High Protein Low Sodium Recipes


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Healthy Chinese Food Recipes

KEEP IT SIMPLE without crust! Vegetarian renal diet recipe, low sodium, high protein, CKD

Instructions. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F and spray a muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray. Cook the hash browns and peppers/onions and add garlic in towards the end of their cook times. Spoon this mixture into a muffin tin and allow it to cool for 10 minutes.

Find all your favorite High Protein Appetizer Recipes, rated and reviewed for you, including High Protein Appetizer Recipes such as tuna patties, tuna bites and seared ahi tuna.

Various low-carb diets recommend that people on low-calorie diets consume anywhere from 20 to 130 grams of net carbs per day. On the other hand, a low salt diet restricts sodium intake to 1500 mg or less daily. Fortunately, poultry, fish, lean animal proteins, veggies, fruits, and whole grains are low in carbs and naturally low in sodium.

Instructions. Brown the ground beef and drain any leftover fat. Add in the seasoning spice packet and 3/4 cup of water. Let simmer until the beef has thickened up. While the beef is getting brown, chop the salad, tomatoes, and scallions and prep all the rest of the ingredients. Top the salad with cheese and dressing.

What Are Some Easy High Protein Meals

9 High-Protein Meals That Are Crazy Easy To Make

  • Creamy Spinach Lentils from Pinch Of Yum.
  • Chicken Cacciatore from Cafe Delites.
  • Vegan Cheesy Mexican Quinoa from Food Faith Fitness.
  • Chicken Fajita Pasta from SkinnyTaste.
  • Curried Shakshuka from Eating Bird Food.
  • Creamy Mushroom Tortellini from Two Purple Figs.
  • Vegetarian Chili from Amuse Your Bouche.

Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding

Chia seeds boast a filling combination of protein and fiber .

These tiny seeds take on a gel-like texture when combined with liquid, so you can make a creamy pudding thats delicious any time of day.

This Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding is made with chia seeds, almond milk, vegan chocolate protein powder, and cacao powder which is exceptionally high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds .

A serving of this chocolaty pudding contains an impressive 28 grams of plant-based protein. Plus, it takes only a few minutes to make. Try topping the pudding with some berries for a pop of natural sweetness.

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Lemon Pepper Grilled Tuna

This quick, easy, and healthy recipe will knock your socks off. The combination of lemon pepper on tender grilled tuna in this recipe is divine. This is a dish that you can prepare in the summer on a grill or in the winter on the stovetop. Serve this lemony tuna with a mixed green salad with avocados.

Avocado And Carnitas Tostadas

High Protein, Low Sodium Recipes?

Piled high with flavorful toppings, this tostada recipe is going to be your new favorite! Once you brown the pork, rub your meat with a mix of cumin, adobo seasoning, and garlic powder. Next, cook it in a slow cooker on low with low-sodium chicken broth, chipotles in adobo, and bay leaves for 8-10 hours. Serve on tostadas and enjoy!

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How Can I Stretch The Protein I Eat

You can “extend” protein in recipes so that a small amount seems more satisfying.


  • Use thinly sliced meats – it looks like more.
  • Fill out sandwiches with lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, chopped celery, apple, parsley or water chestnuts.


  • Use lower protein foods such as milk substitutes for cream soups, or rice or pasta to make soups more filling without using too much protein.

Main Dishes

  • Think of vegetables and grains as the “main dish” and meat as the “side dish” or complement to your meal.
  • Try kebabs, using small pieces of meat and more vegetables.
  • Make fried rice with vegetables and less meat or shrimp.
  • Toss together a chef’s salad using crisp vegetables and small strips of meat and egg.
  • When making casseroles, decrease the amount of meat increase the starch, pasta or rice and use low sodium soups when the recipe calls for soup.
  • Add low-protein pastas and breads to keep protein within limits.
  • Use stronger-tasting cheeses such as sharp cheddar, parmesan or romano – you’ll need much less to get the same amount of flavor.

