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Smalls Human Grade Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food Best Overall

Jess Caticles reviews high protein low carb wet cat food

Our choice for the overall best high-protein cat food is Smalls Human Grade Freeze Dried Raw: Other Bird formulation. The protein source of this diet is primarily human-grade turkey thighs, with real vegetables and all the essential vitamins and minerals included. Picture your cat sharing your Thanksgiving turkey if you willits the same quality meat! This diet is also grain-free and preservative-free.

The food is only available online via a subscription plan and is, as you might expect based on the quality of the ingredients, higher priced than others on our list. Based on the many rave reviews we found, however, plenty of cat owners dont mind paying a little more to keep their cats happy and healthy, and the cats on our team that tried it absolutely loved it too! This food is highly digestible, making it a good choice for their cats with tummy trouble.

All in all, we think this is the best high protein cat food of 2021.

  • Its more expensive than kibble
  • Too rich for some cats

Low Carbohydrates High Protein Content

  • In diabetic cats, blood sugar levels are directly related to their carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates break down into glucose, and thus a high-carbohydrate diet can be difficult for your kittys body to process.
  • If your cat is diagnosed with diabetes, the following tips are important to remember:
  • Your cat needs a controlled diet. Do not free-feed your fluffy feline unless you have been advised to do so by a medical professional. Instead, you should be feeding your cat with the best diabetic cat food possible, in regulated portions and accordance with a proper feeding schedule. If your cat requires insulin injections, this will help you stick to an appropriate schedule for monitoring his blood sugar and administering insulin.
  • Cut down on the carbs. The best food for diabetic cats will have a carefully-calculated proportion of carbohydrates, decreasing the likelihood of any dangerous blood sugar spikes in your best friend.
  • Increase protein. Protein helps all cats build and maintain the muscle they require to be healthy and happy. It also helps them to feel satiated when you are feeding them fewer, controlled meals.

Of course, every cat is different. Your particular kitty may have a preference for zero-grain food, for limited ingredients, for salmon, or for tender duck whatever works for your little kitty, youll find it in our reviews!

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Common Sources Of Protein In Cat Food

There are two main sources of protein used in cat food: animal protein and plant protein. Although vegetarian diets and alternative protein sources may appeal to pet parents, cats are not able to meet their nutritional needs with plant sources alone. Certain nutrients are present only in animal tissues and not in plant products. For example:

  • Taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, is present in animal tissues but not in plant products.

  • Methionine and cystine are amino acids that are required in high amounts in cats, especially during growth. Plant sources do not generally provide high enough levels of methionine or cystine for cats. Deficiency of these amino acids can result in poor growth and crusting dermatitis. Kittens require that 19% of their diet consist of animal protein to meet their methionine requirements.

  • Proteins from animal sources generally have higher biologic availability, and are therefore more readily used by the body than proteins from plant sources.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Adult Cat Food

Blue Buffalo has catered to the needs of your cat by creating a formula that is high in natural proteins along with having zero grains. As carnivores, cats have a high bodily requirement for meat, which is fulfilled by the natural chicken found in Blue Buffalos high-quality protein cat food. To fulfill the cats carbohydrates needs, Blue Buffalos food comes with a mix of sweet potatoes plus peas. There is an absence of protein by-products, any artificial additives, or preservatives. The food contains essential fatty acids that keep your felines coat shiny and thick. The packet is a full twelve pound of protein fun for your cat, which for the price is not bad at all.


Best High Protein Low Carb Cat Food Reviews Of The Top Wet And Dry Brands

High Protein Low Carb Cat Food Canned

If youre looking for the best high-protein, low-carb cat food, youve come to the right place.

And if youre looking for that specific blend of food, did you know that what youre actually looking for is the best cat food overall?

Thats because the best foods will be high protein and low carbohydrate, since that is exactly what cats want and need to eat as obligate carnivores.

Studies on both indoor, commercially-fed cats, and feral and stray cats show that cats will self-select food sources that result in a macronutrient profile in this range :

  • Protein: 52-63%
  • Carbohydrate: 2.8-12%

What we believe this shows is that cats have evolved to thrive on a high protein, moderate fat, and low carb diet.

You might also be looking for this type of food if you have a diabetic cat, and believe that carbs are the enemy, so to speak.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

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Raised Right Best High Protein Gently Cooked Cat Food

18.5/20 rating

  • Protein amount = approx 59%, dry matter basis
  • Carb amount = approx 4% carbs, dry matter basis
  • First 5 ingredients = Turkey Thigh, Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver, Carrots, Blueberries Chicken Thigh, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver, Carrots, Peas

Raised Right offers lightly cooked custom meal plans or sample packs for cats.

All foods are of human-grade quality and limited ingredients.

The company works with Dr. Karen Becker and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown.

You can trace all of their ingredients. And everything is lab tested for safety.

They also have healthy treats!

Buy Raised Right on their website . Raised Right is for adult cats only.

