Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Review


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Q: What Side Effects Does Amazing Grass Superfood Powder Cause

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Review

A: Amazing Grass Green Superfood Drink Powder is made using purely organic certified ingredients to help you achieve optimum health benefits without harming your health in any way.

However, it is possible that some ingredients are likely to interact with other supplements you are taking or medication. Ensure that you talk to your doctor first before adding any of Grass Supergood Powder products to your health routine.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review: Final Verdict

There are more reviews on this product than any other greens powder I have looked at. The ingredients are extensive and may have some health benefits.

Does the product taste like grass?

Some say they cant get past the taste, even in its different flavored forms. Others either like or dont mind it.

There are useful smoothie and food recipes on the company website. These may make it more palatable.

The price point for this product is not too high. However if you want to try it and dont like it you have no return option for opened goods.

It may be an option for consuming more greens. Its up to you really.

I dont for one minute suggest you try eating grass from your lawn, but getting more fresh fruit and veg into your diet may give you the same benefits.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Amazing Grass Green Superfood? Comment below and tell us what you think!

Digestive Enzyme And Probiotic Blend

These ingredients aim to bring your gut flora into balance and may help with feeding the good bacteria and starving the bad.

  • Fructooligosaccharide

One problem many of us might encounter is medication having a negative impact on your gut flora. This is most likely in the wintertime when your body is already under more strain.

When your microbiome is upset by stress, antibiotic use, illness, infection, or a diet high in refined sugar, tummy troubles can quickly put a cramp in your style. An imbalance in gut bacteria has been associated with a wide variety of digestive issues and other problems.

Leigh Matthews

Health and nutrition writer

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Amazing Grass Green Superfood Reviews & Complaints

There are many customer reviews for this product.

  • Of over 8,000 reviews on Amazon, 81 percent are 4* and above. The overall rating is 4.2* out of 5.
  • Its a similar story on Iherb where the products are rated between 4* and 4.5*.

There are many customers who are very happy with the product.

Some report improved digestive functions. Some find it gives them an energy boost.

Eric Beaman writes:

I have always liked Amazing Grass and this is the original product. It mixes well when I make smoothies and it does not taste strongly of grass so it does not mess with whatever flavor smoothie I am making. I really do feel the energy boost this product gives me and I also know I am getting my dose of veggies and vitamins that I need daily! I will continue to buy Amazing Grass fine products!

Some have found that their hair and nails are stronger. People also like the choice of flavors they can get. Customers also comment on the time saving of adding greens to their diet in this way.

Adrienne writes:

This stuff is crazy. I bought this with intent to detox after a vacay in Miami. I continued to mix this in my smoothies well after the initial detox. About 30 days later, my once extremely brittle nails are hard as rocks and my hair is growing quicker. The nutrients in this superfood are amazing. I am sold and will be a lifetime customer I love the fact I can drink my veggies on days where Im too busy running around to stop for a full meal. Dont second guess, just get it!

My Final Verdict On Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Review  Ashley

Are you also impressed with Amazing Grass? Well, sure it is such an amazing supplement that can easily attract you. You have lots of flavor options available to choose as per your taste, the price is also low and it is also a popular brand.

But most people think that when the company try to cover the traditional grassy taste of green superfood, they hinder the nutritional value of the supplement. It is actually a fact with some supplements but Amazing Grass is not among them.

The company very perfectly save the balance between the taste and nutrition and it is the most impressive thing that I like about this supplement. Overall, Amazing Grass is a affordable, tasty and healthy version of green superfood supplement that you must try.

Edward Redmond

Edward Redmond has been researching, testing, and writing for the last 9 years on fitness, eating right, and the benefits of health supplements.

Having first used a green supplement alternative for daily vegetables and Fruits, he became a huge fan of these “superfood alternatives” over and above the protein shakes that were more common in the market then.

This site is his way of clearing the clutter and making sense of the superfood green powder space. A father of two superheroes, husband to Marie who herself is a fitness fanatic and a Vegan he knows what it’s like to get the best for his family.

He is also a professional gym trainer and an Avid Herbalist.

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Amazing Grass Green Superfood Jamba Juice

Recently, Amazing Grass has partnered with Jamba Juice to offer smoothies on the go.

While this is a convenient option for those interested in fast food, it is important to note that these smoothies contain additional ingredients that may alter nutrition content.

For example, an Amazing Green peach smoothie can contain up to 420 calories due to added ingredients.

Amazing Grass centers its Green Superfood around nutrient-dense, whole-food farming.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review What Is It

Amazing Grass green Superfood Review 2022: As I said earlier, this is a powder that is made from a variety of high nutritional foods. The powder is meant to be taken in the host drink to provide the body with a variety of nutrients for its well-being.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood is said to be combining fresh greens, veggies, fruits to form this superfood. It is a very popular supplement and has been in use for some time now. Many have greatly praised this awesome superfood powder for its amazing abilities in boosting body energy and wellness in general.