Overnight Oats With Protein Powder

Overnight oats are a great option for those needing a quick breakfast on the go.

These Protein Overnight Oats pack in 22 grams of plant-based protein from oats, vegan vanilla protein powder, and chia seeds.

The best part about overnight oats is that you can tweak the recipe based on your preferences. If youd like to add more protein, you can add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, which provides an additional 3.6 grams of protein .

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Healthier Italian Pot Roast

Looking for a classic Italian roast packed with flavor minus the salt and calories? Youre going to love this tender roast thats perfect for cold nights. Made with juicy tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, and low-sodium beef broth, this is a hearty, delicious meal striking a balance between nutrition and taste.

Why Is A Low Protein Diet Necessary

Quick Bean Salad ð¥ Vegan Recipe: low fat, high protein, low sodium, plant-based salad

Protein is needed for growth, upkeep and repair of all parts of your body. Protein comes from the food you eat. When your body digests it, a waste product called urea is produced. If the kidneys are not working well, urea can build up in the bloodstream and may cause loss of appetite and fatigue. Eating a low-protein diet will reduce the workload on the kidneys so that the remaining healthy part of the kidney does not have to work so hard. There are two main sources of protein:

Plant protein such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes .

  • A diet with more fruits and vegetables and less or no animal protein may lower acid in the body to promote kidney health.
  • You will need to eat a variety of plant protein every day as part of a balanced diet to get the complete protein you need.

Animal protein such as fish, poultry, eggs, meat, and dairy products.

  • A diet high in animal proteins like red meat and low in fruits and vegetables increases acid in the body. Acid buildup in the blood due to kidney disease is called metabolic acidosis.
  • You may need to limit dairy products because they are high in phosphorus and they may cause your blood phosphorus level to be too high.

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No Salt Vegan Vegetable Soup

This low-calorie vegetable soup requires no added salt or oil and is bursting with nutrients from veggies and beans! Perfect when youre looking for something easy, light and healthy.

Super nutty and fluffy, these cinnamon rolls make your kitchen smell fantastic! They are rich in warming spices, low in added sugar and easy to make with just 20 minutes of hands-on time.

Best Low Carb Low Sodium High Protein Recipes

Member Recipes for High Protein Low Sodium Very Good 4.5/5 Mexican Chicken Penne Bake This is a low sodium, low fat, high protein entree. Best served with salad greens. The directions include my own taco mix which reduces the amount of sodium in the recipe.

There are a lot of high protein, low sodium recipes out there. For example, you can make banana nut oatmeal for breakfast. Try making your own granola. You can have this for breakfast with milk or just eat it plain. You can also try a sunrise smoothie parfait for breakfast. Potatoes and hash browns is another good idea to make.

Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Blueberry-Banana Protein Smoothie with Spinach Calories. Very Good 4.2/5. Asparagus Soup This is a low calorie low sodium soup, high in vitamins and potassium. CALORIES: 72.9 | FAT: 0.6 g | PROTEIN: 5.7 g | CARBS: 15 g | FIBER: 5.9 g.

Low-sodium recipes Mayo Clinic These recipes have no more than 140 milligrams of sodium per serving. Appetizer recipes Artichoke dip Artichoke, spinach and white bean dip Avocado deviled eggs Avocado dip Baked brie envelopes Basil pesto stuffed mushrooms Black bean and corn relish Chipotle spiced shrimp Crispy potato skins Fresh fruit kebabs

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Grilled Fish With Herbs

Fish is naturally low in sodium and easy to prepare. Grilling it takes just minutes, and it’s one of the healthiest cooking methods out there. Marinate the firm-fleshed fish of your choice with olive oil, garlic and whole sprigs of fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme and parsley. Put both the fish and seasonings on the grill, and as everything cooks, the stems of the herbs will impart a subtle smoky taste to the flesh. The final flavor flourish is a squeeze of fresh lemon juice over the food after you take it off the grill.

