High Protein Low-carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss


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High Protein Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss

High Protein Weight Loss Diet Plan | Low Carb Diet by I’MWOW

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Weight loss is a complex and highly individualized process, as different people experience weight loss in different ways, and to a different extent. There are several dietary approaches one can adopt in order to boost ones weight loss effort and reach their fitness goals faster and easier, and low-carb coupled with high-protein diets are considered to be amongst the most efficient ones. Here you will find out more about the protein diet, the low-carb diet, as well as their mechanisms of action and numerous health benefits!

What Is Protein And Why Is It Important

Protein is one of the three macronutrients, along with carbs and fat.

In your body, it performs the following roles:

  • Repair and maintenance: Protein is the main component of your muscles, bones, skin and hair. These tissues are continuously repaired and replaced with new protein.
  • Hormones: Chemical messenger proteins allow cells and organs in your body to communicate with each other.
  • Enzymes: Most enzymes are proteins, and the thousands of chemical reactions that take place throughout your body are driven by them.
  • Transportation and storage: Some proteins help deliver important molecules where theyre needed. For example, the protein hemoglobin carries oxygen to your bodys cells.

Protein is made up of smaller units known as amino acids.

Of the 22 amino acids, 9 are considered essential, meaning they must be consumed in food because your body cant make them.

Importantly, some foods provide better protein than others based on their amino acid profile.

Generally speaking, animal products are considered complete protein because they contain all the essential amino acids in the optimal amounts that your body needs. These include eggs, dairy, meat, fish and poultry.

Vegetable proteins dont provide adequate amounts of every essential amino acid but can be combined with other plant sources to make complete protein. Beans, legumes, grains, soy, nuts and seeds are examples of high-protein plant foods.

Easy Low Carb High Protein Recipes For Meal Prep

If you are looking for healthy and low carb recipes to lose weight and maintain your diet, here I share easy low carb high protein recipes. These meals are packed with vegetables, meat, and healthy fats that make great options for those who are losing weight and maintain their low-carb diet. These recipes are easy to make with a few simple ingredients and vest for meal prep at lunch or dinner. Lets make it and enjoy it!

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Is It Better To Eat More Protein

The most common myth of the keto diet is that you must eat excessive fat. In fact, it is the most common mistake people make and the most common reason weight loss stops.

The keto food pyramid helps you to set your carbs , protein , and fat .

When starting a low-carbohydrate diet, you add plenty of healthy fats to your meals and snacks but NOT to excess. Do not drink bulletproof coffees and continuously eat fat bombs.

The Lchf Diet Plan: A Detailed Beginners Guide

Been really working on getting more protein in! Went with 4 different ...

Low-carb diets can aid weight loss and are linked to a growing number of health benefits.

A reduced carb intake can positively impact those with various health issues, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, acne, PCOS and Alzheimers disease .

For these reasons, low-carb diets have become popular among those looking to improve their health and lose weight.

The low-carb, high-fat eating plan, or LCHF diet, is promoted as a healthy and safe way to lose weight.

This article reviews everything you need to know about the LCHF diet, including its potential health benefits and drawbacks, foods to eat and avoid and a sample meal plan.

The LCHF diet is an umbrella term for eating plans that reduce carbs and increase fats.

LCHF diets are low in carbohydrates, high in fats and moderate in protein.

This method of eating is sometimes referred to as the Banting Diet or simply Banting after William Banting, a British man who popularized it after losing a large amount of weight.

The eating plan emphasizes whole, unprocessed foods like fish, eggs, low-carb vegetables and nuts and discourages highly processed, packaged items.

Added sugar and starchy foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice are restricted.

The LCHF diet doesnt have clear standards for macronutrient percentages since its more of a lifestyle change.

Daily carb recommendations on this diet can range from under 20 grams up to 100 grams.

9 ).

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Who Should Consider A High

Almost anyone can experiment with a high-protein, low-carb diet. The benefits are broadly applicable to most human beings.

It may be especially useful for folks looking to lose fat while maintaining muscle. Many people fall into this category.

Note that people with existing kidney disease should avoid high-protein intakes. If you have kidney disease, consult your medical professional about dietary management.

How Much Protein Should You Eat Every Day

The optimal amount of protein to consume per day is somewhat controversial.

Based on the DRI of 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight, or 0.8 grams per kilogram, a 150-pound person would need about 54 grams per day.

While this may be enough to prevent outright protein deficiency, many experts believe this is too low for optimal health, including maintaining muscle mass .

In fact, studies have shown that older adults, in particular, require more protein than the DRI, concluding that 0.6 grams of protein per pound, or 1.3 grams per kilogram, may help prevent age-related muscle loss .

