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How We Tested The Shaker Bottles

BlenderBottle Classic Review – Best Shaker For Protein?!

To find the best shaker bottles on the market, six of our expert testers spent hours in The Verywell Testing Lab evaluating 29 top-rated products. A good shaker bottle should have a leak-proof design, eliminate clumps, and be easy to cleanour testers assessed each bottle across these three criteria and more.

With guidance from Knott, a board-certified specialist in sports nutrition, our six testers got to shaking in the lab.

Using a Vital Proteins Protein Powder, testers were instructed to fill each shaker bottle with the correct amount of water for the perfect powder-to-liquid ratio. Then, using the included measuring spoon, testers added a scoop of protein powder to each bottle. After sealing the shaker bottle securely, they shook vigorously for about 30 seconds, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Next, each tester was instructed to sip their protein shake and pay special attention to flavor and texture: How did it taste? Was the shake clumpy or smooth? How well did the powder dissolve?

Afterward, testers poured out the remaining liquid and cleaned the shaker bottle according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Throughout this test, our testers took special note of several things: If the bottle provided clear measurements and an added mixing mechanism, if it was easy to carry and seal, how quickly and well the powder dissolved, the texture and consistency of the shake, and if the bottle was easy to clean and maintain.

The Best Protein Shakers In 2022

Hydration and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Literally.

Donât be fooled, the best protein shakers are much more than just a water bottle. In fact, you can pack just about any protein powder, creatine or smoothie into these versatile shakers, and some even come with handy supplement storage to feed your on-the-go health fix.

If youâre looking for smoothie ideas, we tried Chris Hemsworthâs go-to protein shake and it was actually good. But if youâve got your recipes locked down already, then you just need the perfect shaker to pair it with. In the name of work, we tested the best protein shakers out there to get the job done.

Adequate protein intake is crucial for muscle repair and growth, helping to maximize your muscle gains in the gym and post-workout recovery, regardless of your training regime. The best protein shakers should seal well , offer a quick way to mix your ingredients, and keep your drink at a steady temperature â we believe no one needs to taste a warm chalky protein shake.

If youâre unsure what protein shaker is best for your fitness routine, you’ve come to the right place. Weâve put in the leg work to test for leakages, insulation, size, and how easy they are to drink from. Feeling bloated after a workout? Hereâs why according to a gut expert, or read on to see which protein shaker came out on top in our guide to the best protein shakers.

Blender Bottle Classic Shaker

The Blender Bottle Classic Shaker comes with a pretty straightforward design. Itâs simple and easy to use. In terms of materials, this protein shaker is made of BPA-free plastic. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the 20 or 28-inch version. Both come with snap lids and a metal shaker ball.

Like most bottles on this list, the Blender Bottle Classic Shaker is dishwasher safe. It also has a wide mouth, so youll find it easier to add another scoop of protein powder or other liquid to your mix. Last but not least, the product works well. If youre in the market looking for the best bottle for protein shakes, this one wont let you down.


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Nutri Ninja Pro Most Power For The Price

Like the Nutribullet 600, the Nutri Ninja Pro is another popular personal blender.

It has 900 watts and a 24 ounce jar capacity. It comes with a 24oz jar and a 18oz jar. Each jar comes with flip top lids.

Positives: the Nutri Ninja Pro continues to be a bestseller and is perfect if you want a simple but powerful blender. It can easily blend any ingredient you put into it. Very high reviews and slightly lower price than the Nutribullet 600. Well prices for the power that it delivers.

Negatives: I dont like that you have to hold the jar down during the entire blending cycle versus Nutribullet will blend hands-free.

Overall Opinion: If you want a small blender that wont overheat easily like a cheap personal blender and has enough power to blend anything besides just protein shakes then the Nutri Ninja is a good option. It has 1000s of strong reviews and offers good performance for the money. It is priced less than Nutribullet 600 but has more power. I personally prefer the Nutribullets hands-free performance but the Ninja is very popular.

A good choice if you want to make smoothies as well as simple protein shakes.

Side Note:

Hydra Cup High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle

Best Blender Bottle For Protein Shakes 700ML SB700

Hydra Cup High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle serves as a water bottle and a shaker bottle. It is split down the middle to give you a 14 oz. shaker cup on one side and a 22 oz. shaker cup on the other side. Therefore, you dont need to carry extra shakers or water bottles. The dual flip caps help in securing the contents of the respective compartments. This bottle can be used to store pre- and post-workout drinks, water, shakes, meal replacement powder supplements, and health drinks. Its patented design blends the powders efficiently and quickly. It helps you save time and effort. It is leakproof as it uses a rubber gasket seal to seal the lid. The rounded bottom makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Key Features

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Best Insulated Shaker Bottle: Blenderbottle Radian Insulated Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Shaker Bottle is made of 316 surgical-grade stainless steel with insulated double walls that prevent heat transfer. It can keep its contents cold for up to 24 hours. The patented BlenderBall whisk blends the mixture well in seconds. It is useful for making protein shakes, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages. It has a twist-on cap that is leakproof. The detachable loop makes it convenient to carry. The measurement markings inside the bottle help you prepare your drinks. It is made with good-quality materials free from BPA and phthalates. It can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Key Features

  • Keeps liquids cool for 24 hours

Product Specifications

Mix your pre-and post-workout protein drinks with the JEELA SPORTS Shaker Bottle that comes in multiple colors. The pack includes a plastic weighted ball that helps to prepare your shake thoroughly by mixing all the powders. This shaker bottle comes as a great help to any athlete or sportsperson by offering them instant hydration and energy. The perky vibrant colors are a visual boost. You can mix your favorite shake without any worry as these bottles are leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and can withstand multiple falls on the ground.

