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Dairy Free, High Protein Yogurt Substitute: Tasty Tuesdays S2 104

There are plenty of high protein non-dairy yogurts on the market these days. Many are made with soy milk, which is a good source of plant-based protein. Others are made with almond milk or coconut milk, both of which also have some protein. There are even non-dairy yogurts made with pea protein now. So, if youre looking for a high protein non-dairy yogurt, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Forager Project Plain Unsweetened Yoghurt

Forager Project has a line of cashew-based yogurts that come in different flavors like plain, blueberry, vanilla, and strawberry.

This yogurt comes from an amalgamation consisting of cashew milk coconut milk, cashew milk, and lives active cultures as well as the natural ingredients that thicken it. The line of protein derived from plants features a unique mix made up of squash seeds white rice, watermelon seeds, and, which all increase the protein content of the yogurt.

The single portion from the Forager Project Plain Yogurt, is unsweetened. It includes:

  • Calcium 11% of DV
  • Iron 33 percent of the DV

The flavors of Forager Projects yogurts contain more than 12 times more sugar than plain yogurt.

The vegan yogurts of Forager Project are a fantastic option if opt for its plain yogurt which contains a lower amount of sugar yet is still rich in protein. It is made with active live cultures similar to dairy yogurt.

Beware Of Misleading Labels

Many manufacturers put “low-fat,” “reduced-fat” and “fat-free” labeling on their products to convince buyers that they are healthier, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

In fact, while it’s important to mind your portions, fat is an important nutrient your body needs to function properly. Saturated fat, which is the kind that comes from yogurt and other dairy products, should be incorporated into your diet and make up less than 10 percent of your daily calories, according to the USDA 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Eating enough fat also helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied between meals and may be beneficial to your heart health, according to the University of Chicago Medicine.

Look out for “sugar-free” labeling on your products, too. Many yogurts will have artificial sweeteners in them that can actually make you crave more sweets throughout the day, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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Is It Okay To Eat Vegan Yogurt Daily

Vegan yogurt can be a great source of probiotics, protein, and calcium, and regular consumption of vegan yogurt can help with an improved immune system function, reduced inflammation, and weight management.

However, you should watch your sugar consumption with the yogurt, and try to eat more plain yogurt, which is lower in sugar, compared to flavored yogurts which can contain so much more sugar.

Eating flavored, high-sugared yogurt can be unhealthy and lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Chobani Flip Smore Smores Low

Instagram photo by @dairyfreekids  May 20, 2016 at 6:34pm UTC

Macronutrient Breakdown Per 6 oz Serving

  • Calories 215 calories
  • Protein 11.3 grams
  • Fats 5.6 grams

The Chobani Flip Smore Smores Low-Fat Greek Yogurt is a chocolatey dessert-style yogurt that is still high in protein and relatively low in fat and calories.

If you want to find a healthier dessert that still tastes delicious and has a great nutritional profile, this is definitely a product to consider.

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Protein In Yogurt Compared With Alternatives

Yogurt contains between 28 and 35 grams of protein per 6-ounce serving.

Below, Ive summarized the protein contents in 6 ounces of a variety of foods to provide you with some great alternatives on the days that you want to skip the yogurt. You can use this information to compare the amount of protein in your yogurt products to the protein in some of the other foods that you enjoy eating.

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Vanilla Yogurt Alternative

This coconut-based product topped our list because of its smooth, thick texture and lovely balance of sweetness and tartness. One of our editors called it a really good alternative yogurt experience. The coconut milk product lacks the protein we expect from a morning cup of yogurt, but is surprisingly low in fat compared to other coconut-based options.

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Dairy Free Live Yoghurt

If you are looking for a delicious and nutritious alternative to dairy yoghurt, you will love dairy free live yoghurt! Made from soya milk, this type of yoghurt is high in protein and calcium, and is also a good source of probiotics. Dairy free live yoghurt is available in a variety of flavours, so you can find one that suits your taste.

Whats The Best High Protein Dairy

ANABOLIC FROZEN YOGURT | Simple High Protein Dessert Recipe

The best vegan yogurt is one that has an ingredient blend of protein to boost the protein content, as well as tastes delicious. One of the best and most popular is Ripples yogurt substitute made of pea protein and is free of nuts or soy.

Being vegan doesnt necessarily mean that you have to stop drinking yogurt. There are a variety of healthy, high-protein, probiotic-rich yogurts that are available for you to try. Certain tastes are just like the real thing, while others are a bit below what youd think.

There are some things to keep in mind when you are choosing a high-protein vegan yogurt. These include the protein that is used to make the yogurt, as well as if it is made with live active cultures, as well as natural flavoring.

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Siggis Vanilla Skyr Icelandic Style Strained Nonfat Yogurt

Macronutrient Breakdown Per 6 oz Serving

  • Calories 147 calories
  • Protein 17 grams
  • Fats 2.3 grams

If you prefer the thick texture of Icelandic yogurt, you will love the Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt by Siggis. It has an equal amount of carbohydrates and protein, with 17 grams in every 6 oz serving.

This product contains live bacterial cultures, and the vanilla flavor pairs well with a variety of fruits, granolas, or protein powders.

