Low Fat High Protein Diet


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Weight Loss And Body Composition

Full Day of Eating 1,600 Calories | EXTRA High Protein Diet for Fat Loss

Not surprisingly, proteins ability to suppress appetite, promote fullness and increase metabolism can help you lose weight.

Several high-quality studies have found that increasing protein intake promotes weight and fat loss .

In a six-month diet study including 65 overweight and obese women, the high-protein group lost an average of 43% more fat than the high-carb group. Whats more, 35% of women in the high-protein group lost at least 22 pounds .

Typically, when you reduce your calorie intake, your metabolism slows down. This is partly due to muscle loss.

However, research suggests that a higher protein intake can help protect against muscle loss and keep your metabolic rate up .

In one large review of 24 studies that included over 1,000 people, high-protein diets were found to be more effective than standard-protein diets for losing weight, preserving muscle mass and preventing metabolic slowdown during weight loss .

Importantly, standard or high-protein diets can be effective for everyone.

But interestingly, one European study concluded that based on different gene types, high-protein diets would be especially effective for weight loss and maintenance in 67% of the population .


The ability of high-protein diets to decrease hunger, increase feelings of fullness, boost metabolic rate and protect muscle makes them effective for losing weight and improving body composition.

What Does A 1200 Calorie High Protein Low Carb Diet Consist Of

Before jumping headfirst into this way of eating, you must familiarize yourself with the kind of foods and drinks you can consume and those you must avoid. This will ensure that you do not deviate from the meal plan and can reap all the fantastic benefits of the diet.

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Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup

When its chilly outside, you just want to sit by the fireplace. And enjoy a warm bowl of soup.

This soup is hearty, comforting, and spicyexactly what the doctor ordered. And its packed with Mexican flava, so its sure to transport you to warmer climes.

The fire-roasted tomatoes add a nice smokiness, while the fajita seasoning adds some heat.

Meanwhile, the bell peppers and red onion add some freshness. While the black beans and chicken make it hearty.

Youll definitely want seconds. And why not? One bowl contains only 220 calories.

What I love most about this soup is that it makes 8 servings. So, you have plenty of leftovers, and it freezes quite well.

Just make sure you store it in air-tight freezer-safe containers to prevent freezer burn. These containers here are leak-proof and sustainable.

Check out more high protein soup recipes like this!

Per Serving:

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Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a high protein, low fuss food.

A 1-cup serving of low fat cottage cheese has 163 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 28 grams of protein .

The newest trends in cottage cheese include single-serve containers, flavored options, and the addition of live and active probiotic cultures.

Besides protein, you get around 1015% of the RDI for calcium in 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. Some food scientists have recently suggested that manufacturers add vitamin D, which aids calcium absorption, though this is not currently common practice .


Low fat cottage cheese is an excellent source of protein and is becoming even more convenient with the increased availability of single-serving containers. Its also a good source of calcium.

Too Much Protein Will Kick You Out Of Ketosis And Halt Fat Burning

50 High Protein Foods to Help You Hit Your Macros in 2021

Contrary to popular belief, ketosis is only one of several pathways that helps us burn fat.

Ketones are produced when we dont have enough oxaloacetate to produce citrate in the Krebs cycle.

If you are consuming enough protein and/or carbs to provide OAA, you will still burn fat, but through the Krebs cycle rather than ketones. Thus, you may be kicked out of ketosis but still burning plenty of fat.

If you have high levels of NADH , more of your AcAc will be converted to BHB in the liver.

Most people will see ketones in their blood increase when fasting or dieting due to the lack of OAA as they burn body fat. As shown in the chart below, blood glucose levels decrease while BHB increases.

Several beneficial processes that occur during fasting/energy restriction are associated with increased BHB. Many of the benefits associated with BHB may be due to these other beneficial processes that occur in endogenous ketosis.

We can force higher levels of BHB in the blood by eating more dietary fat and less protein and carbohydrates. In this case, high BHB can be an indication that you are eating more fat than can be burned in the Krebs cycle, and it is building up in the blood. Just because we see high levels of BHB in the blood, it should not be assumed that you are achieving the same benefits via exogenous ketosis as we do in endogenous ketosis.

Higher levels of energy in the bloodstream is a sign of poor metabolic health and reduced ability to access and burn fat.

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What Is The High Protein Low Carb Diet

The high protein, low carb diet swaps much of your daily carb intake for protein.

Although theres no set macronutrient ratio, this eating pattern is based largely on the allotments of the two diets that inspired it.

For example, low carb diets typically restrict carb intake to under 26% of total daily calories, or fewer than 130 grams of carbs for someone following a 2,000-calorie diet while very low carb diets slash that number to under 10% .

On the other hand, high protein diets often pack significantly more than the Recommended Daily Allowance for protein, providing at least 0.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight .

Some boast over 1.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight the equivalent of 204 grams of protein daily for a 150-pound person .

High protein, low carb diets may be higher in fat to compensate for the carb deficit.

