Premier Protein Shake Diet Plan


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Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Belly Fat

Premier Protein Shake Weight Loss Review, Is Premier Protein Good For You??

If youre looking to slim down your waistline then a high protein diet has been found to help do just that.

An easy way to get a lot of protein in your diet is to supplement with protein shakes.

And if youre planning on going on the protein shake diet then I recommend only staying on it for up to a week. Otherwise, your body could easily slip into fat-storing mode. This will drastically slow down your metabolism.

This can happen a lot with super low-calorie diets. This is when your body starts restricting fat burning and can even lead to muscle burning. This can cause the skinny fat syndrome where you appeared to look thin but your body is actually mushy.

One of the benefits of taking protein shakes is itll help increase the likelihood you have success losing weight.

This study in Obesity found drinking meal replacement protein shakes was a very high indicator of weight loss success.

One of the big benefits of drinking protein shakes is they are easily accessible. Unlike meals, there is very low preparation required.

In this meta-analysis by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers found a higher protein diet had numerous benefits over other diets.

The researchers found a higher protein diet helped to:

  • improve appetite

And in this study, those on a protein enriched meal replacement diet lost significantly more belly fat than those on a standard protein diet

Aloha Organic Plant Based Vanilla Protein Shake With Mct Oil

ALOHA Organic Plant Based Vanilla Protein Shake with MCT Oil is a plant-based protein powder that contains 20 grams of protein per serving. The product is also low in carbohydrates and fat, and is free of artificial sweeteners.

ALOHA’s organic protein shake is made from a blend of pea protein, brown rice protein, and quinoa. The product is also certified by Informed-Sport, meaning that it has undergone rigorous testing and is safe for use by athletes subject to drug testing.

Risks And Side Effects

Meal replacement shakes should not completely replace healthful, balanced diets. This is because it is difficult to get every nutrient from a single food source.

Furthermore, a body that does not receive enough nutrients may experience problems with metabolism. This may slow or disrupt a weight loss plan. In fact, one 2015 study found that people who eat a varied diet are less likely to have obesity.

Some protein shakes also use large quantities of sweetener to improve flavor, which can trigger blood sugar spikes.

It is also important to avoid consuming too much protein powder in one day. A 2013 review of studies found that consuming more than the daily requirement of protein may lead to problems in the kidneys and bones, as well as increase the risk of cancer.

A Consumer Reports analysis also found that some protein drinks have unsafe levels of contaminants. Three of the drinks that the consumer watchdog tested had high levels of the following contaminants, among others:

People who drink three servings of these drinks each day could experience serious health consequences.

In an additional eight of the drinks tested, lead levels were high enough to need a consumer warning in California.

As nutritional supplements, protein shakes are subject to fewer regulations than medication in the United States. Consumer Reports argue that marketing materials for these products may also be misleading.

Most protein shakes use one or more of the following six varieties:

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How Do Protein Shakes Help With Weight Loss

Protein shakes can help people lose weight and fat in three ways:

  • Keeps you fuller for longer: Protein is more satiating than carbohydrates or fats, meaning it keeps you fuller for longer. Therefore, you’re less likely to snack throughout the day which reduces your calorie intake.
  • Builds lean muscle: When paired with resistance training, protein helps build muscle, which burns more calories than fat. In fact, for every 2 to 4 pounds of muscle gain, people can burn an extra 50 calories per day.
  • Increases metabolism: It takes more calories to digest a gram of protein compared to a gram of carbs or fat. While this increase is minimal, it may help with weight loss as part of a lower-calorie diet.
  • Meal Replacement Shakesan Honest Account Of A Classic Diet

    Premier Protein Shake Diet

    Im going to tell you why meal replacement shakes might be your favorite diet ever.

    So, you know the basic rules with this diet.

    You replace 2 meals a day with one of these:

    And then eat one healthy meal at the end of the day.

    I had some questions about this diet :

    Are you allowed to eat snacks, too?

    Does it really matter which meal you replace for the shakes?

    Are you supposed to exercise more, less or it doesnt matter?

    I hate things that are complicated so heres how I did this:

    • I replaced breakfast and lunch with one of these shakes.
    • I still drank my 2 cups of coffee every morning.
    • I did NOT eat snacks.
    • I kept to my regular exercise schedule, which is to say I exercised 5-7 days a week for about an hour.
    • I ate whatever the hell I wanted for dinner.

    Heres how it all panned out

    Attention: Im not a dietitian or your medical provider. This post is not meant to be a diet recommendation or any kind of medical or nutrition advice. This post is intended to be an entertaining, informative and honest account of what happened to me when I followed a diet using meal replacement shakes.

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    Set A Step Goal To Get Started

    Counting steps is easy and dont worry, you dont have to be a fitness buff for this plan to work for you. Buy an inexpensive pedometer like this one from Letsfit or use the step counter thats built into your smartphone, as most now have a pedometer feature. iPhone users, for example, tap the Health icon, select Activity, then select Steps.

