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What Classifies As A High


Well, the current Recommended Daily Allowance for protein is 0.8 g/kg .

So, a guy who weighs 180 pounds would need around 65g of protein per day. Its important to note though that the RDA protein guidelines were originally created to represent the minimum amount that we need to avoid malnutrition.

In actuality, we can consume more protein than that, and for people who want to lose fat and build muscle, eating a higher protein diet is very beneficial.

Actually, one of the biggest downfalls to most people’s fat loss efforts is under-eating the macronutrient, protein.

Many studies have been done on people consuming 0.8 to 1.2 grams of protein per POUND of lean body mass and the favorable influences it has on fat loss results.

If you dont know what your lean body mass is, no problem … you couldjust start with eating somewhere around 1g of protein per pound of goal weight.

That should get you headed in the right direction!

What About Belly Fat

It’s not uncommon to read about fitness models and bodybuilders who drink protein shakes to lose belly fat. In fact, consuming whey protein has been shown to âreduce visceral fat and abdominal adiposityâ when combined with regular exercise. It also improves insulin resistance, which is a contributing factor to visceral fat gain.

What we call âbelly fatâ is actually a combination of subcutaneous and visceral fat. The latter surrounds your internal organs and contributes to diabetes, heart disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, cancer and other ailments. This tissue also âreleases chemicals that trigger inflammation and disrupt endocrine functionâ.

âLactoferrin âandâ immunoglobulinâ, two milk proteins in whey, protect against obesity and inflammation. These compounds help balance the friendly bacteria living in your gut, reduce intestinal permeability and promote visceral fat loss. Strength training can maximize the benefits of whey protein and make it easier to lose belly fat.

Which Type Of Protein Is Best

Different types of protein may affect your body in distinct ways.

For instance, whey is typically absorbed more quickly than casein. This makes it optimal for promoting muscle protein synthesis after exercise. It may also help you feel less hungry in the short term .

While some small studies have shown whey protein to be more effective for weight loss than soy and other plant-based proteins, other small studies show no real difference.

As such, individual lifestyle factors may be more important than the type of protein when it comes to weight loss or other desired outcomes .

One key factor to consider is the quality of protein you purchase.

Whey, casein, and soy are considered complete proteins. This means they contain sufficient amounts of all the essential amino acids your body needs

All the same, these three may induce an allergic reaction in some people. Rice and pea protein are often considered less allergenic, though rice protein is low in the essential amino acid lysine while pea protein is low in the essential amino acids cysteine and methionine .

Hemp protein is also considered less allergenic. Furthermore, it contains sufficient levels of all essential amino acids. As such, it can be considered a complete source of protein .


Protein shakes may contain different types of protein, each with their own nutrient profiles and potential benefits. Its best to pick one based on your individual needs and dietary preferences.

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Protein And Your Diet

Protein increases satiety at meals, which can lead to overall decreased calorie consumption. But, dont expect any miracles or quick results from increasing your protein intake. At first a high-protein diet may result in rapid weight loss mostly due to water loss during the first few days on the diet, but the weight loss will eventually slow down. Lastly, remember that balance and moderation are always the key to long-term health and maintaining a healthy weight.

Ana Johnson is a registered dietitian with professional experience in clinical nutrition, weight loss and medical nutrition therapy. She has also covered nutrition for various online publications, including Smarty Pants Vitamins and HUM Nutrition. Johnson holds a Master of Science in clinical nutrition.

Whey Satiates Your Appetite

4 Ways To Burn Fat Through The Process of Thermogenesis

Of all the macronutrients , protein is best at making you feel satiated, or full. If you’re cutting calories, choosing foods that are as satiating as possible will help make sticking to your diet less stressful.

Studies show that milk proteins such as whey may satiate your appetite better than some other protein sources. But, having a high enough protein intake in general is the most important thing. Eat plenty of dietary protein from food sources like meat, eggs, and fish, and supplement with whey protein to max out your protein intake.

Protein is even more filling when paired with fiber. Make a meal replacement shake with whey protein powder, fruit, and some leafy greens to fill up on minimal calories.

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You Preserve More Muscle As You Age

No, you dont need to look like Jacked Granpa here to be healthy

But the unfortunate truth is that muscle loss through aging causes a host of undesirable health outcomes.

Did you know that, after the age of 35, you can start to lose 0.5-1% of your lean body mass each year?

This sucks, because as you lose muscle, your strength, energy, and metabolism all take a hit.

You could eat the same exact diet, but because youre less energetic and burning fewer calories, the same number of calories that kept you at a healthy body weight in your 20s could cause you to gain unwanted fat in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

And the even worse part is that the combination of inactivity and age-related muscle loss is correlated with earlier mortality.

In fact, there is a direct correlation between muscular strength and a decreased risk of developing a life-threatening cardiovascular disease.

