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Premier Protein Review 2022

Premier Protein Shake Weight Loss Review, Is Premier Protein Good For You??

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Premier Protein is a brand of protein shakes and bars that try to help you get the best results out of your workout. Today we will be reviewing the Premier Protein chocolate shake to show whether or not it is a suitable product for you, or if you are better off going with one of our top rated products. Read this Premier Protein review to discover why we do NOT recommend it, and see why it failed to rank amongst our top 10 best Protein Powder Products.

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  • Pre-made so there is no mixing
  • Helps improve muscle growth
  • Quick and convenient

Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight

Many people use protein shakes in an effort to lose weight, but there is no magic shake that will lead to weight loss. Protein can help fill you up and keep you full, which may support overall calorie balance. However, because protein shakes don’t contain nearly as many nutrients or fiber as real food, they’re not as satiating to the body. This can make you hungry later on which can lead to overeating, says Lindsay Allen, MS, RDN.

Keep in mind that some protein shakes are high calorie and designed to support weight gain, not loss.

Premier Protein Shake Nutrition

Nutritionally, Premier Protein shakes are appealing. They include:

  • 30 grams of protein
  • A range of vitamins and minerals
  • Just 1 gram of sugar
  • 160 calories per serving

The main selling point is the presence of 30 grams of protein. This is more than most other brands of protein powder and ready-to-drink shake. Its also particularly relevant for health and weight loss.

As a general rule, many people dont get enough protein, so increasing protein intake can be critical for health. Likewise, protein plays a role in muscle development and can help reduce age-related muscle loss, especially when paired with exercise.

Protein is also a key factor in keeping you satiated. This means that you tend to feel less hungry after a high protein meal. The pattern has considerable potential for weight loss. In particular, high protein foods can make people eat less at subsequent meals.

For that matter, one of the key reasons for including protein in shakes is to skip a meal. When you do that, you have the shake instead of food. This is considerably easier when the shake is high in protein and you would tend to feel full for longer.

Of course, this varies from one person to another.

Liquid calories dont tend to have the same effect on hunger as calories we eat. So, some people find themselves hungry after any type of protein shake. But, many others find this type of shake extremely effective.

The other nutrition elements are less significant but may still matter.

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Premier Protein Shake Cons

Although Premier shakes contain 24 vitamins and minerals, they dont have enough nutrients to serve as viable meal replacements. Theyre suitable as snacks in between meals and as post-workout supplements only.

Premier shakes also contain a high amount of protein, which can be unnecessary and even harmful if youre already getting enough of it from your regular diet in the form of healthy whole foods. Also, they contain artificial sweeteners, and if youre lactose-intolerant, youre going to want to steer clear of Premier protein shakes.

Relation Between Weight Loss And Protein Shakes

Premier Protein Shake, Pumpkin Spice, 30g Protein, 11.5 fl oz, 12 Ct ...

Protein is an essential nutrient for losing weight. Intaking sufficient protein can help you have a healthy metabolism and even help to reduce those frequent food cravings.

It can even contribute to losing unnecessary body fat without even losing your muscles.

Protein shakes can be one of the most convenient and accessible ways of adding more protein to your diet, and most importantly, authentic protein shakes have shown positive results regarding weight loss.

Studies have shown that higher protein consumption may reduce hunger throughout the day. A survey carried out in 2005 substantiated this evidence. It showed that a rich protein breakfast indeed helped older female participants intake 135 calories less throughout the day.

Even more, experiments showed the positive outcomes of weight loss due to a sufficient and appropriate amount of protein intake.

Use our BMI calculator to find out how much weight you need to shake off!

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How Do I Keep My Premier Protein Shake Well

Nobody would love to lose a good protein shake like the Premiers to poor and inadequate storage.

Hence, If you have been experiencing this before, weve come to the rescue! Ive outlined some simple steps to make your shake last longer.

  • After using the shakes, tightly seal the container. You need to keep air and moisture away totally.
  • If you are storing the Shakes in a packet, expel all the air in the pack to prevent further oxidation. Then, you can seal the container.
  • Keep the shake in a cool, dry, and dark place. A little amount of water will ruin your shake powder.

Does Protein Keep Blood Sugar Stable

Protein has only a small effect on blood glucose levels. In fact, protein tends to help stabilize blood sugars by blunting the absorption of carbohydrates/sugars. As protein breaks down into glucose more slowly than carbohydrate the effect of protein on blood glucose levels tends to occur gradually over a few hours.

All I know is after taking this product for 6 months my A1C dropped from 6.8 to 5.7 without a struggle. By that I mean I watched my diet but also had a few ooops days with an occasional cheat and shocked my Dr with my A1C test. Since then I have also had finger checks that average out to 117-120. Im still careful but also thankful my numbers are so good!