Furthermore, diets providing up to double the DRI at 0.75 grams of protein per pound, or 1.6 grams per kilogram, have been found to boost weight and fat loss, improve body composition and protect muscle during weight loss .

However, increasing your protein intake beyond this amount doesnt seem to provide additional benefits.

One study showed men who consumed 0.75 grams of protein per pound, or 1.6 grams per kilogram, lost slightly more fat and had similar gains in muscle, compared to the group that consumed 1.1 grams per pound, or 2.4 grams per kilogram .

A high-protein diet for weight loss and overall health should provide about 0.60.75 grams of protein per pound of body weight, or 1.21.6 grams per kilogram, and 2030% of your calories per day.

For the 150-pound person, this provides a broad range of about 82110 grams of protein daily, depending on calorie intake.

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Health Benefits Of High Protein Low Carb Diets

Although people who lead sedentary lifestyles require less protein, physically active individuals, athletes, and pregnant women need significantly more than the current RDA of 0.36 grams per pound of body weight

As such, high protein diets may provide numerous benefits as may low carb eating patterns, which are often associated with weight loss.

Thus, combining the two diets may give numerous advantages.

What Is A High Protein Diet

Protein is key for healthy weight loss

If you are on a high protein diet you will reduce carbs, eat more protein, and reduce your fat.

The current minimum recommended minimum protein intake is only 0.8 g protein per kg of body weight . This is only enough to prevent a protein deficiency and does not take into consideration your level of activity.

A high protein diet ranges from 1.3 grams of protein per kg of body weight up to 3 grams of protein per kg of body weight .

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Tuna And Cheddar Wraps

This healthy lunch has 29 grams of protein, crunchy butter lettuce, juice grape tomatoes, and melty sharp cheddar that your taste buds will adore. Red pepper gives it a kick without overpowering the meal.

Nutrition per serving: 360 cal, 29 g pro, 22 g carb, 5 g fiber, 6 g sugars , 17 g fat , 44 mg cholesterol, 400 mg sodium

High Protein Low Carb Diet

Ive been asked quite frequently both on my and on about providing healthy high protein low carb diets.

This is a bit of a tricky article because in all honesty entire books are written on this topic, but I hope to give you some staple high protein foods to include into your daily routine along with some great tips Ive picked up in my 18 years of training.

The goal with a high protein low carb diet should be to shed your body fat and increase your lean muscle mass ratio while at the same time providing your body with all the essentials nutrients it needs to function at its best.

High Protein Diet

Youve probably heard of the Atkins diet and how it basically went down in flames because its entire emphasis was on high protein foods with lack of consideration of healthy carbs that not only our body requires but also our brain and other vital organs.

There have also been many false recommendations in the bodybuilding world that you basically cant ever have too much protein, most saying that you should have at least 2 times your body weight in kilograms .

Considering one chicken breast is about 30 grams of protein this seems like a very high number to reach right? And what about the focus on healthy protein with less fat or junk calories? Some of those protein bars you can buy at local stores have 30 grams of protein but they also have 60 grams of carbohydrates!

Low Carb Diet

High Protein Low Carb Diet Plan

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A High Protein Low Carb Diet: A Healthy Plan That Works

Last Updated on November 21, 2018 by Michael Joseph

There are all sorts of different diets in the world.

However, the most harmful of these is likely the standard Western diet that is prevalent in the US and Western Europe.

For one thing, people are eating way too many refined carbohydrates and processed fats.

One potential option that a lot of people find success with is to focus on getting a little more protein and fewer carbs.

In this article, well look at how to formulate a high protein, low carb diet in a healthy way.

A Sample High Protein Low Carb Diet Meal Plan


Here is a sample one-day meal plan to show how this diet can work.

This particular diet plan is aimed at someone weighing 175 lbs , its moderately low in carbohydrate, and its designed to hit the RDA for all essential nutrients.

However, it is a basic template, and the food amounts/choices can be changed to suit personal tastes.

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Are Carbohydrates Bad For You

Just as fat has been demonized in the past, it appears the same thing is now happening with dietary carbohydrate.

That begs the question are carbohydrates harmful?

The answer is no, but we should clearly differentiate between the different carbohydrate sources.

For instance, a few sweet potatoes and some sauteed spinach? Enjoy them providing theres no medical reason to limit them they arent going to cause harm.

On the other hand, is a diet high in refined carbohydrates supportive of good health?

Not at all.

In fact, the over-consumption of these foods is what is driving much of the obesity and chronic disease epidemics we see today.

Key Point:

Lose Weight & Improve Your Health With A High

According to strong science, eating more protein can reduce your appetite and help you lose body fat and preserve muscle.1

With our meal plan, youll experience all the benefits of a high-protein diet without having to spend time searching for recipes or figuring out what to eat, how much to eat, or how to cook it.

