Bodytech Whey Protein Isolate Reviews


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What Is Whey Protein

Bodytech Whey Protein Isolate – French Vanilla Review

There are three main types of whey protein: Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. Here’s how each differs:

  • Whey protein concentrate : This is a concentrated protein that keeps more of the nutrients. Most non-isolate proteins are comprised of WPC.
  • Whey protein isolate : This is similar to WPC but most of the carbohydrates, fat, and fat-soluble vitamins have been removed, so the powder has a higher percentage of protein. Typically, isolate is digested more quickly and, therefore, more agreeable for some. For that reason, most trainers and registered dieticians recommend opting for WPI, though it’s often more expensive.
  • Whey protein hydrolysate : WPH is considered pre-digested since it breaks down the amino acids the building blocks of proteins to help with quicker absorption.

What Is Bodytech Whey Tech Protein

BodyTech protein supplement is commercialized by Vitamin Shoppe which is a popular fitness supplement chain that has more than 750 stores all over the United States. This product is made from a mix of whey isolate and concentrate. It is deliberately engineered to stand out among some of the most popular supplement brands on the market.

One of the reasons why this product is significantly less expensive than other supplements is because it is made from a mix of whey isolated and concentrates while other brands contain only isolates. Although BodyTech protein contains fillers and added sugar, it has a low amount of sugar of only one gram.

The price break was also allowed by the fact that BodyTech has both natural as well as artificial flavors. It is a tasty and affordable supplement and the consumers favorite variety is the Chocolate Mint one.

Who Should Consume The Bodytech Protein Supplement

Basically, BodyTech protein can be consumed by anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Most people take this protein powder after workouts and along with low-protein meals. It is a good fit for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to increase their muscle mass.

So, as you can see, BodyTech is not only for athletes and professional bodybuilders. It works well for all people who try to increase their protein intake and achieve endurance and strength. After all, why not try it as long as this product is not expensive, has a great taste, and does its job well.

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% Whey Protein Isolate By Biochem

100% Whey Protein Isolate boasts the same level of quality and purity of protein isolate as other brands. The manufacturer claims each package is scientifically formulated to support immune health and can be easily digested due to its undenatured characteristic.

Each serving packs 20 amino acids, 20g of grass-fed vegetarian protein and 100% whey isolate source. Theres no gluten, soy and artificial flavors, which is always welcome.

Digging further, we found that the ingredients are kosher dairy and certified by the AVA, or American Vegetarian Association. Its good for those who want to consume plant-based protein.

What Does Whey Tech Pro 24 Do

BodyTech Whey Protein Isolate Powder With 25 Grams of Protein per ...

Whey Tech Pro 24, like most other protein powders, is a great source of protein as well as other nutrients that one requires for a healthy and fit body. It can be consumed while also doing a training program to intensify muscle growth. Whey Tech Pro 24 is a great post-workout drink as it will provide you with the necessary nutrients after intense workouts and training sessions.

It will help you build your immunity and to support the well-being of your central nervous system. With its amazing ingredients, it is loaded with healing properties that will also heal your body from damages. It is also seen to have helped in increased fat loss as well.


  • Loaded with amino acids and digestive enzymes
  • Great mixability
  • Tastes great, even with water
  • CONS

  • Not competitive with expensive products
  • Tastes too sweet with milk
  • Check Best Price

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    Whey Protein Isolate By Nutricost

    True to its brand, Whey Protein Isolate is cheap but that comes at a cost. Theres an unflavored variety for those who want to mix their protein powders in fruit smoothies and flavored ones that can be mixed with cold water.

    Every serving gives you a whopping 30g of protein and a complete amino acid profile. However, the actual numbers are much lower when we tried it out. Nutricost has a 90-day money-back guarantee if ever you arent satisfied- just send the remaining product back and youll get refunded without the shipping and handling.

    Whey Protein Isolate by Nutricost comes in 2 and 5-lbs variants and flavors such as Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Mocha, Chocolate and more.