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People Who Have Trouble Consuming Adequate Protein

If youre not a fan of many protein-rich foods or follow a diet that makes it difficult to meet your protein needs, protein shakes may be a convenient and tasty way to help you meet your needs. That said, protein shakes should be considered a supplement to the diet, not a replacement for real food. There are numerous ways individuals can meet their protein needs through food, which also provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, says Tyler.

When Should You Drink Protein Shakes

Premier Protein Review as a Post workout supplement

Technically, you could drink a protein shake anytime with a meal or as a snack. Theres no specific time of day that is necessarily best to drink a protein shake. However, some people find it challenging to get enough protein at breakfast, especially on busy mornings. Protein shakes can be a helpful addition to a breakfast on-the go.

They are also particularly helpful if youve just finished a workout, especially when you dont have the appetite for something else or the time to prepare a meal. You can jump start the recovery process by drinking a protein shake with at least 20 grams of protein within 30 minutes after a hard effort workout or strength session, says Bauman. Youll also want to get in a good source of carbohydrates after exercising to replenish and build your energy stores, so if your shake is low in carbs, try drinking it alongside a peanut butter sandwich or yogurt with berries and granola.

While protein shakes are convenient, they arent a replacement for whole foods, and you may miss out on other important nutrients if you rely on them too heavily. If you are drinking a protein shake daily, consider rotating the type of protein used in the shake. You can also blend in a variety of fruit, leafy greens, and spices to further increase variety and the nutrient profile of your shake, says Tyler.

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Which Protein Shake Is Best For Weight Loss

Naturade Total Soy is the best tasting soy protein shake in the market. It contains no maltodextrin, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no milk, no lactose, no cholesterol, no yeast, no gluten. It is also soy free. It is high in fiber, high in protein, low in fat, low in lactose. It contains essential fatty acids..

What Qualities Should A Protein Shake Have

According to the information provided on the Premier Protein website, a single serving of protein shake contains only 1 gram of sugar, 30 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, and 160 calories. The nutritional profile of one serving of Premier Protein powder is very similar to that of other similar products.

On the surface, these numbers appear to be good for someone who is attempting to increase their protein consumption while simultaneously limiting their diet of fat and sugar. Products that are low in fat and sugar, on the other hand, need to find a means to compensate for the diminished flavor. Two different types of artificial sweeteners, namely sucralose and acesulfame potassium, can be found in Premier Protein products.

According to the findings of a recent study, sugar consumption can make inflammation in the body worsen and may have a deleterious effect on intestinal health. Even though acesulfame potassium is currently being researched, there may be a link between it and cancer as well as damage to the thyroid.

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Best With Probiotics: Chobani Complete


What We Like: Chobani Complete is a whole food high protein option that also contains probiotics, which may support a healthy gut.

It’s Worth Noting: Chobani Complete requires refrigeration. Its sweetened with stevia leaf extract and monk fruit extract.

Chobani Complete is a great option if you are lactose intolerant but also want to add a food source of probiotics to your diet. Its a yogurt-based drink with 25 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 25 percent of your daily calcium needs per bottle. It requires refrigeration, so its a bit less convenient than some other protein shakes, but the added nutritional benefits earn it a spot in the rotation.

Chobani Complete is available in strawberry cream, vanilla, mixed berry vanilla, and banana cream, all of which are sweetened with stevia and monk fruit extract. Because the protein comes from yogurt, this is one of the smoothest and creamiest options on the market. All flavors are gluten-free, lactose free , Kosher, and contain no artificial flavors.

Price at time of publication: $2.99 each

Product Details:

  • Protein source: Milk protein isolate
  • Sweetener: Monk fruit extract and stevia
  • Dietary considerations: gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free

Fairlife Protein Shake Pros

Premier Protein Shake, Vanilla, 30g Protein, 11 Fl Oz, 12 Ct

The original Fairlife Nutrition Plan shakes have the same protein as Premier shakes at 30 grams per serving. It contains just 150 calories per serving, so its 10 fewer than the ready-made Premier protein shakes. In terms of nutrients, it has nine essential amino acids and several vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, calcium and potassium.

These shakes have plenty of protein, and their low-carb formula makes them an excellent supplement for those seeking to lose weight while maintaining a solid muscle frame. Theyre made with ultra-filtered milk, giving them a smooth, creamy texture thats delicious.

Also, unlike Premier protein shakes, Fairlife shakes are suitable for anybody whos lactose-intolerant.

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The Concentration Of Protein

The amount of protein that is contained in one serving of Premier Protein, which ranges from 20 to 30 grams, is sufficient. With this amount of protein, you should be able to make a delicious shake that is loaded with amino acids to help with the process of building muscle.

