High Protein Foods For Dogs


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High Protein Dog Foods For All Breeds

ACANA High Protein Biscuits for Dogs

Peanut Butter

This yummy butter is a favorite treat for many canines. You can give them peanut butter directly or can make many things out of that. Peanut butter is a good source of protein but it also contains healthy fats, Niacin, Vitamin E and Vitamin B. Do nt go for the sugar-free or lite version of peanut butter that contains many artificial substances.


Do you think cats only love fish? Then you are completely wrong. Dogs also love to eat fish and that is healthy for them. But dogs cant be fed with raw fish. Only cooked fish is a good source of protein for them. If you have a peek into some most popular protein-rich dry dog foods, you will find fish as an ingredient. If you are giving cooked fish, prefer salmon as an option as it is very healthy for dogs.


You know very well that yogurt is rich in calcium and protein. But when you choose a flavored yogurt it is not as good as the original. Choose the yogurt which doesnt contain any sweetener and added sugars. Yogurt act as a probiotic and very good for the digestive system of the dog.

Like we humans consider egg as a very good source of protein, it is also the same for dogs. So if you want a rapid protein boost up, go for an egg in a canine diet. Eggs contain Riboflavin and selenium both of which are a very good form of protein and eggs are really a very good snacks option for the dogs.

Cottage Cheese


Real Meat

Dried Meat



What Foods Should A Dog With Kidney Disease Eat

Nutrition is the primary factor in the treatment of your dogs kidney failure. Overall, dogs require less calcium, phosphorus, and sodium but should increase their omega-3 fatty acids intake.

This diet can help reduce contaminants that the kidneys usually filter out and alleviate fluid and mineral balance problems.

A well-balanced diet, including new and high-quality foods, is recommended for dogs with kidney disease. It is recommended that you use filtered water, as tap water can contain minerals that place unnecessary stress on your kidneys.

Your dogs kidney failure diet aims to minimize phosphorus by feeding moderate to high fat, reasonable quantities of high-quality protein, and low phosphorus.

Dogs with kidney problems also do better when they are served multiple small meals during the day rather than just one or two big meals.

Rice is the most recommended grain when it comes to kidney-friendly dog diets. Many high-quality dog foods contain rice because grains are difficult to digest and cause allergies in many dogs. Rice is also a grain with a lower phosphorus content, which damaged kidneys wont filter out of the dogs system. Or you can opt-in for potatoes too. After all, its grain free.

Hills Prescription Diet K/d Kidney Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food

Your dogs kidneys are failing, and the only way to delay their decline is by feeding them a low-protein diet.

You love your pet, but you dont want to have to feed him or her bland food for the rest of his life. How can you make this easier on both of you?

Hills Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food helps control phosphorus levels in your dog so that he or she can eat more like an average dog without feeling deprived.

This dry kidney care food has extra vitamins and minerals that your pet needs during this difficult time in his or her life.

It also contains prebiotics that help keep the good bacteria in your puppys gut health and omega fatty acids. It supports joint health while reducing inflammation and pain for added comfort.

Key Features:

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Is High Protein Food For Dogs Healthy

Yes, a higher protein food works well for many dogs. Your adult dog needs an average of 18% of Crude Protein. Thats even if theyre not highly active, pregnant, or working.

If your dog does more than lay around the house, theyll need more protein to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, your dog is an omnivore. So yes, they can eat grains and can digest most of them for protein. But, dogs are descendants of wolves. So real animal protein will always be best.

Purina Pro Plan Sport

PEDIGREE High Protein Adult Canned Wet Dog Food, Beef &  Lamb Flavor in ...

Purina Pro Plan is a dog food product that optimizes oxygen metabolism in its formula also for increased endurance. Besides, it also contains 30% protein and 20% fat that helps your dog have leaner muscles while nourishing their metabolic fuel needs.

Aside from their chicken and rice flavor, they also offer salmon and rice,turkey duck and quail, and turkey lamb and venison.

To conclude, Purina Pro Plan is perfect for all sizes and breeds, in addition to a whole meal for your pet.

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Protein Fact #: Older Dogs Benefit High Protein Dog Food With No Risk To Their Kidney Health

Thanks to robust medical preventative care and disease treatment, dogs today are living longer than ever, reinforcing the importance of tailoring our nutrition to support the aging dog. As a dog ages, they require more protein. When insufficient protein is provided, it can aggravate the age-associated loss of lean body mass and may contribute to lowered mobility and earlier mortality. Feeding higher protein to an older dog helps support their increased requirements, maintains their muscle mass for mobility and most importantly, has been shown in numerous studies to have no adverse effects on a dogs kidneys. A protein-restricted diet is only recommended for dogs that have been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Restricting protein for healthy older dogs is not only unnecessary, but could be detrimental.

Taste Of The Wild With Ancient Grains

If you prefer that your dog not consume whole grains, you may also choose Taste of the Wild with Ancient Grain Recipes. In contrast to other dog food, there is no corn, wheat, or artificial flavoring in their recipe.

