2000 Calorie 200g Protein Meal Plan


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Eating 200g Of Protein A Day Is Easy

Full-Day of Eating 2000 Calories | SUPER High Protein Diet for Fat Loss

If youve read some of my other nutrition articles, youll know that I dont really buy into the 6 or 7 small meals ideology that is so popular with fitness professionals.

Instead I go for four medium sized meals throughout the day along with a pre-bed snack and a post workout shake on the days that I lift weights or do circuits.

Sometimes I might lift and do conditioning on the same day for those days Ill take two shakes and generally rest the following day.

On cardio and non training days, it pretty much looks the same but without the protein shakes.

This is a sample meal plan that works for me. Id encourage you to experiment and see what works for you. You will have to eat like you mean it if youre going to reach that magic 200g number though!

Meal 1: 4 eggs and 2 slices of High Protein Bread

Train: Jim Wendlers 531

Post Workout Shake 2 scoops 75% whey powder

Meal 2: 1 tin tuna and rice cakes

Meal 3: Chicken breast, rice

Meal 4: Ground beef, tomatoes, vegetables

Pre Bed snack: Greek yogurt, peanut butter

Total 222g protein

You can buy a great brand of High Protein Breadhere.

I also sip an amino drink during the day. I prefer BSN Amino X for flavours and taste. Watermelon and blue raspberry are probably the most refreshing. You can get it here .

A protein supplement is a worthy investment. Dont use it in place of real food though!

For meal prep, you can either prepare from scratch or buy what you need ready cooked .

Final Thoughts On A High Protein Intake

If youre new to training you might be tempted to go all out too soon. If youre serious about having a fit body, consistency, balance and trial with a bit of error are going to serve you well.

Dont rush out and buy every protein powder and fortified food there is.

Do focus on eating quality, whole foods that will nourish your body. Adjust your intake to your needs. If this means measuring/weighing foods or tracking on an app like MyFitnessPal, do that. Most likely youll reach a point where meal planning and timing comes naturally and you dont need to over think what you eat.

Use supplements intelligently. They should always supplement a healthy balanced diet of animal proteins, fruit and vegetables as well as whole grains. They should never replace or substitute it.

Eating 200g of protein in one day doesnt have to be a trial or expensive. By making smart choices and supplementing intelligently, you can reach 200 grams helping you grow, recover and put on more muscle.


P.S. My book A Fathers Mission has a whole section on fitness and nutrition . Get it here.

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Weight Loss Diet Plan Indian Dinner North And South Indian:

Below is the list of diet dinners you can try.

  • Corn Daliya Khichdi , Tofu Bhurji with mix veg salad
  • Oats mix veg khichdi , Paneer Bhurji, Mix veg salad
  • Dal Dhokli with Mix Veg Salad
  • 2 rotis with mix veg curry and salad

Corn Daliya recipe video

Here is the recipe video of corn daliya

Tip: Prefer eating light dinner 2 hours before bedtime

Note: Above is the list of healthy diet food you can include in your diet as per your diet plan. Calorie control means quantity control. So, consult your dietician for the quantity and adjust accordingly. Above are the diet food ideas and not the diet chart.

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How To Eat 200 Grams Of Protein In A 1600

Managing your diet and nutrition generally involves considering two things: how many calories you eat on a daily basis and what contributes to those calories. On average, most healthy adults consume an average of 2,000 calories per day, with a diet composed of protein, carbohydrates, natural foods such as fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and minimal amounts of fat and sugar. If you are an athlete, you may choose to reduce your caloric intake to 1,600 calories to lose weight and increase your protein intake to 200 g to build muscle. For this reason, exercise should remain an important part of your daily routine.

How Much Protein Should I Eat On An 1800

2000 calorie free fat loss meal plan

Based on the current recommendations set forth by the USDA you should aim to eat around 15-35% of your calories coming from protein. That can range anywhere from 68 g 156 g of protein per day.

If you are strength training you are going to want to base your protein intake goals on your weight according to the American College Of Sports Medicine. By multiplying your weight in kilograms by 1.2 -2.2. See the chart breakdown below.

Weight lbs Weight kg Protein moderate Protein high

Weight lbs
200 g

Eating 150 grams of protein can seem like a lot, some of the easiest ways to get 150 grams of protein per day are: Include 1 serving of lean protein with every entree. This means eating, eggs, chicken, fish, and protein powder, with each meal that you eat. Eat multiple snacks throughout the day that are high in protein. Protein shakes are an easy way to get in a lot of protein without all the cooking. Snack on high-protein foods such as yogurt, nuts, seeds, and cheese. Add Protein powder to smoothies or baking recipes for an extra boost.

Based on the recommendation set by the USDA 40-65% of your calories should be coming from fiber and nutrient-rich carbohydrates. Eating 1800 calories a day and getting 40-65% of those calories from carbs would be 180 g 292 g of carbohydrate per day.