Use code CUSTOM15 for 15% off a custom meal plan. Or use code PETS20 for 20% off your first box.

FAQ Isnt spearmint toxic to cats?

The ingredients state Organic Spearmint not spearmint essential oil. This is very different. This food is formulated by holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, and Raised Right uses human-grade ingredients. If you have other questions regarding the ingredients, please contact them.

Crave Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food

Alike wildcat ancestors, your feline friend also deserves a protein-rich balanced diet. To satisfy its nutritional needs, its a good idea to offer your furry friend the desired diet that lets him stay active even while he is outdoor.

CRAVE Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food recipe promotes real chicken that is a rich source of protein, vitamins, necessary minerals that will stay cats active while they are outdoor. When you offer this meat-first recipe, your feline absorbs the essential protein that will promote muscle maturation and keep the immune system rolling. Plus, chicken is a rich source of phosphorus that ensures the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system up and running.

This food formula takes chicken fat into account to provide the essential linoleic acid and make this food a palatable one that your feline friend would love. To aid digestion, the ingredient list contains Tapioca that is packed with starch that assists in digestion and keeps digestive issues at bay.

Since chelated minerals are responsible for the normal growth of bones and muscles and fix bipolar disorder, etc., this cat food formula embodies Iron Amino Acid Chelate, Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate.

  • Get the Low Carb Cat Food from: Chewy,

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Do Cats Need Carbs In Their Diet

Cats do not need carbs in their diet. The only carbs a wild cat eats are the stomach content of prey. This is only about 2% carbs. AAFCO bases its nutritional standards on the NRC. The NRC says carbohydrates are not essential to the cats diet. Carbs break down into sugar. Some may say that sugar is easily digested energy. But excessive sugar promotes hunger and weight gain in cats.

Contacting Pet Food Companies

Nulo Freestyle Cat Food | Chewy

Unfortunately, it can be like pulling teeth to get usable information from pet food companies. Some companies are better than others but you have to be persistent with many of them.

If a company does not willingly divulge TNA information, then I will not use their products.


Use the following dialog when calling the companies:

I would like to know the percentage of calories that come from protein, fat, and carbohydrates. This is also known as the metabolizable energy profile.

If they do not have ME values, at least obtain dry matter values and you can calculate the ME yourself using the math tutorial above.

Stress that you do not want the GA figures as they are nothing more than minimums and maximums and this information is already contained on the can.

Again, values expressed as minimums or maximums are, by definition, inaccurate since there is no ceiling or floor with regard to the amounts.

If you have a cat with kidney or urinary tract problems, you will also want to ask:

How many milligrams of phosphorus are in the food per 100 kcal?

Many companies will give you the phosphorus value in terms of dry matter percentage and will not provide the mg/100 kcal value. As a point of reference, a value below 1% dry matter is favorably low.

This is a complicated subject that is impossible to cover in one webpage article. If the reader needs more detailed help, I am available for phone/Skype consultations.

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Wellness Core Natural Grain

Another great option in low-carb cat food for diabetic cats is this Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Turkey & Duck Pate Canned Food. This recipe is entirely grain-free, made only with cranberries and flaxseed as the primary carbohydrates. It features fresh turkey and duck as the main ingredients, both rich sources of premium animal protein. This recipe is high in moisture and dietary fiber and contains no artificial additives. Simply put, it contains only wholesome, natural ingredients in a recipe designed to deliver complete and balanced nutrition that is highly digestible. Plus, with superfoods like cranberries and flaxseeds on the ingredients list, you can rest easy knowing that it contains natural sources for key nutrients as well to ensure optimal absorption and digestibility.

  • Pros: Real turkey and duck, 100% grain-free, only two carbohydrate ingredients, rich in moisture and protein, antioxidant-rich superfoods, fiber for healthy digestion, complete and balanced
  • Cons: Some cats are sensitive to pork ingredients

Who Should Buy Diabetic Cat Foods

Diabetic cat foods arent just another option to buy from cat food shelves. Usually available as prescription food, you need to get it for your cat after she has been diagnosed with diabetes.

It isnt a luxury but a necessity for all furry felines diagnosed with this disease. This is because normal cat food is high in carbohydrates and low in protein which can cause energy spikes in blood sugar. Thus, being detrimental to your kittys health.

Cat food prepared specifically for diabetic felines features high protein and low carbohydrate to maintain energy levels and muscle mass. Such cat food formula is also low in calories but high in nutrition to weight gain.

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Do Cats Need Carbohydrates

Cats are carnivores who depend primarily on protein and fat from their diet. They do not need significant amounts of carbohydrates to stay healthy.

Cat foods with higher levels of carbohydrates could lead to feline obesity and diabetes mellitus.

Although fats and protein are easier to digest, carbohydrates appear in feline diets for extra energy.

Very active cats and outdoor cats might benefit from extra energy to support their active lifestyle. The amount given should be in balance on how active your cat is.