Instead, they emphasize their product’s high protein and fiber in ancient grains and pasture-raised meat, which will help your dogs develop healthier and stronger muscles, joints, and bones.

Their ancient grains include sorghum, millet, quinoa, and also chia seeds. Furthermore, aside from roasted lambs, it comes in smoked salmon, roasted venison, roasted bison, and roasted fowl.

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Which Dogs May Benefit From A High

Dogs are omnivores who can digest most cooked carbohydrates without difficulty. However, your dogs ancient ancestors derived the bulk of their calories from proteins and fats, rather than carbohydrates just like modern wolves, coyotes, and dingoes. Consequently, most dogs will benefit from a high-protein diet.

Nevertheless, some dogs will benefit more from a high-protein diet than others will. This includes:

  • Working Dogs Dogs who spend their lives working often require more calories and more protein than the average dog does. This includes police or military K9s, search-and-rescue dogs, herding dogs, guard dogs, tracking dogs, and hunting dogs.
  • Canine Athletes If you and your dog spend hours each week training for agility trials, canicross, disc dog activities, or any other canine sport, a high-protein dog food can help ensure he gets enough fuel for his muscles. This also includes dogs who run or jog alongside their owners on a regular basis.
  • Reproductively Active Female Dogs Pregnant and nursing dogs obviously require a bit more protein than normal theyre essentially helping to build new dogs from the ground up. In fact, pregnant and nursing females require the same protein content that puppies require, and theres nothing wrong with providing them with even more.

Top 10 Best Protein Dog Food For Your Dogs

Natural Balance LID High Protein Dog Food | Chewy

Aside from being the number one protein dog food choice, veterinarians strongly recommend you to try IAMS Minichunks Adult Dry Dog Food.

Their formula is primarily farm-raised chicken, egg, wholesome grains, carrots, chicken fat, and also beet pulp.

The protein in the chicken helps your dog have stronger and finer muscles. At the same time, its other ingredients provide them healthier digestion, skin, and also their coat.

Furthermore, IAMS claims that its product has no fillers and artificial preservatives. Thus, you can assure that your adult or giant breed dogs will receive complete and balanced nutrition.

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Why Is Feeding A High Protein Dog Food Is Important And Healthy For Your Dog

When high quality meat-based proteins such as turkey, chicken or salmon are included at increased amounts into a dogs diet this can deliver nutrition that is tailored to how a dog was meant to eat to vitalize their wellbeing:

  • As a key macro nutrient, dietary protein is essential for the growth and for the maintenance of almost all tissues in a dogs body.
  • Protein works to supply the amino acids necessary for the dogs body to build hair, skin, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • Protein makes up the enzymes that drive all metabolic reactions, the hormones that act as the bodys chemical messengers and antibodies that comprise the immune system to help keep dogs healthy.
  • Protein helps ensure a soft and shiny coat, lean, strong muscles and strong immune systems
  • Protein helps your pup love every bite of their food to ensure bowls are always empty.

When meat rich proteins are included in higher amounts in dogs diets, a dog will not only look great but feel great too.

Phosphorous In The Blood

Phosphorous is a mineral absorbed into the blood and filtered through the kidneys. A damaged or weakened kidney is unable to properly filter it, leading to a build up of phosphorous in the blood. This can be dangerous, as the level of phosphorous is tied directly to the level of calcium in the blood. The ratio is roughly 2:1. Too much phosphorous will cause the parathyroid gland to attempt to increase the level of calcium present, taking calcium from the bones and placing it in the blood. This weakens the bones and makes them more easily broken.

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Is A Chicken Ingredient In Dog Foods Bad For Pitbulls

Although some pitbulls are sensitive to chicken, it is not bad for all pitbulls. There is no problem when feeding your pittie with unseasoned cooked chicken for some protein shots.

Be mindful of his health conditions though. Make sure that he is not allergic to chicken otherwise, you will just risk his overall health and wellbeing. Always consider the best dog foods for your dog.

What Is High Protein Dog Food

Purina Dog Chow High Protein Classic Ground Wet Dog Food

Most dry foods contain 23 to 27 percent protein. Wet food a bit more.1

Since some recipes contain more moisture than others

We used simple math to first remove all the water from each recipe. This makes it possible to accurately compare the protein content of ANY 2 recipes wet or dry.

After rating more than 5750 recipes, we consider any food that contains over 28% proteinhigh in protein.

Life Stage

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How Much Protein Does A Dog Need

When a dog consumes protein, the digestive processes release amino acids that reassemble the protein that your dog needs.

However, dogs consuming less protein results in the breakdown of their muscles and tissues. Thus, resulting in muscular atrophy, immune dysfunction, poor quality of fur, and other health issues.

Your dog’s daily consumption of protein depends on several factors. Such factors include their age, size, activity level, reproductive, and health status.