A great number of other industrial movements are not nearly as impressive. Smoothies made with Ensure often have fewer than 10 grams of total protein. There are two that have varying levels of protein one has 16 grams, while the other has 30 grams nevertheless, it is far more difficult to locate these than the other kind.

Premier Protein Is Not Good For You

Are Premier Protein shakes good for you? Are Premier Protein shakes healthy?

Premier Protein shakes are one of the most popular protein supplements. They are cheap, widely available, and marketed as a healthy way to boost your protein intake, but they are far from healthy. Premier Protein shakes have one of the worst ingredient lists that I have ever seen, and can cause uncomfortable side effects and long term gut damage.

Premier Protein Nutrition Facts

A Premier Protein Vanilla Protein Shake contains 160 calories, 30 grams of protein, and only 1 gram of sugar. From a Nutritional Standpoint, it looks like a great source of dietary protein. Just because the nutrient content looks good does not mean that a protein supplement is good for you, however. The ingredients matter just as much, if not more, and in this category, Premier Protein fails miserably.

Premier Protein ingredients

milk protein concentrate

I will not go into the details, but protein concentrates also undergo heavy mechanical and chemical processing. This means that what you end up putting into your body looks nothing like real food, which is a problem because the less an ingredient looks like food, the harder it is to digest. Stick to real foods whenever possible.

food additives

Here are the food additives in a Premier Protein Vanilla Protein Shake:

artificial sweeteners

Here are the artificial sweeteners in a Premier Protein Vanilla Protein Shake:

Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium

Premier Protein alternative

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What Are The Side Effects Of Premier Protein Shakes

Over consumption of whey protein can lead to side effects such as increased bowel movements, nausea, thirst, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, tiredness , and headache, according to WebMd.

A friend of mine told me about a supplement and claimed that it helped him lower his fasting blood sugar count by 8 points and that his energy level was up also. I figured what the hell, Id try it. I didnt really see much in results at first but after about 3 weeks my fasting sugar count started to inch down and my energy levels were starting to rise. Now after 2 months of steady use my fasting sugar count is down a solid 12 points. My diet is a little better than my friends so I figure that might be the difference between his results and mine. I now have ordered a bottle of Liver Cleanse to add to the mix. Ill post more when Ive used it for a couple of months.

Coffee Flavour Increased Energy

Premier Protein Health Shake Review – OK for a Mass Produced Product

If you go for the coffee flavor it does come with one cup of coffee. The caffeine content will provide heightened alertness.

I love a bit of caffeine in my shake, simply because it gives me a good kick. I get the protein and a little bit more sharpness. However, if your not a fan of coffee best go for another flavor.

In general, though, dont have too much caffeine pre-workout. It can have a laxative effect and stimulates urine production. Simply, you can lose water from the body which is never good for working out.

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Is Premier Protein Shake Keto Friendly

The Premier Protein Shake is not a Keto-friendly product. The Premier Protein Shake is not only not Keto friendly but also unhealthy as well as it is loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar. The Premier Protein Shake is also loaded with unhealthy ingredients as well as it is loaded with sugar. Unhealthy ingredients like sugar can spike up the glucose level in the body and hence it is not suitable for keto diet. The Premier Protein Shake is a blend of many unhealthy ingredients and hence it is not Keto friendly. To get a keto diet, you have to include foods that are rich in fat and very less in carbs and sugar. If you have a Premier Protein Shake, you have to break your keto diet completely. If you want to get a keto diet, you have to include fresh and healthy foods instead of having a Premier Protein Shake. Make sure that you know the difference between a Keto diet and keto diet. In order to get a keto diet, you have to focus on a keto diet and not on a keto diet. A keto diet is a keto diet and a keto diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb diet..

Synthetic Vitamin And Mineral Blend

Premier Protein Shake contains a blend of vitamins and minerals. Food companies often do this to beef up the nutrition label on their product. This is especially common in the alternative milk industry. Consumers will think their almond milk is significantly more nutritious than whole milk because the almond milk manufacturer added synthetic vitamins so the Supplement Facts label looks impressive.

There is no benefit to taking synthetic vitamins if youre not deficient, and supplementation should only be used to correct a deficiency or maintain optimal levels based on testing.

Regular multivitamin use has been conclusively proven to provide no benefit in medical research, and may slightly increase risk of cancer.

Its evident to us based on some of the vitamin choices that Premier Protein was looking to use the cheapest rather than the most effective compounds for this blend. Vitamin K1 is included instead of Vitamin K2 which is about 10x better absorbed. Vitamin K1 is also easy to obtain through diet while K2 isnt.

For Vitamin B9, Premier Protein Shake chooses folic acid rather than the superior methylated form of folate, which is much better absorbed and arguably safer.

As we discussed in our review of the wildly popular Goli ACV Gummies, folic acid is synthetic and has a weak association with cancer because it can be hard for the body to clear unlike dietary folate.

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