For instance, a 2,000-calorie version may contain 26% carbs, 40% fat, and 34% protein equating to a daily protein intake of 170 grams for a 150-pound person.

However, while some people, such as bodybuilders and athletes, pay close attention to macronutrient ranges when following this diet, many individuals simply cut carbs and replace them with high protein foods.

Whats more, some people follow less strict versions that contain 3035% carbs although these are technically considered moderate in carbs .

Too Much Protein Will Make It Hard To Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Because Protein Stimulates Insulin And Glucagon

Protein requires insulin to metabolise. We also require adequate insulin to keep glycogen stored in the liver.

As shown in the charts below, an increase in protein in the diet typically forces out processed and refined carbohydrates, decreasing your insulin and glucose response to food.

People with Type 1 diabetes dont have enough insulin to metabolise protein and maintain normal blood sugars simultaneously and hence require exogenous insulin.

People with Type 2 diabetes often have plenty of insulin but need to invest their insulin well on metabolising protein to build muscles and repair their vital organs rather than squandering it on refined carbohydrates.

People with hyperinsulinemia often see their blood sugars decrease after a high protein meal as the insulin released to metabolise the protein also reduces their blood sugars.

If you see your blood sugars rise after a high protein meal, you may have inadequate insulin. If there is insulin insufficiency, you must learn to accurately dose insulin for protein rather than avoiding protein.

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Lemon Pepper Chicken Breasts

Lemon Pepper chicken breasts tender, moist, juicy, and flavourful this recipe is perfect for a weeknight dinner. The combination of lemon and other ingredients flavor makes a tasty chicken recipe that is ready in just under 30 minutes.


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Too Much Protein Is Dangerous For Your Kidneys

Full Day of Eating 1,750 Calories | Low Calorie High Protein Diet to Lose Fat

High protein levels are only a concern if you have a pre-existing kidney issue.

For all the talk about excess protein, protein intake is self-limiting. People struggle to consume excessive amounts of protein for a significant length of time.

Excess protein is quickly cleared from the bloodstream by the kidneys. Consuming adequate levels of protein will actually help build and repair your organs, including your kidneys. If you already have damaged kidneys and are on dialysis, it can be prudent to limit your protein so your kidneys dont have to work as hard.

Some people believe that protein can harm the kidneys due to misleading blood test results. If you consume high levels of protein and/or supplement with creatine and have more muscle mass, you may see high levels of creatinine on your blood tests, with can lead to a misleading Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate result.

Keep in mind that this is estimated based on your creatinine levels and is not a direct measurement, and is typically not cause for concern. To avoid a false reading, avoid creatine supplementation, high protein intake and protein supplements in the days leading up to your blood test.

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How To Find High

Protein is a macronutrient that’s made up of varying combinations of amino acids and can be found in nearly all types of food.

There are actually hundreds of thousands of different types of protein, which are made up of amino acids. But luckily, only those containing the nine essential amino acids are vital for us to eat.

Proteins are considered high-quality when they provide the amino acids that you need to function every day. When a food item contains all of the essential amino acids we need, its called a complete protein. Complete proteins are found in meat or animal products like eggs and dairy.

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When two different foods combined meet all of our essential amino acid needs, theyre called complementary proteins.

While the most common source of protein intake is from meat, fish, and animal-based products like milk, eggs, and dairy, protein can also be found in plants and grains.

Lean Turkey Or Chicken Tetrazzini

Some days are so stressful that you just want to chow on some comfort food. After all, comfort food is so comforting.

But comfort food is often packed with fat and calories. And theres nothing comforting about that.

This turkey tetrazzini is creamy, cheesy, and packed with tender morsels of turkey/chicken breast. And it wont expand your waistline.

The key to it being low in fat is that you use evaporated skim milk instead of butter and cream for your sauce.

You also use reduced-fat cheese instead of regular cheese.

This dish is a meal in itself. But if you like, you can serve some steamed broccoli on the side.

Per Serving:

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Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Total daily energy expenditure is the total amount of calories you use daily. Figuring out this number is a two-step process. Step one is calculating basal metabolic rate , the daily calories your body requires at rest. Step two is accounting for calories burned through all physical activity. This includes everything, such as walking, HIIT, circuit training, and strength training.

Although there are many formulas you can use to find BMR, the one below is simple and effective.

  • BMR for Men = Body Weight in lbs x 10
  • BMR for Women = Body Weight in lbs x 9

After calculating BMR, use one of these multipliers below to factor in physical activity.

Calculating BMR:

Here is an example of how to use this two-step equation for a 200-pound male.

  • Determine BMR: For a 200-pound male, the equation is: 200lbs x 10 = 2000 calories.
  • Activity Multiplier : This man is moderately active, so you take the BMR of 2000 x 1.5 = 3000 calories.
  • In this example, if this person consistently ate 3000 calories, theoretically, he would not gain or lose any weight, because this is his maintenance calories. It’s important to note that this is just an equation, so it may vary a bit person-to-person. For example, those working to build muscle mass may be able to eat more than someone who does not resistance train. Use this number as a starting point, and monitor your weight to get a more accurate sense of your maintenance.

