How To Make Protein Smoothies


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How To Store Smoothies

How to Make a Protein Smoothie

Protein fruit smoothie recipes can be made the night before and stored the fridge for the next day. If the recipe contains banana, its best to add it the morning you plan to eat it. Otherwise, your smoothie will be an unappetizing brown color and just not look as fresh. The flavor and nutritional state will be the same, though.

If you are using whey or casein protein powder, store your smoothie in a glass container. This is because the plastic is absorbent and may take on a funny smell if left sitting containing the mix.

When premixing a protein fruit smoothie recipe, store it in an airtight glass container right after blending it. It will stay fresh for up to 24 hours but you will have to add a bit of frozen fruit to the mixture and reblend before drinking for it to taste its best.

My Secret To Making The Perfect Protein Packed Smoothie

A few weeks ago I wrote the ultimate guide on choosing the best protein powder to suit your different requirements and goals.

Its no secret that I am a big advocate of incorporating protein into my diet every day, which is why Im continuing my protein series this week with Part 2 the secret to making my ultimate protein smoothie. Protein has supported my own health journey over the last few years, especially when dealing with my own chronic digestive issues. This was ultimately the driving force in designing my own range of proteinthat specifically targets those with digestive issues.


Protein is important in maintaining healthy skin and digestive health. It also helps support pregnancy, a strong immune system, enhanced sports performance, sports recovery as well as sustained weight loss.

A smoothie that includes protein means youll feel fuller for longer, and youre less likely to give in to your cravings because of its satiating effect. If you were to simply blend up fruits, vegetables and milk, youd be leaning towards a carbohydrate heavy smoothie, which can elevate your insulin and blood sugar levels, making you feel hungry well before lunchtime.


The secret to blending the perfect protein smoothie is to have the right balance of macronutrients that is, your protein, healthy fats and carbs to ensure youre getting all the nutrients your body needs.



My Favorite Hack For Making Protein Shakes

If drinking a protein shake is a part of your regular routine, you have to try SmoothieBox. SmoothieBox is a protein shake kit delivery service that uses only the best, organic produce with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

Each box comes with between 20 to 25 pre-portioned smoothie pouches that contain a blend of flash-frozen fruits, vegetables, and seeds. You also have a choice of either grass-fed collagen, vanilla whey, chocolate whey, vanilla vegan, or chocolate vegan protein powder to add to your box. SmoothieBoxs shake mixes are available in four flavors Green, Berry, Clementine and Cacao.

To make a protein shake, simply pour the contents of a smoothie pouch into your blender. Then add a scoop of protein powder, any liquid you like, and blend until smooth. Depending on how much blending liquid you use, each smoothie pouch will yield one 16-20 ounce smoothie, or two 8-12 ounce smoothies.

The price ranges between $5.56 to $7.44 per smoothie and shipping is always free. You can choose to have a one-time order or a monthly subscription. If you choose to have a subscription, it can be paused, delayed or cancelled at any time. SmoothieBox also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if youre not satisfied. Additionally, my readers get a discount on their order using the link and code below:

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How To Make This Coffee

Its not hard to make smoothies in the morning, but the process can be even easier if you want to plan ahead. Heres how to make this coffee smoothie in a freezer pack:

  • Add the ground coffee, banana, vanilla extract, and peanut butter to a sealable freezer-safe bag .
  • Press the air out of the bag.
  • Place the bag in the freezer.

When you crave a coffee smoothie in the morning, all you have to do is to add almond milk followed by the frozen ingredients to your blender.

This also means your breakfast drink will be ready in 2 minutes now. You can see all about smoothie freezer packs here.

OR if you wanted to blend everything fully ahead, you can pour it into a mason jar, and freeze. Then, grab it the night before and allow it to thaw in the fridge overnight. When you wake up, itll be ready to grab and enjoy.

Best Fruits To Use For Smoothies

Yogurt protein smoothie 3 ways

There is a great collection of frozen fruits to choose from, so check out your freezer aisle in the shop. Some tasty choices are

  • Bananas for a thick and creamy base.
  • Pineapple and mango for some sweetness and vitamin C, fiber, and potassium.
  • Berries such as blueberries and raspberries will give your smoothies a boost of plant chemicals called anthocyanins, which help you stay healthy.
  • Kiwis are good for gut health and hydration.

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How Long Do Smoothies Last

If youre wondering how long do smoothies last in the freezer, the answer is up to 3 months.