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials , protein consumption varies significantly on a dog’s age. An adult dog needs to consume 18% protein in its diet, while a young pup needs 22.5%.

In contrast, the European Pet Food Industry recently released a more specific nutritional guideline than AAFCO. On it was the following:

  • Adult dogs that eat less due to low energy needs: 21 grams protein/100 grams dry matter
  • Adult dogs that eat more due to high energy needs: 18 grams protein/100 grams dry matter
  • Early growth and reproduction: 25 grams protein/100 grams dry matter
  • Late growth : 20 grams protein/100 grams dry matter

It may not be easy to understand at first, but we advise that you go to your local veterinarian for help. Additionally, if you do, they can indeed determine the best dietary protein range that would work best for your dog.

Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20

Pet owners have been trusting Purina dog food to meet the nutritional needs of their furry friends for decades. The manufacturer makes a number of different formulas for dogs of all ages, sizes, and lifestyles, including senior dog food, food for small dogs, and food for large dogs. This formula is specifically made for canines that live an active lifestyle.

What sets this high protein dog food apart from other formulas featured on our list is the fact that it contains a specific balance of protein and fat: 30 percent of the recipe is protein and 20 percent is fat, which helps to ensure that your dogs metabolic needs are being met while also maintaining his lean muscle mass. The first ingredient featured in this recipe is real chicken. It also contains fish meal, which is a great source of lean protein and natural glucosamine. Other ingredients include digest brewers rice and fish oil, and it has been infused with vital nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, folic acid, vitamin B12, and biotin. According to the majority of reviews that we read, pet parents are very happy with this recipe however, it should be noted that it does contain corn, so if your dog is sensitive to grains, this might not be the best high protein dog food for him.

What We Like About It

Reasons to Complain

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How Do I Know If A Dog Food Is High

To ensure whether your choice of dog food is high in protein or not, consider the following things:

  • Protein Content. For dog food to be considered high, it should contain at least 30% protein in the formulation. Higher levels are also acceptable.
  • Protein Source. Make sure that the source of protein content is fresh meat and not meat flavoring or meat meals the latter two dont provide complete nutrition compared to fresh meat.
  • Ingredient List. Ensure that theprotein source is listed as the first ingredient or at least in the first five ingredients in the ingredient list. This indicates the protein is present in high amounts.

Good Protein Sources For Your Dog

Nutrisource Element: High Protein Dog Food Made In Minnesota!

If there is one staple in your dogs diet thats more important than anything, its protein. Even though dogs are omnivoresmeaning they eat meat and plantsprotein is an essential part of their diet. It feeds your dogs muscles, improves their coat, strengthens their bones, and replenishes their body.

So, if youre looking for some terrific protein sources for your dog, or you just want to mix it up, here are some excellent choices to consider. Here are 12 good protein sources for dogs, including eight good protein sources in dog food and four good protein sources in dog treats:

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Dog Nutrition: 7 Best Protein Sources For Dogs

Just like humans, dogs too need a healthy intake of protein. Protein in a dog’s diet is essential as it helps to run all body processes smoothly. When your doggo receives his healthy intake of proteins it helps by speeding up muscle repairs and strength development. Proteins also help in growing and maintaining tissues, and other essential activities in the body. The exact protein intake differs from dog to dog depending on factors like their weight, breed, amount of physical activity, etc. So it is important that your dog receives the best-balanced meals with the right amount of proteins.

There are 10 amino acids that are essential for dogs they are typically derived from animal protein sources . Although they are easily accessible, they may have a negative effect on your dog’s health. Animal meat may cause your dog to experience skin allergies and in certain cases indigestion and food poisoning. Which is why vegetarian food would help your dog gain the nutrients he requires but also have a delicious meal without any consequences. If youre worried about your dog receiving his required amount of proteins through his veggies, here is a list of foods that would surely meet your dog’s protein requirements. We at dogsee have.

Purina One Plus Natural Puppy Dog Food

Give your little furry friend something easy-to-digest formula Purina One Plus Natural Puppy Dog Food.

This is the best dog food for pit bulls puppy and this healthy eat contains DHA and is rich in protein.

Its ingredients like fat, minerals, vitamins, and calories are the substances much needed by puppies. It has zero filler allowing him to easily digest.

The DHA nutrient found in this formula supports his brain development and vision. Its phosphorus and calcium ingredients guarantee strong bones.

Other contributors to his overall health are the foods vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals.

Specific Features:

  • It may not be ideal for puppy food and small breeds

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What Happens When A Pet Doesnt Get Enough Protein

Pets that dont receive enough protein can potentially experience health problems2 like weight loss, weakness, muscle loss, poor digestion and a build-up of flood in their chest and abdomen. Dogs with insulin resistance or diabetes3 in particular can benefit from high-protein, low-carb foods.

When deciding on the amount of protein and which sources to include in your dogs diet, remember to consult your veterinarian.

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