Key Features

  • Easy open and close lid
  • Whisking ball for proper mixing

Product Specifications

What Are The Best Protein Powders To Put In Your Shaker

There are many types of protein powders on the market, all with different pros and cons. Most protein powders can be divided into dairy proteins, which includes whey protein and casein protein, and non-dairy, which includes pea protein, soy protein, rice protein and hemp protein. The type will often depend on your personal preference and your health goals. Whey protein, for example, can be absorbed faster than casein protein, which is why some bodybuilders opt to take casein protein before bed.

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Blenderbottle Strada Insulated Stainless Steel

  • Locking lid keeps drinks secure, perfect for tossing in a gym bag
  • No exterior measurement marks

Durable and good looking, the Strada is one of my favorite shaker bottles in my collection. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps my shakes plenty cold for refreshing mid-workout sips, and I like how secure the sliding lock is, eliminating any chances for spills or messes whether in training or on the go. While measuring out the liquid can be difficult at times the stainless steel material isnt see-through, so there are no exterior marks Id confidently grab this trusty shaker for any nutritional need.

Blenderbottle Classic Shaker Bottle 2 Pack

Blender Bottle Review: The Best Shaker for your protein shakes

Best BlenderBottle Combo of Value and Quality

There isnt anything fancy about this shaker bottle. As the name implies, its a classic. No frills, no fancy lights, no gimmicks. Its just a high-quality and basic blender bottle shaker and blending ball.

Here we have the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle in a two-pack.

Each 29 oz shaker bottle has a leak-proof seal and snap cap. One of the lesser-known features of this cup is that the mouth of the cup is wider than most, making for a better drinking experience.

If you are looking for an essential shaker bottle at a reasonable price, this bottle classic two-pack is your best answer.

Product Pros

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How We Tested The Best Protein Shakers

In order to determine which protein shakers belonged on the top of this list, we evaluated them based on functionality, quality of build materials, and how each bottle felt while holding it. We also made sure to test out the seal for every lid nobody likes a gym bag filled with lukewarm protein sludge. After filling each shaker up with water, we knocked them around on the floor a bit and checked for any leakage.

Lastly, since we live in a tech-centric age, we looked for any extra bells and whistles that were genuinely useful. At the end of the day, the best protein shakers sure wonât break the bank, but they should still be a good value overall.

To test any insulated protein shakers, which are designed to handle both hot and cold beverages, we filled them halfway to the top with ice water, screwed on the lids, and let the shakers sit for 10 minutes. Then we removed the lids and quickly recorded the inner temperature of each bottle via infrared thermometer. After sealing the shakers again and letting them stand for 24 hours in a 70-degree room, we recorded the inner temperature a second time. In short: the smaller the temperature flux, the more effective the insulation.

Best Budget Shaker Bottle

The Mainstays Shaker Bottle isn’t winning any awards for ingenuity, but its simple, classic design does the trick. And at under $5, it’s a total steal. It has a generous 32-ounce capacity and comes with an agitator ball, a strainer, and a screw-on lid with a flip top and a convenient carry handle.

There are measurement markings on the clear plastic that show ounces and milliliters, so you can mix up your shakes without additional measuring cups, and a large mouth opening that can accommodate thicker shakes and smoothies. While the plastic is BPA-free, it’s likely to absorb flavors and odors, so you may want to pick one up for each of your go-to drinks.


BUY: Mainstays Shaker Bottle

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Best Protein Shake Blenders

The above criteria as well as consumer reviews, independent blender test results, brand reputation, and price were all consider in narrowing it down to the following six blenders.

Also, I have divided this list of the best protein blenders into single-serve personal blenders and full-size countertop blenders.

Additional Storage And Features

12 Best Protein Shaker Bottles Of 2022

If a multi-functional design is helpful to your routine, consider a shaker bottle with extra storage compartments for items like vitamins, supplemental powders, or snacks. Ensure additional storage seals tightly if carrying liquid and that the capacity of these additional compartments can handle whatever you want them to carry. Hydra Cups Dual Threat Shaker Bottle features two compartments, so you can take a pre-and post-workout protein shake with you to the gym.

Ferriter also suggests keeping an eye out for other functional and practical features: A carrying handle on top of the lid, easily removable plastic seal in the lid, cup-holder friendly , and a wide mouthpiece that snaps open/closed, are good features to look for, she says. Plus, bonus points if all pieces are dishwasher safe to make cleanup a breeze.