Some studies have shown that grip strength may be better than looking at blood pressure for assessing your health!

Good news, though

There are two very easy ways to reduce your risk of losing precious muscle mass and strength as you age:

  • Eat More Protein As you get older, your body gets worse and utilizing the protein youre taking in. As a result, It may be beneficial to consume a higher percentage of your calories from protein.
  • Feel Fuller For Longer

    Changing from a carbohydrate heavy diet to a high protein diet means being able to stick to a lower kilojoule count throughout the day.

    If you have white toast with jam for breakfast, for example, youll be ready for a snack mid-morning. An egg on wholegrain low GI toast, on the other hand, will see you through until lunch,” says Professor Noakes.

    “This not only means fewer kilojoules per day, it means less perception of deprivation which is definitely a bonus”.

    An additional bonus to high protein diets is the research shows they better preserve muscle mass throughout your weight loss journey.

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    Mechanism : Boosts Metabolism

    Not only does protein promote greater energy expenditure by maintaining an elevated metabolic rate but it also boosts the metabolism because it requires more energy to be digested compared to the other macronutrients, carbohydrate, and fat. As a result, the thermic effect of food , which means the amount of energy expended through the process of digestion increases, which increases the overall amount of calories the body burns during the day .

    Protein Increases The Thermic Effect Of Food

    How Does Protein Help You Burn Fat

    The thermic effect of food is the cost of digesting your food.

    Essentially, it takes some energy to break food down, digest it, and turn it into energy. Protein has the highest cost of all the three macronutrients.

    While the total effect that the thermic effect of food has on daily energy expenditure and weight loss is small, it is not meaningless and is important to note.

    In one study, a high protein diet increased the thermic effect of food by roughly 6-8 kcals per hour when compared to a low protein diet, which may translate to ~50-75 calories per day .

    However, not all studies show this large of an effect, and the thermic effect of protein is not likely responsible for most of its benefit, but it may be the cherry on top of adequate dietary protein during weight loss.

    You can track things like the thermic effect of food, total daily energy expenditure, and macros with the NASM Weight Loss Calculator.

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    How Much Protein Is Optimal

    The DRI for protein is only 46 and 56 grams for the average woman and man, respectively.

    This amount may be enough to prevent deficiency, but it is far from optimal if you are trying to lose weight .

    Most of the studies on protein and weight loss expressed protein intake as a percentage of calories.

    According to these studies, aiming for protein at 30% of calories seems to be very effective for weight loss.

    You can find the number of grams by multiplying your calorie intake by 0.075. For example, on a 2000 calorie diet you would eat 2000 * 0.075 = 150 grams of protein.

    You can also aim for a certain number based on your weight. For example, aiming for 0.7-1 gram of protein per pound of lean mass is a common recommendation .

    It is best to spread your protein intake throughout the day by eating protein with every meal.

    Keep in mind that these numbers dont need to be exact, anything in the range of 25-35% of calories should be effective.

    More details in this article: How Much Protein Should You Eat Per Day?

    Bottom Line:

    In order to lose weight, aiming for 25-35% of calories as protein may be optimal. 30% of calories amounts to 150 grams of protein on a 2000 calorie diet.

    Types Of Protein Powder

    Some of the most popular types of protein powder are:

    Certain protein powders and drinks contain a mix of different types of protein.

    For example, many plant-based brands combine types to diversify the amino acid profile. Some dairy-based protein powders combine whey and casein to provide both immediate and longer-lasting effects on muscle synthesis.

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    Protein And Weight Maintenance

    Protein may also help you maintain your weight. In a study published in the “British Journal of Nutrition” in 2007, 113 subjects followed a four-week low-calorie diet followed by a six-month maintenance period. During the maintenance period, an experimental group was required to eat a greater percentage of calories from protein, whereas the control group ate normally. The higher protein group showed less weight regain and had a smaller waist size than the control group at the end of the study. This result may be related to the fact that protein increases satiety at meals, leading to reduced calorie consumption.

    When Does Protein Burn


    Protein only burns as the sole energy source when the body lacks carbohydrates and fats. Otherwise, the body uses protein for a number of bodily functions, including building muscle. If your daily protein intake isn’t adequate, you may still lose weight but will struggle to build muscle mass. Consuming a higher amount of protein while trying to lose weight will help prevent muscle loss.

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    Distribution Of Adipose Tissue

    Everyone does not carry their adipose tissue in the same anatomical locations. Adipose tissue that is located in the upper body has been termed apple distribution and this distribution pattern is found more in men while adipose tissue that is accumulated in the lower body has been termed pear distribution and this distribution pattern is found more in women .

