Is Whey Protein Good For You


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Balance Your Diet With Whey Protein

Why Is Whey Protein BAD For YOU

Whey proteins are digested easily and can bring many valuable benefits to your body. They promote lean body mass, control appetite, and help in increasing immunity. That is why it is always the best choice to consume whey protein supplements for improving your health and controlling various body functions.

You will need to keep in check to balance your diet with whey protein supplements. Adjust your food intake with whey protein supplementation so that the ingested amount is balanced at all levels. Doing this will prevent excessive protein buildup and will keep your body in good shape.

Whey proteins are handy and can be used after a quick workout session. If your meals lack enough protein, supplements would be the best choice as they can make up the demands of proteins and play an integral role in all protein-dependent processes.

Best For Allergies: Aloha Organic Protein Powder

This plant-based protein powder is ideal for women with allergies because it is free of gluten, lactose, and soy. It may also suit people who prefer more sweet powders.

It uses natural coconut sugar as a sweetener and contains 4 g of added sugar per serving. This powder contains no genetically modified organisms and is low in carbohydrates. The main ingredients used in this powder are pea, brown rice, hemp seed, and pumpkin seed proteins.

Add two scoops to water or plant-based milk to make a healthy shake.

The chocolate-flavored version of this product contains the following nutrients per serving:

  • 0 milligrams of cholesterol
  • 18 g of protein

ALOHA Organic also offers a vanilla-flavored protein powder.

This product costs $32.99, but a person can also enroll in a monthly subscription for $29.69.

Is Whey Protein For Women Healthy

Fitness fanatics, athletes and health-focussed gym-goers across the world use whey protein to build muscle and support their weight loss goals.

Its one of the most popular protein supplements in the world.

Supplementing with it can help you build muscle, improve your fitness and even support a lean physique over unhealthy body fat.

As such a popular dietary supplement, it has come under scrutiny many times, and countless studies have declared it safe .

The majority of people use it and dont suffer any issues whatsoever.

If you suffer with lactose allergies or intolerances, then avoid

taking whey protein completely as it can lead to sickness or reactions.

But overall, its considered a safe and healthy way of adding more protein to your diet. Whether youre a bodybuilder or a weekend warrior its appropriate for everyone.

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Is Protein Powder Worth The Money

It depends on your goals. For non-training individuals, it may be a total waste of money.

But for serious gym-goers, it may be a good investment. Adequate protein intake is important for a lot of sports. Adding a protein shake can really help meet your goals easier.

Most brands are not expensive. At least if you compare them to the same amount of dietary protein youll get from meat, and account for prep and cooking time.

Takeaway: protein supplementation should be based on a persons lifestyle and priorities

Benefits Of Whey Protein Isolate

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate Flavored ...

Now we will break this up into a smaller category. Like I said earlier, whey protein isolate is a form of whey. It is the cleanest, purest form of whey protein as it is generally 90-95% protein. This leaves little room for anything else, so if you see 100% Whey Protein Isolate on the label you are putting a higher quality product into your body.

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The 9 Best Protein Powders For Weight Gain

Weve gone through lots of time, not to mention effort and, of course, money, to put together this list of the best protein powders for weight gain.

  • Pure Protein Whey
  • Lets take a closer look at each of these picks so you can see what puts them on top in the 2022 market, starting with our very favorite.

    What Happens When You Stop Taking Protein Powder

    Nothing bad will happen if you decide to stop taking protein powder, as long as you make sure you are getting enough protein from other sources. If you have relied heavily on protein powder for protein, you may have to wean slowly off of it, ensuring that you get enough protein from food sources. TheFDA recommends that most adults consume about 50 grams of protein a day. Its healthy if 10% to 35% of your calories come from protein.

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    Gold Standard 100% Whey

    GNC has long been a company famous for making good protein and supplement products, and though it doesnt quite beat Huge Whey as our top pick, their Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder is no exception.

    Though it is more expensive than Huge Whey, it offers comparable levels of protein and branched chain amino acid content for muscle and weight gain during workouts. This products main claim to fame is, indeed, the Whey Protein Isolates that are celebrated as the purest form of whey protein for ideal health benefits.

    In addition to containing all of these health-boosting ingredients, Gold Standards does not sacrifice taste. This is a factor that cannot be overlooked when hoping to increase weight gain!

    While benefiting from 24 grams of protein, you can enjoy flavors like Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Malt, Double Rich Chocolate, Cookies Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Extreme Milk Chocolate, Strawberries and Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut, and French Vanilla Cream.

    Though it is more expensive and not quite as hard-hitting as our favorite Huge Whey protein powder, Gold Standards is still a good choice and can be purchased at the GNC website.

    Are There Better Protein Sources Than Whey

    What is Whey Protein? (Protein Shake)

    Protein quality is determined by the amino-profile and absorption rates of the source.