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How To Choose The Right Protein Shaker For You

Shaker cups seem pretty straightforward you add powder and liquid to a cup, shake and go. But there are actually several factors to consider when buying a shaker cup. Its important to think through how, when and in what ways youre going to use your shaker cup when selecting one.

  • Function: Are you only using your cup to mix powder and water or are you looking for a cup that can whip up a simple smoothie? If you’re looking for something that can handle smoothie-like beverages, you’ll need a blade.
  • Power: An electric cup will do the mixing for you. A manual cup means you have to shake it yourself, but it doesnt require wires or recharging like an electric one does.
  • Size/Shape: Cups vary in their capacity and also shape. If you need your shaker to fit into your cars cupholder, that may affect your choices. If youre planning to carry the cup around at the gym or in your bag, a cup that’s totally leakproof is a must.
  • Special Features: Some cups are dishwasher-safe, others arent . Some shaker cups have a wire ball inside designed to help mix in the powder, others dont. You may want a carrying loop to make toting the cup around easier. You may find some lid designs easier to sip through than others.

Shakesphere Tumbler Protein Shaker

The ShakeSphere Tumbler is a protein shaker bottle thats 100% BPA-free and does not require a blending ball or whisk.

It comes in three color variants: Gloss Black, Frosted Black, and Matt Black and can hold up to 24 fluid ounces.

The shakers patented design allows it not to be reliant on a mixing ball or insert to mix the ingredients.

Instead, simply shaking the bottle is enough to produce a smooth, lump-free protein shake.

Its design also allows for easy, hassle-free cleaning.

The protein shaker comes with a leak-proof slide cap and an adjustable finger loop for easy carrying.

ShakeSphere suggests that the tumbler is best suited for supplements and soft fruit blending.

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Blenderbottle Marvel Strada Shaker Cup Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle With Wire Whisk 24

Ok, so the Strada bottle is now on here twice. But how can I not also give these sweet Marvel Avengers line their spot on the list?

Is it the best shaker bottle? Maybe, but it might also be the most fun.

These are awesome.

Like the other Strada on the list, it has all those same features and high-quality build.

But this designer shaker bottle series of Marvel insulated stainless steel BlenderBottles is just too cool. There is 8 total in the series, each themed after a different Marvel superhero. I prefer the Thor shaker bottle, but all are unique designs and look tough.

So yeah, if you are into Marvel at all, and being the Strada is the #1 bottle on this list, this is an easy choice. The question is, which one of these Marvel branded protein shakers will you choose?

Product Pros

Blender Bottle Radian Shaker Cup

Blender Bottle Sportsmixer – Best Shaker Bottle For Protein or Meal Powder BlenderBottle Review

Warm protein shakes are a big no, especially when planning to bulk up. To ensure the mix with your choice of flavor stays chilled all day long, using the best bottle for protein shakes with an insulated construction is highly recommended. This is why we picked the Blender Bottle Radian Shaker Cup as our number nine.

This dishwasher-safe bottle boasts a leakproof lid. Meanwhile, the main construction is crafted from stainless steel. It wonât retain both odor and taste. If youre interested, the Blender Bottle Radian Shaker Cup is now available on Amazon in seven different colors. Each of them is able to hold up to 26 ounces of liquid.


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Promixx Miixr Pro Electric Powered Shaker Cup

Automatic Shaker w/ a Bonus

The second electric mixer on the list is the PROMIXX MiiXR Pro Shaker Bottle. This gym shaker bottle is of similar quality material to the other shakers mentioned here and has a non-leak protein shaker lid.

A great bottle for those wanting something a little more exciting than the traditional shaker bottles.

Not all blender bottles use blender balls to mix protein powders and liquid.

While this bottle doesnt have the fantastic lights as the Voltrx discussed above, it does come with an integrated nutripod storage container to take your supplements and powders on the go, which sits right inside the bottle itself.

Also, this is a 20 oz cup with a slightly wider grip than the other shakers. We love this cup for mixing our protein.

Product Pros

Bluepeak Protein Shaker Bottles

Are you planning to start a new habit with the whole family? Then you might want to consider getting BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottles. This pack of three is now available at around $20, much cheaper than most similar products. Each container comes with a 28-ounce capacity and is made from safe BPA-free plastic.

Being the best bottle for protein shakes on Amazon, this product boasts what BluePeak calls dual mixing technology. It utilizes a mixing ball and a mixing grid to make your drink lump-free. As for maintenance, BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottles are completely dishwasher safe. Just make sure you put them on the top shelf.


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Which Protein Powder Should You Use

You can use just about any protein powder with these cups. As the focus on protein for health and muscle has increased over the years, so has the selection of protein powders on the market. Some are made from animal products, such as whey, collagen and egg white. Others are plant-based and include ingredients, such as hemp, pea and soy. Some are sweetened either with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Along with unflavored varieties, there are a lot of flavored ones from simple vanilla and chocolate to offerings like cappuccino, peanut butter, birthday cake and salted caramel. An unsweetened, unflavored powder is going to be the most versatile . But a fun flavor might motivate you to make and drink that shake you want to turn into a habit. So, as with the cups, think through how, when and where youll use the powder when shopping.

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