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Can Collagen Replace My Protein Supplement

DONT Count Your Collagen as Protein | Chris Masterjohn Lite CML #83

So, you bought a collagen supplement or bar with protein written on the label. This is great! It must mean you can skip picking up a whey or vegan protein powder, because collagen doubles up as a protein supplement right? Well elaborate. First off YES! Its true that collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies! Collagen is plentiful in the structural parts of our bodies like our bones, connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and our skin. Its also gaining momentum as the supplement du jour. Supplementing with collagen provides plenty of benefits to the body BUT collagen doesnt behave in the same way in the body as a whey or multi-source vegan protein.

It Can Support Bone Health*

“Studies have shown that women who take collagen have lower levels of the hormones that promote bone breakdown4 as compared to those only taking calcium supplementation,” Keatley says.* These same women also had better bone mineral density, which is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue.*

Taking collagen can help provide your body with more amino acids that are needed to repair your bones, among other things, Matheny says.*

“There are, of course, many other nutritional factors involved, but by taking collagen, you are ensuring that the amino acid component of the reactions and physiological processes required is met and not limited,” he says.*

Tryptophan Fortified Collagen: Yes It Exists

Why would a collagen product want to add Tryptophan?

Lets re-phrase that.

Why wouldnt a collagen supplement want to add collagen? Combine the rejuvenating magic of collagen and also claim its a complete protein? Sounds like a no-brainer, right? This is the main motivation behind a collagen product adding Tryptophan.

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What Is Collagen Powder And Is It Worth Taking

According to Rahul Shah, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon at Premier Orthopaedic Spine Associates, there are many types of collagen, each composed of different “peptides” or amino acids. Different types form skin and tendons as opposed to cartilage. Figuring out which ones may help your health has proved tricky, however. It’s compounded by the fact that a majority of the supplements containing collagen are not currently regulated by officials at the Food and Drug Administration , and can vary drastically from product to product, according to nutrition experts at Harvard University.

Most collagen peptides powder on the market contain what’s known as a “hydrolyzed” type-I collagen, which has been extracted from hides, bones, or fish scales.Hydrolyzed simply means that the amino acid chains have been broken down into much smaller units, a process that allows the powder to dissolve in both hot and cold liquids.

This type of collagen has become incredibly popular due to the fact you to add it to everything from hot coffee and soups to cold brews and smoothies. It also can pack an added protein punch, with a two-scoop serving of most collagen peptides delivering around 18 grams.

Collagen Protein And Skin Hair And Nail Health

Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Capsules

Collagen protein is often sold as a beauty product, and heres the typical spiel:

We lose 1 to 2% of our bodys collagen per year, which makes our skin, hair, and nails ugly, dry, and brittle, and supplementing with collagen protein boosts our bodys collagen levels and thereby reverses those effects and makes us look prettier.

The first problem is what we touched on earlier: Almost all of the collagen you can consume is broken- down into amino acids before it ever gets a chance to interact with your hair, skin, or nails.

Thus, theres no reason to believe that collagen protein would beautify you more than any other type of protein, and no studies have shown this to be the case.

That doesnt mean that marketers dont have studies to bandy about, however. People selling collagen protein often refer to a couple studies that seem to show results, but when you look beneath the hood, you quickly realize its just more chicanery.

For instance, two studies commonly cited are one conducted by scientists at Minerva Research Labs and another conducted by scientists at International Research Services. If you simply read the abstracts of these papers, youd probably conclude that consuming collagen protein for 8 to 12 weeks can decrease the appearance of dry skin, flaking, lines, and wrinkles and increase the collagen and moisture content of your skin.

As expected, however, there are some major problems with this research. Namely . . .

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Why You Need To Supplement Collagen

Your body produces collagen on its own, however at about age 35, your body slows down production of collagen. By age 40, collagen begins to deplete faster than your body can produce it. Whats more, over half of your bodys collagen has been depleted by the age of 60.This rapid decline is why its important to know what to look for in a high-quality collagen supplement.

What if I told you can find a collagen protein supplement that contains 19 of the 20 amino acids your body needs, including 8 of the 9 essential amino acids.

Collagen Protein is the closest to a complete protein that youll find in a collagen supplement. Collagen Protein contains the nonessential amino acids found in abundance in collagen, along with eight of the nine essential amino acids your body needs. Now, it comes in a convenient capsule form.

Whenever I dont have time to make a smoothie or mix collagen powder in my coffee on a busy morning, Collagen Protein capsules provide me a convenient way to ensure Im getting optimal amounts of collagen each day.

Collagen Protein capsules contain the same high-quality hydrolyzed collagen as Collagen Protein powder in a convenient capsule. It is sourced from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen to support a healthy gut lining and intestinal permeability, promote vibrant hair, skin, and nails, and facilitates healthy bones and joints.