    Understanding Calories Tdee And Macronutrients

    1420 Calories Low Carb High Protein Day by @marekfitness Looking for ...

    Every talk on nutrition starts with calorie intake and energy balance.

    Simply put, a calorie is a unit of energy. We get calories from the food and drink we consume. The macronutrients, which include protein, carbohydrates, and fat, all contain calories. Both protein and carbohydrates contain four calories per gram, while fat contains more than double at nine calories per gram. We use the energy from food to carry out all activities and daily functions. Not only is eating the right food important, but knowing how much protein you need per day also is.

    When it comes to building muscle or losing fat, energy balance is critical. Energy balance can be boiled down to calories in vs. calories out.

    If the goal is to build muscle, you need to consume a caloric surplus, like in this 7 day meal plan for muscle gain. You need to eat a caloric deficit when the goal is fat loss. Before worrying about anything else, we need to get the energy balance equation in our favor based on our goals.

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    Start Your Day With A Protein Shake Instead Of Fatty Coffee

    Trading a fatty coffee for a protein shake is an easy, tasty move that can dramatically increase your protein intake and lower your fat intake. A protein shake also requires little time to prepare and consume, unlike many other breakfast options.

    Whey protein shakes are a popular choice. Research demonstrates that whey protein may help you lose fat, retain muscle, and improve blood sugar control.8 Some protein powders are made from egg whites, which may also promote fat loss and muscle retention.9And early evidence suggests that plant-based protein shakes may help improve body composition.10

    At Diet Doctor, although we encourage you to choose minimally processed foods most of the time, a protein shake may be a better option than a fatty coffee for losing weight and retaining muscle.

    A whey or plant-based protein shake provides at least 20 grams of protein and little to no fat. Look for types without sugar or other additives to keep carbs low. Artificially sweetened protein powders are fine, or feel free to add your favorite sugar-free sweetener, berries, vanilla, or cinnamon.

    Check out our quick and easy protein-packed shake recipes below.

    Get Plenty Of Protein At Breakfast

    Breakfast on a typical low-fat, high-protein diet supplying 1,700 calories daily could consist of 8 ounces of milk, 1/2 cup of fresh sliced fruit, and a ham and cheese egg scramble prepared from 1 cup of egg substitute and 1 ounce each of ham and cheese. Another option could be a smoothie of 1 cup of fresh fruit, 1 cup of milk and 1/3 cup of silken tofu paired with toast. Choose nonfat milk and reduced-fat cheese. If you use whole eggs instead of egg substitute, remove some of the yolks and limit yourself to four whole eggs weekly. Ham can be high in sodium, so look for a low-sodium brand or substitute lean ground turkey or tofu.

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    Determining The Best Quality Proteins For You

    Protein is essential for our bodies. Being thoughtful about which proteins you choose to include in your meal plan can help you optimize your health and fitness goals.

    With an endless array of food companies advertising the impressive protein content and health benefits of their products to appeal to consumers, learning who can be trusted and which products are actually worth your dollars can feel like a challenge.

    Just because something contains protein does not automatically mean that it’s good for you. And just because a food label is advertising a good source of protein doesnt necessarily mean that it is.Legally, any food that contains at least 10 grams of protein per serving can be labeled as an “excellent source” .

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    But this advertising law does not consider the other nutrients or total calories of the food, which give you a much more well-rounded picture of whether the item is worth eating. So when it comes to finding the best proteins on the market youll want to consider the following:

  • Your total calorie needs
  • Heres your go-to guide for finding the most balanced options.

    How To Plan Meals Ahead

    3 High Protein Low Fat Meals

    You may be familiar with the adage that states that if we fail to plan we plan to fail, and that is particularly true when beginning a new dietary lifestyle.

    Preparing pre-packaged meals or making large amounts of go-to, low-carb staples position you to win by taking all the guesswork out of what to eat, throughout the week.

    The prepping process can be time-consuming and may seem like it could be a bit tedious at the outset, but well share ten helpful tips that will have you prepping like a pro in no time!

    Tip #1: Make a detailed shopping list

    Again, planning is the ultimate way to win when starting a new dietary plan. Focus on buying staples like eggs, fish, and lean meats, along with low-glycemic vegetables and fruit, with specific meals in mind before you step foot into the supermarket.

    Tip #2: Make your kitchen a meal-prepping station

    Just like its wise to plan your grocery list ahead of time, considering the manner and order of how you cook said food could significantly increase the efficiency of your process.

    Start dishes that take longer to prepare first and use multiple cooking methods to maximize your prepping efforts .

    With a little practice, youll be able to make enough food for four to five days in the same respective amount of hours.

    Be patient during the initial learning curve as you refine your prepping process youll become faster with practice, over time.

    Tip #3: Stock up on staples

    Tip #4: Leverage your free time on the weekend

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