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Next Level Nutrition Lean Pro Matrix Vanilla Ice Cream

The Best Homemade Weight Gain Shake Without Protein Powder

This delicious vanilla ice cream flavored protein powder is also great for gaining weight! Each serving contains 180 calories and 34 grams of protein, making it ideal for bulking up. This product contains whey protein, casein protein, egg protein, and proteins and vitamins from plant based products!

How Much Protein Should I Take To Gain Weight

Eating to gain weight doesnt just require upping your calorie intake you should increase your protein intake as well. While the average sedentary person needs just 0.36 gram of protein per pound of body weight, people who strength-train which includes those trying to gain lean weight should eat 0.73 to 0.82 gram per pound.

Is it OK to take protein powder twice a day?

Although protein powder is a great addition to speeding up metabolism, too much can lead to weight gain. As I mentioned earlier, be sure to choose to eat a healthy, high protein meal over protein powder. It is not recommended to use a protein supplement more than twice a day.

Do you need to use weight gainer powders?

I actually discourage most guys from using Weight Gainer Powders because more often then not, the weight youll gain from these drinks is just excess bodyfat. The carbs that are in most weight gainers are simple sugars that will cause an insulin spike and thus promote fat storage.

What To Look For In A Protein Powdersupplement For Weight Gain

Whether youre looking at a ready-to-drink protein shake for weight gain or a protein powder that you plan to make into your own protein shake, keep these factors in mind:

  • What are the calories per serving size? Read the nutrition facts label to find out.
  • If you just want to boost your calories substantially, then focus on those numbers. If you want to build muscle though, confirm that the protein powder has a protein content of at least 70%.
  • What other helpful minerals does it contain? For example, does it have calcium, iron, magnesium, or zinc?
  • Is it free of added sugar and artificial sweeteners? Natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit are fine.
  • Is it gluten-free? This is particularly important if you have gluten sensitivity or intolerance.
  • Is it free of other unnecessary additives or fillers?
  • Is it third-party tested to verify effectiveness?

Its worth noting that protein powder blends also sometimes include other supplements like creatine or glutamine to help with muscle building.

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Why Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

I have worked as a geriatric dietitian for over 12 years. Helping people gain weight has been a big part of what I do. I have found that even when someone cant take another bite of food, they can still sip on a high calorie drink.

Protein shakes are a useful option for weight gain. They contain calories and protein, two nutrients that can help promote weight gain and prevent the loss of muscle .

Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Concentrate 80%

Best Protein Shake To Gain Weight: Finding Your Ideal Choice ...

This whey protein powder is as pure as it gets! It comes unflavored and the only ingredient is whey protein concentrate, so it’s an excellent choice if you like to add protein powder to shakes and desserts but don’t want any other flavors getting in the way.

The 80% stands for the 80% of the protein that each scoop has. In total, you’re getting 120 calories and 23g of protein for every 30 grams of powder .

The Bulk Supplements brand also sells other beneficial workout supplements like creatine and casein protein that work hand in hand with physical activity to help you gain muscle mass in addition to gaining weight.

Order yours here.

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Best Homemade Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

Now that you know how to make your own protein shake and how often you should take them, here are examples of DIY homemade protein shakes for weight gain. It should be noted that some of these shakes contain protein powder, but if you are not a fan of it, you can replace it with other sources of the said macro.

Want to build an attention-grabbing bubble butt, blast away fat thats stored in all the wrong places, spring-clean your diet, turn back the clock on your skin, skyrocket your self-confidence and shatter your insecurities? Check out the BetterMe app and set this plan in motion!

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Drinking And Storing High

After you have finished blending the ingredients of your high-calorie shake, you can either serve your weight gain drink right away or put it in the refrigerator for consumption in the next couple of days.

When to drink weight gain shakes

In between meals is the best time to drink high-calorie shakes. This timing strategy allows you to avoid calorie overload while maximizing your daily calorie consumption.

Alternatively, weight gain shakes make for great snack replacements before or after your workouts because liquid calories are absorbed faster by your body than solid calories. So, shakes will fuel you up pre-workout and replenish the lost energy post-workout.

How often should you drink weight gain shakes

When it comes to deciding how many shakes to consume a day, you should drink as many as you have to, depending on your protein, carb, fat, and calorie needs.

For example, if your goal is to eat 3500 calories per day, one 1000-calorie shake is enough, since you should get at least 2000 calories from solid food.

To meet your macronutrient needs, go for shakes that help you reach them. For instance, if you’re on a low-carb diet, choose a low-carb shake that has more proteins and fats.