Full Versus Incomplete Proteins

After all, if one thing sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. And sure, theres a minor catch concerned with collagen dietary supplementsthey arent thought-about full proteins.

The term complete protein refers to amino acids, the building blocks of protein, says Richter. There are 20 different amino acids that can form a protein, and nine that the body cant produce on its own. These are called essential amino acidswe need to eat them because we cant make them ourselves. Full proteins comprise the 9 important amino acids in roughly the identical quantities, she explains.

You will get full proteins from each animal and non-animal sources. Whey and egg protein are two full, animal-derived types of protein powder, whereas hemp and soy are examples of full plant-based proteins. Collagen, nevertheless, doesnt fall into this classit solely accommodates 8 of the 9 important amino acids. Whats extra, these amino acids arent equally balanced, because the ratio is skewed in the direction of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

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What Are Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are small pieces of animal collagen. Collagen cant be absorbed in a whole form. It has to be broken down into smaller peptides or amino acids. Oral collagen supplements come in the form of pills and powders. They usually contain two or three amino acids. They are sold as collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen. Collagen peptides are absorbed through your gastrointestinal tract.

Is Collagen A Protein

How Much Collagen Should You Take

Yes, collagen is protein. In fact, its the most abundant type of protein found in all mammals, including us humans! The chemistry behind collagen is just like other proteins long chains of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which well explore more below.

But, is collagen a *gasp* complete protein?

Ive seen another collagen product add in the amino acid tryptophan to their powder? Is their collagen better because they do?Sarah

Maybe youre like Sarah and found in your research that some collagen supplements tout theyre a complete protein. Or, maybe, youre genuinely excited to try collagen but this complete conversation makes you believe collagen is an inferior protein .

Whatever your reason for being here, we love this topic and well completely unpack it for you.

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May Boost Muscle Mass

As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is an important component of skeletal muscle .

Studies suggest that collagen supplements help boost muscle mass in people with sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass that happens with age.

In a 12-week study, 27 older men with this condition took 15 grams of collagen while participating in an exercise program. Compared to men who exercised but didnt take collagen, they gained significantly more muscle mass and strength .

Researchers have suggested that supplemental collagen may promote the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine, as well as stimulate muscle growth after exercise .

However, collagen protein isnt more effective than whey protein for building muscle or strength. Thats because collagen is lower in branched chain amino acids which play a key role in muscle building. Whey protein is a richer source of these amino acids (

More research is necessary to investigate collagens potential to boost muscle mass.

Does Collagen Count Towards Daily Protein Intake

Yes, collagen is a protein source. However, it is not a requirement for daily intake. , and, are the most common types of collagen found in the body. The amount of protein in a meal is determined by the amount and type of proteins in it. Protein is the building block of cells and is essential for the proper functioning of the cell. It is also a source of energy. In addition, protein is an important component of many other foods, including milk, eggs, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, soy products and dairy.

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Why Is Collagen Important

Collagen protein is the most abundant protein type in the body, making up over 30% of your total body protein. There are several types, but their most important role is structure. Collagen protein provides structure in your skin, hair, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, connective tissues, and bones.

Since collagen production slows as a part of aging , finding ways to support natural production, preserve the collagen you have, or supplement collagen can impact many downsides of aging.

Some of these are purely for vanity, while others affect wellness and function.

Your Simple Answer To Tracking And Logging Collagen As Protein

Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Capsules, Type I, II, III, V, X, Grass ...

Q: If I use collagen does that count towards my protein? Should I track it?

A: It depends

I posted how I prepare my preworkout coffee in IG stories today, which includes collagen. They are saved in highlights under supplements. Check those out.

I personally feel you dont have to consume collagen supplements if youre getting adequate animal protein. I do not count collagen towards my protein intake.

Collagen has calories. So if youre tracking macros with the intent of also tracking calories, you should account for it.

However, collagen isnt a complete protein as far as amino acid profile. That means youre missing out on other essential amino acids you need for body functions like muscle growth & repair.

For my Carnivore people, pork rinds fall into this category as far as not being a complete protein.

I would avoid using pork rinds as an optimal source of protein. In fact people often over consume pork rinds causing things like weight/fat gain, inflammation, water retention, digestive upset, constipation, & histamine reactions.

If you can moderate this popular snacky choice & still stay on track, its a great option for low carbers & carnivores but should not be used as an optimal source of protein, neither should collagen.

If youre having trouble hitting your protein intake I suggest

Increasing portions of meat & /or eggs per meal to ensure youre getting enough complete protein. Ex: if you normally eat 4 oz, bump that up to 6 oz.

