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What Happens If Your Hair Has Too Much Protein

PROTEIN FREE PRODUCTS HAUL (Natural hair products)| Mielle Organics, Maui Moisture & More

Keratin strengthens the bonds between the molecules in your hair strands, which is why a lot of protein treatments use it to coat your strands. But you need to use these treatments in moderation. Overuse can lead to a build up of protein on your hair cuticle, which can weaken the hair shaft as it makes your hair heavier. This can lead to split ends and brittle, breakage-prone hair exactly the reason why you wanted to use protein in the first place, to strengthen your strands against breakage. See why its a tricky balance to strike?

If you think your hair has too much protein, try cutting back on or removing any products that contain protein and add in extra moisture-boosting products. If after a few weeks your hair feels softer and looks healthier, then youve probably just recovered from protein overload. You could also try using a clarifying shampoo to clear away any protein product buildup.

Low Porosity Hair And Protein

If you have low porosity hair, it is important to use products that will not further weigh down your strands.

Low porosity hair can be difficult to moisturize because the cuticles are tightly packed and lay flat, making it more resistant for moisture to penetrate the hair strands.

This can often lead to product build-up on the hair, which can leave it feeling heavy and greasy.

Lower porosity hair has very few broken cuticles, so it tends to remain smooth and sleek.

Protein-free deep conditioners are often a good choice for those with low porosity hair, as they can help to add moisture without adding protein.

There are many protein-free deep conditioners on the market, so finding one that suits your needs should not be difficult.

When choosing a protein-free deep conditioner for low porosity hair, look for one that contains emollients or humectants.

These ingredients will help to add moisture, hydration, and flexibility while also detangling your strands and making them more manageable.

Why Use Protein Free Hair Products

There are a few reasons why you might want to use protein free hair products, such as your hair being protein sensitive, or you want to prevent protein overload.

If your hair is protein sensitive, you may want to avoid products that contain protein or use them sparingly.

Protein overload can happen if you use too many products that contain protein, if you use the wrong type of protein for your hair, if you use protein at the wrong time, or if you leave protein treatments in your hair for too long.

It can also cause your hair to feel stiff, dry, and straw-like, and eventually lead to breakage.

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Obia Naturals Twist Whip Butter

Product Claim: Our one-of-a-kind water-based, pH-balanced hair butter is a triple treat of unrefined Shea Butter, Tucuma Butter and Mango Butter. Twist Whip Butter is formulated to intensely moisturize, seal, add shine and protect your hair.

Customer Review:I really liked this product it was very moisturizing and thick in the way I love and it has a really good slip to it.

Faqs: Do Caucasians Get Hair Protein Overload Or Is It Ethnic

Top 5 Protein Free Leave

ANSWER: Yes, Caucasians get hair protein overload as well because this is not a hair problem thats limited to any particular race. Protein overload has more to do with overuse of protein-laden products on low porosity hair. Like Michael Jackson said, It doesnt matter if youre Black or White.

Product build-up and overload is also much more likely to cause problems on low porosity hair which is a condition that Caucasians deal with just like everyone else. So, protein-sensitive hair products are great for all races!

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How Can You Add Protein To Your Hair Routine

To make sure youre getting enough protein without the risk of overloading, use products with light protein more regularly to reinforce the strength of your strands . If your hair is seriously damaged, youll need to use a deeper protein treatment to repair and restore your curls. Always remember to follow up intense protein products with a deep conditioner to boost moisture and prevent your hair from becoming brittle.

Look for products that use words like repairing, restoring, strengthening or rebuilding these are the products that will contain some protein. Ingredients to look out for include oats, wheat, rice, keratin, soy and milk. Our conditioner contains a blend of hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat proteins that mimic the amino acids in the hair, reinforcing the strength of the strand. It also has a moisture-boosting formula made with nutrient-rich and conditioning baobab oil and dreamy cupuaçu butter one of natures most powerful moisturisers.

Bask & Bloom Mango Castor Twisting Creme

*This product contains coconut oil . This post is about protein-free products.

Product Claim: The Mango Castor Twisting Crème, like most of our products, contains an herbal infusion to prevent breakage and promote growth. This crème is great for twist-outs, braid-outs, and even protective styling.Customer Review:If youre looking for soft, moisturized and defined hair, the Mango Castor Twisting Creme is a MUST!!! 5 out of 5 stars all the way!

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Common Protein Words In Hair Products

On the ingredient list, you can see how much protein is in the product by looking at where its listed on the product label. If theres protein in the first 5 to 6 ingredients, that means the product has a lot of protein.