    Generally, animal proteins contain all essential amino acids. Also, a large percentage of the dietary protein in those foods is bio-available. While most plant sources have poor amino-profile, and not all of the protein is fully absorbed.

    However, if your diet is varied enough and you consume enough protein-rich foods, you can cover your requirements. That being said, protein quality is rarely a problem.

    Back to whey, its actually one of the best protein sources out there. Mostly because its a dairy product. And the high level of processing does increase its absorption rate.

    Takeaway: whey protein is one of the best protein sources.

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    Whey For Muscle Growth And Recovery

    If you want to build and repair muscle, you need amino acids circulating in your blood. And for that, youll need adequate protein.

    Recall that whey protein is high in BCAAs, easily digestible, and proven in animal models to be among the most efficient proteins on the planet. For these reasons, researchers love using whey in human trials on exercise and recovery.

    How does whey help you build muscle? It does this by promoting positive net protein balance in muscle tissue.

    Basically, net protein balance equals protein synthesis minus protein breakdown .

    This means that if muscle synthesis beats out muscle degradation, your muscle mass will grow.

    How Much Protein Is Enough

    Although proteins are essential for building muscles, the body requires proteins in moderation. Here are protein requirement for different age groups:

    • Active men and teenage boys require three servings of proteins daily that are equivalent to sevens ounces in total.
    • Children between 2 and 6 years, women and the elderly require two servings per day, which provide five ounces of proteins.
    • Active women, teenage girls, men and older children require two servings daily that provide six ounces in total.

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    Q: Is Whey Protein Safe To Use

    A: Whey protein is considered safe to consume for most people. Its not safe for people with milk allergies, and its not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Also, it may interact with some medications. Be wary of consuming large amounts of whey protein drinks and other supplements though, as this can make your protein and calorie levels too high. Most whey protein foods are used as meal replacements or post-workout recovery fuel.

    Does Whey Protein Fight Cancer

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Naturally ...

    As we discussed before, whey protein is sold as a supplement. Its clearly not a cancer drug.

    The most common cancer treatment options include:


    Cancer treatment is a very serious matter. Its not as simple as going to GNC and picking up a tub of $20 protein powder.

    Takeaway: whey protein doesnt treat cancer.

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    Which Protein Is Better Than Plant Protein

    The best protein source for you will depend on your lifestyle, any dietary intolerances, as well as your individual needs and goals. If you want to build muscle, choose a protein powder that can be easily and quickly absorbed, and consume it either before or shortly after your workout. With its high leucine content and quick digestion, whey protein is generally believed to be better than plant protein in this regard.

    Whey protein will also naturally have all the essential amino acids needed to promote muscle recovery and synthesis after a session at the gym.

    If you want to lose weight, plant proteins typically take the body more time to digest and so may help keep you satiated for longer. However, casein protein another complete protein that comes from milk is an effective alternative. Casein protein is digested and absorbed at a slower rate than whey protein and may be more beneficial than plant protein for promoting muscle growth in between meals or before sleep too.

    Whey Protein Can Trigger Acne

    The links between hormones, stress, and acne have been known for years.

    However, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, several new studies have examined the link between diet and acne. The evidence suggests dairy intake can worsen and trigger acne due to digestive stress and excess hormones being added to the diet.

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    Q: Do I Need Any Special Equipment For Whey Protein Drinks

    A: This all depends on the brand you buy. The good thing about most whey protein supplements is that they come in powder form, so you can add them to your drinks at home. But you may need a blender at the very least to prevent any chalky textures. Some companies also sell specialty shakers that combine the powder and beverage together. This approach also saves on the cleanup, as you can drink it right out of the shaker.

    Whey Protein Side Effects Female

    Is Whey Protein REALLY Safe? How It AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH!

    There are a few potential side effects associated with whey protein supplementation in females. These include increased acne breakouts, bloating, and increased bowel movements. Additionally, whey protein can also stimulate the appetite, so females who are trying to lose weight or control their weight may find it difficult to do so if they are supplementing with whey protein. However, these side effects are generally mild and should not deter females from using whey protein as a supplement.

    Whey protein is a popular dietary supplement used by people who work out on a regular basis. If you consume a lot of whey protein, you will most likely suffer long-term kidney damage. Taking too much whey may cause a variety of health problems, including cardiac arrest, irregular heartbeat rhythm, and even complete loss of heart functionality. When you switch from a high-carbohydrate diet to a low-carbohydrate diet, your body burns fat to generate energy. In the long run, a liver transplant may result in damage. The consumption of protein in its natural form is healthier and more effective than consuming it in synthesized form.

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    How Much Protein Should I Take Daily

    Adults should consume 0.75 g of protein per kilo of body weight a day, equivalent to 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

    On average, this means females should have around 45 g and males 55 g per day.

