Protein Shakes For Muscle Gain Recipes


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What Are Protein Shakes

protein shake for MUSCLE GAIN recipe

A protein shake is a dietary supplement. Typically, it consists of protein powder mixed with water, milk, or a milk substitute. Depending on the manufacturer, the beverage may contain other ingredients such as flavorings, vitamins, and branched-chain amino acids .

Protein powders are available to the general public to buy and make at home with a shaker or blender. Alternatively, a person can purchase ready-to-drink shakes that they can consume when convenient.

People may choose protein shakes for several reasons, including the below.

Make Your Own Super Shake

Step 1: Pour in 12 ounces of water or milk

If you have an especially hard time gaining mass, use whole milkit packs in more calories and protein.

Step 2: Add 1 or 2 scoops of protein powderAnimal-based protein powders contain more of the muscle-building amino acid leucine compared to plant-based powders like soy, hemp and rice proteins.

So try to use whey, casein, or a blend of the two. Go for two scoops if your goal is to add muscle.

Step 3: Toss in 1 or 2 handfuls of vegetablesTheres no better way to sneak in your much-needed vegetables. Spinach and kale add hardly any flavor to your shake, but packs in crucial vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and build muscle.

And dont hesitate to experiment with pumpkin and beet .

Step 4: Include 1 or 2 fistfuls of fruitBananas and berries are popular, but branch out and try fruits like apples, cherries, dates, pineapple, and mango.

Step 5: .5 to 1 serving of a healthy fatWalnuts, cashews, almonds, and nut butters not only make your shake delicious and bump up its calories, but they also deliver healthy fats.

Use the fats nutrition label to figure out how much you should use.

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The Best Fat Loss Shake Recipe

Fat loss diets can be pretty bland. After a few meals consisting only of high protein low fat foods, like chicken and rice, simply having a protein shake mixed with water can be pretty tasty. That said, we can do better than that. Here is a fat-loss shake that is low-calorie but still tastes fantastic.

A few things to keep in mind: If you don’t like how baby spinach tastes in the shake, you can leave it out. If desired, use any berries instead of strawberries and blueberries. Frozen fruit, like frozen mixed berries, frozen bananas, and frozen strawberries, are also all good options.

Vanilla Greek yogurt is an excellent addition to this recipe if you want a little thicker consistency and extra protein. You can also add more flavor using ingredients such as cocoa powder and vanilla extract.

Protein Shake Nutrition Info: Calories – 260 calories Fat – 4g Carbs – 29g Protein – 27g



  • Put ice cubes in a blender and pour in almond milk.
  • Add protein powder, strawberries, blueberries, and spinach to a blender.
  • Blend to desired consistency.

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High Protein Smoothie Recipes To Build Muscle

Whew! You just finished a tough strength-training sesh at the gym. You arent ready for a full meal yet, but you want to replenish your energy. How about a high-protein smoothie? Fast and easy to make, totally portable, and extra yummy, protein smoothies are an excellent post-workout snack, especially for those who want to gain muscle.

Not sure how to make smoothies for muscle gain? Youve come to the right place! First, lets learn why protein is the macronutrient your muscles need to grow. Then, check out 10 great high-protein smoothie recipes from all around the internet. Youll be sure to find a smoothie that will hit the spot.

Protein Shake #1 Glowing Banana Beet Smoothie

Pin on Fitness

I call this my glowing banana beet protein smoothie because the star ingredient in this drink recipe is beetroot. And, beets are great for purifying the blood, which leads to healthier and more vibrant skin.

Beets are also a great source of folate. They can also improve energy levels thanks to their high levels of naturally occurring nitrates. Beets are an underrated superfood that definitely dont get enough credit!


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When Should You Drink Protein Shakes

I prefer to drink my protein shake after I exercise. Thats because I want that source of protein to help my body build and maintain muscle mass. Im typically hungry also, so a quick-to-make shake is the best thing to curb my hunger pains fast.

But if you like to drink your protein shake before you head to the gym or out for a walk, thats okay as well because you get the energy you need to complete your exercise goal.

You want to spread out your protein intake throughout the day for optimum results, so as long as you are getting what you need, when you drink the shake is up to you.

What Are The Best Things To Put In A Protein Shake

Depending on your goals, there are many options for protein smoothie additions. If you are on a fat-loss diet, stick to lower-calorie choices. Just because they are low-calorie doesn’t mean they won’t add considerable flavor. On the other hand, if you are in a muscle-gaining phase, you have a lot more flexibility.

It’s also important to find one of the best protein powders to use in your shakes as the good ones will make a huge flavor difference!

Low-Calorie Ingredients For Fat Loss:

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk

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Why You Want Protein To Achieve Muscle

A proteinis a big molecule made up of chains of smaller compounds generally known as amino acids.

Youll be able to consider amino acids because the constructing blocks of muscle proteinswith out the requisite amino acids, the physique cant assemble new muscle protein, and thus you mayt get greater or stronger.

The first purpose to eat protein, then, is to supply your physique with ample amino acids to proceed constructing and repairing your physique.