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What Brunilda Nazario Md Says:

Does It Work?

A high-protein diet can help you lose weight. A number of studies show that diets higher in protein keep you fuller better than other types of diets. Other studies show that restricting carbs, as a result of a high-protein diet, causes more weight loss. But calories still count!

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

The Protein Power diet could work for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or high cholesterol. The Power Protein diet is a low-carb diet with less than 20% of total calories from carbs or less than 100 grams of carbs per day. Limiting carbs may help lower blood sugar, insulin, bad cholesterol, and blood pressure. It also can boost HDL cholesterol.

But getting too much protein can raise your uric acid levels, which can cause gout. Too much protein load also could be a problem in anyone with kidney problems.

You also need to make sure that you’re not getting too much fat from your food if your doctor has given you guidelines on that to help lower your cholesterol, for instance.

Women of childbearing age need folate, which is added to flour, and if you cut out carbs, that will mean you get less folate. Prepregnancy weight loss is best done with a more balanced approach that cuts calories.

The Final Word

It’s a simple dieting approach that essentially eliminates one major food group, and, like any restrictive diet, it is difficult for most people to sustain for a long time.

Show Sources

Why You Need Fats

High Protein Low Carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Fats, while my diet has been low in fat for a very long time, are also critical for weight loss. Dietary Fats have been shown benefits, such as

  • support your hormones
  • Give you energy
  • Support cell growth.

So, no need to eliminate them. Although this 1200 calorie high protein plan is low in fat, they are still there!

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What Is A 1200 Calorie High Protein Low Carb Diet

Before defining what a 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet is, you must first realize that there are numerous options and variations of low carb high protein diets out there. Common examples include the Atkins diet, Protein Power, SugarBusters, and many more.

In this case, however, a 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet simply means an eating plan that restricts your calorie intake to 1200 a day. It also requires you to consume meals that are relatively high in protein, have moderate/adequate amounts of fats, and have very little carbohydrates.

How does the 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet work?

Generally, the average woman and man needs about 2000 to 2500 calories, respectively, to maintain their weight. This number may increase or decrease depending on age, lifestyle, and level of fitness. When you consume just 1200 calories a day, you are putting yourself on a calorie deficit, which makes it that much more likely for you to lose weight.

On the other hand, a high protein low carb diet means that your carbohydrates intake is quite restricted. With no carbs to be transformed into glucose to use as energy, the body uses fat storage, which it uses as fuel. This, in turn, puts your body in ketosis state where your body starts using ketones as an energy source, causing more weight loss.

Protein Foods List For Weight Loss

The list of great high-protein, low-carb food sources goes on. Lets break it down by common 8fit meal plans standard, vegetarian and vegan . First up, the standard, omnivore diet.

These sources of protein are great to incorporate into your diet if you want to lose weight, but also work for weight management and weight or muscle gain:

  • Beef: A 4-ounce strip steak has about 25 g of protein. Opt for organic, grass-fed beef its accessible to you because its naturally leaner and free of hormones.

  • Pork: The same 4-ounce serving of pork has about 24 g of protein and fewer calories than beef. The best cut of pork is lean, pork tenderloin.

  • Chicken: Perfect the cook on your chicken breast and youll have a go-to high-protein dish for life. A 3-ounce piece of lean chicken breast has about 25 g of protein.

  • Turkey: Turkey is a versatile animal-based protein that is high in omega-3 fats. Skip the deli counter and grab unprocessed turkey breast instead. Youll get 16 g of protein in a 4-ounce ground turkey burger .

Eggs: This inexpensive, high-protein food is high in nutrients but relatively low in calories. One large egg contains about 6 g of protein.

Salmon: Fish like salmon is a great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. A 3-ounce serving has about 17 g of protein. Choose wild, fresh salmon if possible.

Halibut: Like salmon, go for wild halibut if its accessible to you. It has just about the same amount of protein as salmon , but fewer calories.

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What To Eat On A 1200 Calorie High Protein Low Carb Diet

Being on this diet does not mean that you will have a hard time finding meals to consume and being full and energized throughout the day. However, if you are unsure, this 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet food list will give ideas of what foods to shop for and which ones to avoid.

Foods that you can safely add to your 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet menu include:

Find The Carbohydrate Level Right For You

A Low

Everyone is a little different, and what works for one person might not be right for another.

However, this is a high protein, low carb diet plan after all, so an upper limit of 100 grams per day is about right.

Do you enjoy consuming a very low amount of carbohydrate, perhaps sub-50g per day?

No problem.

Likewise, if you prefer to include a bit more fruit, root veggies, and some tubers or lentils, then thats fine too.

Follow whatever feels right for you.

Key Point:

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