1800 calories can be broken up into three meals and two snacks. Each snack could average 200 calories and each meal is 467 calories.

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Guidelines To Follow During The 2000 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

  • Plan up your meals in advance and follow them accordingly for the rest of the week
  • Dont overlook healthy carbs, fibers and healthy fats from your food options
  • Avoid processed, packaged and refined foods from your daily menu
  • Drink plenty of water during the diet plan
  • Follow a healthy exercising routine along with this diet plan for desired results
  • Try to go for 5 meals in a day instead of 3 meals

Why Do You Want To Protect Lean Mass

When cutting calories to shed pounds, you will lose a combination of fat and muscle weight. But your goal should be to lose more fat than muscle.

More lean mass means a better body composition , helping you look more toned and lean overall. Muscle is also your storage place for carbs , meaning you can process carbs and store them more efficiently. The more muscle you have, the less body fat you store. So when it comes to losing weight, maintaining your muscle is going to be a huge benefit.

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What Is Macronutrient Diet

Macro mode is an acronym for Macronutrients. Macro for sports is understood as the three most essential nutrients, including carb , protein and fat . These are the three types of nutrients that provide key functions, helping to add energy to the body.

The calorie index measures the nutritional value of the above substances. For each gram of basic nutrition, there will be a completely different number of calories. E.g.:

  • 1g protein = 4 calories
  • 1g carbs = 4 calories
  • 1g fat = 9 calories

Accordingly, the total amount of Macros of a normal person in a day will be calculated by the formula:

Macro = weight of protein x 4 weight of sugar x 4 weight of fat x 9

This recipe has been created for a long time and is applied by many gymers and dieters.

Because each person will always have a different Macro mode index, you need to calculate the Macro. You will not be able to train successfully and get a desirable body if you use other peoples reference Macro indicators but not yours. Therefore, you need to understand your own body.

How much is your Macro and how much food do you need to eat to achieve the body you are aiming for? Its your own business, with Macro stats calculated from the body.

The Benefits Of Protein For Weight Loss Explained

Full Day of Eating 2000 Calories | Easy Low Calorie High Protein Meals…

While the research cannot conclusively determine that dietary protein alone promotes weight loss or that high protein diets are the best approach to losing weight, what weve seen so far is fairly compelling.

It is becoming more apparent that higher protein intake potentially has some serious benefits for dieters.

There are three main arguments for why you should consider consuming more protein when looking to shed pounds.

  • Protein protects lean mass
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    The Macronutrient Split For A 2000 Calorie Bodybuilding Diet

    You may be wondering what a macronutrient split is and which one is best for bodybuilders. Simply put, it just means how much protein, carbs, and fat someone is consuming in a day to meet their total calories.

    While there are individual factors that may impact this, most bodybuilders do well on a diet that is 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat. If you want a more custom macro ratio, talk with one of our coaches.

    This balanced ratio provides enough protein to build muscle, enough carbs to feel energized throughout the day, and enough fat to ensure proper hormone function.

    The 2000 calorie bodybuilding meal plan outlined below follows this macronutrient split.

    Is It Possible To Have 200 Grams Of Protein A Day Meal Plan On A Vegetarian Diet

    Yes, it is. Unlike vegans who do not consume all animal products, vegetarians only give up some animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, insects, and other variants of animal protein. However, they do eat eggs, honey, milk, and other dairy products .

    Including all the above options for vegans, vegetarians can also include other sources like whey protein, eggs, Greek yogurt, cheeses, whey or plant-based protein powders, nuts, and seeds into their diets .

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    Meal : Seitan & Black Bean Stir

    400 g can black beans, 75 g dark brown soft sugar, 3 garlic cloves, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp Chinese five-spice powder, 2 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp smooth peanut butter, and 1 red chili

    For the stir-fry 350 g jar marinated seitan pieces, 1 tbsp cornflour, 2-3 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 red pepper, 300 g bok choy, 2 spring onions, and cooked rice noodles or rice to serve

    This recipe makes four servings.

    Calories: 326, Fat: 8 g, Proteins: 22 g, Carbs: 37 g

    Total Intake for the day: Calories: 2828, Fat: 89 g, Proteins: 181 g, Carbs: 287 g

    As seen above, you can consume 200 g of protein a day on a vegan diet. However, this sample is quite high in calories. If you are doing a high protein, low carb vegan diet, it is best to tweak the above plan to fit your diet.

    Looking for a way to break the vicious cycle of weight loss and tone up all the jiggly parts? Watch the extra pounds fly off and your muscles firm up with the BetterMe app!

    The Key To A Healthy Diet: Meal Prepping

    1/2 Cup Mashed Sweet Potato Nutrition

    I know you are probably tired of hearing it time and time again here on Green Healthy Cooking. I will talk about it incessantly though. The key to sticking to a healthy diet is meal prepping. Healthy Meal Prep Bowls are the solution to avoiding eating unhealthy.