What Are Some Low Sodium Recipes

LIVE KIND RECIPES: Ten Minute Vegan Nuggets

Clonazepam, sold under the brand Klonopin among others, is a medication used to prevent and treat seizures, panic disorder, anxiety, and the movement disorder known as akathisia. It is a tranquilizer of the benzodiazepine class. It is taken by mouth. Effects begin within one hour and last between six and twelve hours. Common side effects include sleepiness, poor coordination, and agitation.

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Black Bean Spaghetti Recipe

This recipe uses Explore Asia Organic Black Bean Spaghetti that is organic and gluten-free, sodium-free, rich in iron, and contains only 17 g of carbs per serving. Combine your healthy pasta with bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions, and you have a fantastic meal in less than 30 minutes. For extra creaminess and flavor, drizzle some homemade lime mayo.

High Protein Low Sodium Recipes

Black Bean and Lentil Chili SparkRecipes black beans, garlic, chili powder, celery stalks, diced tomatoes and 6 more Low Sodium Meatballs Skip The Salt

Black Bean and Lentil Chili SparkRecipes low sodium v8 juice, garlic, diced tomatoes, cayenne pepper, celery stalks and 6 more Low Sodium Meatballs Skip The Salt


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High Protein Low Sodium Smoothie Recipes

These high protein low fat meals are perfect for both of those needs. Some years back, the high protein, high-fat diet, aka Atkins diet was the most popular diet. And for a good reason. It helped you lose more weight than the standard low-fat, high carb diet at least in the short term. Thats because of the high protein content.

This page contains high protein, low sodium recipes. Really restrictive diets can make it hard to have a good variety of recipes you can prepare. Here are some suggestions if you are in need of high protein, low sodium recipes.

Grease a 9×9 inch pan with cooking spray. In a large mixing bowl, combine oats, cinnamon, peanuts, chocolate chips and coconut. Beat eggs in a small mixing bowl. Add applesauce and honey and mix well. Add egg mixture to the oat mixture and mix well. Press mixture evenly into bottom of the greased 9×9 pan. Cook for 40 minutes.

Another recipe, fairly low sodium, low fat, low carb, good protein. Uses up chicken, so if you buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner one night, save meat from it for this meal. Or just pan-grill a few chicken tenderloin pieces.

A low sodium diet is an eating plan that people can follow to reduce the amount of sodium in their diet. Doctors may recommend a low sodium diet to help manage certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and kidney or liver disease.

Citrus Honey Mustard Glazed Pork Chop

Low Calorie High Protein Pasta Recipe | Healthy Spaghetti with Tuna

If you are preparing low-sodium meals regularly, a must-have seasoning in your kitchen is no-salt lemon-pepper. In this recipe, you use it to season pork chops along with a delicious sauce made with honey, mustard, and orange juice. The result is juicy and succulent bites of meat thatll have your tastebuds tingling.

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Healthy White Fish With Creamy Lemon And Capers Sauce

This Mediterranean-inspired dish goes from kitchen to table in under 20 minutes, so its the perfect weekday meal. Choose fishes such as tilapia, sole, halibut, cod, or haddock for their delicate flavor and versatility. The fish is seasoned with just a dash of salt and pepper and topped with a velvety rich lemon and capers sauce for a nutritious meal.

Poached Egg Buddha Bowls

Grain bowls are a good choice for lunch because theyre easy to make and to meal prep.

These Poached Egg Buddha Bowls combine high protein ingredients like wheat berries, poached eggs, and ricotta cheese with flavorful Greek olives and cherry tomatoes, providing 21 grams of protein per serving.

This recipe is a good choice for those who dont eat meat but include eggs and dairy in their diet. If you follow a gluten-free diet, consider using a gluten-free grain like quinoa in place of the wheat berries.

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Needing High Protein Low Sodium Recipes

My husband has to have high protein low sodium due to a serious medical condition. We are getting tired of chicken, smoothies and egg dishes. He is also diabetic, so low sugar also. He can not do artificial sweetners and does not like the taste of the salt substitutes.

We have found that the “low sodium” bacon, soups and such are really not that much lower than the regular ones.

