months and Im so close to reaching my original goal.

The best part isIt only cost $19.

Thats a huge difference compared to what the Tone It Up girls charge. Here is what you get in Toned In Ten.

Does Tone It Up Plant

Tone It Up Plant-Based Protein does contain 15 grams of complete protein per serving at relatively low calories. Their blend of pea, chia, and oat milk protein allows for a versatile, plant-based product that contains all essential amino acids, including those that have been shown to improve muscle growth through various studies.

If used as directed, this product can help those who struggle with getting enough protein in their diet make progress in the gym or feel more satisfied throughout the day.

This product will benefit mainly those who arent currently able to get enough protein in their diet. Those who do not have trouble getting adequate protein with food alone may not notice any benefit from taking this product.

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Best Taste: Olly Plant Powered Protein Protein Powder Chocolate

  • Tastes like chocolate, a.k.a. tastes great

Key Ingredients

Amino acids are the building blocks that make up proteins and have a role in virtually all the biological processes that occur in our bodies, including the reparation of skin.

Customers report that this protein powder is unbelievably deliciousnot too sweet or chocolatey and not at all powdery-tasting. In addition to packing in 18 grams of plant-based protein per serving , it also contains eight of the nine essential amino acids, which are important in encouraging healthy tissue in muscles, bones, skin, and hair. Mix a scoop in your iced coffee for a delicious kick that will keep you full for hours.

Key Ingredients: Pea protein, flax seed | Certified: Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan | Dosage: 2 scoops daily | Size: 14.8 oz.

How Much Protein Should I Take Daily

Tone It Up Plant Based Protein Powder Chocolate (Brown)

Adults should consume 0.75 g of protein per kilo of body weight a day, equivalent to 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

On average, this means females should have around 45 g and males 55 g per day.

However, there is a range of factors that may influence how much protein a person needs, such as exercise, health, and fitness goals. People should speak with a registered dietician or other healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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