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Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Canned Dog Food

How To Make Low Protein Dog Treats

The Purina NF Kidney Function canned food is specially formulated to minimize the symptoms of kidney failure and disease. It has a limited or low concentration of protein, sodium, and phosphorus while a high level of omega fatty acids.

The low level of protein and phosphorus helps in minimizing the workload of kidneys and preventing further damage. Added omega-3 fatty acids and B-complex vitamins help in protecting the body and breaking down the nutrients.

Key Features:

  • Complete nutrition for your dog
  • Made in the USA

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Nf Kidney Function Formula Canned Dog Food

The Purina NF Kidney Function Canned Canine Formula is scientifically formulated to help minimize the signs of kidney failure and slow down the diseases progression. To support proper and healthy kidney function it has low protein levels, low phosphorus levels, reduced sodium levels and high omega fatty acids levels. Low protein levels help reduce the workload of the kidneys. Low phosphorus prevents kidney damage, while reduced levels of sodium help compensate the damaged kidneys inability to regulate this important mineral. Increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids help reduce glomerular hypertension. The added B-complex vitamins help by protecting the body and ensure the easy break down of nutrients. Additionally, it serves as a complete and balanced source of nutrition for the maintenance of adult dogs.

Purina NF, Canned Dog Foods first 5 ingredients are water sufficient for processing, meat by-products, rice, corn grits, and beef. The formula is indicated for dogs with acute and chronic kidney disease, hepatic disease associated with encephalopathy and for dogs suffering from any condition that would benefit from restricted sodium levels.

Crude Protein
  • Specifically designed therapeutic diet for dogs with renal issues
  • Low protein, low phosphorus, reduced sodium and increase omega fatty acids to support proper kidney function
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Highly palatable, as with other canned foods
  • Made in the USA

What Health Issues Require A Low Protein Dog Diet

Several medical conditions can indicate that your dog could benefit from a low protein dog diet, such as liver disease, kidney disease, weight gain, and bladder stones. In the case of liver and kidney disease, vets typically recommend a low protein diet because it reduces the workload on these vital organs. Both these organs metabolize proteins, so by switching to a low protein diet, the liver and kidney wont have to work as much and put the body through as much strain

Kidney and liver issues are common in dogs, but there are some more uncommon health issues that could be helped by a low protein diet, such as bladder stones. Studies have shown that switching to a low protein dog diet can dissolve the stone, with VCA Hospitals stating:

Dogs that have experienced struvite bladder stones will often be fed a therapeutic diet for life. Diets lower in protein, phosphorus, and magnesium, and promote acidic urine are recommended. The preventive diet is NOT the same as the diet that promotes dissolution of the stones.

Many studies have shown that low protein diets can have positive impacts on dogs with kidney issues. One reason is that these diets restrict the amount of phosphorus a dog digests. In contrast, some vets think that limiting phosphorus can be a better approach than restricting proteins. Its vital that you do your research and speak to a veterinarian before making any drastic changes to your dogs diet.

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Why A Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease In Dogs What Are Other Important Features

Low protein, low phosphorus dog food is the most commonly recommended food for kidney disease why is this? Dietary therapy is a key component to the management of kidney disease in dogs as it plays two important roles. The first is to provide specific nutrition to help prevent the progression of the disease. The second is to support a better quality of life by helping to control or limit the clinical signs of kidney disease that make our pets feel sick or unwell.

What do healthy kidneys do?

Kidneys play a very important role within the body. They help to filter the body of waste and harmful substances while keeping vitamins, proteins, hormones and other important substances in the bloodstream.

Low Protein Dog Food

Veterinary diets for kidney disease contain lower amounts of protein. The rationale for this rests in the kidneys lack of ability to process protein when they are no longer healthy. Normal and healthy kidneys filter out the bad stuff but hold onto the proteins to keep them in the bloodstream. As kidney disease worsens the ability of the kidneys to handle protein decreases. Just like an old worn-out kitchen strainer the protein molecules are able to escape the kidneys and end up in the urine . An oversimplified explanation is that as more protein sneaks through the kidneys, the more severe the kidney disease can become.

Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Highly Digestible Protein Sources

Omega 3 Fatty Acids DHA & EPA



Feed Low Protein Diet For Your Dog With These Tasty Food Recipes

JustFoodForDogs Vet Support Diets Renal Support, Low Protein Frozen Dog ...

If your dog is suffering kidney disease and has been asked to be fed with low protein dog food, here are some great recipes for your adorable pet.

If your dog is suffering kidney disease and has been asked to be fed with low protein dog food, here are some great recipes for your adorable pet.

As the name suggests, low protein dog food contains comparatively lesser protein than normal pet food. Protein serves as a building blocks for dogs as well and is essential for their normal growth and well-being. In fact, dogs require about 18 percent protein in their diets in order to meet their daily dietary and nutritional requirements. On an average, an active and healthy dog weighing 20 pounds must get at least 600-800 calories per day, while big dogs must get 1000-1500 calories per day.