Want Something Different Try Cat Food Subscriptions Or Delivery Services

High Protein Low Carb Wet Cat Food Uk

If your kitty isnt impressed by off-the-shelf wet food offerings, you can give subscription and delivery cat food services a try. They tend to have a wide selection of flavors with different primary ingredientsplus most offer you your choice of fresh, freeze-dried, or wet options. Smalls was a hit with Rover kitties, who tested a variety of popular cat food delivery services and gave their two cents.

Smalls Cat Food

Smalls specializes in high-protein fresh cat food with carefully sourced, human-grade ingredients. They also have a line of crunchy, freeze-dried raw cat food as a kibble alternative.

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Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals Alaskan Salmon Pat

Fancy Feasts Gourmet Naturals Salmon recipe is a wet cat food paté made with wild Alaskan salmon as the first ingredient. Its an affordable option thats low in carbohydrates, and offers a complete and balanced nutritional profile.

Key Features:

  • One of the most affordable low carb options
  • Complete and balanced formula for cats


  • Higher fat content compared with other options
  • For those looking for purely seafood, this option does contain chicken

A quick note: Were reader supported! If you buy a product through our links we may earn a commission. The price you pay will always be the same as normal.

Should I Spend So Much Money On Low Carb Dry Cat Food

In order to turn a profit, productivity must be prioritized above all else. However, in order to boost productivity, many people feel compelled to invest in costly hardware or software. Can we justify such a large financial outlay? Check out this article to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of investing in low carb dry cat food tools.

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Top 5 High Protein Low Carb Cat Foods For 2022

KittyWire may collect commissions on purchases made from the links on this page.


  • What’s the Best High Protein Low Carb Cat Food?
  • However, it can be difficult to find the best one if you’re not sure what you have to look for as you start to shop, and this is where our buyer’s guide and reviews come in. We’ve picked our top five picks for this category of cat food, and our buyer’s guide will outline exactly what you need in your cat’s food.

    Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Cat Food Urinary Tract Health Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Entrees

    Tiki Cat Gourmet Wet Cat Food | Chewy

    With nearly 10% protein and just 2.5% carbs, this offering from Purina Pro Plan UT Health definitely makes our list of best high protein low carb cat food.

    It contains real fish or poultry for protein and its low carb and high protein content makes it a great choice for obese and/or diabetic cats.

    If you are a cat parent trying to get your fur-baby to lose weight or simply maintain its optimum weight, then Purina Pro Plan is a great choice. Additionally, it contains low levels of magnesium to support urinary health.

    Not only do cats love the taste of Purina Pro Plan High Protein food, they also get nearly 25 essential vitamins, minerals, and taurine from it.

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    Iams Proactive Health High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food With Chicken & Salmon

    Iams is one of the popular namesin the cat food industry. Our first pick in the list is Iams Proactive Health High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food with Chicken & Salmon that comes with a bag weighs 6 pounds.

    From the name, you may easily understand it is the best type of food for obligate carnivores as the food is rich in protein sourced from chicken and salmon.

    The flavor of the food is so nice that my cat easily falls in love with the product, leading me to buy another bag for the rest of the year.

    The main ingredient of Iams Proactive Health High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food is chicken which one of the best sources of protein. Additionally, salmon, another great resource for protein, is also combined in the product.

    This protein helps to make stronger muscle and makes the cat more likely than before. As protein enhances energy level, your cat will play more and become more active.

    Apart from these animal proteins, tailored fiber such as prebiotics and beet pulp are used in the food that helps the digestive system of your cat.

    Moreover, seven essential nutrients present in the food helps to maintain a healthy heart while minerals, for instance, calcium, used in this cat food is vital for good teeth and strong bones.

    Finally, this high protein low carb cat food comes with an optimal Omega 6:3 ratio, making a soft and shiny coat.

    High Protein Wet/canned Cat Food Vs Dry Cat Food

    It is important to note that converting meat into dry kibble requires the addition of some filler. When you make meatballs at home, dont you add bread crumbs? Ok, that might be a bit far off comparison, however one has to note that these products might have potentially more dry matter carbs.

    Cheaper brands of high protein dry cat food contain grains as the primary filler source because they are inexpensive. However, grains cannot provide balanced nutrition to your feline. Such foods may be a good source of fiber but not protein. Lets not forget that cats cannot digest grains efficiently.

    Some grains get transformed into glucose and cause obesity of metabolism issues.

    High protein foods generally dont contain grains, and as filler, these may contain potatoes, sweet potato, peas, or other types of vegetables and fruits. The filler isnt a bad thing, but these ingredients may not be always easily digestible for your cat.

    On the other hand, high protein canned cat food requires minimal binding agents or fillers, and hence, it is a better and more nutritious option. The moisture content in wet food is higher than in dry cat food. Your cat will require more water after consuming dry cat food to compensate for the lack of moisture content. Do check for signs of dehydration in your cat if they regularly eat dry kibble.

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