    Is Whey Protein Powder Safe To Consume

    Before you increase your protein intake significantly, check with your healthcare professional since people with certain maladies, such as calcium deficiencies or low blood pressure, could experience adverse effects from whey protein.

    It’s also important to note that protein powders aren’t regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration , and some companies dilute their protein with useless fillers, which is why certain brands subject themselves to third-party testing as a way to verify the quality of their product.

    To know if a protein is tested, look for a seal from either NSF Certified for Sport or Informed Choice. This doesn’t mean that untested proteins are a subpar product but it’s good to be aware. You are, after all, putting this stuff into your body. Other than looking for brands that are third-party tested, here are different ways to spot a quality protein:

    • Ensure that protein is the first ingredient on the label. “When you look at a label, it’s in descending order so the ingredient in the highest amount will be found at the top of the list,” Maryann Walsh, a registered dietician and the owner of Walsh Nutrition, told Insider. “Look for labels that have protein at the beginning with fewer ingredients accompanying them.”
    • Typically, you want a whey powder that contains at least 20 grams of protein per serving. All of our picks do.
    • Try to steer clear of excess sugar. As for artificial sweeteners, research on how they affect our weight and health is mixed.

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    What Is Bodytech Whey Protein Isolate

    BodyTech Whey Protein Isolate is an excellent way to get a boost of protein in your diet after you finish your exercise.

    This product contains no gluten, lactose, preservatives, or sweeteners, and it's also GMP certified. It means that it's produced in a certified facility and is completely safe for you to use.

    It is an excellent choice for people who have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. Its also perfect for people looking for a way to lose weight and build muscle mass without spending a lot of money on expensive food supplements.

    What Consumers Say About Bodytech Protein Supplement Ratings & Reviews

    It Depends How Much BodyTech Whey Protein Isolate Review

    On Amazon, BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 has received 4.5 stars out 5 with 62 percent of the reviewers offering the maximum number of stars for this product. 33 percent gave four-stars reviews while only five percent provided three-stars ratings.

    Most buyers are satisfied with BodyTech protein powder, especially due to its price. Besides the fact that this is an affordable supplement, BodyTech also has other advantages such as the fact that is mixes well, has a decent taste, and it gives you an energy boost.

    On the other hand, you will notice some drawbacks when purchasing this protein powder. For example, it is not as effective as other similar and more expensive products. Also, it contains several artificial sweeteners and flavors that might represent a deal breaker for some of you.

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    Of The Best Protein Powders To Build Muscle At Vitamin Shoppe

    Want a good post-workout protein shake? Pick this bad boy up to mix in with some fruits and/or veggies to help those muscles recover for the best possible workout.

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    Pro Whey Protein Isolate By Xtend

    Pro Whey Protein Isolate has a shiny white and gold package that stands out, but can it do the job of providing pure protein?

    Dubbed official recovery brand of champions, the whey protein isolate powder offers 150 calories, 7g of BCAAs and 25g of isolate compound, which should be more than enough to facilitate a faster recovery period. Soon, youll be back training and getting better than ever.

    Information on the official website is detailed, and there are reviews saying how Pro Whey Protein Isolate has helped them with their fitness goals. Theres also a section of nutrition facts, recommendations for use and a warning for people who shouldnt take it.

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    How Does Protein Shake Benefit You

    Protein shakes are a staple for those pursuing a vigorous fitness goal. They are known to curb your appetite and boost your metabolism. You can have them between meals to postpone your next meal time or eat a smaller portion for your meals. Protein shakes, combined with a weight loss diet, help you gain muscle mass. Also, for people aiming to gain a healthy weight, protein shakes can take you a long way. However, they are not a replacement for diet and exercise they are only to be used as a supplement.

    The benefits of protein shakes are chanted in all workout spaces. But is there any downside to taking too much protein shake? Lets take a look.

    Is Whey Protein Isolate Keto Friendly

    BodyTech Whey Protein Isolate Powder With 25 Grams of Protein per ...