Everything needs to be cooked from scratch per the doctor.

Cheese and peanut butters are high protein, but also high in sodium, so unless we make the peanut or nut butters and cheese, those can’t be in the recipe.

I have about 15 good recipes. We need more, we are in a rut. Help.

Add your voice! Click below to answer. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom!

Best Answer

There are a lot of high protein, low sodium recipes out there. For example, you can make banana nut oatmeal for breakfast. Try making your own granola. You can have this for breakfast with milk or just eat it plain.

I am wondering if you can use stevia instead of sugar. It is natural. You would use half the amount the recipe calls for.

I don’t know if this would be good for your husband, but I make a ground turkey meat loaf with Italian seasoning . I add garlic and onion too. You can top it with no-salt tomato sauce and bake it. For variety, I put half of the meat in the pan, put some mozzarella cheese on top, and then put the other half of the meat on top of that.

Roasted Chicken Thighs Potatoes And Scallions With Herb Vinaigrette

Recipes Healthy Hi Protein Lo Fat

This healthy dinner recipe is all about roasted chicken thighs and vegetables basted with scallions, mustard, and herbs. To lower the amount of sodium in your dish even further, replace the salt with lemon pepper or lemon juice. Use a thermometer to make sure you dont overcook the chicken bake until the thickest part registers at 165°F.

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin With Avocado Green Sauce

If you are looking for an excuse to fire up the grill, it cant get better than this pork tenderloin recipe. The ultimate barbecue rub here features a beautiful blend of spices and some tangy lime juice, and the garlicky avocado sauce topping is to die for. Serve your pork with a salad or some baked potatoes.

Dr Praegers All American Veggie Burgers

Unlike most other plant-based burgers, Dr. Praegers All American Veggie Burgers contain high amounts of protein. Each burger provides 22 grams of protein.

These burgers are made with pea protein, which is an excellent source of protein for those on plant-based diets.

Try popping one of these burgers on top of a salad or grain bowl for a filling plant-based meal.

Choosing high protein meals can help you meet your nutrition needs while feeling satisfied between meals.

You can likely find easy-to-prepare high protein recipes to suit any dietary preferences you may have.

Try out a few of the high protein recipes above when youre craving a satisfying and healthy meal.

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The Good Kitchen Frozen Meals

The Good Kitchen offers a variety of frozen, ready-to-heat meals that provide protein and nutritious ingredients.

These meals come in a variety of flavors, all of which are high in protein. For example, the Chili Lime Chicken provides 30 grams of protein, the Fennel Shrimp has 35 grams, and the Beef Taco Bowl has 39 grams.

When youre craving a quick but satisfying lunch, try out True Primal soups.

Their paleo-friendly, organic soups contain whole food ingredients that are high in protein.

Their Roasted Chicken Soup contains 26 grams of protein per serving from high protein ingredients like chicken bone broth and chicken breast.

Sweet Potato And Turkey Breakfast Hash

TASTY AIR FRYER RECIPES | High Protein Low Calorie Delicious Meal Ideas

When youre craving a flavorful, filling paleo breakfast, a breakfast hash can make your morning.

This Sweet Potato and Turkey Breakfast Hash is made with nutritious sweet potatoes, apples, Brussels sprouts, and kale.

Unlike many other paleo-friendly breakfasts, this dish gets most of its 25 grams of protein from ground turkey.

This makes it a great breakfast choice for you if you have an allergy to eggs.

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Baked Turkey Meatballs With Broccoli & Crispy Potatoes

Turkey mince is the leanest of its kind and is great rolled up into balls and served with tomato sauce and veg

  • A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.45 ratings

    This veggie Bolognese-style sauce is great served with pasta and crams in three of your five-a-day

  • A star rating of 3.9 out of 5.55 ratings

    One portion of this delicious vegetarian shepherd’s pie contains all 5 of your recommended 5-a-day intake

  • A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.6 ratings

    This Indian-influenced grilled fish supper packs in all of your five-a-day in one mildly spiced, light dish

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