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Garden Of Life Raw Protein Vanilla Chai Review

Raw Organic Protein Powder by Garden of Life

As a nice twist to an already awesome flavor, Garden of Life Raw Protein Vanilla Chai is a superb choice if you want something layered with a little more complexity. Garden of Life did us chai-lovers a solid with this product, as the taste is phenomenal. Its still moderately sweet with a great balance of chai spice and vanilla bean, making it a delicious combination for the right application.

Garden of Life Raw Protein Vanilla Chai is certainly not as transparent and universally applicable as some of the other options, so make sure you really like the chai before you buy. But if you do, youre in for a treat. This product gives you the subtle notes of cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger common in good chai spice.

Hidden Sugar In Garden Of Life Raw Protein

I was surprised to see that two of Garden of Lifes unflavored protein powder products contain 6 grams of sugar. Check it out

Garden of Life Raw Meal

Garden of Life Raw Protein and Greens

If youre buying an unflavored protein powder, added sugar is probably the last ingredient you want in it. And organic cane sugar is no better than any other sugar source.

The chemical composition is exactly the same your body will break the sugar down into glucose and fructose in the digestive tract and it will have the exact same negative effects on your metabolism.

Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein Unflavored 560g

  • Helps build and repair muscle
  • Good for pre- and post-workout
  • Promotes protein synthesis
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Good for those with sensitivities to milk and other proteins
  • Highest quality alternative to soy, whey and milk protein
  • No Fillers, No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners, No Preservatives

SKU: 102349

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Should You Buy Garden Of Life

After a ton of glowing reviews, detailed benefits, and some personal experience with post-workout drinks, itâs safe to say that Garden of Life Protein Powder may work as a recovery drink if youre vegan.

As a vegan though, I find it quite difficult to support the brand that makes it. I understand that its all business, but personally, Id rather back up a brand that makes non-GMO, fully plant-based protein.

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Garden Of Life Nestle Acquisition

Amazon Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein

In December 2017, GOLs parent company Atrium was acquired by Big Food giant Nestle for $2.3 billion.

Despite Garden of Lifes CEO Brain May assuring customers there would be no plans to change anything, many consumers were concerned based on Nestles track record of selling junk food and fighting to thwart GMO labeling efforts.

When small companies get bought by big companies, they generally do everything possible to decrease costs, and the first thing they look at is, How can we reduce the costs of our ingredients. This often leads to more ingredient sourcing from questionable sources overseas. Not saying Garden of Life is guilty of this, but its worth asking them where they source their ingredients from and seeing if you get a straight answer.

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Raw Organic Protein Unflavored 20 Oz By Garden Of Life

Raw Organic Protein is a Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified RAW Vegan Protein powder made with 13 Raw sprouted proteins delivering 22 grams of protein that is dairy free with a complete profile of all the essential amino acids along with added whole food fat-soluble vitamins, probiotics and enzymes.


Raw Organic Protein Powder

Raw Organic Protein is a Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Raw Vegan Protein powder made with 13 Raw sprouted proteins delivering 22 grams of protein that is dairy free with a complete profile of all the essential amino acids along with added whole food fat-soluble vitamins, probiotics and enzymes.

Unleash the nutritive power of living grains and seeds with Garden of Life Raw Organic Proteina certified organic, raw, vegan protein powder with a scrumptious taste. Featuring 13 Raw and organic sprouts, Raw Organic Protein is an excellent source of complete proteinproviding 22 grams and 29% of the Daily Valueincluding all essential amino acids. Raw Organic Protein contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and supports digestive health and function with live probiotics and protein-digesting enzymes. Raw matters because heat can denature proteins, reducing their availability to your body. But Garden of Lifes Certified Organic plant proteins are differentalways gently produced at low temperatures, without any added fillers or carriers, preserving their complete amino acid integrity and whole-food, Certified Organic, Non-GMO goodness.

Raw Organic Proteinan excellent source of Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Informed-Choice Clean for Sport, Raw, vegan complete protein powder from 13 raw and organic sprouts.

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Garden Of Life Canada

âI bought this by mistake, I normally use the vegan protein and I am amazed how good it is. I have a dairy intolerance and can drink this with no problem. I love your products and push them on everyone. I even stopped to tell one of your sales reps who was promoting the product in one of the local BC stores how amazing your stuff is. My hubby who is a truck driver takes shakes in the truck with him to keep him going. If you ever need a rep in B.C. Canada let me know! We use your shakes every day and I would not go without them. Thank you for making such an outstanding product.âTracy

âThis is one of the best multi vitamins that Iâve ever taken. Not only are the quality and ingredients great but this is one of the few multis where Iâve actually felt a difference in how I feel.âAmazon Customer

âSome plant proteins are better than others, but this is definitely the best one I have tried. I usually make a smoothie with blueberries, bananas, and honey and it is delicious! This powder isnât gritty or nasty tasting. More importantly, I feel less sore and more recovered thanks to the BCAAs and Turmeric. For weightlifting and basketball 3-4x per week, this is my new favorite protein supplement. I am ordering my second tub now.âFrank

âI use this in my coffee every morning and can tell a difference when I donât use it. It is tasteless in my opinion, so itâs great for people who donât like the taste of coconut.âBarbara



Flavor Review: Does Garden Of Life Raw Protein Taste Good

What is Raw Organic Meal by Garden of Life

While taste is always subject to opinion, I think most people who have tried the old version of this product would agree that the New and Improved Garden of Life Raw Protein is a big improvement. In reference to my previous review of the old version, I use words like chalky and sooty. But having taste-tested the new stuff, theres nothing of the sort only smooth deliciousness.