    To understand the link between whey protein isolate and keto diet we must have a clear definition of the two.

    In a keto diet, the practitioner must follow the high fat, low carbs rule, which means they focus on protein and fat macronutrients and avoid carbs as necessary. This is done so a ketogenic state can be achieved, thus allowing the body to burn stored fats as its primary source of energy.

    Now a whey protein isolate undergoes a filtration process that takes out the fat, carbs, and calories in favor of a higher concentration of protein content. This ticks the requirement for ketosis and helps turn that fat into lean muscle.

    You could be wondering if whey protein concentrate fits the ketogenic bill better. The answer is that theyre quite the same, with isolate getting a slight edge. You get premium protein content, but it has to be supplemented with other high-quality fat foods for the diet to work.

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    Best Whey Protein From Gnc

    GNC’s AMP Wheybolic protein powder offers 40 grams of protein per two-scoop serving, as well as 6.2 grams of leucine, and works great as either a pre- or post-workout supplement.

    Pros: Now comes in popular Girl Scout flavors, packs 40 grams of protein and 6.2 grams of leucine per two-scoop serving

    Cons: Might be too sweet for some, contains sucralose and other artificial sweeteners

    • Consumer Lab approved? Yes
    • Total calories: 100
    • Cost per 20g of protein: $1.30

    The GNC name is synonymous with workout supplements, and its own branded protein are among its most popular items, specifically its GNC AMP Wheybolic powder. The brand supplied a tub of the powder in the Thin Mints flavor, which is sure to catch the attention of anyone who’s a fan of Girl Scout Cookies .

    Each two-scoop serving of the powder offers 40 grams of protein, 6.2 grams of leucine, 210 calories, 7 grams of net carbohydrates, and 2 grams of total sugar. The powder mixes well in water and never felt chunky or like there were leftover bits that hadn’t fully mixed.

    I used this protein primarily as a post-workout drink, though did also test it post-workout and on non-workout days. The Thin Mints flavor is heavy on the chocolate and mint, so if you like sweeter protein powders, this is exactly what that is. I’m not a huge sweet protein powder drinker myself, so would often choose to use this in moderation.

    Bodytech Whey Protein Isolate Powder With 25 Grams Of Protein Per Serving Bcaa’s Ideal For Postworkout Muscle Building Growth Contains Milk Soy Vanilla

    • Provides all essential amino acids, including the BCAAs that are crucial to muscle growth.
    • Add great tasting Whey Protein Isolate to your workout routine to fuel muscle development and achieve impressive gains in size and strength.
    • Use it after exercise to promote lean muscle gains and support recovery.
    • An easy-mixing, delicious way to get the protein you need to reach your athletic and fitness goals.

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    Bodytech Whey Protein Isolate Ingredients

    Each scoop of this isolate, weighing 30.4 g, contains 25 g of pure protein. It is believed that on average, the body absorbs about 20 g of protein at a time.

    An important advantage is a variety of amino acid composition of the protein in this isolate. These are both essential amino acids in good proportion, and other additional amino acids that work well in the complex. The manufacturer details the composition of the package. BCAAs include L-Leucine 2587 mg, L-Valine 1336 mg, L-Isoleucine 1606 mg. Its about the classic 2:1:1 ratio.

    The composition also includes Valine, Proline, Aspartic Acid, Alanine, Threonine. You get all the necessary ingredients for quality recovery and growth of muscle mass.

    Whey Protein Isolate By Bodytech

    BODYTECH Whey Protein Isolate | GRAB OR PASS?

    Bodytech isnt a standalone brand but rather an in-house name of Vitamin Shoppe. It has more than 700 stores in the US and houses a variety of supplements.

    Whey Protein Isolate is a post-workout product designed to grow muscle and help with recovery processes. The filtration is such that its easy to absorb and works within the body in just a few hours.

    Every serving provides 25g of protein and BCAAs in powder form. You can mix it with plain cold water or go fancy and add it to milk or your favorite beverage.

