High Protein Vegetarian Meals For Weight Loss


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Does Noom Track Blood Sugar Levels And Carbohydrates

Beginner High Protein Vegan Meal Plan for FAT LOSS

The Noom Weight app includes a feature that allows you to manually log your daily glucose levels, as well as weight, blood pressure, and water intake. Tracking these measurements can help keep stay on track and provide insights for your coach.

If your blood glucose levels start to get a bit high, your coach might check your food tracker to see what you ate that day. Your coach might offer alternate suggestions or ideas for incorporating more green foods you like. They may also dig into any triggerslike stress or boredomthat set you off track in the first place.

The Noom Weight app allows you to monitor your carbohydrate intake as well. When you log a banana, for example, simply click on More in the food tracker, and youll see a breakdown of nutritional facts, including carbohydrates, sugars, and fats.

Focusing On Highly Processed Vegetarian Foods

If youre relying on too many processed foods as part of a vegetarian diet, you may have a hard time losing weight.

Countless products are technically vegetarian but still harbor unnecessary additives and other unhealthy ingredients. Examples include veggie burgers, meat substitutes, freezer meals, baked goods, packaged desserts, and vegan cheese.

These foods are often packed not only with sodium, highly processed compounds, chemical preservatives, and coloring agents but also calories and added sugars.

As a result, they may contribute to weight gain when eaten in excess.

In fact, a review linked the intake of ultra-processed foods to an increased risk of obesity, as well as higher LDL cholesterol and blood pressure levels .


Some barriers to losing weight on a vegetarian diet include not eating enough protein and relying too heavily on refined carbs, calorie-rich foods, and highly processed items.

Unlock 11 More High Protein Versions For Sporty People

You lift weights, do sports and you need more calories?

These locked recipes are upgradedversions of the recipes we have available on the blog: that means all of them are between 500-700kcal and contain at least 24g+ protein, many a lot more.

To unlock them create a free account.

Youll also get our free vegetarian 7-Day High Protein Meal Plan and our weekly veggie newsletter .

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What Is A High Protein Vegetarian Diet Plan

A diet emphasizing high protein makes it easy to avoid post-workout brain fog,’ maintaining muscle mass and increasing power to go. Therefore, a high-protein vegetarian diet is ideal for those trying to bulk up or lose weight. The Institute of Medicine in the US recommends a daily dietary allowance of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.

For reference, according to National Health Service guidelines, adults aged 19 years and over should consume 0.4 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight. An increase in protein helps the body in its overall recovery process.

This diet plans call for a person to consume over 10-15 percent of their daily calories from protein. The required protein intake will vary among individuals based on their height, weight, and body composition. Many people also take in protein via their diet and supplements, so an increase in protein intake will not necessarily result in any major changes to weight or body composition.

However, individuals with a higher body fat percentage may need to consult a doctor before adjusting too much protein intake. This diet should also be completed for at least 4 to 8 weeks. According to the USDA, a person with a lower protein intake, such as 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight, can consume up to 45 grams of protein per day.

Eating Too Many Refined Carbs

Vegetarian Meal Plan: 1, Calories

Foods that are high in refined carbs, such as bread, pizza, and pasta, can be easy to overeat on a vegetarian diet.

Theyre widely available and may sometimes be the only vegetarian options at restaurants or gatherings.

Foods rich in refined carbs tend to lack fiber and do not curb hunger as much as whole-grain, complex carbs. As a result, they can load you down with excess calories .

Whats more, some studies suggest that refined carbs trigger the release of extra insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar. This may also contribute to weight gain .

In fact, one study including around 500,000 adults detected a strong association between higher insulin levels after carb intake and greater body mass index .

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High Protein Vegetarian Meal Plan Build Muscle And Tone Up

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Ready to take your progress to the next level? Welcome to the only high-protein vegetarian meal plan youll ever need.

Lets be honest, vegetarians have a harder time following a high protein diet than people who eat meat. Im here to change that.

If youre trying to build muscle on a vegetarian diet, Im sure youve asked yourself how can I get enough protein?. Muscle mass doesnt happen on its own.

Equally, if youre trying to lose weight and tone up with a high-protein diet, I bet youve asked yourself the same question.

Vegetarian Meal Prep: High Protein Solutions

Weekdays can get busy, and whether you work from home, in the office, or not at all, lunch is a meal that often needs to be eaten on the go.

Thats why we have included a selection of high protein vegetarian lunches for work that can be prepped in advance and transported easily.

We dont want any of our loyal readers missing out on protein because theyre in a hurry!

Try this chili sin carne: make up a big old batch at the beginning of the week, then just take a portion with you every day! Or, this vegan lentil bolognese is easily heated up in the microwave, youll have a hot, healthy lunch in minutes.

If youre not heading out for lunch, we have some delicious recipes that can be enjoyed at home, such as these cream cheese scrambled eggs on toast.