Most people prefer taking the powder with smoothies in the morning and evening as well. Some customers have testified how the powder makes their day brighter an extra bit of body energy. They say that the powder gives you an energetic feeling that leaves you active and motivated for a productive day.

The powder comes in several different flavors but in most cases, people do go with the original flavor. The original flavored Grass Green Powder has a green color label.

This means that there is no extra substance was added to the powder except for the original ingredients. All other flavors are also color-coded to make things easier for you to identify which flavor you wish to go with.

We have amazing grass green superfood berry which of course is flavored with strawberry. I prefer amazing grass green superfood chocolate because I like chocolate flavor.

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Amazing Grass Protein Powder

Perhaps most recognized for its Green Superfood and Wheat Grass powder supplements, Amazing Grass offers a full spectrum of products, most of which are organic and raw. One of the latest additions to the brands product line is Amazing Grass Protein Superfood, a nutrient-dense plant-based protein powder product that comes in three flavors: The Original, Pure Vanilla, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. They also make an interesting-looking product called Amazing Sport , but its a signature item thats exclusive to Sprouts Farmers Market. Check out the full Amazing Grass Protein Superfood review below.

Flavor Review: Does Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Protein Powder Taste Good

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Shake review

After all of the vegan protein powder reviews, Ive published on this website, Amazing Grass Protein Superfood is the only product to offer a peanut butter flavor. If that doesnt get you excited, then youll be pleased to know that roster of Amazing Grass Protein Superfood offers three different options: Original, Vanilla, and of course, Chocolate Peanut Butter.

With all flavors of Amazing Grass Superfood Protein, it is evident that youre getting an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables in a highly-concentrated single serving. However, each flavor is very well-balanced in terms of texture and flavor, as I found all three flavors to be smooth and delicious in their own unique way.

Additionally, the protein powder itself mixes easily into milk or water, so its perfect for on-the-fly consumption when you dont have access to a blender. Read on to explore the tasting review of each flavor of Amazing Grass Protein Superfood.

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What Is Amazing Grass

This company was started in 2002 by two friends, Brandon Bert and Todd Habermehl.

They were co-workers who, after being laid off by the company they were working for, decided to found Amazing Grass.

The Bert family have a farm in Kansas that supplies majority of the greens used by this company.

Brandon was apparently fortunate to grow up with a grandfather who had spent his life growing and dehydrating green foods.

The company aim to help people:

Lead healthier, more active lives through organic, plant-based nutrition.

The company donates proceeds from sales to the Whole Planet Foundation.

What Is Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass is a greens superfood drink mix designed to provide the body with a host of nutrient-dense calories.

In recent years, health food supplements have increased in visibility and popularity.

With the upsurge in available powdered drink mixes, it can be increasingly challenging to determine which beverage works best in your unique diet.

A look at this green superfoods traits can help you decide if it can serve as a helpful addition to your meal regimen, so lets start with a little research into a few of the ingredients.

  • Cardiovascular Therapeutics Health food enthusiasts have sought to use spirulina for its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.
  • National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Although scientists have researched açai primarily for its antioxidant benefits, many health food companies market the fruit and juice as a weight loss product.
  • Nutrients As for beet, thats an edible taproot vegetable known for its high content of B-vitamins and potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

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What Is Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood is a dietary supplement made from organic ingredients and only plant-based protein sources. It can be easily turned into a delicious beverage by combining it with water or any other liquid of your choice.

One serving of this product will fuel your organism with nutrient-dense calories. In the last couple of years, the health supplement industry has known an increase in its popularity and visibility and so did Amazing Grass with this flagship product.

This powder is preferred by lots of people who want to lose weight and live a healthier life but who are also lactose intolerant and a regular protein powder will do them more harm than good. Plant-based supplements are usually recommended to those with milk-related allergies or who experience bloating caused by dairy products.

Not only is Amazing Grass a satiating meal replacement shake but it can also be used to prepare some of your personal dessert recipes. So, get creative with it and remember that this is a versatile, safe, and organic supplement.

Is Amazing Grass Green Superfood Worth It

Review and Giveaway: Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

This Amazing Grass Green Superfood review highly recommends you consider adding the nutrient-dense supplement to your routine especially if you are prone to any of these regular symptoms:

  • Feeling unsatisfied after meals and hungry soon after eating
  • Low energy and extreme fatigue
  • Irregular bowel movements or constipation
  • Intense cravings
  • Being stressed out

It will be beneficial to supplement with this gluten-free green superfood to add extra nutrients to your daily intake. However, it should not take the place of whole foods in your diet.