If protein is listed further down the ingredient list, that means theres not as much.

To identify proteins in hair products look for words such as:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen

These are just a few of the protein free shampoos , so be sure to do your research to find the best one for you.

Now that you know what to look for when identifying proteins in hair products, well share some of our favorite protein free conditioners with you.

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Conditioner


Why we like it

Giovanni has long had a reputation for bridging the gap between natural, organic ingredients and salon-quality. Their Frizz Be Gone Conditioner is specially designed for textured and curly hair.

It tames unmanageable locks and drastically reduces frizz by coating every strand in a powerful complex of shea butter, argan, coconut, jojoba, and sweet almond oils. And it does all this without weighing down your hair, leaving your hair soft and manageable.

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Oyin Handmade Hair Dew

A creamy conditioning leave-in that is super popular because it is great for washday as well as waking up your curls daily. Second-day hair is a serious concern for many curlies but adding more products can cause hair to feel overloaded, weighed down, or look a mess. But Oyins hair dew will refresh the curls even without water because it has water, castor oil, and olive oil along with aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

What Is Protein Sensitivity

Protein sensitivity is evident when your hair has an adverse reaction to protein-based leave-in and wash-off products. Many low porosity naturals, and type 4A-4C hair honeys with coarse hair, are also protein sensitive.

Here are some common warning signs of protein sensitivity that should cause you to seek protein-sensitive hair products.

  • You have have brittle dry hair prone to breakage
  • You get excessive frizziness
  • Lesions or bumps at the scalp
  • Your has has problems holding hydration

Now technically-speaking, since your natural hair is made up of proteins, it’s impossible for hair without product overload or product damage to be protein sensitive as a natural.

The problem is actually a symptom of what we have done incorrectly in our hair care regimen. Usually that means overloading our hair with too much and/or the wrong protein types.

A key step to avoiding protein sensitivity is to understand the ingredients of the products we use and to use the right type of proteins in our hair and the right amount to make sure we dont experience any of the common protein sensitivity problems.

Generally speaking, smaller-sized proteins such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, as well as amino acids and peptides work best to avoid developing protein-sensitive hair, because these substances actually penetrate into the hair follicles, supporting the native proteins in the cortex.

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How To Determine If Youre Protein Sensitive & Need Protein

The best way to know if you are protein sensitive and need protein-sensitive hair products is to do a patch test.

Take a small section of hair near the back of your ear, where hair is more hidden, and apply a protein treatment for 20 minutes.

After that, wash the protein treatment out and observe how your hair reacts. If your hair looks dry and limp, you have protein sensitive hair that will likely suffer split ends and breakage.

If this is the case, protein-sensitive hair products are a major step in the right direction. Protein-free hair products wont add to the protein build-up that causes so many problems.

So take a look at this NHP of the best protein-free hair products…

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My Exception: The Doux One Love Co

Curly Girl Reviews: (Mostly) Protein

I stick to this clarifying shampoo for my weekly cleanse but during weeks when my hair is especially dirty, I use this multiuse product for a mini, mid-week wash day. It contains Silk Amino Acid but is listed near the very bottom of the ingredient list which means there probably isnt an overabundance for me to worry about. Plus, it has amazing slip, leaves my hair feeling clean and soft, and smells amazing.

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Does Coconut Oil Contain Proteins

Coconut oil does not have proteins in it. I encourage you to go to your local grocery store and check the nutritional facts of every single coconut oil product in the store. You will find that each jar says there are ZERO grams of protein in the product. If youre still not convinced, you can do an active search online and look up reputable sources to see if there are any trace amounts of proteins in coconut oil.

I also took it upon myself to look up the database on the U.S Department of Agriculture and I can see that coconut oil has zero grams of proteins.

Melanin Hair Care Twist Elongating Style Cream

Product Claim: This lightweight, elongating style cream is designed to instantly hydrate and seal the moisture into your hair, making it more manageable, while also helping to detangle and reduce knots!Customer Review:I have stubborn 4c hair that is very difficult to keep a twist out beyond 2 days. Let me tell you, this product is the BOMB! Unbelievable curls that lasted for 5-6 days

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How Do I Know If I Have Protein Overload

One way to tell if you have protein overload is by doing a simple strand test.

To do a strand test, take a small section of clean, dry hair and stretch it out. If the hair stretches out and then snaps back into place, your hair has enough moisture.

If the hair doesnt stretch or breaks before snapping back, you may have protein overload.

Another way to tell if you have protein overload is by the way your hair feels.