Eggs are packed with protein, and omelettes are a great way to get in on all that goodness. You can enjoy them plain, or treat them as a blank canvas, ready to be decorated with lots of yummy toppings.

Our vegetarian microwave mug omelette is a good place to start!

But for now, enjoy working your way through these delicious vegetarian high protein lunch ideas!

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Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

What’s better than an incredibly comforting warm soup on a cold winter day? Not much. Come home and snuggle up to this soup that is super high in fiber and blasting with flavor. It’s creamy texture and kicking spices come together to make the perfect balance of flavors. The ginger in this soup will also help aid sickness, nausea, and congestion. So beat those winter sniffles with this hearty dinner.

Get the recipe fromVegangela.

Green Vegetables And Leafy Greens

Vegan High Protein Meal Prep For Weight Loss! (Budget Friendly Plant Based Meals)

The more the merrier. We should try to get some greens on our plates every day, ideally twice.

From a protein perspective youll have to eat loads! No way can I munch two bunches of broccoli a day for 18g of protein.

From a health perspective theyre seriously awesome though, and they should be included in almost any healthy vegetarians diet!

Roasted broccoli halloumi traybake with bread

As vegetarians these are the best of the options we have when were looking for protein. As you can see many of the sources are best in moderation.

This is reason enough for me to put the first priority of our vegetarian high protein meal plan on balance.

If you focus first on adding as much protein as possible it is likely to result in an unbalanced diet, which might lead to health problems.

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Keto Roasted Tomato Jalapeno Cheddar Soup

Did someone say roasted tomato jalapeno cheddar soup? You had me at roasted tomatoand jalapenoand cheddar.

This soup tastes like queso but in soup form. The creaminess of the cheese balances the heat from the jalapeno peppers.

And the roasted tomatoes provide sweetness and acidity. Its a party in your mouth.

This soup is great on its own. But if you like, you can serve it with some low-carb bread.

This one here is a great choice. One slice contains zero net carbs.

It also provides a whopping 12 grams of fiber. Now, thats a whole lotta fiber!

Per Serving:

Is This Vegetarian Diet Plan Healthy

Yes. These plans are carefully constructed around our nutritional needs. We take great care to make sure you get plenty of protein, while also getting fatty acids, healthy fats, essential amino acids and lots of vitamins and nutrients.

Animal protein is included, as is plenty of plant protein.

We also keep the saturated fat down to guideline levels, and we generally stay away from meat substitutes as they are often very heavily processed.

The plans are also carefully checked by James, our Nutritionist. He is also in charge of staying on top of the latest research and guidelines, so you can be sure our plans are up to date, and indeed healthy.

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How Can I Add Protein To My Vegetarian Meal

To an already-finished meal think of sprinkling nuts, cheese or nutritional yeast over the top. To replace meat within the meal try tofu, seitan, lentils or different types of cheese.

You can also add chia seeds to virtually any pancake batter youll get a nice omega-3 boost, too!

Of course, the recipes above can use all types of the food in this list.

Connect With Your Fellow Noomers

32 Vegan High

When you join, youll become part of a group to share milestones and celebrate wins.

Your fellow Noomers are there for you, 24/7. Want to eat Chinese food but not sure what might work? Ask your group and get the answers youre after

Going through a period of low motivation? Share it with your group and youll get all the encouragement you need to keep going.

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Healthy Eating As A Vegetarian

The Eatwell Guide shows the different types of food we should eat to have a healthy, balanced diet, and in what proportions.

You don’t need to achieve this balance with every meal, but try to get the balance right over a day, or even a week. Choose options low in fat, salt and sugar whenever you can.

As outlined in the Eatwell Guide:

Summary Of Protein Rich Foods

Here is a summary of the high-protein foods you can pick from as well as how to measure a portion of these foods. Note In the below paragraphs, when we refer to 1 fist we mean that you should measure the food against your fist and that size of serving is a portion of protein.

Aim to get at least 1 portion of protein with your lunch and dinner each day for good health and weight loss.

As part of a protein-rich diet for weight loss or for general health, you can plan to have a combination of at least two of the above sources of protein across 2 meals of the day. Here are some combinations that can be part of a protein-rich diet for weight loss and health, depending on your meal preference:

  • 1 fist size portion of paneer with lunch + 200 ml of Greek yoghurt with dinner
  • 1 cup channa with lunch + 1 fist size portion of paneer with dinner
  • 1 scoop whey protein with breakfast + 1 fist-size portion tofu with lunch
  • If you consume eggs, 2-3 eggs at breakfast + 1 cup of roasted soy bean/ edamame bean with lunch
  • For vegans, 2 besan chillas with breakfast + 1 scoop vegan protein powder shake at snack time
  • If you are non-vegetarian, 2 boiled eggs with lunch + 1 fist size portion of lean chicken breast with dinner

Important notes:

  • If you have liver or kidney issues , you should exercise caution when increasing protein intake. In such cases, please consult your doctor first.
  • Soy: With respect to consuming Soy and soy products, please check with your doctor if you have a thyroid problem .