The four flavors in the roster of Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Plant Formula include Unflavored, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Vanilla Chai. Similar to other products like Garden of Life Protein & Greens, the flavor is well-balanced in terms of sweetness and texture. I also found the texture to be quite smooth, as each flavor mixed very easily into just almond milk

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Most Garden Of Life Protein Powders Have Natural Flavors

Heres what David Andrews, Senior Scientist at the Environmental Working Group has to say about natural flavors:

Natural and artificial flavors really arent that different. And those natural flavors can actually contain synthetic chemicals! Youre right to be skeptical of the word natural its often thrown around loosely.

Vandana Sheth, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says these flavors may induce food cravings in some people too.

I emailed Garden of Life and asked, What ingredients, specifically, do your natural flavors contain?

Heres what they said:

In the Organic Plant Protein and RAW Organic Meal there will be ingredients that says its a flavor, like Organic Vanilla Flavor, which means that the ingredients is not strictly a vanilla bean that was added to the product but an extract form. This just means its more concentrated so less of the ingredient can be used without altering the nutrients that are in the product. In other flavors youll see a combination of both like the Chocolate Cacao flavor of the RAW Organic Meal. This one will have RAW Organic Cacao which is where chocolate comes from with Organic Chocolate Flavors just to enhance the cholate taste. If you were to just have the cacao then the product will most likely not taste like what most will expect from a chocolate flavored product.

Now, Im not saying Garden of Lifes flavors contain other shady ingredients like most companies add, especially since theyre organic.

What Is Raw Probiotics

Raw Probiotics is an innovative line of Raw, whole food probiotic formulas that emulates eating fermented food. Inspired by the research of Dr. Eli Metchnikoff, the Father of Probiotics, these daily and targeted formulas are made with Bulgarian yogurt, Eastern European wild kefir, clinically studied probiotic strains, fruits and vegetablesplus protein-digesting enzymes.

Available in both daily and targeted condition-specific formulas, Raw Probiotics are never heated more than 115°Fmaintaining more live nutrients, enzymes and probiotic strains and offering the greatest targeted health benefit. The Raw in Raw Probiotics means more than low heat during manufacturing Raw Probiotics are uncooked, untreated and unadulterated, with no binders, fillers, or other artificial or chemical ingredients often seen in other probiotic supplements . All of our Raw Probiotics formulas contain premium quality, diverse strains of high cell count probiotics, promoting flora diversity as found in nature. They are also cultivated and packaged in temperature controlled facilities, so potency is good through expiration when stored under recommended storage conditions.

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Garden Of Life Protein Powder Reviews Summed Up

The one Garden of Life product I really like and recommend is Organic Plant Protein . Its a solid product with all organic, real food ingredients and contains probiotics. Here are the ingredients and nutrition facts:

Ive used Garden of Lifes Raw Fit protein in the past but Ive since phased out all products with flavors.

Unfortunately, all Garden of Life protein powders other than Unflavored Organic Plant Protein contain flavors, gums, and/or sugars.

Long story short, I like their Unflavored products with no sugar added and their commitment to organic, real food ingredients but cant give their flavored ones my stamp of approval.

Garden Of Life Recall And Protein Powder Controversy

Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein Unflavoured 426g

Garden of Life was in hot water a few years ago when 33 people got Salmonella poisoning from their Raw Meal Organic Shake & Meal Replacement powdered mixes. The victims ranged in age from 1 year to 84 years old.

Ive had Salmonella and it was quite possibly the sickest Ive ever felt in my life wouldnt wish it on anyone. Thankfully, none of the 33 people from the Garden of Life recall died.

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Vegan Protein & Powders

49 results

Replenish your body with clean, organic vegan protein powder. Our vegan protein is sourced from living grains, seeds and raw non-GMO Certified plant proteins, all packed with sumptuous taste. That delicious taste means that it can be used in meals, shakes and in any number of healthy snacks and goodies. And because our vegan protein powder is gently produced at low temperatures without any added fillers, we preserve the plant nutrients, making each serving an excellent source of essential amino acids and vitamins.

The Best Garden Of Life Protein Powder

As one of the flagship products of this brand, Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Plant Formula is one of the latest products to be refurbished with a new flavor and nutritional composition. In other words, Garden of Life has been polishing up its branding and labeling, while revamping the ingredients of some of its products . In essence, Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein is one product that has seen a substantial overhaul and were excited to give it a thorough review.