However, if a dog is diagnosed with certain kidney or urinary tract problems, the first step of the treatment is to cut down on the protein intakes, since regular or over consumption of proteins under such circumstances can worsen the pets condition.

Even though there are several brands and varieties of both dry or canned low protein dog food available these days, they often contain chemicals and artificial preservatives that may not be good for your dogs health. Hence this brings us to only other feasible option, i.e. to prepare it at home. Given below are some easy-to-make and healthy low protein dog food recipes that you can use.

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What To Look For When Buying Dog Food

Consider the following elements when looking for dog food:

  • Type of Urinary Crystals Depending on the kind of crystals your dog has, it may require a different diet. If you want to learn which ingredients to avoid for each type, please check out the section on stone types below.
  • Prescription or Non-prescription Consult your vet to create the optimal meal for your dog.
  • Texture & Flavor The flavor is often the most tricky aspect since owners dont know if the dog will like the food before tasting it.
  • Budget Dog food prices vary greatly, especially when it comes to vet-prescribed food. But more affordable non-prescription dog food for urinary crystals may be a good alternative in some cases.

Forza10 Wet Dog Food Kidney Renal Actiwet With Lamb

Forza10s best wet dog food for urinary crystals balances reduced amounts of protein and fat for dogs that need a restrictive diet. It doesnt require a prescription, but you should consult your vet before changing foods.

Kidney RENAL ACTIWET with Lamb is a non-prescription food supporting your dogs renal and cardiac health. The main ingredients are water, lamb lung, chicken, rice, and minerals. The Guaranteed Analysis of this dog food low in magnesium is 82% moisture, 5.7% protein, 5% fat, and 0.5% crude fiber.

Many user reviews attest to the food stabilizing their dogs kidney function. We didnt find many negative reviews, but some customers discovered bone fragments in the food. Also, theres no record of food recalls.

Key Features

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Royal Canin Canine Urinary So Small Dog Dry Dog Food

Its a well-known prescription diet option that works for many dogs. But you also need to consider the ingredient list, which isnt very impressive, especially for that price.

Urinary SO Small is a prescription food specifically for small breeds with urinary issues. The GA points to 10% moisture, 18% protein, 15% fat, and 3.6% crude fiber. This dog food for urinary tract health contains brewers rice, corn, chicken fat, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal.

In 2006 and 2007, the company had a few food recalls due to melamine contamination and excessive Vitamin D3. Reviews of this recipe are mostly positive, but the disappointed customers note that the food might be dangerous for some dogs.

Key Features

Why we choose this product: Canins dog food for bladder stones prevention in small dogs is appetizing and easy to digest. Its an alternative dry formula for urinary issues that provides more protein and fat for energetic dogs. Also, it may be the best dog food brand for Shih Tzu.

What Are The Benefits Of Low

Low Protein Homemade Dog Food Recipe (Cheap and Healthy)

For dogs with kidney, liver, or digestive system problems, low-protein diets can improve metabolism by giving these ailing vital organs a rest.

These diets can help alleviate some of the symptoms caused by these diseases.

Low-protein diets also help prevent the accumulation of toxins and nitrogenous waste in the blood while also eliminating kidney stones that can block the urinary system.

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Causes Of Urinary Health Issues In Dogs

Various factors can influence abnormal urine and urination issues. Sometimes, seemingly unrelated health problems could also promote urinary diseases. Heres what you should look out for:

Urinary diseases can be a singular problem that you can solve with dog food for crystals in the urine. But they can also be a symptom of other health issues. Thats why its always best to monitor your dogs overall health and mood.

Wet Food Or Dry Which Is Better For Your Dog

In many ways, canned food can be superior to kibble. In fact, wet foods typically contain more meat protein than dry recipes.

Whats more, wet foods add natural moisture to a dogs diet. And because theyre pasteurized and sold in a sealed can, they contain no preservatives.

Theyre easier to chew a welcome advantage for older pets.

And wet dog foods taste better, too.

Unfortunately, theres a downside. Wet dog foods can be more expensive than dry kibbles which can make them less affordable when feeding larger dogs.

Heres a feature-by-feature comparison between wet and dry foods.

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How To Make Lowprotein Dog Food

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Making basic, low protein food for a dog with early stage kidney disease.XResearch source It is important to restrict protein in your dog’s diet when kidney disease is present.

Benefits Of Low Protein Diet

Best Low Protein Dog Food

There are numerous benefits of feeding some dogs a low protein diet. Lower protein levels allow the organs involved in metabolism to rest and function optimally. Some pet owners may notice the alleviation of symptoms associated with impaired organ function.

The accumulation of wastes from protein metabolism can lead to other health conditions like encephalopathy.

And excess protein can also lead to the growth of crystals in the urinary tract. A low protein diet can help prevent these disorders and limit toxin production.

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Importance Of Low Protein Diet For Dogs

Dogs need protein to grow, develop cells and tissues, and to synthesize hormones and enzymes as well it contributes to the overall development of the organism. Like other nutrients and substances, protein also has to be processed by various organs but mostly the liver, small intestines, and kidneys.