    Figure out how many steps you normally take by either wearing your pedometer on an ordinary day or accessing the step records on your phone Dr. Ryan recommends gradually building up your steps in 2,000-step increments. So lets say you already take about 4,000 steps a day. Try for 6,000 per day until you feel stronger, then 8,000, then 10,000. Once you get to 10,000 steps per day, make that number your daily goal.

    Tip: While its not necessary to wear any special clothes as you become more active, wearing proper walking excercise shoes with good support should help protect your back and joints, preventing aches and pains.

    Healthy Alternatives To The 7

    Weight loss is all about reducing calorie consumption to create a deficit. Contrary to popular belief, healthy weight loss doesnt have to be extremely restrictive. Rather than an extreme liquid diet that wont have lasting results, here are some healthy weight loss options:

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    Pouring On The Positivity

    I have tried tons . A lot of different ones. And I always went back to Premier.

    I tell people it’s not a diet. This is your life. This is your lifestyle. about living and trying to live our best life.

    Now that I am healthier and happier, I have energy to focus on putting more kindness out to those around me. Feeling good in my own skin makes me want to help others feel better about themselves!

    Premier Protein helps keep me honest. It keeps me with my protein goals.

    actually really changed my lifeand not only my life, but my family’s lives, too. I’ve gotten all of them to start the day off with their Premier coffee.

    The Protein Shake Diet Plan

    Meal Replacement Shake – Premier Protein High Protein Shake Review, Cafe Latte Flavor | Honeygirlk

    Inspired by success stories like Shannon, Diana, and Jenna, our nutrition team created this no-fuss protein shake diet plan for you to try. Our menus serve up about 1,400 calories a day. While using this plan, be sure to drink plenty of water. Add other ultra-low-cal extras as desired. Always get a doctors okay to try a new plan.

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    What Different Types Of Protein Bars And Protein Shakes Are There

    Protein products serve different purposes

    Some products are intended to replace meals, while others are targeted at weight loss or boosting energy.

    General ground rules of protein products

    An ideal protein product should have at least 10 grams of protein, fewer than 15 grams of sugar, fewer than four grams of fat and less than 350 calories.

    Weight loss protein products

    Adding more protein to your diet will increase how full you feel, leading you to consume fewer calories, which is the key to weight loss. Weight loss protein products should be high in protein and low in sugar.

    Meal replacement protein products

    Meal replacement protein products contain all the nutrients you should have in a meal. They can be faster and more convenient than cooking a healthy meal and healthier than fast food.

    Energy protein products

    Protein can provide a good source of energy for the body but takes longer for the body to process than carbohydrates. As a result, protein bars with higher carb counts are good for short-term energy bursts.

    For a snack

    Protein bars can provide a healthy snack between meals and come in many flavors like blueberry, caramel, chocolate chip, brownie and peanut butter.

    What To Consider When Buying Protein Bars And Protein Shakes

    Your protein bar goals

    To find out which protein bar is best, consider what you need. If you need energy, look for a bar with more carbs, which will give you a short-term boost. If you’re looking for a meal replacement or snack option, pick a bar with fewer calories. Kosher protein bars are available.

    Read ingredients list

    As raw protein doesn’t taste good on its own, protein products generally also contain fiber and some kind of flavor or sweetener.

    Nutritional value

    The healthiest protein products contain high amounts of fiber. Try to avoid high amounts of sugar or sweeteners, which can be unhealthy.


    You should look for protein products that are made from a short list of ingredients you can pronounce. The longer and more complicated the ingredient list, the more processed the food.


    Protein bars won’t taste as good as candy bars – they have far less sugar. So picking a favorite flavor can be really important in choosing the best protein bar for you. Fortunately, protein bars and shakes come in a wide variety of flavors, from chocolate to peanut butter .

    Protein powders also come in different flavors, like vanilla protein powder or chocolate protein powder, so you can make the healthy protein smoothie or milkshake that tastes the best to you.


    Sam’s Club sells a wide variety of protein bar boxes in the $16-$20 range and different protein powders from $20-$63.

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    Best Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

  • Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder

  • ALOHA Organic Plant Based Vanilla Protein Shake with MCT Oil

  • ISO100 Clear 100% Whey Protein Isolate Drink

  • Pure Protein Shake Rich Chocolate

  • Happy Viking Plant Protein Shakes

  • ICONIC Low Carb High Protein Drinks

  • A protein shake is a beverage made from protein powder and water. They are often marketed as a weight-loss or muscle-building aid. Protein shakes may be consumed before or after a workout, as a snack, or as a meal replacement.

    Protein shakes can help you lose weight by reducing your hunger and cravings and increasing your metabolism. However, it is important to choose a protein shake that is low in calories and sugar, and high in protein.