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Ladder Plant Protein Powder

For those that prefer a plant protein shake, Ladder offers a plant protein powder that tastes delicious. In addition, it provides a full spectrum of essential amino acids to ensure that you are getting all the right building blocks to fuel your muscles.

Like its sister product above, this protein shake is also NSF-certified for sport and tested to ensure it contains no artificial ingredients, fillers or colors.

Best Protein Powder For Weight Gain For Competitive Sports

Best Protein Shake Ever | Gain Weight & Muscle Much Faster!!!

When it comes to competitive sports, its especially important to know whats going into your body.

Gold Standard Gainer is banned substance tested, so you can be assured its acceptable to take if youre involved in competition.

This powder contains complete dairy proteins from mainly isolates and oat, pea and potato carbohydrates. Included fats come from flax, chia & MCTs for added benefits.

If you need a protein powder for weight gain that gives you a good source of carbs and proteins, but is tested to ensure you can use it in competitive sports, this is a great pick.

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Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Hi

During our research, we came across this meal replacement shake, the Lean Body Hi-Protein. This was the very last shake to secure its place on this list.

The reason we decided to give the Lean Body Hi-Protein a shot is because of the positive reviews it has got throughout the internet. And from our testing, we really believe it deserves all its praise.

This shake, first and foremost, is a protein-rich formula that also contains healthy bits of other nutrients.

Branched-chain amino acids are among those, and these are impressive for muscle growth and support.

Lean Body Hi-Protein also has something that most meal replacements dont, and that is EFAs . These include MCTs, flaxseed oil, and borage oil.

The only thing thats a little concerning is the number of calories. Its somewhat lower, but adding something like milk can help. Apart from that, theres no real concern.

As for flavors, this is one of the meal replacement shakes with the highest on the list. It has chocolate, cinnamon bun, power latte, salted caramel, strawberry, vanilla, along with another two.

When it comes to taste, its right up there with the best, and to show for it, it has five gold medals awarded by the American Culinary Institute. We tested the cinnamon bun, but since there are eight flavors, you can get started with anything.

Nutritional Info: 290 calories, 7g of healthy fat , 35g protein, 21g carbohydrate .

How To Make Your Own Protein Shake For Weight Gain

If you prefer to make your own weight gainer shake, the formula is quite simple. All you need are a blender and good-quality ingredients. Its not just about the extra calories though for weight gain, the key is to use ingredients that are healthy, full of nutrients, and high calorie.

Step 1: Choose a liquid base, such as:

Step 5: Add any extra flavors you want :

  • Cocoa powder or raw cacao

Once you have all your ingredients in the blender, close the lid and blend until it reaches the consistency you like. You may need to add a bit more liquid if its too thick.

Youre only limited by your imagination, and if you do run out of inspiration, there are many protein shake recipes online to get your creative juices flowing again.

Remember that to gain weight, you cant simply use a protein shake as a meal replacement. You need to eat regular high-quality meals and then add protein shakes as snacks or have them pre- or post-workout.

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Why Use Weight Gain Pills

  • People rarely turn to weight gain pills due to the stigma associated with the pills being dangerous. So far, that was the case before safer drugs came to the market that helped patients deal with several medical issues.
  • When we randomly remark a person with, “you are blessed with a skinny body”, sometimes, people do not consider it as a blessing. There is a body type known as ectomorph people with such body types cannot gain weight even if they try.
  • And that can lead to difficulties if they are underweight, which would end up interfering with their health. Moreover, some doctors prescribe their patients with weight gain pills after enduring severe sickness and that results in drastic weight loss.

The Science Of Protein Supplementation

Best Protein Shake To Gain Weight: Finding Your Ideal Choice ...

Many structures in your body require protein, and their component amino acids to repair and rebuild them. Most gym goers understand that protein intake is key for increasing muscle protein synthesis which is associated with muscle growth.

There is a clear relationship between protein intake and building lean muscle tissue. In fact this research review highlights that taking a protein drink only benefits athletes who are lifting weights. Sedentary individuals didnt build any muscle tissue when they took a protein supplement. Lets talk about how much protein you need to gain weight.

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Pure Protein Protein Shake

The Pure Proteins shakes have 30 grams of protein, 140 calories, and less than 1 gram of sugar per serving. On top of that, it has 24 essential vitamins, including vitamin C, D & E. Its made from a milk protein isolate, and produces amazing results for those trying to gain weight!

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Protein Powder

Protein powder is generally safe to take, but there are some potential side effects to be aware of. Some people may experience gastrointestinal distress, such as bloating or gas, when they first start taking protein powder. This is usually due to the body’s adjustment to the increased intake of protein.