The small intestine is the place where the food is digested and broken down into components that are then absorbed into the dogs blood. The liver processes the byproducts of protein metabolism and the dogs kidneys eliminate the nitrogenous waste and other unnecessary molecules.

Thus, it can be understood that any kind of problem in these organs may require a low protein diet. The purpose of reducing protein amount in the diet is to allow the affected organ to heal itself first because processing a rich amount of protein is an energy-intensive process.

Please note that a low protein diet does not mean any protein at all. As mentioned above, a certain amount of protein is required for the normal growth of the dog. But if one of the organs is sick especially the liver or kidneys, then it is advisable to lower the amount of protein in the dogs diet.

Many veterinary diets today focus more on the phosphorus level rather than the amount of protein. This is based on the observation that dogs with moderate kidney problems fared better when the amount of phosphorus was restricted in their diet.

Low Protein Dog Diet Food Percentages

In a low-protein diet, the amount of protein can vary, but the range is 13% to 18%. This percentage can be higher depending on the quality of the proteins used. Many commercial brands dont offer a low protein diet. On the other hand, you can get a low-protein diet from a prescription brand. Such brands produce food with a protein percentage of less than 20%.

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Food Ingredients That Might Cause Urinary Crystals

Many foods and additives may play a part in the formation of the urinary crystals:

  • Grains Grains, especially whole grains and grain hulls, can be detrimental to dogs that are predisposed to developing silica bladder stones.
  • Fillers Some of the most widely used fillers are grains, including wheat, corn, barley, and their by-products. They dont have great nutritional value but are present even in some dog food for bladder stones prevention.
  • Preservatives Its always best to avoid artificial preservatives. Still, even Ascorbic Acid can be bad for dogs predisposed to crystals.
  • Refined carbs Food with a high carb percentage, like potatoes, but especially refined carbs, like pasta, bread, or white rice, can make the urine more alkaline. This facilitates the formation of many bladder stone types.
  • Too much magnesium Struvite stones form from high magnesium levels. Avoid magnesium-rich foods, like bone meal, beans, pumpkin, squash, and soy.
  • Too much phosphorus Many crystal types are formed by phosphorus. Be careful with phosphorus-rich foods like poultry, tuna , pork, organ meat, dairy, soy, and lentils.
  • Treats rich in collagen are definitely not the best dog food for urinary health. Pig ears, rawhide, and bully sticks are low in moisture, but they contain a lot of collagen. The body converts the collagen to oxalates, which can cause bladder crystals.

Talk To Your Vet Before Introducing Low Protein Dog Food Into Your Dogs Diet

The Best Dog Treats for Kidney Disease Low Protein

Weve featured some great low protein options on this list. But again, low protein dog foods are typically meant for dogs that are struggling with chronic health conditions. So while you always want to talk to your vet before you introduce a new food into your dogs diet, its especially important with low protein dog food. Your dog may need a prescription diet to manage his condition, so make sure to talk to your vet to figure out which low protein dog food is best for your pet.

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Fruitables Pumpkin And Banana Flavor

Though not designed specifically to be low protein, the blend of the ingredients in many flavors of Fruitable treats makes them perfect for a low protein diet. Their pumpkin and banana flavor meets the protein requirements for a low protein diet at 8% protein.

The primary ingredient in these treats is pumpkin. Other ingredients include oats, barley, sunflower oil, bananas, and vanilla flavor. They are high in fiber and contain no wheat, soy, or artificial preservatives.

Hills Prescription Low Protein Dog Treats

Veterinarians often recommend Hills prescription dog food and treats for patients with specific dietary requirements. Hills is a company well-known for its scientific approach to making dog food.

  • Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Treats are specially formulated by Hills nutritionists and veterinarians for dogs under veterinary care
  • These dog treats are low sodium to help maintain heart and kidney health
  • Delicious treats for dogs enjoying Prescription Diet b/d, c/d, g/d, h/d, i/d Low Fat, j/d, k/d, k/d Mobility, r/d and w/d

Hills Low Protein Dog Treats have a protein content of about 12%, but they also have a high fiber content to aid in protein digestion. They are crunchy treats that are also good for your dogs oral hygiene. They are low in sodium and calcium.

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Canidae All Life Stages

The Canidae is specifically made for dogs of all ages, from puppies to top adult dogs to seniors. If you have more dogs of various sizes, breed, and age then this dry dog food is a good option to consider. It contains turkey food without corn, soy, or wheat.

If you are looking for low protein dog food recipes for kidney disease, this dog food will work well.

The Canidae All Life Stages dry senior dog food includes probiotics to improve digestion and antioxidants for a good immune system. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to grow the healthy skin and shiny coat on the body of your dog.

Key Features:

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • No artificial colors, preservatives, or flavor

In addition to the above food options, there are some other options that you can consider such as Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula, Matties Healthy Treats, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet, etc.

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