As you may think about, common weightlifting and train will increase the physiques demand for protein, however ample protein consumption is vital among the many sedentary as nicely.

If sedentary folks dont eat sufficient protein as they age, they lose musclesooner. And the sooner they lose muscle, the extra probably theyre to fulfill an premature demise.

rule of thumb is that you just wish to eat about 0.8-to-1 gram of protein per pound of physique weight per day to help muscle development. You additionally wish to guarantee many of the protein you eat comes from high-quality sources, which include an abundance of important amino acids .

In terms of protein powders, a number of the highest-quality proteins are whey, casein, and pea or rice.

Perfect Post Workout Shake

Homemade Weight Gain Shakes to Build Muscle Fast!

Theres no such thing as a perfect post workout shake, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your shake is as effective as possible. First, make sure youre using a high quality protein powder whey protein is a great option. Second, add some healthy fats to your shake things like coconut oil or avocado are perfect. Finally, add some complex carbs to help replenish your glycogen stores things like sweet potato or quinoa are great options. By following these simple tips, you can make sure your post workout shake is helping you reach your fitness goals.

The following are some of the best protein shakes that can be made at home. They provide the ideal fuel source for muscle growth, as well as an unexpected antidote to bland food plans. You can try some of our recipe ideas by following our step-by-step instructions. Defending himself with Arnold Schwarzeneggers GOAT Protein Shake and LeBron James Chocolate Plant Protein, to name a few. Innermost shakes contain a variety of protein, heart-healthy fats, and energy. Green tea, avocado, oat milk, and green tea powder are just a few of the ingredients in Kevin Currys Sweet Green Smoothie With Honey. Innermost Health contains more bilberries and aa* berries, which increase the hearts and brains ability to benefit from them.

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Choco Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

by Gina Hassick, MA, RD, LDN, CDE, NCC,

“I’m not the biggest fan of protein powders. Many protein drinks are loaded with artificial ingredients, sweeteners and fillers, so I prefer to get my protein for whole food sources. One of my favorite protein shakes is this choco-peanut butter-banana smoothie. It’s great for weight loss and muscle building because it’s loaded with natural sources of protein.

The #1 protein drink I recommend is chocolate milk, which has the ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein to help refuel and build muscle after a workout. Many studies have shown that individuals who drank chocolate milk within an hour after working out had higher muscle fuel stores, less body fat and a greater overall physiological response to exercise than those who recovered with water or a sports drink. Some other benefits of chocolate milk: It contains high-quality protein to help build and repair muscles, calcium to strengthen bones, vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption, plus sodium and potassium to help replace lost electrolytes and B vitamins.”


  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • Water to thin consistency as desired

Nutrition: 271 calories, 4 g fat , 0 mg cholesterol, 45 mg sodium, 44 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 12 sugars, 18 g protein

by Lisa Jubilee MS, CDN,


  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Nutrition: 237 calories, 20 g fat , 0 mg cholesterol, 6 mg sodium, 10 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 2 g sugars, 6 g protein



Banana Protein Shake Recipe

Banana Protein Shake is a rich, creamy, and healthy drink filled with essential proteins. It is made with banana, milk, and protein powder. The recipe I have shared here shows you how to make a Banana Protein Shake with easy step-by-step instructions for you to try and enjoy. I have also shared a detailed video to make this shake easily at home. This Banana Protein Shake is one of the best drinks that helps in weight loss, muscle gain and is served for breakfast, after work out, or a quick snack.

Banana Protein Shake

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What Is A Protein Shake

A protein shake is a drink that contains powdered protein derived from milk, egg, or vegan protein sources. You can get protein shakes in two main categories protein powder and ready-to-drink products.

Protein powder is the best value, typically coming in two, five, or ten-pound containers. RTDs are great for when you are traveling, as you can find them at most gas stations.

One benefit of protein powder is adding it to baked goods to make high-protein treats and meals. Some examples include protein French toast, pancakes, cookies, and muffins.

Of course, protein powder is also the perfect addition to protein shakes. And we know you’re excited to dig in, so we’re going to get to our featured recipe right away.

Just make sure to stick around, because after highlighting the protein shake recipe, we’ve included some great tips, additional ingredient options and suggested substitutions, and two more great recipes you won’t want to miss.

Our Favorite Protein Shake Recipe

Pin on Nutrition

Our favorite protein shake recipe is the Very Berry Super Protein Shake. A Mens Health magazine favorite as well, it is loaded with protein, fiber, healthy fats, phyto-nutrients, and probiotics. Looking for a great-tasting berry flavored nutritional supplement that will help you build muscle and and speed up post-workout recovery, blend up one of these purple smoothies and feel the power. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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The 12 Greatest Protein Shake Recipes For Muscle Acquire

Whether or not youre in search of one thing thats low-calorie, high-calorie, vegan, or simply mouth-wateringly scrumptious, youll discover a recipe that you just wish to attempt on this listing of the 12 finest protein shakes for muscle achieve.

The directions on tips on how to make all of those shakes are the identical: chuck all of the elements in a blender and mix them till easy. Straightforward!