    Mechanism : Stimulates Growth Hormone Release

    Protein stimulates growth hormone release from the anterior pituitary. GH may indirectly promote fat loss. It acts directly on the fat cells and stimulates the release of fatty acids and glycerol into the blood stream. A particular amino acid, glutamine, has been shown to dramatically boost growth hormone release in the body, which then may promote greater fat burning .

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    Does Protein Burn Fat Know The Truth

    Whats the big deal about protein anyways- does it burn fat or does it not? Is it just for body builders on a ripped body spree or for all including women?

    Protein is submerged in confusion where its fat-burning properties are concerned.But not for long because we are going to be answering this most common protein-related question right here.

    Does A High Protein Diet Burn Fat

    How Does Protein Help You Burn Fat ?

    Higher protein diets, like the Total Wellbeing Diet, have been shown to be successful in reducing body weight but do they, as some sources have it, burn fat?

    The short answer, according to Professor Manny Noakes, Research Director for Nutrition and Health at CSIRO, is no. However, there is a grain of truth to this myth.

    Higher protein diets are often referred to as fat burning because they keep you feeling full for longer, and therefore make it easier to reduce kilojoule intake overall, which does burn body fat.

    Want to learn more about high protein diets? Check out our complete guide to losing weight on a high protein diet!

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    What Happens When Fat Cell Is Burned

  • 1.

    Not only because they have a faster metabolism than everyone else as the old adage goes, but also because of their calculated total calorie intake.

  • 2.

    They slept 68 h a night, drank little or no soft drinks , rarely ate out , ate meals sitting down , do not really snack a lot and also built an eating and exercise routine into their lives .

  • Fig. 3

    Protein Helps You Feel Full Longer

    One of the biggest things that impedes weight loss is hunger.

    People are far less likely to stick with a nutrition or diet plan if they experience high levels of hunger.

    Protein is the most satiating of all the macronutrients .

    Several different lines of research have all pointed to the same thing: higher protein intakes tend to provide more satiety and less hunger.

    For example, in one study, high protein snacks allowed people to go longer between eating and also caused them to eat less at subsequent meals .

    Another study showed that including protein into a glass of water decreased hunger compared to water alone .

    Depending on the source of protein, there does appear to be minor differences in the exact amount of satiety that protein provides, however these differences are minor and dont really make a meaningful impact for most people .

    Currently, there is no consensus on the optimal level of daily protein intake in ones diet with regard to stay full. However, roughly 1.8 – 2.9 grams of protein per kilogram daily appears to provide substantial benefit on satiety .

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    How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

    Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body.

    A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones (

    Protein can help you lose weight and belly fat, and it works via several different mechanisms.

    This is a detailed review of the effects of protein on weight loss.

    Proteintakes More Energy To Digest


    Although you won’t lose a ton of pounds with the energy used during digestion, it does contribute to your overall caloric burn rate. A high-protein meal increases your rate of thermogenesis, or the number of calories used during digestion.

    A 2004 review in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition explained that the typical thermic effect of protein is 20 to 35 percent of energy consumed. A diet high in protein can increase your resting metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories all day long, which of course aids weight loss.

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    How Much Protein Should I Eat A Day

    Clinical nutrition recommendations suggest a protein intake of 0.6 to 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight .

    This would equal roughly 40 to 55 grams of protein a day for a 150-pound adult.

    Another way to consider protein needs is by looking at macro balance.

    The US Dietary Guidelines suggest protein intake should make up 10% to 35% of your daily calories. And on a 2,000-calorie diet, this will equal 50 to 175 grams of protein a dayquite a large range!

    It is important to note that the recommended daily 0.8 g kg typically skews towards the minimum amount you should be eating.

    And 50 grams of protein a day might not be adequate in maintaining lean mass, building muscle, and promoting better body composition for someespecially active individuals and older adults.

    In reality, protein needs are not as directly related to calorie intake or total body weight as they are to the amount of lean mass you have and how much you use your muscles.

    Protein Cuts Cravings And Reduces Desire For Late

    Cravings are the dieters worst enemy.

    They are one of the biggest reasons why people tend to fail on their diets.

    Another major problem is late-night snacking. Many people who have a tendency to gain weight get cravings at night, so they snack in the evening. These calories are added on top of all the calories they ate during the day.

    Interestingly, protein can have a powerful effect on both cravings and the desire to snack at night.

    This graph is from a study comparing a high-protein diet and a normal-protein diet in overweight men (

    The high-protein group is the blue bar, while the normal-protein group is the red bar.

    In this study, protein at 25% of calories reduced cravings by 60% and cut the desire for late-night snacking by half!

    Breakfast may be the most important meal to load up on the protein. In one study in teenage girls, a high-protein breakfast significantly reduced cravings .

    Bottom Line:

    Eating more protein can lead to major reductions in cravings and the desire to snack late at night. These changes should make it much easier to stick to a healthy diet.

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