    For more healthy lunch ideas check out my healthy lunches e-book 🙂 And for advice on what lunch containers are the best for taking your healthy meal prep bowls to work, check out this post and scroll to about the middle.

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    What Foods To Avoid On A 2000

    Sometimes it is more important to know which foods to avoid than which ones to eat. Since overconsumption of unhealthy foods can be the main cause of such serious diseases as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, it is crucial to limit them in your diet. Here are the foods that you should cut back on when following a 2000-calorie meal plan for bodybuilding:

    Can You Have A Vegan 200 Grams A Day Meal Plan

    Yes, you can. Many people researching vegan diets are concerned about how to eat more protein. This is because veganism does not allow for most traditional sources like eggs, poultry, beef, and other meats, fish, milk, and milk products.

    However, this should not stop you from trying out this diet. Here is a sample of a one day vegan 200 grams of protein meal plan:

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    Grams Of Protein A Day Meal Plan

    With such a great number of existing diets, it may be extremely difficult to choose which one to follow. It is especially a challenge for those who want to reach their body goals but are new to the world of dieting and dont know how this whole weight management process works. Luckily, today you will be able to find out more about one of the diets based on the increased consumption of a certain nutrient. High-protein diets have quickly gained popularity due to all the benefits that many say they have. In light of this, some people believe that having more protein is better for their weight and body goals. However, is consuming more of this nutrient the answer? Should you consider 200 grams of protein a day meal plan? Is this diet safe for you?

    The Meaning Of Dieting And Diet Plans

    Fitting 200 grams of Protein into a 2,500 calorie diet

    The best Indian diet plan for weight loss is one that helps to keep you healthy in the long run. There is a simple rule of dieting and science behind it. Actually, it is a combo of science and maths.

    Calories IN equivalent to calories OUT. If you consume calories less than you burn, you lose weight. On the other hand, consuming more calories than you burn makes you gain weight.

    If you want to reduce your weight you need to work on your eating habits and control your daily calorie intake. Not only this, you have to balance all nutrients in your diet to be called a balanced diet.

    A perfect balance diet is one that has all important macro and micronutrients in it. With this balanced diet, you can have your best Indian diet plan to lose weight.

    When you understand the basics of dieting, you will figure out, it is not only calories that you have to check but other nutrients as well, like carbs. Indian foods are composed of mostly carbs, like rotis, rice, potatoes, etc. So, carbs control is very crucial in addition to controlling overall calories to make your plate perfect for balance dieting.

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    Is 2000 Calorie Meal Plan Worthy: Astonishing Facts With Details For Weight Loss

    Are you looking for something exciting? Here we are with our 2000 calorie meal plan. This 2000 calorie meal plan is specially planned to aid you in feeling energized and satisfied so you can lose a healthy one to two pounds per week.

    Lose weight, eat good, and feel great with this simple weight loss diet plan. This easy 2000 calorie meal plan is designed to fulfill your needs and give you a perfect mind and body. Highlighting the best food items for weight loss, the high protein, high fiber foods in this meal plan would aid with weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer.

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    If youre just beginning off with weight loss, this 2000 calorie meal plan is a great way to start. Once you get comfortable with this calorie slot, you could gradually limit your calories hundred calories at a time) to get nearer to that 2-pound weight loss per week. The calorie totals are mentioned next to each meal, so you could quickly swipe things in and out as you see fit. Pair this healthy meal plan with daily exercise, and youre on track to lose one to two pounds per week, the healthy way.

    How to Meal Prep Your Week of Meals:

  • Make a pack of the Baked Nut Banana oatmeal cups for breakfast on Days one through three. Freeze any leftovers.
  • Meal prep a batch of the Lime Chipotle Cauliflower Taco Bowls to have for lunch on Days two through five.
  • Hardly boil four eggs for snacks on Days 2, 4, 5, and 6.
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    Foods To Say No In A 2000 Calorie Meal Plan

    Concentrating on consuming enough nutrient-rich foods wont leave much space in your diet for snacks or meals that only provide empty calories or saturated fat. While you could consume those goodies in small amounts, you must generally reduce back on foods with lots of:

    • Added Sugars: Added sugars such as Agave, Baked Foods, Ice Cream, Candy, etc. You must limit added sugars to less than 510 percent of your total calorie consumption.
    • Fast Food: It includes French Fries, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, etc.
    • Processed and Refined Carbs: Bagels, White Bread, Crackers, Cookies, Chips, Sugary Cereals, Boxed Pasta, etc.
    • Fried Foods: Fried foods like Fried Chicken, Doughnuts, Potato Chips, Fish and Chips, etc.
    • Sodas and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Sports Drinks, Sugary Juices, Sodas, Fruit Punch, Sweetened Tea, Coffee Drinks, etc.
    • Diet and Low-fat Foods: Diet Ice Cream, Diet Boxed Snacks, Diet Packaged, Frozen Meals, and Artificial sweeteners like Sweet n Low, etc.

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