In the fridge, smoothies last for approximately 24 hours. They can last for 2 days but to ensure maximum nutrition, flavor, and freshness, I recommend enjoying the smoothie during the first 24 hours after you remove it from the freezer.

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Smoothie Ingredients I Used

The main ingredients are: unsweetened almond milk, vanilla whey protein powder, chia seeds, frozen pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice & vanilla stevia.

I dont like mine super sweet but you could easily add some extra stevia, Swerve or your sweetener of choice. The vanilla protein powder has enough sweetness for me but you might want more.

By the way I used to use vanilla extract and sweetener but now I use Sweetleaf Vanilla Steviawhich works much better in my opinion.

Why This Coffee Smoothie Is A Healthy Breakfast For Your Day

How To Make a Protein Shake

Here are a few reasons why this coffee banana smoothie sits high on the scale of healthy breakfast smoothies:

  • Its vegan
  • It has 0 processed sugars
  • It has coffee
  • Its super easy and simple

But, thats just from a high level lets dive deeper into WHY the main ingredients are each so good for you, specifically, the coffee, almond milk, banana, and peanut butter.

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Banana Mango Smoothie Recipe

Bananas are excellent supporters of a healthy heart. One large banana provides up to 480mg of potassium, which is essential for the muscles that make your heart beat. In fact, low potassium intake is related to higher risk of stroke so, bananas high-potassium/low-sodium combo makes them a great addition to any healthy heart routine. This

Premier Protein Recipes Coffee

A protein shake with 31 grams of protein at only 210 calories!A recipe for dalgona coffee from premier protein.A recipe for iced hazelnut coffee from premier protein.A recipe for iced hazelnut coffee from premier protein.

Add all ingredients into a medium saucepan, except the cinnamon stick.Add in iced coffee and stir.Add peppermint and coffee, and enjoy!Breakfast smoothies and coffee are my jam which means this coffee lovers protein shake is my ultimate fave!

Brewed espresso, vanilla protein powder, ice cubes, cashew butter and 1 more.By continuing to use & browse this site, you agree to.Coconut milk, ice cubes, coffee, dark chocolate.Dark chocolate coconut iced coffee kitchenaid.

Everyone has their vice, their trigger when they are trying to lose weight, and mine is coffee.Get directions, 40 calories, nutrition info & more for thousands of healthy recipes.Griffins board keto premier protein, followed by 124 people on pinterest.I mean i seriously love coffee.

Im not sponsored by premier protein at all but i do want to give them a shoutout.Iced coffee protein smoothie eat.Iced coffee with premier protein shake:In my case, i tried this with iced coffee, though frankly, the caramel pretin shake creamer replacement works.

Its marketed in much the.Mix ingredients together in a bowl with an electric mixer.Mix the protein powder and water in a bowl using a whisk.More vanilla shake recipes lavender latte

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Chocolate Cherry Awesomeness Shake

Research suggests that cherries can ease soreness after a workout, making this a perfect recovery shake, says St. Pierre. BLEND THIS:12 oz water, milk, or yogurt2 scoops chocolate flavored protein powder2 cups of sweet dark cherries, pits removed1 cups of spinach1 tbsp ground flax1 tbsp cacao nibs or dark cocoa powder530 calories, 56 g protein, 13 g fat, 47 g carbs, 9 g fiber

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High Protein Smoothies: Protein Sources

15 Healthy Homemade Protein Shake Recipes

We have only included protein smoothies without powder in this compilation, preferring to stick to all natural protein sources.

Protein powder can be a great help if you need to bulk on protein, but it can also be very processed and full of weird ingredients, so were sticking to natural protein powders where possible.

In high protein smoothies made without protein powder, the protein can come from various sources. Yoghurt is a big one, as greek yoghurt contains 10g protein per 100g, plus it helps make your smoothie all creamy-dreamy. Try this mango and coconut smoothie!

Nut butters are also popular 2 tbsp peanut butter contains about 9g protein. You could also use almond butter, like in this delicious almond banana smoothie. Nut butters are a good option for vegans!

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More Keto Shake Recipes

If you like protein smoothie recipes like this one, you might also like some of these other keto smoothies:

A No Cook Pear Breakfast Recipe Thats Perfect For Everyone

This no-cook pear smoothie is a quick and simple recipe. I love a good no-cook recipe for those days when Im not feeling like standing around the stove, or for summer days when its too hot to cook. I have a whole collection of recipes that require zero cooking at all, check them out here! This smoothie comes together in about 5 minutes, and doesnt require and heat to make. Just use staple ingredients and you have a healthy meal ready in no time. And very little to clean up afterwards an added bonus!