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Chickpea Salad With Avocado

This low-carb and low-calorie meal is summer in a bowl and can be cooked ahead of time, kept in the fridge and eaten over a few days. Its super easy to make, tastes amazing and is all plant-based. You can also eat it as a side dish at dinner with some of the other delicious recipes weve provided. Read on to find out about the meal prep time, cooking time, and the most important part, eating time!


  • Drain and rinse your can of chickpeas.
  • Cut and dice the avocado, chop the coriander, and dice half an onion.
  • Put everything in a bowl together and add the feta cheese , lime juice and honey. Season with the salt and pepper.
  • How To Get Protein As A Vegetarian

    High protein vegan meals for fat loss

    Traditionally, a protein-rich diet was once thought to amount to a meat-heavy diet. Now that there is more research into plant-based diets, experts agree that many vegetarian meals can provide all the nutrients a person needs, including enough protein to build muscle.

    There are various healthy vegetarian sources of protein:

    • Grains and pulses – eg, lentils, beans, chickpeas.
    • Dairy – eg, milk, cheese, yoghurt.
    • Soya and tofu – eg, soya beans, soy milk, tempeh.
    • Nuts and seeds – eg, almonds, cashews, flaxseeds.

    In fact, when nutritionally balanced, vegetarian and vegan diets are believed to be “healthful and nutritionally adequate“, and are associated with a lower risk of many health conditions, including ‘heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure , certain types of cancer, and obesity’.

    You might also wish to support your high-protein diet with plant-based protein supplements, although it’s important to note that these supplements shouldn’t be taken as a replacement for food protein.

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    Can I Still Drink Alcohol Whilst Following The Plan

    This is completely up to you, but for best results we recommend avoiding sugary soft drinks and alcohol, and sticking with water, tea and coffee instead. Although soft drinks and alcohol do contain calories, they are often known as empty calories.

    I recommend getting your calorie intake up to scratch with real foods youll take in far more healthy vitamins and nutrients that way. My plan is to give a realistic meal plan that is both healthy and sustainable.

    Of course, small amounts wont ruin things, either. But remember your goals and youll hit them all the quicker

    Butternut Squash Feta And Tomato Open Omelette

    Omelettes make great high-protein vegetarian meals because eggs are a ‘complete’ protein source. This means that they contain all the amino acids that your body needs. This recipe makes for a great breakfast or lunch, as butternut squash, spinach, and tomatoes contain fibre which will help to keep you energised for muscle-building exercises.

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    Getting Nutrients From A Vegetarian Diet

    It’s important to vary what you eat. Some nutrients are found in smaller amounts in vegetarian sources, or are less easily absorbed by the body than those in meat or fish.

    Most vegetarians usually have enough protein and calcium in their diet.

    But if you don’t plan your diet properly, you could miss out on essential nutrients. For example, vegetarians need to make sure they get enough iron and vitamin B12 in their diets.

    Vegetarian High Protein Weight Loss Diet

    High Protein Vegan Meal Ideas

    A vegetarian high protein quick weight loss diet is one that keeps away the carbohydrates, and instead includes high protein, and rich in fiber foods. A protein rich diet is considered better than certain others mainly because they are better sources of providing energy as opposed to carbs or fats. Another advantage with this weight loss plan is that it does no damage to people who are already suffering from conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, or high blood pressure. Needless to say though, if it is a diet, there are always cons along with the pros. While the pros are about it being healthy, the cons are about not having a balanced intake of all the elements that the body requires. But what exactly comprises a protein rich diet for vegetarians? Heres what.

    Studies show us that the advantage vegetarians have from this diet is that most high protein vegetarian foods are low in fat and calories, on the other hand, people tend to overdo the consumption of proteins when on this diet. If consumed in moderation, the following foods are advisable as part of a protein rich diet

    A balanced inclusion of the given food items are a great way to plan a weight loss diet that is both, high protein, as well as vegetarian. Along with the consumption of these foods, it would also be a good idea to include foods that have a high fiber content, as they keep you full for a longer time.

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    How Much Protein Is In The Meal Plans

    We always make sure youll get a minimum of 75g, 95g and 115g, depending if you skip or munch the suggested snacks. They also take fat and saturated fat into account to ensure you are getting healthy meal plans, which we havent found anywhere else.

    You might think that the protein share in our meal plan is still not high enough. After all, it doesnt reach the 1g protein/lb rule often promoted in the bodybuilding world although thats a contested issue, as youll see further on down.

    We are an evidence-based site and use the latest research when considering how much protein should be in the plans.

    So lets do two things first: see what high-protein options you have and read up on how much protein you really need.

    Lets go.

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