    However, there is a range of factors that may influence how much protein a person needs, such as exercise, health, and fitness goals. People should speak with a registered dietician or other healthcare professional for personalized advice.

    Hormones In Dairy Have Been Linked To Cancer

    According to Dartmouth Medical School, evidence suggests that dairy sourced hormones may be the source of androgenic and mitogenic progestins, which drive prostate and breast cancer.

    This comes from a review which looks at 28 separate studies on the links between acne, dairy, and cancer.

    According to the William Danby, Professor of Medicine at the University, this is the most promising unitary hypothesis available to explain the etiology of diverse diseases that blemish, scar, shorten, and take the lives of millions.

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    Amino Acids And Other Compounds In Whey

    Like other protein powders, whey protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are building blocks that form all protein molecules, plus the structure of your tissues, including your muscles, skin, hair, nails.

    Whey contains all 9 essential amino acids, plus muscle-building branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs. These amino acids are essential because your body cant synthesize them on its own you have to get them from food or supplementation.

    BCAAs account for 35% of the protein in muscle tissue, and are best known for their anabolic effects.

    There are three main types of BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine and each play a role in muscle growth and recovery. Of the three, leucine is the key player in muscle protein synthesis and whey is packed with leucine.

    Whey is also full of cysteine an amino acid precursor that helps produce your master antioxidant, glutathione. As such, consuming whey boosts glutathione production.

    In addition to BCAAs and cysteine, whey contains a long list of beneficial bioactive compounds including:

    Dont Ignore Nutrition Facts

    Awasome Is Whey Protein Good To Gain Weight Background ...

    Some protein powders contain a lot of added sugar, artificial ingredients, and common allergens.

    Also, whey is based on dairy, so people who are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy should avoid it.

    Unfortunately, most people dont bother reading the Nutrition Facts, so they dont know what theyre putting into their bodies.

    They might experience side effects as a result. If you want to avoid them, make sure to check the label before buying whey.

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    Lets Start With The Basics

    Before we dive into all of the benefits of whey lets first talk about what whey is. Whey protein is found in the process of separating components of milk.

    Milk is made up of two proteins casein and whey. We are able to separate the whey from the casein or it can be formed as a byproduct of cheesemaking.

    From there, whey can then be processed to yield different forms of whey in the forms of concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate. While all forms have their benefits, isolate is the purest of the three and is the most complete.

    Whey Protein: Health Benefits At A Glance

    Manouchehr Saljoughian, PharmD, PhDAlta Bates Summit Medical Center,Department of Pharmacy, Berkeley, California

    US Pharm. 2009 34:HS-14-HS-18.

    Protein is an important macronutrient needed by everyone on a daily basis. It repairs body cells, builds and repairs muscles and bones, controls many of the important processes in the body related to metabolism, and provides a source of energy.1

    Whey protein is a high-quality protein from cow’s milk, containing all of the essential amino acids. Milk is composed of two forms of protein: casein protein and whey protein . Whey protein is more soluble than casein protein and is of a higher quality. It is often referred to as the most nutritious protein available. Whey contains less than 0.5 g of fat and only 5 mg of cholesterol per serving. Pure whey protein does not contain any gluten.2

    Whey protein is also the best source of branched chain amino acids . The body requires higher amounts of BCAAs during and following exercise. Unlike other amino acids that must first be metabolized through the liver, BCAAs are taken up directly by the skeletal muscle. Low levels of BCAA contribute to fatigue, and they should be replaced quickly following exercise or a competitive event. Whey protein is compatible with low-carbohydrate diets and is an ideal choice for athletes.2

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    Side Effects Dosage And How To Use It

    Whey protein is very easy to incorporate into your diet.

    It is sold as a powder that can be added to smoothies or yogurts, or simply mixed with water or milk. There is a wide selection .

    A commonly recommended dosage is 25-50 grams per day , but some products will include other recommendations on the packaging.

    Keep in mind that taking too much protein is not beneficial. Excessive consumption may also cause digestive problems, such as:

    Can Drinking Whey Protein Without Exercise Be Harmful

    Pick The Right Whey Protein in Under 4 Minutes

    Apart from the digestion issues stated before, there are no other serious dangers. But slamming down protein shakes without any clear goal is not recommended.

    You can think of whey protein as food, not a supplement. Whey is a concentrated form of milk protein. Cheese and yogurt are other forms of processed milk.

    If we compare whey to food, its easy to see why exercising makes no difference. Food doesnt suddenly turn harmful when you cancel your gym membership.

    This doesnt mean you shouldnt control your intake. Protein has calories. If you go way over the recommended intake, you might gain a few pounds of fat.

    Takeaway: supplementing whey when not exercising is perfectly fine. You should treat whey supplements as food. Note that there are times when adding whey on top of an already bad diet is not a good idea.

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