    How The Diet Works

    Pin by Freda Aguilar on keto reset diet

    Protein shakes offer more than just protein. Manufacturers typically fortify them with a range of vitamins and minerals. They may also contain fruits, vegetables, and other nutrients.

    Following a protein shake diet encourages weight loss by curbing appetite and reducing the total calories a person consumes in a day.

    Research has linked protein consumption to increased feelings of fullness . People who include enough protein in their diets may therefore have fewer food cravings and eat less. For convenience, some may choose to get this protein through shakes instead of food the benefits are similar.

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    Facts About Weight Loss

    Weight loss is a minefield of fad diets and false or confusing information, so it’s best to just stick with the basics: Take in fewer calories than you burn each day, without starving yourself.

    Aim for 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day for women and 1,500 to 2,000 for men, depending on your age, weight and activity level. Eat a plant-based diet that includes lean proteins, nuts, beans, and healthy fats such as olive oil and the essential fatty acids found in avocados and fish. Avoid as much sugar as possible, and stay away from processed foods, especially cakes, cookies, crackers and chips. Choose whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and faro instead of processed white flour. Substituting a protein shake for one meal per day can help ensure you are getting the necessary nutrition while keeping your calorie count down.

    Calculated Daily Protein Intake: *

    This is how much protein you need to maintain a well-balanced diet and meet your fitness goals. And if youre not quite getting there, weve got some creamy, crunchy and chocolaty ways to help up your intake.

    Disclaimer: *This tool is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider.

    These estimates may not be appropriate for pregnant and nursing women. You should always speak with your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider before you start or change any weight management or physical activity plan.

    Information entered into the calculator is not stored.

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    Muscle Building And Metabolism

    Protein helps with muscle building and repair. It also helps preserve muscle that may be lost during a weight loss diet. If you consume more protein, you may also increase your metabolism. This increase occurs in part because muscle is metabolically active tissue, but it also may be impacted because of the thermic effect of food.

    Protein takes more energy than carbohydrates or fats to digest, meaning it burns more calories simply to process it. While this effect is slight in the overall picture of calorie balance and metabolism, it has an impact on your overall calorie expenditure.

    Iconic Low Carb High Protein Drinks

    Premier Protein VS Atkins Shake Review-Weightloss tips (INFORMATIVE)

    ICONIC celebrates those who choose themselves first- their health, happiness, and success. Our products make it easy to nourish your body in the way that you want because you’re doing amazing things.

    Our goal at ICONIC is to provide you with healthy, high-protein beverages and powders that will keep you feeling sustained, nourished, and energetic all day longbecause a hectic schedule does not have to imply that your health has to suffer.

    ICONIC protein drinks are not only low in calories but also high in fiber and vitamins, making them the perfect drink for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. With 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, ICONIC protein shakes will give you sustained energy without the crash afterward that is often associated with sugary drinks.

    The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.

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    Premier Protein Shake Cons

    Although Premier shakes contain 24 vitamins and minerals, they dont have enough nutrients to serve as viable meal replacements. Theyre suitable as snacks in between meals and as post-workout supplements only.

    Premier shakes also contain a high amount of protein, which can be unnecessary and even harmful if youre already getting enough of it from your regular diet in the form of healthy whole foods. Also, they contain artificial sweeteners, and if youre lactose-intolerant, youre going to want to steer clear of Premier protein shakes.

    I Spend A Lot Of Time Eating

    Breakfast has never been a big time-suck for me but Id developed a habit of stopping my day and stretching out lunch to be an entire event where my mind and body completely checked out. And because of that, I was basically worthless to accomplish much the rest of the day.

    By removing that meal and everything that goes with it Ive been able to be productive all day. This has been a nice surprise that I hadnt foreseen.

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    Which Type Of Protein Is Best

    Different types of protein may affect your body in distinct ways.

    For instance, whey is typically absorbed more quickly than casein. This makes it optimal for promoting muscle protein synthesis after exercise. It may also help you feel less hungry in the short term .

    While some small studies have shown whey protein to be more effective for weight loss than soy and other plant-based proteins, other small studies show no real difference.

    As such, individual lifestyle factors may be more important than the type of protein when it comes to weight loss or other desired outcomes .

    One key factor to consider is the quality of protein you purchase.

    Whey, casein, and soy are considered complete proteins. This means they contain sufficient amounts of all the essential amino acids your body needs

    All the same, these three may induce an allergic reaction in some people. Rice and pea protein are often considered less allergenic, though rice protein is low in the essential amino acid lysine while pea protein is low in the essential amino acids cysteine and methionine .

    Hemp protein is also considered less allergenic. Furthermore, it contains sufficient levels of all essential amino acids. As such, it can be considered a complete source of protein .


    Protein shakes may contain different types of protein, each with their own nutrient profiles and potential benefits. Its best to pick one based on your individual needs and dietary preferences.

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