If youre searching for the Internets most comprehensive Garden of Life Raw Protein review, then youve come to the right place. Here at the Vegan Protein Powder Review, we conduct in-depth reviews on various plant-based protein powders. We especially appreciate Garden of Life protein powders because they typically contain no added sugars, nor any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Have you had Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Plant Formula? Let me know what you think of this product in the comments below. Also, check out some of the related plant-based protein powders listed below.

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Garden Of Life Raw Protein Chocolate Review

Because I am picky about my chocolate-flavored vegan protein powders, I naturally embraced Garden of Life Raw Protein Chocolate with the mindset of a food critic. The experience and outcome was overall pleasing This flavor reminded me of chocolate Ovaltine, in that it had a rich, milk chocolate taste that was quite delightful.

Although great on its own with just almond milk, this flavor is also a nice addition to oats, unique recipes, and decadent smoothies Staying consistent with the other flavors top-of-class reputation, Garden of Life Raw Protein Chocolate is one of the best of its kind.

Flavor Review Rating 5 out of 5

Raw Protein Power From Organic Sprouts

The Best Protein Shake By Garden Of Life Raw Fit

Raw Organic Protein Formula from Garden of Life provides a certified organic, raw, vegan protein powder that may help those looking to gain muscle mass or who are on a weight-loss program.

Featuring 13 raw and organic sprouts, Raw Protein is a good source of complete protein, providing 17 grams, or 33% of the daily value, plus all essential amino acids.

Raw Protein also contains fat-soluble vitamins and supports digestive health and function with live protein-digesting enzymes and powerful probiotics.

Your body requires protein, an essential nutrient, for the growth, development, and repair of muscle and body tissue.

And as muscle burns calories faster than fat, increased muscle mass can boost the rate of calories burned for weight loss.

Protein also helps you feel full and satisfied, which may help you avoid overeating.

And insufficient protein consumption can lead to malnutrition, muscle wasting, fatigue and poor muscle recovery after workouts or injury.

Chocolate cacao-flavored Raw Protein can be added to food or beverages increase the protein content of meals.

It can be used by almost anyone, including those on vegetarian or vegan diets, on low carbohydrate diets, or with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey, or other protein sources.

Raw Protein provides plant-based protein plus live probiotics and enzymes, fat-soluble vitamins and nutrient Code Factors, such as beta-glucans, SOD, glutathione and CoQ10 for overall health and vitality.

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Garden Of Life Raw Protein Vanilla Review

If youre a fan of vanilla-flavored vegan protein powders, then you have to try Garden of Life Raw Protein Vanilla. This is one of the most delicious, natural-tasting vanilla protein powders Ive ever had. In addition to having a distinct vanilla bean flavor, it also had nostalgic tastes of cashews and Nilla wafers.

The beauty of Garden of Life Raw Protein Vanilla is that it can be added to a number of applications beyond smoothies. Ive tried it in oats and mixed it into the milk of my cereal. Its mildly sweet and has no stevia aftertaste like other vanilla-flavored options out there. Very pleased in reviewing this product, I put this choice atop my list of recommendable products.

Chocolate Raw Protein 1 Each

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Offers are specific to store listed above and limited to in-store. Promotions, discounts, and offers available in stores may not be available for online orders. The information provided on this website, including special diets and nutritional information, is for reference purposes and not intended as medical or healthcare information or advice. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than shown on our website. You should not rely solely on the information presented here and you should always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. The information provided on this website should not be relied upon to make health-related decisions.

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Garden Of Life Raw Protein Unflavored Review

Starting with flavor that has no flavor, Garden of Life Raw Protein Unflavored is a winning option in the category of transparent, natural-tasting, unflavored vegan protein powders. Its not sweet, nor is there much taste to speak of. But its very smooth and virtually undetectable when added to a smoothie or incorporated into a recipe. Its also one of the few vegan protein powders without stevia as a form of sweetner.

Also, if youre looking for a quality vegan protein powder thats low on the sweet scale, then this is a good option worth trying. Like Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder that has metabolism-boosting ingredients, its nutritionally dense, low in calories, and isnt sweet

Price Review: How Much Does Garden Of Life Raw Protein Cost

Buy Garden of Life RAW Protein, Unflavored

Because the price of Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein varies based on the seller and market demands , I am unable to list a specific price tag. But what I can do is give you a value rating of the cost of Garden of Life Raw Protein given the products quality, volume, and comparability to similar vegan protein powders on the market.

On the complete spectrum of plant-based protein powders, Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Plant Formula is about average in price. You can typically find a 20-ounce tub of Garden of Life Raw Protein priced just over $30. And given the fact that its one of the highest quality raw vegan protein powders with a 5-star flavor spectrum that comes in four options, I find Garden of Life Raw Protein is a solid value thats worth the price. Among all the different Garden of Life protein powder reviews Ive done, this one is my favorite.

Price Review Rating: 4 out of 5

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