The fiber content supports your digestion and helps to get rid of excess cholesterol and feelmore satisfied after eating, which is a bonus for most people consuming a Standard American Diet.

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Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Review Ingredient Profile

This supplements ingredients are all organic and the mix of blends has powerful antioxidant properties. Also, they provide a significant nutritional boost that will positively impact your general health:

  • Protein blend pea protein, chia, hemp protein, peanut flour, quinoa
  • Green food blend Alfalfa, barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, chlorella, broccoli
  • Fruit and veggie blend banana, goji, carrot, sweet potato, raspberry, rose hips, pineapple, acai, beet
  • Digestive enzymes lipase, cellulase, protease, lactase, etc.
  • Vitamins and minerals vitamins A, C, K, iron, and calcium
  • Additional ingredients Dutch cocoa, peanut flavor, salt, natural flavors, organic stevia, and xanthan gum.

Most of these elements offer a wide range of health benefits. For example, barley grass is a whole grain that lowers cholesterol due to its high fiber content. Another example is given by Alfalfa which treats blood disorders and prostate conditions.

Spirulina and chlorella are two green algae that are excellent sources of iron, vitamins, and proteins with amazing antioxidant effects. Two more ingredients found in this protein powder that fight free radicals are spinach and broccoli. They have a huge potential when it comes to disease prevention. Beet and pineapple lower body inflammation while raspberry promotes a well-balanced weight loss.

How Does It Work

Even though its hard to become deficient in protein, if you are looking to increase your protein intake to either feel more satiated or to build muscle, Amazing Grass Protein Superfood can make an energizing and filling supplement with the proper amounts of protein, fiber, and fat to help you meet all your health and fitness goals.

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How To Take & Dosage

The Amazing Grass Protein Superfood blend can be stirred into beverages, blended into smoothies, or added to snacks and breakfast bowls. You can visit their How to Enjoy page to learn more about a variety of tasty recipes using this powder.


  • 12 servings : $37
  • 22 Servings : $60
  • Buy 2 more for 5% off
  • Buy 3 more for 10% off

Through their subscribe and save program, you can get 20% off and free shipping on all orders.I found that this product would save you a lot of money, time, and effort compared to getting all the individual ingredients and creating your own super smoothie.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Greens Blend The Original

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review 2022


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood is one of the most popular greens powders on the market this year, but does it deserve to be?

In this Amazing Grass Green Superfood review, were going to explain why we do NOT recommend this product. Its a solid green drink, but it only provides less than half the amount of superfoods per serving as our top ranked greens powder. It also has less probiotics and less digestive enzymes, so theres no reason why we would recommend this green drink over the truly top notch options.

  • How do you drink Amazing Grass Green Superfood?
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    Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review: Does It Really Work

    Written By : Rohit Dwivedi, M.D.

    Original Green SuperFood is a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits, veggies and cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics which increase energy, promotes detoxification and boosts your immune system.

    When I hear people talk about grass related drinks, I cant help but picture them juicing the cuttings from their lawns!

    This is obviously not the case.

    There are now many of these food supplements on the market.

    It seems they are aimed at getting us to include more greens in our diet in the easy form of adding them to drinks.

    So do they actually taste like grass? And what exactly is in them?

    Lets look at one of them from Amazing Grass.

    Their Green Superfood comes in powder and capsule form.

    Whats in it and how it works?

    Read our review.

    Q: How Much Does Amazing Grass Superfood Powder Cost

    A: The cost varies depending on the product. Below is a price list of some of the supplements from this brand as given on the official website:

    • Amazing Grass Berry Green Superfood Powder- $32.99
    • Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood Powder $32.99
    • Amazing Grass Watermelon Green Superfood Powder $32.99
    • Amazing Grass Antioxidant Green Superfood Powder Sweet Berry- $32.99
    • Amazing Grass Green Superfood Drink Powder Berry-$32.99
    • Amazing Grass Green Superfood Lemon Lime Energy Drink Powder-$32.99

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    Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter Review

    In a strict effort to maintain an unbiased and neutral mindset while conducting my tasting review of Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter, I tried this flavor in two ways with just almond milk and later in a simple smoothie with spinach, coconut milk, avocado, and banana. On the first go, I was very pleased with the taste of this creative, peanut-buttery fusion.

    Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter has a very distinct and delightful peanut butter flavor in the background, with a rich and forward cocoa chocolate kick. Overall, I found this flavor to be a decadent combination in which I would most certainly buy again in the future. Its one of the most unique vegan protein powders with respect to both flavor and nutritional profile.

    Flavor Review Rating 5 out of 5

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