If your hair feels dry, brittle, or straw-like, it may be a sign that you are using too much protein.

Love Beauty & Planet Blooming Colour Conditioner


Why we like it

The smell alone is worth it. Infused with rose petals and red berries, it has a lovely, refreshing floral scent.

The smell aside, this conditioner specially devised for color-treated hair contains the magic of Muru Muru butter, which is a lot like coconut oil.

The butter comes from the white fat found in the nuts of the Amazonian Muru Muru palm tree, and its deeply nourishing and hydrating for the hair. It will also give your hair gloss and help to preserve color.

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Does Low Porosity Hair Need Protein

Low porosity hair does not need protein as much as other hair types. Low porosity hair is able to absorb and retain moisture well, so protein treatments are not always necessary.

If you use proteins, aim for smaller types. This process will fill in the empty spots within the hair fiber, as well as repair and strengthen the damaged structure inside, resulting to improved mechanical strength of the hair.

Why Protein And Moisture Is Important For Curly Hair

All hair needs both protein and moisture to stay healthy and strong. In fact, protein and moisture cant work well without the other. You need a strong protein structure in order for water molecules to bind with your strands and to keep the water locked inside.

For curly and textured hair, youll know by now that moisture is key to keeping it healthy. This means youll need to make sure your curls are also getting enough protein for your hair to hold onto all that moisture. But you also have to remember that kinky, coily and textured hair is more susceptible to breakage than other hair types. This is due to the fine hair follicles, which need a bit of reinforcing and strengthening to prevent breakage.

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How Can I Add Protein To Low Porosity Hair

There are a number of ways to add protein to low porosity hair. You can use protein-rich treatments and products. Just dont use them too in all of your styling products at once, as this can make your hair feel dry and brittle.

You can also try deep conditioning with a protein-rich conditioner or deep conditioner. This will help to temporarily fill in the gaps in your hairs cuticle and give your hair some extra strength.

Boucleme Curls Redefined Curl Conditioner

Pin on H A I R T I P S

Why we like it

This super hydrating conditioner for curly hair is rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

It will strengthen, soften and add shine to dull, dry curls while protecting the hair from environmental stressors.

It contains powerhouse main ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, argan oil, linseed, honey, and organic aloe vera.

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Carols Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling Pudding

Product Claim: It defines and shapes curls, coils, kinks and waves when they need a little extra control, and its thick enough to hold any style but wont weigh hair down or leave behind a sticky, flaky residueCustomer Review:Leaves my hair feeling soft and actually had hold without giving me that yucky wet look.

Coconut Oil Behaving Like Protein Is Junk Science

As a long-term naturalista with a science background, Ive read and come across a lot of scientific claims about hair products that are nothing but junk science. In fact, the majority of these claims have disappeared with time.

So in response to all the comments I get about coconut oil being a protein, Id like to request some scientific evidence that proves this point from Science journals or a researcher.


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Avoid Protein Overdose With These Protein

If you are moisturizing your hair often then it is important to check the ingredients – does your moisturizer contain protein?

If it does, depending on how frequently you moisturize your hair, you may be giving your hair too much protein. If you moisturize daily with a moisturizer that contains proteins and you find that your hair is feeling brittle and dry, then you may want to decrease your use of that moisturizer and opt for a protein-free daily moisturizer instead. Here are 8 protein-free moisturizers that are popular in the curly community.

Why Does My Hair Hate Protein

DIY Protein Treatment – Fine Wavy to Curly Hair –

Ive read on many platforms where women talk about how much their hair hates proteins. This is absolutely NOT true and Ill encourage you to do away with that false thinking. Your hair is made up of proteins, so it doesnt make sense for your hair to hate itself.

What may be happening could be product build-up which happens when you layer too many products in your hair. This is why I recommend shampooing your hair at least once a month so that your hair can start on a clean slate.

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Bounce Curl Super Smooth Cream Conditioner

Why we like it

This lightweight creamy conditioner is specially designed for curly hair. It will not cause build-up and weigh your hair down, and the first ingredient is organic aloe, meaning theres no water in this conditioner.

It also has a revitalizing citrus aroma that will wake you up in the morning.

Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner

This conditioner is formulated to moisturize hair that is dry and brittle, and replenish luster and shine with a blend of organic ingredients. It boasts organic sea kelp, chamomile flower, rosemary, grapefruit, and ginkgo biloba. This does have textured soy protein but based on its position in the list it is a small amount.

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Protein Free Shampoos And Conditioners For Curly Hair

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