    The good news is that its available to buy on Walmart and other physical shops and not just on the official website.

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    Reviews For Whey Tech Pro 24

  • Rated 4 out of 5


    No weird side effects that i can think of.

    -Conclusion-All in all this is a great product for your everyday lifter that is not looking for extreme results, but still wants a good healthy recovery drink.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    mbradley84 February 20, 2018

    First time trying BodyTech brand protein.This was my first time trying BodyTech WheyTech Pro 24 protein. I typically am a Optimum Nutrition protein guy but the Vitamin Shoppe was running a sale on these so I gave it a try. It was buy one get one 50% off and I purchased the 2lb. tubs and paid roughly 35 to 40 bucks.

    Ingredients:BodyTech Whey Tech:Protein Blend , cocoa , natural and artificial flavors, soy lecithin, salt, xanthan gum, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, lactase, Aminogen , glutamine peptimeds.

    Optimum Nutrition:Protein Blend , Cocoa , Lecithin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium, Aminogen, Lactase.

    BodyTech:Number of Servings: 29 ServingsPrice per Serving: Product Weight: 41oz

  • Whey Protein Isolate Vs Whey Protein

    So, whats the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein?

    If youve always associated whey with protein, then youre on the right track.

    Whey supplements contain fast-digesting proteins that are primarily derived from milk.

    In the sports and athletic nutrition world, whey protein is the more popular option. Its sometimes called whey protein concentrate, and everyone who wants to achieve a lean and muscular physique will have tried it at one point or another.

    The term concentrate is associated with how whey protein is processed. The mixture undergoes a micro-filtration process that preserves as much amino acid as possible. From there, its turned into powder and sold in the market.

    If its your first time hearing the words, whey protein isolate, youre not alone. Most protein supplements come as the concentrate kind, but isolate has a unique advantage in that it has a higher protein concentration.

    Let me put it this way- the highest protein content a concentrate can have is 80% max, while an isolate can have a 90% max. How did this happen, you ask? Well, it all boils down to how theyre processed.

    Whey protein isolate undergoes whats called cross-flow micro-filtration, which separates lactose, cholesterol and fat, thus ending up with a leaner product. Its worthy to note that theres a bump down in calorie count as well, something that can be beneficial for those who are watching their weight.

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    Micropure Whey Protein Isolate By Kaged Muscle

    Micropure by Kaged Muscle is a no-nonsense whey isolate product for building lean muscle. Its naturally flavored and doesnt contain acesulfame potassium, protein concentrates, artificial colors, soy lecithin, and amino spiking.

    Kaged Muscle says its products are processed using micro and ultrafiltration technology to take out unwanted components such as lactose, cholesterol, and fat.

    Each serving has 11.7g of essential amino acids, 5.5g BCAAs, and 25g of whey protein isolate. Unique flavors such as Natural Cinnamon Roll, Natural Coffee Latte, and Smores are offered.

    Overall this one is another really solid choice, it delivers 25 grams of protein and the taste is pretty solid although not quite as good as our top choice.

    It is still a very solid protein powder that you will really like.

    Bodytech Whey Tech Pro 24 Review A Very Surprising Supplement

    Bodytech Whey Tech Pro 24 Whey Protein Isolate And Concentrate Powder ...

    We receive free products and receive commissions through our links. See disclosures page.

    BodyTech is the in-house sports nutrition brand of Vitamin Shoppe, a well-known supplement chain with over 750 stores in the United States. The line has a few different protein supplements that include a whey isolate and one thats just called Whey, which is mostly whey concentrate and is a little lower in protein per serving.

    I decided to try out their middle of the line brand called Whey Tech Pro 24, a blend of whey isolate and concentrate that appears to be deliberately engineered to compete with the most popular protein powder on the market, Optimum Nutritions Gold Standard. The ingredients are almost the same, the macros are identical whats different?

    Shop BodyTechs Whey Protein HERE.

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