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A Good Blender Is Worth It

I got a Blendtec just over 2 years ago, and I can never go back to a normal blender again. Mine tells me how many times Ive used it and Im a few smoothies away from 800 blends! Thats amazing, and it also shows how much I have used it. A good blender will whip you up a thick delicious smoothie with no chunks in about 45 seconds. If you are going to go green on any of your smoothies, a good blender is the key to getting all those healthy leafy greens to blend and have a great texture. I love my high power blender and highly recommend one.

More Smoothie Recipes You Will Love

Homemade Protein Shake -Natural Recipe
  • Easy Strawberry Cream Smoothie
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Can You Put Protein Powder In Fruit Smoothies

Yes, of course you can put protein powder in fruit smoothies. I make berry smoothies all the time and I add protein powder.

When Im making a berry smoothie, my standard recipe includes a scoop of vegan protein powder. I will mix either a chocolate flavored Vega protein or a plain from NorCal. It depends on what I have on hand.

I like the mixture of chocolate and berries, but if you dont like that, you can certainly opt for a plain whey.

Also, if youre the type who is fine with using whey, then you can certainly use a whey protein powder as well.

The great thing about berries and other fruit smoothies is that they mix so well with flavored protein powders.

Personally, I like to use chocolate or plain protein powder. But if you are someone who has a birthday cake flavored protein powder, or something else that has a unique flavor, its going to probably taste fine in a fruit smoothie.

How To Make High

There are smoothies, and then there are high-protein smoothies. Both are easy to make and refreshing to drink, but smoothies that are higher in protein can be quick and easy meals all by themselves. The protein helps to rebuild and repair muscles after a tough workout and it makes you feel fuller, longer, helping to curb the need to reach for a snack between meals.

Packed with nutrients, homemade high-protein smoothies are also super easy to create. All you need are a few key ingredients, a blender, and a little imagination. If you’re cutting out dairy, I’ll show you how to easily make them vegan by substituting non-dairy milk, yogurt, and other ingredients in your favorite smoothie recipes. Follow these tips to make the most of your meal in a glass.

Check out our collection of Smoothie Recipes.

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Protein Smoothie Recipes For Weight Gain Or Muscle Gain

Favorite Chocolate Protein Shake! This is my go-to after workouts packs protein, carbs, fruit, and veggies to help build muscle and optimize recovery . It tastes like a chocolate milkshake!

Apple Cinnamon Weight Gain Smoothie is a great way to gain weight by increasing your calories with a delicious whole foods packed smoothie.

Do You Need A Blender To Put Protein Powder In A Smoothie

What goes in a perfect Protein Shake?

Can you put protein powder in smoothies with a shaker bottle?

Well, its an odd question but lets slow it down.

First, you cant make a smoothie without a blender. Some folks try and make a smoothie with a juicer, but thats not something I advise doing.

But once youve made your smoothie and you have it in the fridge, perhaps you want to add protein powder to it later. Can you?

Yes. Once youve made your smoothie and cleaned your blender, there is no reason to add the entire drink back into the blender just to add protein powder.

You can add protein powder to a smoothie just by mixing the entire thing together in a blender bottle.

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How To Make The Perfect Quinoa

  • Quinoa should be washed in at least two changes of water. Drain and transfer ½ cup of uncooked quinoa to a small pot.
  • Add cup water, bring to boil, cover and simmer for 8 minutes on medium heat.
  • Switch off the heat source and allow the quinoa to rest for 5 minutes before fluffing with a fork.
  • Allow to cool before storing in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
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    A Delicious Treat For A Job Well Done

    Are these high-protein smoothies starting to make your mouth water? Run out to the grocery store and stock up on the ingredients. Next, invest in a high-quality blender and keep it prominently placed on your kitchen counter. Itll help you make your post-workout smoothie when you come home quickly and easily. The last step? You wont build muscle without putting in the hard work. Make sure you develop a well-balanced strength-training plan and then stick with it. When that last rep feels extra tough, just remember that youve got a delicious muscle gain shake calling your name at home. Find anES Fitness near you.

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    Are Protein Shakes Healthy

    Like most products, there are better and worse options when it comes to protein powders. Consuming plenty of protein is very easy for most people eating a balanced diet, including a plant-based diet. In fact, most Americans eat nearly double the amount of protein they need.

    Protein powders are highly processed and often contain high concentrations of heavy metals, pesticides, and BPA. I would not recommend using them on a daily basis, however, they can be a great option for post-workout recovery or a busy day meal-on-the-go.

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