The 7 Best High Protein Vegan Yogurts

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Going vegan does not mean you have to give up yogurt. There are some probiotic-rich, high-protein vegan yogurts available on the market for you to enjoy. Some taste like the real deal and others fall a little short of what you would hope.

So, what is the best high protein vegan yogurt? The best vegan yogurt option would be one that uses a protein blend to increase the protein content, as which tastes good as well. A good example of this is Ripples yogurt alternative, which is made from pea protein and contains no soy or nuts.

There are a few things to be aware of when choosing high protein vegan yogurt, such as the protein used to make the yogurt, and if it contains live active cultures and natural flavoring.

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Should You Go Dairy Free

Unfortunately, I believe that people and their health and food decisions are more influenced by their social and cultural experiences than their own personal experiences.

Going dairy-free is not right for everyone, but for some, it may help to alleviate unwanted digestive or immune symptoms when managing chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Which Yogurt Has The Most Protein

Chobani Non

There are many different brands and types of yogurt on the market, so it can be tricky to determine which one has the most protein. However, there are a few things you can look for to help you make your decision.First, check the nutrition label. Protein is typically listed in grams, so you can easily compare the amount in each yogurt. Second, consider the type of milk used to make the yogurt. Milk from grass-fed cows tends to have higher levels of protein than milk from conventionally-raised cows.So, what are some of the yogurts with the highest protein content? One option is Siggis Icelandic Skyr Yogurt it contains 15 grams of protein per cup. Another good choice is Fage Total Greek Yogurt it has 23 grams of protein per cup. For a dairy-free option, try So Delicious Coconutmilk Yogurt it has 5 grams of protein per serving.No matter which yogurt you choose, be sure to pair it with other nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds for a complete and balanced meal or snack!

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Another Dairy Free Approach

Although many dairy free yogurts come up significantly short in protein when compared to their dairy counterparts, there are ways you can fortify your favorite dairy free yogurt to help your child meet the protein needs for their age group.

If you take a plain dairy free yogurt base like Culina plain & simple, which has 200 calories and 2 grams of protein per serving, and mix in a tablespoon of cashew butter and 2 teaspoons of hemp seeds , then you up the protein content to almost 7 grams, boost the calorie content, and add some additional high quality fats for brain and central nervous system development.

The addition of mix-ins such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, and different kinds of nut butter to some dairy free yogurts might help them pack a little more of a complete nutritional punch and taste great while steering clear of too much added sugar.

If You Are Trying To Lose Weight Dairy

Dairy-free yogurts are generally higher in calories than nonfat, cow’s milk yogurt because of the higher fat, plant-based ingredients in the yogurt alternatives. For example, one brand of almond milk yogurt has 15g of total fat for a 3/4 cup serving, whereas a dairy-free yogurt made with flax and pea protein has 2g of fat per 3/4 cup. When weight loss is the goal, make sure to read the nutrition facts label carefully to find the lowest calorie option.

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Ripple Greek Yogurt Alternative

Ripple invented a method to harvest the protein in peas without hanging onto any flavonoids and tannins that lend plant products that distinctand usually avoidedflavor. The clean pea protein is the star of Ripple’s Greek tubs, which also contain a bit of sunflower oil for creaminess and a dash of organic cane sugar for sweetness. You can also find six strains of gut-benefiting probiotics in every cup!

Less Nutritious Dairy Free Yogurt Options

High Protein Frozen Yogurt with Quark Maxinutrition Recipes by Warren Nash

Right off the bat, I excluded several of the dairy free yogurts that are in many grocery stores. I excluded these because the nutrition is not where I want it. I like to see at least 4 to 5g of protein for fullness, and for your little ones growth. And I like to see less than 12g of added sugar. Ideally, it would be even lower, but thats hard to come by with nondairy yogurts that dont taste like glue. These are the ones that fell short of my nutrition standards for yogurt:

Dont freak out if your favorite is on this list. Just think of it more as a treat than as a replacement for traditional yogurt.

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Nancy’s Probiotic Oat Milk Non

If you’re an oat milk fan, you’ll undoubtedly love this yogurt. It’s super creamy, uses wholesome ingredients, and has a texture that could fool just about anyone into thinking they’re eating dairy. It also has a surprising ingredient: faba beans, which give an extra boost of protein.

What a RD thinks of oat milk: “Oat milk tends to be a little higher in calories than some of the other alternative milks. A cup of milk typically provides about 20 percent of the daily value for calcium. You also get some blood-pressure-helping potassium. Oat milk has a creamy texture that very closely resembles that of real milk. Some oat milks are fortified with additional nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.” âAmy Gorin

Watch the video below to learn more about the pros and cons of oat milk:

  • Flavor: Strawberry hibiscus
  • Nutrition stats : 110 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 2 grams fiber, 9 grams sugar , 6 grams protein
  • Taste: Something about this yogurt’s flavor threw me off, and it left me with a weird aftertaste. Upon trying another flavorâblueberryâI think it’s the slight tanginess.
  • Texture: The texture of this yogurt is on-point. The oat milk gave it a creaminess and smoothness that’s on the same level as dairy yogurts.
  • Other flavors available: Plain, blueberry, vanilla

The Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Greek Style Yogurt

Macronutrient Breakdown Per 6 oz Serving

  • Calories 200 calories
  • Protein 7 grams

If youre a fan of the thick and creamy texture of Greek yogurt but dont always enjoy tangy, sour yogurts, The Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Greek Style Yogurt might be a great option for you.