Best Protein Shake And Smoothie Recipes

Get lean and strong with the ultimate list of protein shakes and protein smoothie recipes. These protein shake recipes take your protein powder to the next level with the addition of healthy, delicious ingredients to help you reach your fitness goals!

High-Protein Foods | Low-Calorie Foods | Low-Carb Foods | Healthy Snacks | Protein Shake Recipes | Protein Pancake Recipes

Dive into these homemade protein shake recipes that taste like dessert but fuel your muscles and your recovery. With flavors covering everything from luxurious chocolate to tangy orange cream to tropical coconut, these protein drinks help you feel good, work hard, and hit your fitness goals.

Learn how to make a protein shake the most decadent part of your day! With nutritious boosters that add antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, these healthy shakes are great for breakfast, snacks, and pre- or post-workout.

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Chocolate And Peanut Butter Recovery Shake

This shake is the first of two recipes from double Olympic taekwondo champion Jade Jones, who is an ambassador for Optimum Nutrition .

I usually make this smoothie straight after a training session because it contains whey, which is a fast-digesting protein that helps to support muscle recovery ready for my next workout, says Jones. The protein from the peanut butter and the yogurt helps to rebuild and repair the muscles too, and it tastes great.

Just make sure youre working as hard as an Olympic champion would because this shake contains 556 calories, along with a healthy 48g of protein and 59 of carbs.

  • 100g natural low-fat yogurt
  • ¾ cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1tbsp peanut butter

How To Make A Chocolate Protein Shake

Muscle Building Protein Shake Recipe – The Hyperborean Breakfast

To make this homemade chocolate protein shake recipe, simply:

  • Add all of the ingredients milk, banana, ice, honey, protein powder, cocoa powder, and vanilla to a blender.
  • Blend until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately.
  • Pro Tip: When adding your ingredients to your blender, always add the liquid first near the blades. Doing this will help your blender to run a bit more smoothly whenever you are making a shake.

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    Healthy Chocolate And Banana Protein Shake

    This protein shake is dreamy and creamy!

    Heres a healthy and super clean way to enjoy your own version of ice-cream!

    Get the recipe from bebraveandbloom

    Protein shakes are very important for post-workout recovery.

    If you live an active lifestyle, take advantage of the many protein shake recipes on the list and youll reach your daily protein intake with ease.

    Which of the protein shakes on the list will you make today? Leave a comment below!

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    Ways To Increase The Protein Count Of Your Shake Recipes

    Here are a few simple ways to increase the protein count of your protein shakes.

    1. Add More Protein Powder:

    If you want or need a higher protein shake, you can add more protein powder to the recipe. An extra ½ scoop adds 12 additional grams of protein.

    2. Include Cow’s Milk:

    Using regular cow’s milk instead of water or almond milk is a great way to increase the amount of protein in your shakes. Cows milk has 8 grams of protein per 8 ounces.

    3. Add Greek Yogurt:

    Greek yogurt is one of the best foods for muscles. Adding Greek yogurt to your protein shakes increases the protein count and makes the shakes thicker.

    A serving of Greek yogurt will add roughly 15 grams of protein.

    4. Choose High-Protein Peanut Butter:

    One easy way to add a few extra grams of protein to your shake is by using high-protein peanut butter instead of regular peanut butter.

    This straightforward switch can net you an additional 5 to 10 grams of protein.

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    How Many Calories In A High Protein Smoothie

    These high protein smoothies can contain anything from 250 calories to 500! The higher calorie ones are a great option for breakfast, the lower calorie ones make a good drink to up your energy levels and give you a nice boost of protein between meals.

    However, high-protein smoothie recipes can massively vary in calorie content. Dont aim for low calorie content, because its not realistic to get enough protein with very few calories.

    The 12 Best Protein Shake Recipes For Muscle Gain

    6 Protein Shake Recipes with Protein Powder for Weight Gain

    Protein shakes are a gym-goers best friend: theyre a tasty, convenient, and affordable way to easily nail your daily protein needs.

    That said, the old protein powder + water combo can get stale after a few months. Plus, if youre trying to gain muscle, mixing protein powder into shakes is a delicious and efficient way to boost your daily calorie intake.

    And thats where high-protein shake recipes become clutch.

    Good protein shake recipes give you endless flavor options, so you never get bored with the most important macronutrient. Whats more, theyre also a delicious way to squeeze in more fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds into your diet, which provide important vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining optimal health.

    In this article youll learn why you need protein to gain muscle, what to add to a protein shake to make it taste great, 12 premier protein shake recipes, including the best protein shake recipes for muscle or weight gain, the best protein shake recipes for weight loss, and more!

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    How Much Protein Should A Breakfast Smoothie Have

    This varies: it is estimated that the minimum amount to prevent deficiency should be 0.8grams per kilogram of body weight. This works out as the average amount for a man being 55g and for a woman being 45g.

    Reminder: upping your protein levels a bit to help you build muscle is a good idea, but, as with anything, you only need so much and too much protein is bad for you.

    We hope you have enjoyed whizzing up some high protein smoothies. Let us know which were your favourites in the comments.

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