Other potential side effects include dehydration and kidney damage. It’s important to drink plenty of water when taking protein powder and to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

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Best Protein Powders For Weight Gain

Gaining weight is as simple as eating more calories than you burn. And while you could choose to load your diet up with unhealthy, high-calorie foods, there are better ways to get bigger. Upping your daily protein intake is a healthy, more sustainable way to gain weight. One of the best ways to get more protein with very little effort is with a protein powder.

Protein supplements are one of the top products for athletes and people looking to pack on lean muscle. Protein plays many important roles in the body, including muscle growth and repair.

Below youll find 25 of the best protein powders for weight gain. These supplements are high in calories, to include healthy protein and fats, along with essential vitamins and minerals. Keep reading to learn more.

Protein Shakes For Weight Gain


Most of us are familiar with protein shakes, which are a great snack for weight loss diets, but actually, you can enjoy them the other way and have them as part of a weight gain diet.

These homemade weight gainer shakes are also much more affordable and healthy than pre-packaged and store-bought ones. Most retail for over $8 a serving, and the ingredients include several kinds of sugars and fillers.

What I love about these weight gain smoothies is just how delicious they are. They are so smooth and creamy and easy to drink, and come with 10 flavor options to try.

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Energy Intake To Gain Muscle Mass

This research study was very detailed. They took dozens of participants and feed them in a lab for 12 weeks. They were split into three groups, low, normal, and high protein diets. They were overfed about 950 calories per day for about 8 weeks.

The researchers made several interesting discoveries. First, over eating produced the lowest overall weight gain in the low protein diet, but the weight gain was almost all fat. The normal and high protein diet had higher overall weight gain, which included lean muscle mass.

Because these lab subjects had perfectly controlled diets, the researchers were able to conclude that weight gain was almost purely a result of the amount of excess energy that was ingested. We must have a sufficient amount of protein, and after that, gaining weight is a matter of eating more. This leads us to the best way to increase your calorie intake easily, choosing your best protein weight gain shake.

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder

This protein powder is great for making shakes! It has 60 grams of protein in each serving. Using this, combined with a balanced diet and workout regime, youll be gaining weight in no time.

Body Fortress offers six different flavors: banana creme, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cookies n cream, and chocolate peanut butter. Yum!

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Why Protein Powders Are Effective For Weight Gain

There are a few reasons why protein powders can be effective for weight gain. First, protein powders can help you meet your daily protein needs. If you are trying to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you are burning, and protein powders can help you do that. Protein powders can also help you build muscle, and muscle tissue is more dense than fat tissue, so it takes up less space. This can help you look leaner, even if you are carrying around more weight. Finally, protein powders can help you recover from your workouts and build new muscle tissue.

The Vital Performance Protein Powder

Mass Gainer Protein Shakes

Vital Performance combines a lactose-free milk protein isolate with collagen peptides to give you 25 grams of complete protein and 10 grams of collagen! Its healthy and great for those of you wanting to gain weight in the gym. This is another great option as one of the best protein drinks for weight gain!

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American Body Building Pure Pro 50 Protein Shake

This creamy and delicious shake contains 50 grams of milk and whey protein, making it one of the higher protein ready to drink shakes. Its great for gaining weight and muscle recovery, and is packed with additional nutrients to help you stay healthy.

How Do They Work

We know that taking in extra energy and working to achieve a calorie surplus is the key to putting on weight. Protein shakes can help you do this by giving you easy-to-consume calories. Simple. And there are lots of protein shakes out there to help you do this.

In fact, bulking protein powders and shakes are the go-to when youre trying to gain weight. But to achieve the high-calorie content they are often high in fat and sugar. So, its worth checking the nutritional side of things before you buy to make sure its right for your goals.

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Amazing Grass Vegan Protein & Kale Powder

So, I’m sure you already know all the amazing benefits of kale. It boosts nutrition and can also improve muscle function and blood flow, resulting in even more benefits from your regular physical activity.

Well, combine that with the weight and muscle gain of plant-based protein and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

For the maximum benefits of this vegan protein powder for gaining weight, be sure to choose the honey roasted peanut flavor. It has 180 calories and 20g of protein per scoop, which is about 50 more calories than the other flavors.

Get this superfood protein powder here.

Best Cheap Whey Protein Powders

BEST WEIGHT GAIN PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPE 1340 calories | Weight Gain Journey

CONTENTSDonald Christman, BHSc

Looking to bulk up and get ripped? Youll need to ensure youre getting enough protein in your diet, or else you wont be making significant gains anytime soon.

Thats where whey protein powder comes in to help you build muscle fast and get the most from your workouts.

If youre looking for a brand that won’t leave a hole in your budget, weve teamed up with experts and personal trainers to give you a rundown of the 7 best protein powders currently on the market.

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