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What Exactly Is Collagen

Collagen is a protein found throughout your entire body. In fact, its the most abundant protein that your body contains. You use 28 different types of collagen, but the most prevalent 4 are found in your:

  • Connective tissue
  • Joins and intervertebral disks
  • Skin and blood vessels
  • Kidneys, inner ears, and inner lenses

Our bodies make collagen by combining specific proteins and vitamin C from the food were eating. If you eat a chicken and veggie stir fry, for example, your body can take the two amino acidsglycine and prolinefrom the chicken and combine it with the vitamin C from the bell peppers to make collagen.

Can You Mix Collagen With Protein Powder

Yes, you can mix the two together. , but its not recommended. Its a bit of a mess, and it can be a little tricky to get it right. Ive found that mixing collagen and protein powders together works best for me. If youre looking for a more natural way to add collagen to your skin, try mixing it with a combination of coconut oil and jojoba oil. This will give you a nice, smooth, even texture. You can also try using a mix of joja and coconut. Jojia is a great alternative to coconut, as it has a higher concentration of collagen. Coconut oil is also a good alternative, because it contains a lot of antioxidants.

What are the benefits of using collagen?

, it helps to keep your collagen levels in check. The more collagen you have, the more your cells will be able to absorb nutrients from your body. When you use collagen, your hair will look fuller, softer, smoother, more radiant, healthier, less prone to breakage, etc.

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The Bottom Line On Collagen Protein

Collagen is a protein that serves as the main component of your bodys connective tissues, which means its the primary building block of many bodily components, including your skin, teeth, cartilage, bones, and tendons.

Most people take collagen in hopes that it will:

  • Improve their joint health and reduce joint pain
  • Improve the appearance and health of their skin, hair, and nails
  • Boost their muscle growth and recovery

Most pitches for collagen protein revolve around the claim that the body loses collagen at a rate of about 1 to 2% per year after around age 30, and this causes myriad problems in the body including joint degeneration and pain, dry, unhealthy, and unattractive skin, hair, and nails, and impaired muscle growth and recovery.

This is horseshit.

While a special type of collagen rarely ever found in collagen protein supplements can improve joint health and function, collagen protein cant.

Theres also no strong evidence collagen protein can improve skin, hair, or nail health, and no reason to think it would.

And ironically, collagen protein is one of the worst proteins for building muscle because its low in essential amino acidsand leucine in particularcompared to other, much tastier and more affordable foods and supplements like beef, chicken, and whey protein.

In other words, collagen protein is an out-and-out scam. Dont buy it and dont follow the advice of anyone who says you should.

Whats The Difference Between Collagen And Gelatin

Cronometer | Tracking Collagen with @Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Gelatin and collagen offer similar benefits because theyre essentially the same thing in different forms.

The difference is that gelatin forms a jiggly gel when its dissolved in hot liquid and cooled. Bulletproof Collagen Protein is hydrolyzed a step further so it mixes easily into hot or cold liquids without gelling when it cools.

Use Bulletproof Collagelatin to make puddings, jellies and gummies, or to thicken soups and sauces.

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Can I Use Collagen Instead Of Protein Powder

Yes, collagen is a great alternative to protein powders. Its a natural protein thats naturally rich in amino acids and can be used to build muscle and build lean muscle mass. , and its also a good source of iron. If youre looking for a protein supplement that is also high in iron, try this: The best way to get the most out of collagen in your diet is to eat a lot of it. You can also use it to add muscle to your workout routine.

Collagen Vs Whey: Lets Talk About Protein Powder

Lets be honest a lot of us live extremely busy lives. And because of this many of us have become pretty attached to our kitchen blenders, to quickly create those super convenient protein-based meal replacement shakes and smoothies that our busy lives demand. However, if you are like us, you may recently have been running across recipes for smoothies and shakes that include collagen as the protein source rather than other types of protein. But, is collagen the same as other proteins? With the promises of glowing skin and a youthful appearance, collagen protein seems like a win-win for that meal on the go. But before you blend, read what we have to share with you about collagen protein.

Your collagen protein should not be counted toward your total protein intake! Read on to discover why.

Collagen protein- think bone broth has been in vogue lately for its promise of youth and vitality: supple skin, strong hair and nails, springy joints, and resilient bones. Yes, collagen is fundamental to your bodys smooth functioning. We dont argue with these benefits. However, we commonly run across the blatant misconception that using collagen protein is the same as using other forms of protein such as whey or a plant-based combination of rice and pea.

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What Are The Benefits Of Collagen Supplements

Experts say that quantified research on the potential benefits of additional collagen supplements as well as any side effects is currently ongoing, and more is needed to better understand its value. Here’s what medical authorities know now about the potential upsides of collagen supplements for various areas of the body.

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