The sourness of the Greek yogurt is balanced out nicely with the honey and vanilla. If you want to sweeten the yogurt even further, you can add an extra drizzle of honey and some fresh fruit.

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How Much Protein Should You Get From Yogurt

I recommend aiming for anywhere from 30 to 70 grams of protein from yogurt per day, which equates to between 1 and 4 six-ounce servings of high-protein yogurt, depending on the type and brand of yogurt.

Most people consume one 6 oz serving in a sitting, but you can double-up if youre trying to maximize your calorie and protein intake.

Consider These Tasty Plant

Yoplait Greek 100 Protein Vanilla Yogurt, 5.3 Oz.

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Whether youre forced to go dairy-free out of necessity or are exploring it for your own lifestyle just because, there are a plethora of dairy-free yogurts you can choose from! Unfortunately, most lack substantial protein, an important nutrient that not only offers satiety benefits but also helps repair muscles and is involved in numerous enzymatic reactions throughout the body.

Protein content varies depending on the type of dairy-free yogurt you choose . According to the United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database, common plain varieties of the following plant-based yogurts feature these small amounts per 100-gram serving :

While there are certainly innovative products that offer an extra dose of protein added into plant-based yogurts , they arent yet widely available and they often come with a heavy price tag. Instead, try these 5 tips to add more protein to your plant-based yogurts and help curb that mid-morning hunger for good!

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Cocojune Organic Cultured Coconut

If youre missing Coyo, then Cocojune might be the next best thing. Its not quite as rich, but its still thick enough to compare to Greek-style yogurt. We also love the the short, nutritious ingredient list and the five live and active cultures.

  • Base: Organic Coconut
  • Remaining Wishes: We hope they get their production consistency down. Most cups have a thick texture, but theyve had some watery batch issues. Their customer service seems good, so reach out if you do have this problem.

Forager Unsweetened Plain Cashewgurt

Whether you’re building a granola-layered parfait or dolloping it alongside sliced seasonal fruit, Forager’s organic cashew milk yogurt will lend a satisfying velvetiness to your breakfast or snack. With just 100 calories and 7 grams of plant-based fats, this pick also has the added benefit of probiotics.

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Forager Greek Style Vanilla: 5/10

Nutrition: 170 calories / 8g fat / 6g protein / 10g sugar / 9g added sugar

Ingredients: Coconutmilk , Cashewmilk , Cane Sugar*, Protein Blend , Tapioca Starch*, Locust Bean Gum*, Pectin, Natural Flavor*, Lemon Juice Concentrate*, Vanilla Beans*, Agar, Live Active Cultures . *Organic

Allergens: Cashews & Coconut

Smell: it smells like vanilla but also a little chalky

Taste: I tasted vanilla and lemon, but it felt gritty and dry on my tongue, almost like theres bits of sand. Its okay but not great.

Best Value: Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture

Homemade Soy Yogurt without Yogurt Maker/easy vegan recipe high in protein/Dairy-free Yogurt Recipe

Were going to mix it up a bit with a vegan yogurt starter culture so that you can make your yogurt at home. The main benefit of this is price efficiency, as each little packet makes two quarts of yogurt. Plus, you will know every ingredient that goes into it.

The yogurt is simple to make, and you can use any non-dairy milk except almond milk. The result is yogurt with an admirable taste and texture. While the flavor will vary depending on which milk you use, we dont think you will be disappointed with any of the results.

This product is purely vegan, and its made with high-quality non-GMO ingredients. Cultures for Health specializes in making cultures for you to make food at home. As a result, you can access how-to guides and easy recipes on their website! If you find yourself confused, they can help.


  • Can use a variety of non-dairy milks


  • Not as convenient as ready-made yogurt

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Daiya Plain Greek Yogurt Alternative


The makers of your go-to vegan cheese also concoct some of the most nutritious plant-based yogurts. Daiya’s yogurt is made with pea- and potato-derived proteins as well as coconut cream and creamed coconut for super luscious texture. While this probiotic-packed pick is dairy-free, you also won’t find any gluten or soy in this cup. What you will find, though, is six grams of satiating protein as well as 25 percent of your daily value of bone-building calcium and 20 percent of your daily value of immunity-maintaining vitamin D.

Types Of Fruits To Use

For best results, use a mix of denser creamy fruit and a lighter fruit.

  • Denser fruit: banana, mango, peaches, nectarines, jackfruit
  • Light fruit: blueberries, cherries, strawberries, black berries, etc

Banana is my top choice because its the most neutral tasting and pairs with any fruit and flavour. That being said, if using bananas I wouldnt prep it ahead of time because the taste can get a little off. If you want to prep this soy yogurt ahead of time, dont use bananas.

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